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Quite a few different things have been cut from Resident Evil over its history, usually in the form of either entire game stories/setups or specific creatures.

Lost Games:

  • Resident Evil Dash: Also known as Resident Evil: 1.25, this was a planned interquel intended to be set between Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2. The story revolved around the self-destruct system at the Spencer Mansion failing to completely destroy the labs, instead releasing plant-based B.O.Ws from a hidden sub-level; set three years later, it would revolve around Chris and Jill returning to the overgrown ruins to defeat the festering infection. However, it seems that this game is actually an Urban Legend of Zelda, based on scraps of concept art and fanbase speculation run wild; what has been confirmed is that the "overgrown Spencer ruins" was intended to be a level visited in Resident Evil 1.5, whilst the concept of battling an outbreak based on T-Virus infected plants was a scrapped prototype plot for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
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  • Resident Evil 1.5: The most famous of the lost Resident Evil games, Resident Evil 1.5 was the original version of the game that became Resident Evil 2, with an array of cut monsters, an entirely different female protagonist in Elza Walker, and numerous NPCs who would interact with the protagonists over the course of the game.
  • Various ports of 'Resident Evil 2' were proposed over the years. One was for the Sega Saturn, but trouble adapting the game to the Saturn's weaker hardware led to Capcom scrapping it and moving on to the more powerful Dreamcast. Meanwhile, an Italian studio called Raylight Studios pitched ports of both RE 1 AND 2 to the Game Boy Advance. Capcom had 'lost interest in the viability of Game Boy ports' by that point and the projects were scrapped.
  • Resident Evil 4 Prototypes: It's a well-known fact that multiple iterations of Resident Evil 4 were created before the final version was produced. The first of these "Resident Evil 3.5s" was the "Stylish" version, which revolved around twin brothers who had been infected with the G-Virus on Mallet Island; this version was retooled into the original Devil May Cry. This was followed by the "Castle" version, which revolved around Leon infiltrating Spencer's palatial mansion and being infected by a new virus, whilst also uncovering the origins of the Progenitor Virus, which here were intended to be in the crypts beneath the estate; this version was also retooled into another Capcom game, Haunting Ground. The Castle version was reworked into the "Hallucinations" version, with a more surreal, Psychological Horror nature due to Leon's infection resulting in frequent and vivid hallucinations. This was followed, per Word of God, with the "Zombie" version, which used the traditional T-Virus zombies and was scrapped for feeling too formulaic.
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  • Resident Evil: Outbreak began life as a single, three-disc game which would be made up of twenty story scenarios to play through. What actually got released was a single-disc game containing five scenarios, with a follow-up subtitled File #2 that contained five more scenarios plus a training area, as well as incremental updates to the gameplay, characters and overall balance. Several characters and costumes existing within the existing games' code are Dummied Out and largely believed to have been intended as part of the original three-disc package or for a hypothetical File #3 which never surfaced.
  • 'Resident Evil: Portable' was announced as a brand new, original title for the Sony PSP. The announcement was at E3 2009, but after that event ended Capcom uttered another word about it.


Lost Creatures:

  • Wesker's Monster: A large, white-furred primate B.O.W originally intended for 'Resident Evil 0''. Resembling a monkey, complete with a tail mutated to feature a scorpion-like stinger, Wesker's Monster was intended to be Wesker's means of assassinating most of Bravo Team. When the story was changed, Wesker's Monster was redesigned and became the Eliminator, the white-furred infected chimpanzees seen in the released version.
  • Zombie Wildcat: Intended to be included in 'Resident Evil 3: Nemesis'', this was a mutated, furless cat that had evolved into a twisted, near-humanoid physique. For unknown reasons, it was scrapped, and its place as the primary B.O.W infesting the park was replaced with the Hunter Gamma model.
  • Zombie Ape: A hulking infected gorilla (or at least an overgrown baboon), this monster was intended to feature in Resident Evil 1.5, but was cancelled when that game was remade into Resident Evil 2. It was similar to the Eliminators, but much larger.
  • Manspider: A spin-off of the Chimera project from Resident Evil, Manspiders are a hideous and misshapen amalgamation of human and spider DNA. They made an appearance in Resident Evil 1.5, but were cancelled in favor of Enhanced Lickers in Resident Evil 2.
  • The Laughing Killer: A disfigured and deranged human psychopath characterized by his perpetual grin and deranged laughter, who wielded two massive hooks on chains wrapped around his arms as weapons, as well as using them as tools to climb walls or hang from ceilings. The Laughing Killer was planned for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, but scrapped. His design might have been reworked to create the Jabberwock B.O.W.
  • Tyrant Inferior: A concept drafted for Resident Evil 2, the Tyrant Inferior was an uncommon zombie mutation caused by hosts that were more compatible with the T-Virus than usual, resulting in them gaining increased strength, durability and stature. The idea was scrapped, and the idea of mutated "elite" zombies was reworked into the Lickers, although the Crimson Heads of the Resident Evil remake and the Bloodshots of Resident Evil 6 clearly tap into this early concept.
  • The Transforming Creature: An unused concept from an unknown Resident Evil game. A female nurse, scientist or test subject that had been infected and would metamorphose into a horribly deformed humanoid, characterized by both arms splitting down the middle into monstrous mouths. It may have been intended as a female counterpart to the G-infected Birkin.
  • The Mimic Creature: A name shared by two creatures originally planned for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, both of which were rejected. The first was a carnivorous plant-man thing, which was likely rejected for its similarities to the Plant 43 "Ivy" B.O.W. The second was an octopus-based humanoid mutation that could, like a real mimic octopus, mold its squishy body to imitate aspects of the environment.
  • The Kidnapper: A mutated bird which has grown to an enormous size, with its feet in particular swelling to gargantuan appendages large enough to allow it to carry off humans, hence its name. It was planned for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.
  • Kamado-uma: A T-virus infected spider cricket that grew into an enormous size. The idea was dropped very quickly; its name is literally just the common Japanese name for spider crickets (technical name: Rhaphidophoridae). It may be an inspiration for the Plague Crawler from Resident Evil 0.
  • The Sea Snake: A giant water-dwelling serpentine predator, looking almost like an aquatic version of the Gravedigger worm mutant from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It was abandoned at the concept stage.
  • D.A.L.I (DNA-Arranged Lack of Intelligence): A horrifying, slimy skinned abomination, with humanoid arms and a vaguely grub or leech-like body. Planned for Resident Evil 0, but abandoned in favor of Plague Crawlers.
  • The Mollusk Enemy: A rejected C-Virus Complete Mutation with a vaguely mollusk-like design for Resident Evil 6. Never made it beyond the sketch phase.
  • The Flying Creature: An oversized dragonfly planned for Resident Evil 6, but scrapped after the concept stage.
  • Spider-Man: A mutated spider that had developed the ability to "mount" human corpses and puppeteer them for its own purposes. Whilst visually similar to the Manspider, in fact it's an entirely separate creature that was planned for Resident Evil 0.
  • Golgotha: A hulking dinosaur-like creature that was originally planned to be the final boss of Resident Evil 1.5, but was cancelled in favor of William Birkin.
  • Zombie Horse: An infected horse meant to appear in Resident Evil 2, which has grown into a gargantuan, almost giraffe-like stature.
  • Veronica Zombie: A cancelled subtype of zombie planned for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, these are zombies who have mutated due to the T-Veronica virus, causing them to begin partially sprouting insect limbs or organs from their bodies.
  • Richard: A doomed NPC from Resident Evil: Revelations. It was planned that Richard would be killed by an ambush by the Oozes, and then revive due to the T-Abyss virus in his wounds, becoming a hideously disfigured, blood-drinking mini-boss. But it was decided not to included him. Instead, the concept was replaced with the female NPC Rachel Foley.
  • Tortured: A hideously malformed creature whose body has become a breeding ground for oversized, C-virus-infected lice. These deformed parasites will constantly eat their way from its flesh and seek out human victims. This was cancelled from Resident Evil 6.
  • U-9: An enormous, vaguely humanoid monster made up of squirming black tentacles, this is an Uroboros monster that was ultimately reworked into the Uroboros Aheri fought in Resident Evil 5.
  • U-11: Another cancelled Uroboros monster from Resident Evil 5, which was planned to be fought atop a moving train. It was planned to be Irving's fate, but it was replaced with the piscine Plaga-mutation fought aboard Irving's boat instead.
  • Mysterious Creature: A horribly deformed creature, consisting of a man's body twisted into the semblance of a cricket-like bug; moving on all fours with its legs jutting straight up into air before bending back down at the knees. Its head has devolved into a vestigial hump, dominated by an enlarged yet still hideously human mouth. Like a cricket, it can leap huge distances.
  • The Dissolving Human: A virus-infected human which is steadily dissolving into a mass of pus, losing chunks of liquefied flesh with every shot and dissolving into a pool of slime when killed.
  • Powered-Up Zombie: An array of "evolved" zombie forms that were concept sketched, but ultimately cancelled.
  • Zeigram: A serpentine or dinosaur-like B.O.W that was planned as a Resident Evil 2 boss, but whose different forms were ultimately cancelled or amalgamated into William Birkin.
  • G-Infected Annette Birkin: William's wife, revived as a hideous monster after being killed by her G-infected husband and then revived by one of his viral embryos.
  • Dewey and Gelzer: Characters rather than creatures, these two were planned characters from the first game. Gelzer was a huge cyborg man who was planned to be a Load-Bearing Hero for the game's shotgun ceiling trap. Dewey was a foolish and cowardly African American man who cracked jokes and constantly ran away from the zombies. Both were cut early in development — Gelzer was cut when the futuristic aspects of the plot were dropped in favour of a more down-to-earth modern day setting, and Dewey was cut when they quickly realised the character was just all-round a horrendous idea.

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