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Chris has had many ideas for his YouTube channel, many of which get canned early or never see the light of say to begin with.

  • Chris had a sub-plot going through some of his earlier videos that was scrapped as he believed it wasn’t going anywhere.

  • For a short while, he had a series going called Kingdom Hearts II Versus where he played Kingdom Hearts II with his friend Badman Reviews at the same time to see who could beat the game first. It was cancelled before it was ever finished, and eventually was privated.

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  • Pros+Cons and Fiddles were both supposed to be recurring segments that ended up only lasting a single episode each, and in Fiddles case, ended up privated.

  • Originally, his Smash Bros Stage Reviews video on Smash 3DS would’ve had a different ending joke. However, as he realized it wasn’t actually all that funny, he removed it and replaced it with another edit of Kirby flying the screen. What the original joke was has not been stated.

  • He planned to follow up his Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U with videos reviewing the stages in each previous Super Smash Bros. games as well as Smash 4's DLC stages, but he never did. Eventually he would return to the topic in "Every Smash Bros Stage Reviewed in 10 Words or Less", 3 and a half years later.

  • At one point Chris had planned a video where he would’ve discussed music he wanted to be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and was even taking in requests on Twitter. However, with the reveal that Ultimate would contain roughly around 900 music tracks, the video was promptly scrapped.

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  • Top 5 Blind Game Purchases was going to be called Top 5 Game Stop Misadventures before he knew what he was actually going to title the video.

  • The same company that contacted Chris to do the Tits n Tanks video contacted him again shortly after for another sponsorship, however he declined the offer.

  • A Super Smash Bros. month was teased at the end of his Final Smash Ultimate Direct reaction. However as he stated in his Smash Ultimate review, he promptly became bored with the idea after releasing Every Smash Bros Stage Reviewed in 10 Words or Less.

  • He had written the script for the Nicktoons Unite! review sometime in 2012, but never did anything with it until 2 years later.

  • Chris implies in Top 10N Scary Moments in Video Games (As A Kid) that his experiences with the vine in Tarzan's Kingdom Hearts world could be a video of some kind by itself. That was 6 years ago.note 

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  • He had planned to put Shrek: Super Slam into Top 10 Worst Fighting Games believing its popularity online being soley based on Shrek's Memetic Mutation, but upon playing it he realized that it wasn't a bad game and thus couldn't put it on the list.

  • There have been several games that Chris has started streaming that he has not beaten (at least on stream) due to getting bored with the game, wanting to play different games, and/or technical issues on-stream killing his desire to continue. Examples include Dead Rising, Super Castlevania IV, NieR: Automata, Dream Daddy, and Yooka-Laylee.

  • Chris started a weekly Twitch stream segment known as Smash Ultimate Weekly News Week soon after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was officially announced during E3 2018, with the idea being he would go-indepth about the information revealed up to the game's release. However he soon realized the weekly updates on the game were nothing substantial and mostly consisted of repeating already confirmed information which gave him very little to talk about, leading him to cancel the segment after 19 weeks.

  • He had originally planned to have one of his female friends appear in Top 10 Persona Bosses wearing attire similar to what the Velvet Room servants wear. Ultimately he decided against it as he didn't want to have someone see them walking into his room wearing those kind of outfits.

  • He had plans to stream Kingdom Hearts III on Critical Mode while also giving his thoughts on the game as a sort of live-review. He streamed it once on June 2nd, 2019 before cutting the stream off short and putting all livestreams on indefinite hiatus following a Creator Breakdown on the stream.

  • Chris stated on a stream that he has considered making a VOD channel for his streams in the past, but ultimately decided against it for the time being as he believes he doesn't have a large enough viewerbase to justify it.

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