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What An Idiot / Teen Titans

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Teenagers make stupid decisions all the time, even superhero teenagers.

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     Season One 

  • "Forces of Nature": Beast Boy accidentally nails Starfire with a prank that was meant for Cyborg. Starfire is upset.
    You'd Expect: Beast Boy would apologize to her.
    Instead: He tries to brush off her anger with jokes and trying to make her fall for his kitten form.
    The Result: Starfire calls him a clorbag varblernelk and refuses to speak to him. This means that when it seems she was buried alive in rubble due to a fight with Thunder and Lightning, Beast Boy is in full My God, What Have I Done? mode.
  • "The Apprentice, Part 2":
    • Slade has successfully blackmailed Robin into becoming his apprentice by threatening the Titans' lives with nanite bombs, tiny probes in their bloodstream. He wants to eventually break Robin's spirit into serving him willingly, by getting him addicted to the thrill of stealing.
      You'd Expect: He wouldn't engineer confrontations between Robin and his friends, because the Titans when provoked will fight without restraint, provided they don't hurt anyone human or animal. And they know Robin.
      Instead: He makes Robin steal from high-profile places like Wayne Enterprises, that trigger the Titans' alarms, and orders Robin to face his friends head-on and shoot at them with a laser.
      The Result: Eventually Robin hesitates when Starfire refuses to fire on him and he refuses to fire in turn. Slade loses his temper, sets off the probes, and forces Robin to shoot Starfire nonlethally, which Robin does as an Apologetic Attacker. Starfire catches on that Robin isn't serving Slade of his volition, the Titans investigate the "glowy-hurty trick," they all realize that Slade has infected them, and they go to rescue their leader.
    • Not wanting to choose between apprenticeship or the safety of his friends, Robin chose to infect himself with the nanomachines, giving Slade the choice of either killing Robin or saving the other Titans.
      You'd Expect: Realizing that he has absolutely no chance of having Robin as his apprentice, Slade simply let the nanomachines kill the Teen Titans and try to look for another potential apprentice for him. Or if he really wanted Robin to remain his apprentice, he would restrain Robin and the other Titans before releasing the nanomachines, threatening their lives by torture if Robin fails to comply with his demands.
      Instead: Per the Bond Villain Stupidity rules, Slade frees Robin and the others somehow thinking that he can still take Robin as one.
      As A Result: The Titans get over their issues with Robin and wipe the floor with Slade. He's forced to pull a Villain: Exit, Stage Left.
     Season Two 

  • "Terra"
    • Terra is a meta-human who can move the Earth, but she has little to no control over her powers. This is quite dangerous, actually, and Beast Boy is the first to realize while they're skipping rocks. He tells her that it's okay. Terra begs to differ because she's had to move constantly due to causing landslides, and earthquakes.
      You'd Expect: Terra would explain this. Beast Boy in turn could point out that Starfire and Raven have to control their powers well to fight, so it's not out of the ordinary. Terra would just need more training.
      Instead: She begs Beast Boy not to tell.
      The Result: Terra accidentally knocks out Beast Boy during a fight with Slade and his bots. Robin figures it out when Terra causes a cave-in as Slade corners her and offers to help her learn control.
    • The Teen Titans offer Terra to join their team, on the provision that she gets more training so that she could control her power. Robin makes it clear that Terra was having a hard time hiding it, and it's okay.
      You'd Expect: With her new friends fully knowing her issue and having no problem with it whatsoever, Terra would stay with a group of people who know and want to help her, and learn self-restraint in a positive way.
      Or: For Terra to allow Beast Boy to explain his side of the story.
      Instead: Terra mistakenly blames Beast Boy for telling, despite him protesting that he really didn't tell anyone. She runs away immediately only to get corrupted by Slade.
      You'd Then Expect: Since Cyborg has tech that can monitor people's heartbeats, and Beast Boy can track by scent, that they'd follow her. She is a danger as long as she is out there without any control. Robin at the very least could seek her out and explain the miscommunication, as he was the one who figured out Terra's Power Incontinence and told the others, not Beast Boy.
      Instead: The team lets her go. Beast Boy sadly grabs her dropped communicator and doesn't think to track her down.
      The Result: They are quite blindsided when Terra reappears in control of her powers and joins their team, only for her to betray them to Slade.
  • "Aftershock, Part Two": Terra thinks she has defeated the Titans and taken down the city for Slade. Instead, she goes Oh, Crap! when they appear. The Titans all attack her at once, not giving her any breathing room to retaliate. She sensibly runs away on hearing they won't talk to her because "there's nothing to talk about". Slade tells her to stand her ground. Terra points out that they're "thrashing" her because she can't take them all in a fight where they aren't holding back. Soon enough, the Titans track her down and resume their No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
    You'd Expect: Slade would take control of the neurosuit to keep Terra from leaving, and to assist her in the fight since he can use her powers now.
    Instead: When she begs for help, he sends Cinderblock, Plasmus and Overload to fuse into a One-Winged Angel.
    Predictably: Terra runs back to his lair, saying she can't believe they beat her. Though Slade beats her to a pulp and uses the suit to keep her from leaving, Beast Boy and the Titans track both Terra and Slade down. Terra finds the willpower to resist the neurosuit and toss Slade into a molten lava pit.
     Season Three 
  • "Haunted:" Robin starts hallucinating that Slade is everywhere; the Titans point out that Slade couldn't be using a cloaking device because Robin can see him, and they saw Robin beating up himself. Starfire has to knock out Robin when he threatens the team, and they strap him to a patient table to check his vitals and figure out what's wrong.
    You'd Expect: One of the Titans would stay with Robin. He's already proven to be a danger to himself and the team, and he's good at escaping from restraints.
    Instead: They all convene in the adjoining room and leave Robin alone in the dark.
    The Result: A Slade hallucination appears and tortures a bound Robin, forcing him to flee.
  • "Bunny Raven, or How To Make a Titanimal Disappear": Mumbo Jumbo has trapped all the Titans in his hat, and turned them into various animals that can't use their powers. Beast Boy is the last one; he finds out that he can change back into a human, due to being a shapeshifter.
    You'd Expect: Beast Boy would play along, turn into the animal that Mumbo changed him into, and then change back and help the other Titans once Mumbo has turned away for a few minutes. As we find out in Season Five, Beast Boy is quite effective at strategy.
    Instead: He confidently tells Mumbo that the magician's powers don't work on him and proves it multiple times.
    The Result: Mumbo turns him into an inanimate object, and Beast Boy can now only shape shift into inanimate objects. Understandably, Beast Boy is not happy with this.
     Season Four 
  • "The Prophecy": After the events of "Birthmark," Raven is utterly terrified and disturbed that Slade attacked her to deliver a message from her father, reminding her that she's an Apocalypse Maiden who will allow Trigon to destroy the Earth. Her friends in the meantime are doing research on how Slade could have survived lava and come back with fire powers.
    You'd Expect: Raven to just tell her friends what Slade's symbol means. Forewarned is forearmed, and later they manage to keep her protected from Trigon's forces by building a saferoom for her while they Hold the Line against Slade.
    Instead: Raven refuses because she still thinks she can prevent her destiny by refusing to even consider it.
    The Result: Slade lures the team into a trap during their research, which causes Raven to run to her homeworld Azarath. He would have killed them if not for Raven's Heroic Second Wind.
     Season Five 

  • "Trust" : The plot revolves around Robin trying to find Hot Spot, who is engaged in a fight with Madame Rouge (who can shapeshift). Now, the episode ends with Hot Spot ending up victorious against Rouge and Robin gives him a communicator so that they can keep in touch.
    You'd Expect: Robin, being the former sidekick of the goddamn Batman, to at least make sure that Hot Spot is the real deal, having seen firsthand Rouge's shape changing abilities.
    Instead: Robin doesn't think to check if Hot Spot is actually who he says he is. Turns out "Hot Spot" is Rogue.
    As A Result: Robin ends up giving the Brotherhood of Evil the little trinket the Brain wanted so he could spy on the Titans. Robin nearly causes all of the Titans to go down because of his stupid mistake.
  • "Titans Together": The Brain is in command of a very powerful Quirky Miniboss Squad, a large team of lesser supervillains, and a small army of Mooks and Mecha-Mooks led in the field by an immortal tactical genius. His headquarters is attacked in the middle of a victory celebration by Beast Boy and a small team of reserve Titans, who are soon joined by reinforcements.
    You'd Expect: After the initial chaos, the Brain would use said Quirky Miniboss Squad to crack a few heads to restore order, then take command of his forces and coordinate them in a truly epic showdown (remember, most of these guys have lost to the Titans previously because they're stupid/insane, not weak - and suddenly here's Brain to provide the smarts for them).
    Instead: Brain is so confident of victory that he just sits there, making the occasional snarky comment, but doing nothing else.
    As A Result: By the time he realizes he's actually in danger, the situation has progressed to the point where retreat is the only option. And this from a guy who's normally at least on par with Slade for being the show's smartest Chessmaster.
  • "Things Change": Beast Boy during a fight sees a schoolgirl who bears an uncanny resemblance to Terra but doesn't have any of her memories and enjoys being normal. She also has a curfew, and unseen parental guardians. When he goes to check Terra's statue, all that remained of her after she performed a Heroic Sacrifice, the statue is gone. Beast Boy returns to Titans Tower and informs the Titans, who are astounded. Raven says she tried everything to heal Terra, and can't explain any revival.
    You'd Expect: The team would investigate, just to be sure. Terra was their friend, was last seen fighting off Slade's control of her, and they have no idea who her new guardians are, especially since Slade sends a robot after Beast Boy for daring to investigate, which has unsettling implications.
    Instead: The Titans tell Beast Boy to let it go and focus on their current Monster of the Week. Eventually he does when he fails to prove that "Schoolgirl" is Terra and she pretty much tells him that he can't reclaim the past.
    The Result: In the Teen Titans Go comics, Terra's brother comes along, confirming that Schoolgirl was his sister the whole time, and he's furious because he had been searching for her for years and at the very least the Titans could have notified him. He eventually respects Terra's wishes to be normal after making sure she's safe, but still.
     Teen Titans Go! Comics 

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