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  • During production of Kamen Rider V3, Riderman was supposed to have a machinegun arm as one of his arsenal. While Shotaro Ishinomori already made its concept art, he ultimately dropped the idea.
  • There were plans for a new season after Kamen Rider BLACK RX for a 1990 airing but it was scrapped as it was decided to put the franchise on an indefinite hiatus from television and continued with stageshows and three films, which explains why there was no seasons airing in the Nineties. Ryohei Kobayashi auditioned for the season and after it was scrapped, he was cast as Fumiya Hoshikawa in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman as compensation.
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  • Shotaro Ishinomori died while writing the concept for Kamen Rider Kuuga. Suppose he had lived - how different would the end result have been? Would we have still gotten the other Heisei era shows, or would other shows have been made instead?
  • Although both Kuuga and Kamen Rider Agito were very successful, Agito was originally planned on being the final series. Then the 9/11 terrorist attacks occured, and it was decided to continue the franchise so kids would have a show to teach them about justice.
  • A few elements that never made it to final production of Kamen Rider Faiz include three unused riders.
    • Another unused concept was the Kaixa Break form, which would've given Kaixa his own equivalent to Faiz Axel (and as a result, this would've meant that Ibuki from Hibiki would be the only secondary rider without a second form). Interestingly, this is still somewhat apparent in-story, since Kaixa literally just gives Takumi the watch needed for Faiz Axel.
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  • Magazine stills showed that Toei actually filmed an official Spinoff Sendoff sequence between Faiz and Blade where Takumi Inui literally passes the baton to Kazuma Kenzaki, then the two transform side-by-side. One can't help but wonder if this would have lead to Kamen Rider having annual baton-passing scenes as its sibling franchises Super Sentai and Pretty Cure do (though it's mostly been rendered a moot point by the Movie Taisen crossovers).
  • Kamen Rider Hibiki was originally to show Asumu becoming an Oni in the final episode, along with Kiriya. A suit had been put together for him, but due to extensive Executive Meddling, the scenes weren't included in what became the rewritten ending, and Asumu's Oni suit was scrapped for parts to enhance Kiriya's. This is partially remedied in the Hibiki's World episodes of Kamen Rider Decade, where Hibiki dies and Asumu becomes an Oni in his place.
    • Hibiki could apply for this all around, thanks to the Executive Meddling that afflicted its latter portion and forced them to focus on selling toys more than telling a story.
  • Kamen Rider Den-O artbooks showed that early costume designs included a Rider based off of mythical Japanese hero Yamato Takeru, as well as two villain Riders with matching asymmetrical costumes (IE one right-side and one left-side) who could merge into a single Rider — potentially the inspiration for Double. Additionally, the monster design artbook Say Your Wishshowed some of Yasushi Nirasawa's unused designs, including a Hydra Imagin and a team of four inspired by the Town Musicians of Bremen.
    • Promotional images for The Onigashima Battleship showed a Ryutaros-possesed Ouja wielding the GX-5 Cerberus Minigun, presumably loaned to him by an Urataros-possessed G3. As the aforementioned minigun does not show up, either this was an oversight by the promotersnote , or at one point, it was planned to have G3-X appear instead of G3.
  • Early rumors for Kamen Rider Decade were that the series was to have a high school theme and have actor Kousei Amano reprise his role as Tachibana/Garren from Kamen Rider Blade. It's likely these ideas were planned at some point, since Kamen Rider Fourze (also an anniversary series) is set in a high school and features Amano in a main role.
    • For All Riders vs. Daishocker, there were plans for Riderman to have an updated costume in the same style as the ones from Kamen Rider the First and The Nextnote , but because it wasn't finished in time they simply had Gackt play the untransformed Joji Yuki and used the original 1973 costume for the big fight scene. The Blaster Arm he uses in the film is just one of several designs made for this; there were also designs for a Blade Arm, a new version of the classic Power Arm, and a generic "Cassette Arm" (which might have just been its default form). Most interestingly, the Power Arm concept art shows it being activated via a Rider Card, suggesting that they're the source of his power (which makes sense, given that this version of Yuki invented the Decadriver and Diendriver).
  • Kamen Rider Double was originally going to take place in Suito, a flooded city a la Venice. The idea was scrapped and eventually replaced with the much less budget-consuming (and ecologically-correct) "windy city" of Fuuto. In addition, concept art shows that the title character was meant to wear a trench coat.
  • Kamen Rider OOO was supposed to have Dr Maki be the villain of the second arc and then be killed off around episode 30, with Ankh as the final villain of the series. Instead, Maki is the final villain and Ankh sacrifices himself to give Eiji his Core Medals.
    • Date was also supposed to die, be revived as a homunculus (much like Nobunaga in Movie Wars Core) and become a Greeed. The producer has also confirmed that she wasn't originally planning for Eiji to turn into a Greeed, but changed this later on.
    • Eiji was conceived as a more cynical type of character akin to Takumi from Kamen Rider Faiz. The characterization was changed after Shu Watanabe was cast in the role and it was felt he would fit better as a Nice Guy hero akin to Yusuke Godai from Kuuga.
  • Early pre-release info for Kamen Rider Fourze stated that the Kamen Rider club would investigate the legends of Kamen Riders in their town, with guest appearances from past heroes. This got as far as Fourze's Early-Bird Cameo in the Kamen Rider OOO movie (where Gentaro leaves suddenly because he's late for club activities) but the producers later confirmed it had been scrapped because the idea was too much like Decade (and possibly Gokaiger as well). Instead, the club functions to support Fourze, with Shout Outs to previous heroes but no guest stars.
    • The character of Hayami/Libra Zodiarts was originally slated to appear for only a few episodes, but his run in the show was later extended. The same thing happened with Bishop from Kamen Rider Kiva, whose character was kept on due to his popularity with fans.
    • Hayami was intended to have been given a backstory in which he was a brilliant college student who attracted Gamou's notice. This was eventually cut from the show, but stills of the deleted scene were released in a magazine feature.
    • Nadeshiko Misaki was to have been named Yuriko after Tackle, the first (albeit unofficially considered so) female Kamen Rider; but they changed the name in honor of the national women's football team Nadeshiko Japan, which at that time had just won the FIFA Women's World Cup. Her Rider Kick is also based on the kick that scored the winning goal.
      • Appropriately enough, Nadeshiko's actress is now married to a member of the Japanese men's team.
  • The team behind Kamen Rider Gaim at first played with the idea of a bird/insect theme to the suit designs, until toy company Bandai insisted on fruit. They also considered the idea of having all the Rider suits be samurai with a different kanji on each helmet; but then decided this "wasn't enough", and instead based the suits on different historical armour designs from around the world. They still kept the bird motifs though, as some Riders look like a bird, while one of the Rider's forms looks like a dinosaur (hey, they count as birds).
    • Gaim's production team stated that they hadn't planned on Kaito Kumon gaining an upgrade; but chose to give him his Lemon Energy form because of his popularity with fans.
      • In addition, Zack wasn't even supposed to be a Rider at all. Like Kaito's case, he only got one because he's so popular among the fans.
    • Gaku Matsuda, who played Zack in Gaim, stated in an interview that the producer had originally told him Zack was going to be killed off after his fight with Kaito in episode 45. However, he then received the script for the following episode, showing that plans had been changed and Zack would survive.
  • Kamen Rider Ghost:
    • Ghost's introduction in the Kamen Rider Drive movie Surprise Future showed his battles looking very different: he floated along the ground and the helmet's face lit up. This had been changed by the time of his own show.
    • A Leonardo da Vinci Eyecon was supposed to be released as part of a movie-only set of Eyecons for Movie Wars Genesis, and was advertised. Ultimately, this release was cancelled; possibly because of poor sales of movie-exclusive toys in recent years. Instead, the Eyecon was packaged with a Hyper Battle DVD.
    • Magazine scans showed images of Alia fighting as Dark Necrom P on earth, but these scenes ultimately weren't aired.
  • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid:
  • Kamen Rider Build had a few of the Full Bottles that were initially advertised replaced - Scorpion and Gold, as well as F1 and Kyoryu (Dinosaur) were shown at first, but were replaced by Rose and Helicopter and Santa and Cake, respectively. Presumably, the latter 2 were replaced due to copyright issuesnote , but it's never been revealed why the former 2 were replaced.
  • While most people know (but don't talk about) Saban's Masked Rider, what isn't as well known is that they apparently attempted to adapt Kamen Rider a second time. Power Rider was a trademark that was filed in 2011. It became a large subject of speculation, in part due to the source material for Power Rangers Samurai having a crossover with Decade. However, as of January 2014, the trademark was abandoned, meaning either Saban chose not to do anything with it, or they were only filing it to prevent other people from using the idea.
    • Most of the speculation guessed it would be either Decade (to adapt the Samurai crossover), Double (which was more recent, and was believed to be easier to adapt), or OOO (which was the most recent, and had the most merch potential)note .
    • On the topic of American adaptations, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight has a few attached to it:
      • The producers originally wanted to adapt another series (depending on the source you look at, it was either Faiz or Blade, although some sources also say Kabuto was considered), but chose Ryuki for the merch potential. Had Dragon Knight done better, it's likely that one of the passed-over shows would've been picked up.
      • A throw-away line in Power Rangers Dino Thunder jokes about the idea of Tommy Oliver (the black ranger of that show) being Batmannote . Tommy's actor, Jason David Frank, almost got to be the American Tokusatsu equivalent of Batman - Kamen Rider Wing Knight - as he auditioned for the part of Len (who holds the Wing Knight deck); however, as the producers didn't want people to think the show had any Power Rangers connections, they went with Matt Mullins instead.
  • The producer of Kamen Rider Zi-O has stated publicly that at one point he wanted Tsukasa Kadoya, who returned as a semi-regular character, to be the final villain of the show - it's possible he would have been Another Decade, which ultimately was given to Swartz.
    • Speaking of Zi-O, the third Heisei Generations movie, Heisei Generations Forever, was going to make its US debut on Anime Expo 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it debuted online instead.

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