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  • Jack Johnson's version of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" has Rudolph telling the other reindeer off for his prior mistreatment and only coming around when they needed him. The other reindeer realize their mistake and tell him they'll change.
  • Inner Circle's "Bad Boys" (most famous as the theme of Cops) is one extended one towards a person being arrested.
    When you were eight and you had bad traits
    You go to school and learn the golden rule.
    So why are you acting like a bloody fool?
    If you get hot, then you must get cool!
  • Sabaton:
    • "Uprising" calls out the Allies for twice abandoning the Poles to the Nazis.
      First verse: Do you remember when
      When the Nazis forced their rule on Poland?
      Nineteen thirty-nine
      And the Allies turned away!
      Chorus: Warsaw, city at war
      Voices from Underground, whispers of freedom
      Nineteen forty-four
      Help that never came!
      Second verse: Spirit, soul and heart
      In accordance with the old traditions
      Nineteen forty-four
      Still the Allies turn away!
    • "Ett Slag Färgat Rött" (the Swedish version of "Killing Ground") calls out the Caroleansnote  for slaughtering Russian prisoners-of-war at the Battle of Fraustadt. (The English version alludes to it in the chorus, but the Swedish lyrics devote the entire bridge stanza to it.)
  • Kids Praise: Harmony makes a pig of herself at the potluck in the sixth album, pushing the other kids aside while she does so and also telling a poor boy whose family couldn't afford to send him with any food that he couldn't come to the potluck. Psalty doesn't wait for her song to be over; he kicks off the second verse calling her out on her behavior, and the final chorus turns into a duet.
  • The Megas:
    • Wily rips into Mega Man and Dr Light in "Look What You've Done":
      And how quick you had him dispatch his brothers. You called this murderer a saviour!
    • Proto Man fires his own salvo in "I'm Not the Breakman":
      Sometimes I can't see the blue through the red...Hard to see the good through your trail of dead!
    • Snake Man gives it a go in "Walk Away from Light", although it doesn't exactly do him much good.
      You say 'don't take their lives, they don't deserve to die'. Well, who does? Do you think it's us? And what of the one who calls us son? You gonna kill him too? 'Cause who are you? You're a man's metal son, the same as every one of us! You're one of us!


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