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  • Choudenshi Bioman:
    • Episode 12 has Mason abduct townsfolk and replace them with Mecha Clone duplicates.
      You'd Expect: Mason to dispose of the citizens once he's copied them.
      Instead: He puts them in a holding cell. They're very much alive by the time Shingo finds them.
    • In the same episode, Shingo gets into a fight with a group of Mecha Clones and destroys them all. The kid of the week, whose father's mechaclone duplicate was part of that group, mistakes it for his real father and accuses Shingo of being a murderer.
      You'd Expect: Shingo to trust his eyes (which saw the Mecha Clones explode) or his Super Electron Scope (which saw through their disguises, and a skill he used before and after this episode to expose more Mecha Clones) and tell the kid it was a robot and assure him he'll get his father back.
      Instead: Shingo actually believes he killed a human being and gets a Heroic BSoD until Shirou gives him a pep talk.
  • Hikari Sentai Maskman:
    • Episode 8's Monster of the Week deep freezes Takeru, Kenta and Haruka. The only cure is a magic flower, the Maria Rose. Igam uses the flower to set up an ambush for Akira and Momoko. Ungler Soldiers overwhelm the heroes, while the "flower" left out in the open is a fake.
      You'd Expect: Igam to have the monster deep freeze the heroes. For added points, Igam could "admit" the flower was a lie.
      Instead: Igam taunts them by holding the real flower out in front of them. Momoko snatches it away with her Masky Ribbon, while Akira runs back to base and uses it on the others.
    • Episode 32 sees Oyobu and Baraba test out their latest Monster of the Week's forehead Power Crystal, which produces a destructive laser when used in tandem with Baraba's new sword, out in a field. Suddenly, along comes Kenta driving a beaten-down old car (Long story). The villains don't want to be seen, so...
      You'd Expect: The villains hide under a rock or teleport out of there.
      Instead: Baraba and Oyobu actually hide under a rock, but the monster just plops down where it is. note  Kenta accidentally drives over the monster, which causes the jewel to pop out and land in Kenta's backseat. Thus, beginning an episode-long chase as Oyobu runs after Kenta to get it back.
  • Choujin Sentai Jetman:
    • Tranza's new Super Robot Veronica has the heroes on the ropes. Count Radiguet can only watch as Tranza is seconds from dealing the Finishing Blow.
      You'd Expect: Radiguet to let Tranza kill the heroes. Then, at an opportune time, he'd kill Tranza, take Veronica for his own and use it to subjugate Earth.
      Instead: He tries, right there and then, to wrest controls from Tranza so he can deal the finishing blow himself. Tranza fights back and hooks him up to the robot's power source. The heroes survive and eventually figure out how to destroy Veronica.
  • Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger:
    • Dora Sphinx's MO is to challenge a victim to a series of riddles, then blow them away if they answer incorrectly. He challenges the Zyurangers to one such contest during his fight with Daizyuzin. Geki goads him into asking the Rangers what his weakpoint is.
      You'd Expect: Dora Sphinx to give them a fake answer. Or, if he can't do that, blow them away after they answer wrong, and then only give the right answer after they're powerless to do anything about it.
      Instead: He freely admits said weakpoint is the snake on his crown. The Zyurangers use that free tip to defeat him.
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    • In Episode 17, the Zyurangers meet Ryota, a young fairy who seeks to unlock the sixth Zyuranger, Burai, from stasis. Burai is Geki's older brother and wants to try to kill him (and by extension, the other Zyurangers) the moment he gets up. Ryota doesn't know this, but his grandfather, Gnome, and the Zyuranger's mentor Barza do.
      You'd Expect: The elderly gents, surely aware of the Zyurangers affinity for children, would at least give them a bare-bones explanation as to why waking up Burai is a bad thing. They'd at least count on the Zyurangers to try to persuade Ryota not to wake him up.
      Instead: Barza and Gnome flat out try to kill Ryota and leave the Zyurangers in the dark as to why. Naturally, the Zyurangers come to Ryota's defense, and he eventually releases Burai, who promptly beats up the Zyurangers once he gets up.
    • While Mei is awesome, the battle against Dora Boogaranan kinda makes one scratch their head when you take time to think about it. Okay, so, the toad monster spent the episode mopping the floor with the Rangers and eating them one after another, first with it's energy tongue and then with it's normal tongue. After it eats Dan, Mei gets ready to shoot her arrow at it's throat and take it out, only for Totpat to come out of nowhere and tackle her, making Mei drop her bow. Boogaranan finishes swallowing Dan, pats it's belly and turns to face Mei. For a split second, she freezes up. The toad shoots out it's tongue to attack her.
      You'd Expect: That the the monster would wrap it's tongue around her, reel her in and eat her. It's already proven to be way stronger, she's dropped her weapon and the Rangers have no way of escaping once they are wrapped up. It wouldn't even have ended the series really, since by this time Burai was on the team and was always willing to come help when he was needed.
      Instead: It whips her with the tongue twice, demorphing Mei, taunts her, and then lets Mei get up and run away into the woods where she gets the chance to set up a trap. As a result, Mei's trap works, arrows shoot into the monster's throat and it spits the Rangers out. They smack it around and then Mei kills it.
  • GoGo Sentai Boukenger:
    • High Priest Gajah brings the demonic Ashu, Gai and Rei, Back from the Dead as the Questers.
      You'd Expect: Gajah to have a safety measure to bring the two, the most powerful villain faction, under his control.
      Instead: He doesn't. The Questers subsequently turn on him, leaving him with more competition for the Precious.
  • Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger:
    • Debo Tanabanta is a Jackass Genie who grants wishes to those who write on his cursed Tanabata slips. Those that use his slips will die by sunrise, which includes all the Kyoryugers but Daigo. Daigo and his father stop the curse on time, and soon, the six Kyoryugers face Tanabanta.
      You'd Expect: Teleport out of there, call some Zorima, anything but what he actually does.
      Instead: He uses two of his own slips to mess with the Kyoryugers. His own curse weakens him, which hastens his defeat.
  • Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z:
  • Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger
    • Leo, Tusk, Sela, and Amu have just defeated the Bird Zyuman and the King's Credential is lying on the ground a couple feet away from them. They also see that Yamato is attempting to fight G.I.F.T. on his own not too far from their location.
      You'd Expect: They would quickly grab the King's Credential and go to help Yamato fight G.I.F.T.
      Instead: They leave the King's Credential alone and run to Yamato's location, resulting in the Bird Zyuman getting it.

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