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It's safe to say that the characters in The Room aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

  • Denny has a crush on Lisa.
    You'd Expect: He'd keep it to himself, as she's going to marry a man who's basically his father.
    Instead: He tries to join in on their foreplay,note  and later asks her for a kiss.
    You'd further expect: After he passes the attempted kiss off as "just kidding," he'd drop the matter.
    Instead: He confesses to Johnny, her fiancé and his gravy train, that he may be in love with her. Surprisingly, though, Johnny seems perfectly OK with it.
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  • Denny is strapped for cash. He needs "some money to pay off some stuff."
    You'd Expect: He would turn to Johnny, his surrogate father, who is wealthy, is paying Denny's tuition, and has no problem spending lots of money on his loved ones.
    Instead: He buys drugs, and goes into debt with his dealer.
    As a Result: The dealer corners Denny and nearly kills him.
    In Addition: He apparently told Chris-R where he lived, or at least made it easy for Chris-R to track him down.
  • During Johnny's birthday party when everybody else goes outside, his fiancée, Lisa continues cheating on Johnny by making out with Mark, Johnny's best friend. As they start to make out, one of the party guests, Steven, enters back inside and catches Lisa and Mark making out. Mark then replies to Steven asking why they are doing this by telling him, "Leave your stupid comments in your pocket." Steven then says to Lisa, "You understand what you're doing? You're going to destroy Johnny. He's very sensitive."
    You'd Expect: Lisa to be rational and realize what disastrous consequences will happen to Johnny (such as killing himself, because he's extremely sensitive), and also remember the fact that Johnny supports her financially, and listen to Steven and stop loving Mark. Either that, or take Steven's words into consideration for her actions and at least think about what will happen if she ends up destroying Johnny. It's strange that Mark doesn't have any hesitation either. If both people in a couple don't have inhibitions, then there will almost always be trouble. At least one person should have some doubts. Or she could be a little more discreet (cheating on your fiancé at his birthday party is pretty much asking to get caught). At very least she could simply tell Johnny the truth and actually treat him with some amount of respect as Michelle suggests.
    Instead: She says, "I don't care. I'm in love with Mark." She continues being a bitch and continues cheating on Johnny and Mark does the same, apparently not the sharpest tool in the drawer.
    As a Result: Johnny commits suicide after finding out about Lisa's affair, which ends up scarring Lisa for life and (apparently) dooming her because her bills were paid by Johnny. And the party gets ruined.
    In Addition: Lisa's mother at an earlier point in time told her to stay in the relationship with Johnny so they could mooch off of his money. While this isn't any better than having Lisa cheat on Johnny, at least pretending to love him and mooching off of his wealth would have kept everyone stable and Johnny wouldn't have committed suicide.
  • After being outside briefly during Johnny's birthday, everybody goes back inside to have cake. At some point, Mark ends up getting into a fight with Johnny. Johnny leaves the room to calm down and cool off.
    You'd Expect: Lisa and Mark to realize how sensitive Johnny is and not get close to each other or make out in public during the rest of the party.
    Instead: A while later, Mark and Lisa dance with each other and make out during the party.
    As a Result: This leads into another fight and Johnny crosses the Despair Event Horizon, thinking everybody betrayed him and yelling, "I'm fed up with this world!".
    • To quote the RiffTrax:
    Bill Corbett: Lisa finally said, "Let's just make out in public. Who cares if anyone knows?"
    Kevin Murphy: And Mark said, "I agree with that."
  • Johnny is very sensitive, as his friends tell us repeatedly. He then discovers Lisa has been cheating on him with his best friend, Mark.
    You'd Expect: His friends, such as Denny, Steven, Peter, Michelle, or Mike to stay with him and try to convince him that everything's going to be fine and to make sure he doesn't try anything stupid.
    Instead: They just leave, never to appear again save for Denny, by which time it’s too late.
    As a Result: The emotionally unstable Johnny kills himself.
  • Mark and Lisa find Johnny's dead body.
    You'd Expect: Lisa would show some respect after Mark had just lost his best friend.
    Instead: She tries to use Johnny's death as an excuse for her and Mark to be together.
    As a Result: Mark leaves her for good.
    The Nostalgia Critic (as Lisa): "Come on, we'll have sex on his corpse, it'll be tons of fun!"
  • Really, the entire movie can be summed up as follows:
    You'd Expect: People in this movie to respond to anything the way a normal human being would.
    Instead: You get The Room.
    • If The Disaster Artist is any indication, the whole movie lacks common sense, both in and out of fiction. See this page for details.