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What An Idiot / Town of Salem

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     In general 
  • The Mayor figures it's time to reveal himself as the mayor of the Town.
    You'd Expect: He'd only reveal this information to trusted or confirmed townies. No need to paint a massive target on his back, right?
    Instead: The Mayor reveals himself to the entire Town, including any and all Mafia, Coven, Vampires and Neutral Killers (and Witches).
    As A Result: They attack the Mayor, since his voting ability is very powerful, and said Mayor is killed before they can do much of anything.
    • Following from the above, the Mayor has revealed, and it's likely he'll be attacked that night.
      You'd Expect: The Doctor would be able to Heal the Mayor, potentially saving them.
      Instead: The Doctor just can't get rid of his grudge against the Mayor (see the Doctor's backstory on the wiki for more info) and refuses to heal them.
  • The Mayor votes the Serial Killer up to the stand, acting on info from a trusted Investigator/Sheriff.
    You'd Expect The Serial Killer to attack and kill the Mayor before making his escape.
    Instead: He does nothing, and is put on the stand. "What? The authority figure said I'm guilty, soooo..."
  • So its nighttime and the Crusader is hiding outside the Mayor's house, protecting him.
    You'd Expect: He shoot the Arsonist, the Mafioso/Godfather, the Vampire, the Serial Killer, or the literal Werewolf. Or maybe all of them.
    Instead: He shoots the Lookout. As a result, the town is down one member and all of the evil roles are pointing and laughing.
  • The Mafia are choosing their victim Night 1.
    You'd Expect: They do the research beforehand and attack someone who is defenceless against them, like the Medium.
    Instead: The Godfather sends the Mafioso out to go kill the Veteran.
    You'd Then Expect: The Mafioso to not provoke the man wielding a firearm, and to go kill someone else.
    Or: To shoot him from a safe distance, where the Veteran cannot possibly see him or react to the gunshot in time. There's no reason to enter the Veteran's house to kill him.
    Instead: The Mafioso grabs the Idiot Ball and enters the Veteran's house. Unsurprisingly, he's shot and killed by the Veteran.

     Common Experiences 


     User Experiences 
  • This troper, a Blackmailer, was playing a Coven All Any game with a Mafioso. On Day 3, I overheard this exchange:
    pizza (LO): anything happen to you last night?
    Fai (Trapper): nah but u got a trap on u
    pizza: ok ty

I told the Mafioso about it and went on my way. Night 6 is where the idiocy happened. The only people left in the game at this point were me, the Mafioso, the Lookout, and a Veteran. Neither of us had visited the Lookout by this point.
You'd Expect: I'd blackmail the Lookout and have the Mafioso stay home that night, then kill the Lookout the next night when the trap was certainly popped.
Instead: I tell the Mafioso "ok we kill lo and then vote vet. never trust the "out of alerts" thing." The Mafioso promptly dies.
You'd Then Expect: Once I was alone with the confirmed Lookout and Veteran, they would swiftly vote up and hang me.
Instead: The Lookout goes AFK and gives me a free night to mop up the remaining townies.

     Meta Examples  
  • The TOS wiki develops a template for role creation
    You'd Expect: To make sure they followed their own rules.
    Instead: One of their roles breaks almost half of the rules listed in the template.
    As a result: Not only does everyone ridicule the role, but at times the rules are flat-out ignored.

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