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What Happened To The Mouse / Fairy Tales

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  • In The Brothers Grimm story Maid Maleen, she is imprisoned with a servant. They break free, and get a job. After that, Maleen ends up marrying the prince, with no more mention of the servant.
  • In Rapunzel, the woman who took and raised Rapunzel does not appear again after throwing Rapunzel and her lover into the wilderness. Certainly she is never punished.
  • In Sleeping Beauty, the evil fairy curses the princess, and sometimes she's the old woman who gets her to prick her finger, but she never appears after that. Certainly she is never punished. Disney rectified both of the above examples, of course.
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  • In "The Benevolent Frog," the Lion Fairy does not appear again after her encounter with the king when she imprisons his wife and daughter in the castle.
  • In "The Bee and the Orange Tree," when Aimée stings Tourmentine, the ogress and her husband disappear from the story.
  • In "The King of The Golden Mountain," we are told at the beginning that the merchant has a son and daughter. The daughter never appears again.
  • In The Six Swans, a witch married to a king turns her six stepsons into swans. After six years, their sister manages to bring them back to normal and they all live happily ever after but the Wicked Stepmother never appears again and neither does the king who doesn't know what his wife has done.
  • In "The Golden-Bearded Man," the titular man promises to repay the prince who freed him a thousand-fold and vanishes. He never appears in the story again, and the prince is helped by various animals.

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