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What Could Have Been / Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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The original cast of The Clone Wars.

  • The original premise had Anakin and Obi-Wan in recurring roles, while the main characters (as seen in the page image) would be a Twi’lek Jedi named Sendak (named after Maurice Sendak) and his Togruta padawan Ashla (later becoming Ahsoka), who would team up with a smuggler pilot named Cad (later becoming Cad Bane), his mistress Lupe and their Gungan strongman Lunker. This premise would be reused for its sequel series Rebels (although, the characters got changed).
  • Ahsoka was originally named Ashla Chutu (unknown spelling), but Lucas didn’t want her to share her name with his name for the Light Side, so he had Henry Gilroy look in a history book to get an idea for a name. They found Ashoka, but Filoni thought they kept mispelling it on the scripts and changed it to Ahsoka and they eventually decided to keep it.
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  • Another premise was to have The Clone Wars taking place in a recurring location and to keep landscapes to a minimum, which bore similarities to Firefly.
  • Ahsoka was going have to have an Icelandic accent and was originally Obi-Wan's Padawan learner. It was decided that she would become Anakin's Padawan instead and her voice was based on her voice actress, Ashley Eckstein.
  • ARC trooper Alpha-17 was going to be a character in The Clone Wars, until George Lucas nixed the idea because it would mean having too many names beginning with A. As a result, we got Rex, who's similar to Alpha, but with a different name.
  • Plo Koon was originally going to speak only in his Kel Dor language, but it posed problems for him communicating with his Clone Troopers, so they decided to have him speak in Basic (the English language of Star Wars).
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  • The script of "Ambush" was actually written after the pilot movie, the Malevolence arc, the Search for R2-D2 arc, and "Bombad Jedi", but it was moved to air first because it was an Establishing Series Moment for the writers.
  • Cham Syndulla was originally conceived of as being a villain who worked with the Separatists and was lying to the people of Ryloth, but plot constraints turned him into the freedom fighter we know him as.
  • Durge was originally going to be the first bounty hunter to appear on the show, except reimagined as a human, with redesigned alien features, but he would keep his armor. This was shortly dropped in favor of a new character, Cad Bane of Duro.
  • Mace Windu and Boba Fett's discussion at the end of "Lethal Trackdown" was going to be longer, but had to be cut for time, hence why it feels incredibly rushed.
  • Darth Bane and Revan were to appear in "Ghosts of Mortis", even getting all the way to modeling, but were cut because them appearing as Force ghosts seemed counterintuitive to the now established means for how a Force-user can appear as one.
    • In "Sacrifice", Darth Bane and a great many other unnamed Sith Lords do show up as Force ghosts (or at least illusions of the same) to taunt Yoda. Considering the nature of Revan and his alignment to the Force, it is possible that Revan was there too.
  • Originally at the end of "Carnage of Krell", Captain Rex was going to be the one to kill the traitorous General Pong Krell, but ultimately, they decided it didn't fit Rex, so they ultimately had Dogma be the one to pull the trigger.
  • Governor Roshti was originally going to be a friend of Ahsoka Tano's parents, but the writers did not intend to bring them into the story so it was cut to avoid making viewers expect them to show up.
  • For a short while, "The Wrong Jedi" was intended to end with Ahsoka just going back to the Jedi Order as if nothing happened, but majority of the writers felt it would be a good time to break away.
  • "The Lost One" would have had scenes on Felucia, featuring the Jungle Felucians from The Force Unleashed (which, prior to the Legends decision, was confirmed to be a separate species from the Felucians introduced in Season 2's "Bounty Hunters").
  • Filoni revealed quite a few of these during the 2013 Star Wars Celebration Europe 2, such as:
    • Ashley Eckstein originally auditioned for the role of Padmé, but they found she sounded "too young" for her. However, they also found her perfect for Ahsoka.
    • The Yoda arc was supposed to include the Priestesses talking about the Father to Yoda, but it didn't make it past the first scripts.
    • Multiple Bounty Hunter arcs were in development.
    • Barriss was originally going to commit suicide after she confessed to her crimes via blowing herself up, but Filoni spared her so he could use her later.
  • Pablo Hidalgo clarifies a few plans on his Twitter.
    • The Young Jedi arc was supposed to be a pilot for a spin-off Youngling-focused series. When George Lucas scrapped the idea, it simply got placed in Season 5.
  • George Lucas' numerous attempts to fridge Ahsoka (to add to Darth Vader's development), as The Clone Wars reached closer to the end, were perhaps diplomatically challenged by writers/production.
  • During the original run of The Clone Wars, Filoni tried multiple times to have Ahsoka ride on the back of a wolf.

Due to the announcement of the series' revival, some of the ideas in the folder below may be used for future episodes. With this in mind, this folder contains unmarked future spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

    Cancelled future episodes 
  • Writer Brent Friedman also revealed a number of interesting factoids about the planned future episodes on his Twitter.
    • A story arc about a group of Clone Troopers known as "The Bad Batch", which would feature the return of a Not Quite Dead Echo, which was released as the Bad Batch Arc. Another major arc would center around Anakin dealing with Ahsoka's absence, but it most likely was the Crystal Crisis arc given the camp fire scene. The Bad Batch arc was revealed as part of the seventh season.
  • As for the various unmade arcs, with sources such as the writers' Twitter accounts, interviews and panels at various Celebrations, and a blog post:
    • Boba Fett, Cad Bane, Bossk, Embo, and more in a new Bounty Hunters arc inspired by The Searchers, with Bane observing Boba to finally resolve whether he or Jango was the better hunter. At Celebration Orlando in 2017, a clip from the arc was played, showing Boba, Bane, Bossk, Embo, Seripas, and Marrok in an empty town, Bane seems to be working for someone, holding an entire town hostage but Boba, Sugi, Seripas, and a new, unnamed Bounty Hunter, turned on them and tried to take them down. Sugi is hinted to have been killed by Embo and Bossk, who in turn allowed Boba to have a chance to shoot Bane, leading to a dramatic, western-style shootout in which both Boba and Bane are shot, creating the dent in Boba's helmet and killing Bane off. Boba also may have reclaimed the Slave 1 from Hondo.
    • An eight-part Vos/Ventress arc that was turned into the Dark Disciple novel. It would've had Vos act a lot like his comic book persona. It also would have featured a scene where Boba, Latts Razzi, Highsinger C-21, Bossk, Embo and Marrok would have fought Count Dooku, but it was cut from the novel for unknown reasons, but an unfinished clip was shown at Celebration Anaheim.
    • A story arc about Ahsoka living after the Fugitive Arc, including her getting swindled by a crooked salesman who sells her a broken used speeder. Filoni also hinted that Barriss Offee may have returned in this arc and the Pykes would have been heavily featured. The arc would have revolved around her trying to learn how to survive out in the world outside the Jedi Temple, where she would have had a romantic relationship with a smuggler named Nyx Okami. In addition, Kyle Newman would have voiced a Toong (Ben Quadrinaros' species).
      • This arc would later be seen in the revival season, although Nyx would be replaced by Trace and Rafa. Nyx's model sheet can be seen here.
      • Ahsoka was originally planned to wear this outfit starting in this arc, but revisions for the revival changed it to a jumpsuit for her civilian outfit and another combat-oriented outfit.
      • These two clips show the original versions of the arc's first episode, including Ahsoka's originally planned outfit and Nyx.
    • The Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir comic series would have had much bigger fights, including more of Maul vs. Grievous, Maul vs. Mace Windu and Aayla Secura, Maul vs. Quinlan Vos (which was cut entirely), and more of Dooku vs. Obi-Wan and Tiplar. These were all cut from the comic for length issues.
    • There would've been a story arc revolving around Yoda and the Bad Batch working with the Wookiees to fend off Separatists and Trandosian invaders. There would've been much more mysticism involved, including exploring the Wookiees' religious ties to the forests and the Wookiee elders summoning tree gods to help them fight the invaders, and a conflict between the Bad Batch and the Wookies. Also the Kinrath from Knights of the Old Republic would have appeared only to be slaughtered by the Wookiees, because Dave Filoni always found them annoying.
    • A story arc that would have featured Anakin and Padmé returning to Mon Cala and meeting up with Lee-Char, who no longer trusts the Republic after what happened to Ahsoka. The Separatist Quarren leader Tikkes would have been a major antagonist, having Nossor Ri assassinated. Padmé would have also ridden a speeder bike at some point in the arc, and it would have focused on Padmé losing her faith in the Republic, leading to the deleted subplot about the birth of the Rebellion in Revenge of the Sith. It's possible that the various traitorous senators such as Lott Dod would have been found out here.
    • The 2016 Celebration Europe reveals that this would involve Ahsoka joining forces with Anakin and Obi-Wan while attempting to rescue/protect Yoda from factions in the Coruscant underworld attempting to assassinate him. This arc would have revealed the existence of a Sith Temple buried beneath the Jedi Temple (a detail confirmed by the novel Tarkin), which contained giant creatures that nearly attacked the surface and a pseudo-duel between Ahsoka and Darth Sidious. Granted, the duel mainly consisted of Ahsoka attempting to lock down a holocron vault using her lightsaber as a makeshift welding torch while Palpatine uses the lightsaber as a conduit through which to blast her with Force lightning, but awesome nevertheless. And the fact that, per Word of God, all of the unreleased episode scripts are still canon.
      • This event was Refitted for Sequel (albeit in a different way) in Rebels, where Ezra and Ahsoka have to prevent Palpatine from gaining access to the World Between Worlds by making sure they do not get grabbed by his Sith magic.
      • It was also hinted that the Zillo Beast would've returned to fight these monsters from the Sith Temple.
    • Captain Rex had a story arc that would involve him being injured, which also would have focused on he and R2-D2 working with a reprogrammed Super Battle Droid, which would be destroyed by the end of the arc and its death would effect Rex. Later described as a 'Top Gun'-style arc.
    • A story arc that would've been a creepy and disturbing one using Alien Abduction tropes, similar to the ones used in The X-Files. Only the abducting alien would be a (now Canon Discontinuity) Yuuzhan Vong! They would have been slightly different from the old EU, however, as they wouldn't have been immune to the Force, as George Lucas disliked that aspect of them.
    • The true finale of the series would have been the Siege of Mandalore, continuously oft-referenced in Rebels. Ahsoka teams up with Bo-Katan and whatever Mandalorian loyalists remain of Death Watch, along with Korkie and his friends, to retake Mandalore from Darth Maul once he returns after the events of Son of Dathomir. The Republic sends Anakin, Obi-Wan, and their respective clone units to lead the invasion to throw Maul off of Mandalore, this would have revealed that some Clone Troopers were fiercely loyal to Ahsoka, even painting her likeness on their helmets. But after the first episode of the arc, Yoda would have called them back to Coruscant to rescue Palpatine, as in Rebels, Ahsoka states that she last saw Anakin running to save the Chancellor. Before they leave, Anakin has one last conversation with Ahsoka where he tells her how proud he is of her before giving her command of Rex and half of the 501st Clone Troopers under her command, all of whom bar Rex have painted their armor orange and white to match her facial markings in honor of her. Ahsoka would have dueled Darth Maul and, in some capacity, won. This story arc will be made into completed episodes for the seventh season.
  • Other ideas proposed included another giant crystal arc that may have involved Depa Billaba, a story arc about the Bounty Hunters breaking out the Separatist Leaders, Paul Dini revealed on a podcast that he came up with two episode ideas that were never used: One involved Anakin and Padmé going to a bar to hire a mercenary, seeing a big guy that looked like Lobo from DC comics, only to see that the mercenary they were looking for is an Ewok. The other was a 'Horton Hears a Who' story starring Jar-Jar Binks who finds out a planet the Republic will be testing weapons on has life and he tries to convince the senate of the species' existence. There was a story arc planned that would've tied The Clone Wars into the events of Revenge of the Sith. However, it was rejected by Lucas before the cancellation.


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