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  • Saban Moon. Technically, it wasn't by Saban, but this what would happen if Renaissance Atlantic (the co-producers of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and a partner of Bandai America) and Toon Makers got the rights to Sailor Moon. It has its own page at Toon Makers Sailor Moon.
  • In liner notes for the manga rereleases, Takeuchi revealed that she had thought of making Ami a cyborg with Pinocchio Syndrome and giving her a Heroic Sacrifice (if this had actually happened, then the Rei Ayanami Expy trope would probably have been titled Sailor Mercury Expy) along with the idea of Makoto being a gang-leader.
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  • Early plans for a Sailor V spinoff (that evolved into "Sailor Moon") had Sailor V as the team leader with no Usagi present, while her friend Hikaru would be in the "Ami"/Mercury role. The early gang-leader version of Makoto was in the treatment as well, named "Mamoru Chino" (and depicted as a chain-smoker). Rei also appeared, but with the name "Miyabi Yoruno". The girls would be in search of a mysterious princess named Artemis (relation to the cat unknown). This version was to be produced as an OVA, but plans fell through.
  • An early advertisement for the Sailor V manga had her with Usagi's hairstyle and a small crown on her head, with the working title being "Pretty Soldier Sailor V".
  • Takeuchi also intended to include a character named "Diana the Moon Fairy", a talkative, impertinant, and playful fairy. She was to be found in the ruins of the Moon Kingdom, and would have stuck with Luna (whom she didn't get along with) and Usagi. She was eventually replaced by Queen Serenity, and the name Diana was used for Luna and Artemis's future daughter.
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  • Also, Tuxedo Mask could have been named "Mysterious 2098 Face". Takeuchi was later stunned she could have come up with such a bizarre but meaningless name.
  • During the early creation phase of Sailor Moon, Takeuchi initially drew each of the girls with individual costumes before choosing the rather uniform versions later used. She admits she doesn't remember creating this costumes at all.
  • The hair colors of the senshi repeatedly changed. Usagi and her mother were once thought to be green-eyed and brunette, then later changed to both being depicted with pink hair. Ikuko retains her pink hair and red eyes in some manga images, whereas the anime went with the brown eyes and blue hair variety. Usagi initially being portrayed with pink hair was first done, as the idea was that pink was her image color, but this was later changed to white.
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  • Originally, Kunihiko Ikuhara envisaged that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were going to be the main characters in the Supers movie, and it was going to be independent of the main series. Sailor Neptune was going to be in a deep sleep at the end of the world, and Sailor Uranus would have had to steal the talismans from the Sailor Senshi to revive her. These ideas were later used in Revolutionary Girl Utena.
  • Allegedly, back when a live action Sailor Moon movie was in talks in the late 90's, Geena Davis was considered to play Beryl. Fan rumors around the time suggested that Rini was going to be turned into Serena's little sister not her future daughter (which is kind of weird for their parents to gave their daughters similar names, since Rini is a diminutive of Serena) and Amy was going to have normal hair.
  • DiC had originally considered dubbing up to the first 13 episodes of Sailor Moon S, but they were only able to afford to dub the rest of R. However, their considered names for the Outer Planetary Soldiers did make it on to the early Irwin Canada doll releases, with Haruka being called "Corrinn", Michiru being "Nerissa", and Setsuna being "Celia". Allegedly, DiC would have portrayed "Corrinn" and "Nerissa" as best friends, which would likely mean the S season would have experienced quite the editing (which it did with Cloverway, although they didn't edit enough at times, making the "cousins" cover-up look rather strange).
  • The Mixxzine/Tokyopop version of the manga briefly had Hotaru (who later became the only senshi to retain her original name in the Cloverway dub) named Jenny. It was changed back in later issues.
  • During the creation of Sailor Moon Stars, animation director Yoiuchi Fukano designed a new form for Sailor Moon called "Sailor Moon La Cygne" or "Sailor Moon Swan". Given the Fan Nickname of "Fukano Moon" because of who created it, the design went completely away from the sailor motif that was standard of all Sailor Guardians, looking like a transition between Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity. Ultimately, though, it was decided to use Naoko Takeuchi's Eternal Sailor Moon instead.
  • The original plan for the anime would have had Usagi by her lonesome for about 20 episodes. The manga side didn't want the anime to utterly overtake them, so the plan was to give them time to build up everything. However, Toei requested that Ami and Rei be featured in the opening. This caused rumors to start up that there would be more Sailors, thus they had to change gears and introduce the girls earlier.

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