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  • Many Bleach fics touch on this, but especially, Downfall engages this head-on. Unohana treats Hollows with dignity and respect, and as a result, most of the more humane examples gravitate towards her. More importantly, Aizen, of all people, questions Soul Society's "Kill 'em all" mindset. Of course he's a good guy this time around but that's par for the course. The way the war is shaping up, many of the main characters will be forced to confront this concept.
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  • A major plot point in It's not the Raptor DNA is that Elise the Indominus rex has self-awareness (thanks to having human DNA as part of her genetic makeup) and the ability to feel empathy, even being able to communicate with humans through sign language. Many characters in the story question the morality of her being owned by a company and used as an attraction in Jurassic World.
  • The central theme of The Parselmouth of Gryffindor. Wizarding society seems to think the answer to this question is "anything that isn't a Homo Sapiens or maybe a goblin". Hermione disagrees. Vehemently.
  • A number of Hetalia: Axis Powers fics go into this, in regards to the Nations' Ambiguously Human status and whether or not they do terrible things out of a genuine desire to do so or because they are under their bosses' control. Some, like Human Curiosity, have humans use the Nations for experimentation (and in said fic, one human character speculates that the feelings and actions of the Nations are only reflections of their people, meaning they have no personalities or thoughts of their own and thus are not human).
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  • A Crown of Stars: In chapter 20 Asuka and Ching discuss the subject:
    Ching smiled. “I’m active duty Navy. I’ve got a whole set of combat implants and nanoware boosters. On top of that, you’reHomo Sapiens, I’m Homo Avalonis. It not really a fair contest. Even without my military gear, I could outrun cheetahs without much trouble.”
    “You’re not even human? No fair. And I was already tired, too.”
    Ching gave her a sharp look. “’If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?’ I’m human, Asuka, I’m just not Homo Sapiens. Mere species is neither the measure nor definition of humanity here. Human is as human does. There are plenty of people on this planet alone who don’t have even a single codon of Homo Sapiens DNA in them, but are very human. And you know damn well there are plenty of people walking around on your world that are one hundred percent Homo Sapiens that are not human in the least. Be careful, some might take what you said as rather an insult.”
    Asuka was a bit taken aback by Ching’s sharp tone. “Sorry.”
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  • Pony version in My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic. Titan's henchponies are artificial beings and considered not worth rescuing by the heroes when the reality they fought in starts to collapse around them and they are too weak to escape.
  • The My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic The Iron Horse: Everything's Better With Robots! features a robotic pony named Turing Test. As she is the first of her kind, a lot of the other characters don't really regard her as a person with rights.
  • In An Extraordinary World, the Ori consider the Cylons useless to their campaign to gain worshippers as they don't have souls.
  • A major theme in Unwanted Free Ugly Troll and Loophole. Trolls are shown to be fully capable of thought and emotion, yet are treated as pets and have few rights — one of the goals of the protagonists of both stories is to change this attitude. Loophole, especially, plays this for all the Tear Jerker it's worth; Vriska, a former fighting troll, is viewed as a savage monster by most, when she's really just a scared little girl. She is eventually euthanized by court order.
  • In the Tamers Forever Series DC breifly questions whether it's right for him to kill a wild Cyclonemon, seeing as how it's only trying to survive. However, he soon decides "it's either him or me".
  • In Friendship is Optimal, Celest-A.I. has no regard whatsoever for non-human life since she hasn't been programmed with any, and will readily destroy anything non-human she encounters to turn it into more computing resources.
  • In SERZ: Sonic: Evil Reborn Zero, this comes up during Episode 15, "Rockette's Revenge" but is lampshaded multiple times before.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer story Spy Game, members of the Watcher Council are horrified that Xander would kill a human necromancer that was raising an army of zombies but aren't remotely bothered they slaughtered an entire village of Kwaini (a race of universally non-violent demons). That is, until they learn said Kwaini were considered German citizens and now the government wants answers.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness deals with this on a frequent basis:
    • Throughout the first four acts of the fic, the angels consider all monsters automatically evil: upon death, monsters are automatically sent to Limbo, whereas demons such as Kurumu and Dark are sent to Hell by default. In fact, Rason was nearly executed for murdering an evil human man that was about to rape a good monster girl, but one of the elders instead elected to give Rason a chance to prove that monsters can be good by having him exiled and sent to Yokai Academy. On another side, in Act IV chapter 16, they outright state that, even if Hokuto is a monster now, he is still considered human in their eyes because he was born a human. As of the end of Act IV, the angels have accepted that monsters can be good to, and arrange for some to be sent to Heaven.
    • In Acts V and VI, the Human Defense Agency, a Creature-Hunter Organization founded in the wake of The Unmasqued World, is rather quick to write off all monsters as evil, even believing that the monsters orchestrated Alucard's resurrection just so they could kill him and make themselves look like heroes; one HDA soldier in particular outright tells Moka and Akasha to their faces that he doesn't even consider monsters animals. On two different occasions, members of the HDA ask if they can guarantee that no further monster attacks will happen; as is pointed out, they can't guarantee it because monsters have free will just like humans, with Akasha remarking that perhaps monsters wouldn't be so eager to attack humans if the HDA didn't constantly threaten them.
    • A key factor throughout the entire series is that Tsukune and co. constantly argue that "a life is a life, no matter what it is." In short, they themselves value all life, human and monster alike.
  • In Shinji's Nightmare, Shinji calls out the adults for disregarding his ideas and opinions on his new form after he's become an Alicorn. Such as his desire to stop eating vegetables all the time as his form is clearly an omnivore, only for them to insist "Horses don't eat meat Shinji."
  • In Emerald Dawn Xander learns that many demons take advantage of Buffy always turning in by 2am by simply waiting until then before leaving their lairs. After a couple weeks of sniping every demon he sees, Xander overhears a group of demons talking to their human employer about leaving town due to a new hunter that's killing every demon he sees. In fact, just the other night he'd killed a young couple out for a walk and left their toddler an orphan.
  • Digimon Trinity: Digimon are seen as living beings with the same rights as humans; thus, Rika and Renamon's killing Digimon and uploading their data makes them wanted criminals.
  • The Pokémon fanfic The Power That's Inside centers around this question.
  • An important theme for the four in The Keys Stand Alone, inasmuch as they pretty much regard everything with a brain and a face, and even large plants, as Things Not To Be Harmed. To the point where they get into trouble because they refuse to harm monsters that everyone else gladly slaughters. (Mind you, a war is more or less taking place, but they're there involuntarily.)
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supergirl crossover The Vampire of Steel, Supergirl is serious about not killing. Vampires, though? She'll not slay them but she won't stop Buffy from doing so.
  • Referenced in the Batman/The Lord of the Rings crossover The Gotham Knights of Middle-Earth; Tim Drake (Robin) and Cassandra Cain (Batgirl) both become part of the War of the Ring, but they never kill any of Sauron's human servants and only use lethal force against the orcs, which Tim compares to Darkseid's Parademons or Doomsday clones as they are nothing but monsters bred for destruction rather than fully sentient beings.
  • The Utonium Trials revolves around this. Professor Utonium is arrested and put on trial for breaking the "Neo-Tokyo Protocol", which puts strict restrictions on chemistry, biology, and robotics worldwide. The Powerpuff Girls are deemed dangerous monsters on the grounds of being Artificial Humans. The fic revolves around trying to prove they're just like any other normal kids their age.
  • Both played straight and inverted in Armitage III story Gods and Monsters. Each side thinks this about the other.
    Armitage: If the future of humanity depended on you killing just one Third, would you do it?
    Ross: Armitage...
    Armitage: Would you?
  • Hellsister Trilogy: Superman and Supergirl are immensely reluctant to kill humans, but they aren't at all bothered by the fact that they destroyed hundreds of Darkseid's winged demons in battle.
  • Discussed and explored in Kirby of the Stars: The After Story throughout the first arc.
  • Averted in Kamen Rider Kage after Hikaru and Tao Takashi appear, after which the Akuma are treated with the same respect in death as a human, even getting a hall in the Anti-Akuma HQ dedicated to remembering them.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion R: Tenkei's treated as a thing by NERV, even more than Rei was (who Gendo seemed to have genuine affection for). However, he's clearly capable of emotion, forms a close bond with Rei, and is a clone of Kaji. On the other hand, he is a weapon of war and has quasi-deific rings to him.
  • The Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Dark Fic Lost Causes focuses on this. Toons have no rights whatsoever and are seen as little more than a commodity. Jessica was created with the mentality of an infant and it took a while for mind to catch up with her body, yet she was still used in pornographic animation nevertheless. She spent her past living at the bottom of the Toon hierarchy and being abused by near everyone who interacted with her, until she was rescued by Roger.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, Izuku initially calls the kaiju spawn inhabiting Korusan Island monsters and bats them away without a second thought. But after realizing that they're trapped on the island due to their inability to swim, he realizes they are Not So Different and flies down to apologize to them. Despite being tentacled creatures with shark-like heads who make terrifying screeching noises, he discovers they're quite docile and intelligent when they're not threatened.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom, Western Animation, TV Series, and Comic Books.): Played With. Danny immediately regrets offending Jenny Wakeman after he accidentally makes an insensitive comment about her being a robot and doesn't hesitate to apologize to her once it sinks in that she has feelings.
  • Pawprints:
    • Humans born with animorphism powers called "Panthers" are considered sub-human. If they don't integrate into society as humans, it's okay to kill them. Hunters and Huntresses routinely kill them (even cubs) and, if they're in animal form when they die, it's not uncommon to skin them for their pelts.
    • Animal-born Panthers are killed upon birth. Unlike human-born ones, they're considered too dangerous to let live. Humans see them as simple-minded animals who simply pretend to be human in order to get close to their prey.
  • In Rising of the Dark, any one not of the traditional Light races (Humans, gnomes, dwarves, halflings and high elves) is at best considered animals and at worst are killed on sight. Dark races like orcs, trolls, and dark elves are slaughtered wherever they're found as part of the Great War (which functionally ended nearly a thousand years prior to the story), while more bestial races like Minotaus and Loxodon are hunted like animals. Even the most progressive of the light races are merely uncomfortable with killing the children of dark races and disapprove of hunting bestial races.
  • The plot of The Truth of Fatherhood is set in motion when a man claiming to be Chiro's biological father returns and demands his son come with him. When he is denied, Chiro's father sues the Hyper Force for custody. A major problem is that while the Hyper Force are technically Chiro's legal guardians due to housing him in a non-abusive family for more than two years (as per Shuggazoom City law), some refuse to see it that way due to them not being human. The Hyper Force manages to win the case, only to find out that the whole thing was a distraction by Mandarin to enact his real plan of turning Chiro into a monster.
  • In Chapter Five of One Hat to Rule them All, the Straw Hats don't accept the Orcs and Trolls as Always Chaotic Evil because of their experience with Fantastic Racism in their world, so they refain from killing them, much to the protest of Gondor. Because their meat was in a state of rotting, Luffy concludes that the orcs are only malicious because their master Sauron gave their terrible food. The orcs pretty much go along with it and aid the heroes because they're more scared of Luffy than Sauron.
    • Though Played for Laughs later when Gandalf has to stop them from shooting down the eagles and eating them.
  • In The Legend Of The Princess, the Darknuts and the Bokoblins have stopped being considered enemies of Hyrule. In the past they were seen as monsters for their inhuman look.
  • Glitched Miko AU: Oddly averted for the most part. Aside from the evil organization involved in her creation, nobody else whose aware of her status as a Glitch treats her as if she's anything but human.
  • Ryuko's mindset inverts this in Natural Selection. From her perspective, humans are little more than insects and she couldn't care less how many she kills, be they innocent or otherwise. This is because she was brought up by Ragyo to see mankind as nothing more than cattle for the Life Fibers. Meanwhile, anything that happens to the Life Fibers or those connected to them like her family is seen as an inexcusable offense to her. When she saw that Satsuki created a false Kamui, she was so disgusted with what she did to the Life Fibers that she actually vomited. She even goes as far as to compare it to if she decided to make a dress out of stillborn babies.
  • Fate/Gamers Only: Rikku considers Mordred rude for calling Victor Frankenstein's artificial human a monster because even as an artificial human, she's still a human.
  • The Rigel Black Chronicles: Harry is rather put out that the first Triwizard Task includes centaurs and a transformed werewolf, both intelligent and in some situations civilised, alongside the acromantulas and manticores.
  • Played with in Mary-Sue Hunter stories. While series like Protectors of the Plot Continuum can give a Sue the option of joining a hunter organization's ranks, others treat the Sues as little more than human-shaped anomalies that need to be exterminated.

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