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Given the fact that the mangaka doesn't like smart characters, it shouldn't be too surprising that Naruto has its own page here.

Warning: Unmarked spoilers on this page, particularly in "THE PAST" folder.

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    The past 
  • After the Warring States Period in where Child Soldiers are the norm, Hashirama and Madara establish the village system to form lasting peace.
    You'd Expect: For the duo to raise the shinobi minimum age of entry to at least 17 years of age to prevent the similar tragedies from happening again when forming the system. Secondly, cut down on the glamorisation of the job in general along with the insistence of bloodline purity. People celebrating learning and being trained to kill before drinking age isn't a good indicator of a functional society.
    Instead: They don't. In present day, children are learning about various ways to kill people in Ninja Academies and teenagers are already considered full-time adult bodyguards as Genin, meaning that practically nothing has changed. As history would show, teenage hormones and impulsiveness combined with childishness make terrible and/or mentally immature shinobi. To make things worse, being a shinobi at that age range is considered the ultimate dream job, with families deciding how much a person is worth fundamentally on how good he can kill people. This has been ingrained so much that even Naruto as the Seventh Hokage doesn't see anything wrong with it, as he is more than happy to make his own children go through the similar ordeals in the sequel. The Doylist reason is because having the main protagonists as adults in a Shōnen work wouldn't fit properly.
  • Madara overhears a conversation between Hashirama and Tobirama, in which it is revealed that Hashirama will be elected as the First Hokage and that nobody trusts Madara.
    You'd Expect: Madara to be sincerely happy for Hashirama, and that he would try to open up and work hard to prove the village that he is trustworthy.
    Instead: Madara decides that the peace between Uchiha and Senju is impossible, then makes a nonsensical warning to his clan to leave the village (which they understandably reject) and later dedicates all his time to studying the Uchiha stone tablet leading to the following moment..
  • Madara learns that his ancestor broke a taboo and tried to use the power of God to put an end to all wars, yet in the end she only managed to cause more strife and conflict.
    You'd Expect: He would learn a lesson from this story and would try help Hashirama create a village of their dreams or would try to do something other than what the ancestor did.
    Instead: He tries to do the same thing that his ancestor did, to put an end to all wars.
    Result: He did accomplish what he wanted, but he ultimately ends up as the biggest loser in the series, not only failing to achieve any of his goals, but only making things worse for himself and everyone else in the process.
  • Twenty years ago Rin is kidnapped by Kirigakure and the Sanbi is planted within her her, and she's "chased" back to Konoha in the hopes that the Sanbi would bust out and wreck up the joint when she arrived.
    You'd Expect: That she'd turn on her "pursuers", stop moving, or run in the opposite direction. Anything to buy time for Minato to arrive and try to properly seal the Three Tails so it couldn't escape. Even if Minato hadn't been able to do anything, it was still a better option than what she did.
    Instead: She makes Kakashi kill her, kicking off the entire series.
  • The deaths of Nagato's parents themselves are very stupid and senseless. Two Konoha shinobi enter their house unannounced looking for essentials and Nagato's dad picks up a weapon to defend himself. The lights are off and no one can see clearly.
    You'd Expect: Nagato's dad to cautiously turn the lights on or yell something like "Help us, please!" that is definitely not hostile and conducive to a more peaceful and inviting and approachable reaction and tell the shinobi that they have actually not entered an abandoned house but instead entered an occupied house filled with civilians and that he is a dad with a wife and young son and mean them no harm and will provide them food and shelter if they need it and he is willing to peacefully let them be.
    Instead: Nagato's dad is so paranoid about shinobi in general during the war that he takes leave of his senses: he pulls a Leeroy Jenkins and bum rushes one of the shinobi, not even so much as speaking to them to make them ease their guard. In fact, he screams angrily. Yeah, like that's gonna make you look harmless and civilian. The mother says and does nothing to stop him; in fact, had the mother taken the lead and been the one to do the above, in an earnest and maternal voice of protection, the Konoha Shinobi might have been even more inclined and convinced to sympathize and lower their guards and be friendly.
    Result: The Leaf shinobi he attacks easily outmaneuvers and slays Nagato's dad, thinking he's an enemy. Then, Nagato's mom is immediately mistaken for a subordinate/partner and slain shielding her son, who neither shinobi could see in the dark. Nagato is orphaned, kills the Konoha Shinobi as well in a fit of anguish, and set onto the spiraling path of becoming a jaded antagonistic figure who will ultimately die himself because he let being a victim define his life. Neither father nor mother nor son knew well enough to play nice and more tolerant and accepting of things and cool-headed when death was on the line. Nope, they just jumped to conclusions, and as such, got their tickets punched prematurely. All in all, five dead, none of whom had to die.
  • Kushina is the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. When she gives birth, the seal holding it will weaken.
    You'd Expect: They would have all manner of traps and seals ready to contain and weaken the damn thing just in case it gets out (or some enemy gets past the guards) so resealing it is easy and have a healer on hand to treat Kushina if it causes damage while escaping.
    Instead: The ANBU get slaughtered, Obito releases the Kyuubi, and both Minato and Kushina have to sacrifice themselves in order to defeat it.
  • Minato tries to explain to Hiruzen and the others what caused the Kyuubi to break free and attack Konoha.
    You'd Expect: That while summoning Gamabunta to teleport the Kyuubi, he would send a Shadow Clone to Hiruzen, explaining what happened and what he intends to do to stop the fox before it causes anymore damage.
    Instead: He doesn't do this and pretty much teleports almost immediately without explaining to them. As a result, this caused Konoha to be left in the dark regarding the Masked Man and caused many to wrongfully assume that the Uchiha Clan were responsible, causing them to attempt a coup on Konoha and forced Itachi to murder them in order to stop it, while also leaving Sasuke alone as a bitter hateful kid.
  • Sarutobi has to break the news of what happened to the Kyuubi and Fourth Hokage to the village.
    You'd Expect: He (lies and) tells them that the Kyuubi died with Fourth Hokage and Naruto is Fourth Hokage's son asking the village to help raise their hero's son.
    Instead: He tells them the truth (except Fourth Hokage's son part), forbids people to talk about it and then does nothing as Naruto experiences the worst childhood ever. Even worse, he does nothing to help make Naruto's life better yet has the gall to feel guilty about it.
  • Naruto is the son of both the Fourth Hokage and the Kyuubi's previous Jinchuuriki and as a result of being the current container of the Nine-Tailed Fox, he ended up being ostracized and distrusted by the majority of the villagers.
    You'd Expect: Those who knew this — Sarutobi, Jiraiya and Kakashi — would take extra special care in Naruto's upbringing and raise him. That they would at least train him better, ensure that he had better treatment in the village, and that when he was of appropriate age, inform him of his parentage and status to encourage him to use his powers for good and prove himself to the rest of the villagers.
    Instead: Jiraiya doesn't even associate with Naruto until he's nearly a teenager, Sarutobi hangs in the background without taking necessary measures, and Kakashi says nothing. Konoha is very lucky that Iruka is around to take care of Naruto otherwise he would have become a psychotic killer like Sasuke or Gaara.
  • Gaara's father Rasa needs to insure that he has control over Shukaku to make sure that he won't lose control of him.
    You'd Expect: Him to wait until Gaara is older and make sure that he's being treated fairly to keep him and Shukaku in control.
    Instead: He has his uncle betray him, lie to him and say that his mother never loved him and then try to blow him up... And he had already been having a horrible day already. Not to mention he was only six years old! Any six-year old child would have little control of their emotions! Idiotic Jerkass...
  • The aftermath of the Hyuga affair results in Konoha giving in to Kumogakure's demands for the sake of peace, forcing Hizashi Hyuga to sacrifice himself in order to prevent the Byakugan from falling into Kumo's hands.
    You'd Expect: That Hiashi would explain to Neji that his father offered himself voluntarily, in order to protect his brother, his clan, and his village.
    Instead: Either because he's too caught up in his own grief or feeling that Neji "is not ready", Hiashi keeps the truth to himself. As a result, Neji grows up hating the Hyuga Main Family and blaming them for his father's death, all of which finally explodes when he tries to kill Hinata during the Chunin Exams. Only after Neji loses to Naruto does Hiashi decide to tell Neji the truth.
  • A few years before the start of the story, the elders of Konoha suspect of the Uchihas being behind the Kyuubi's rampage, as they know the Sharingan has the ability to control the bijuus. While it WAS an Uchiha who did it, it was one who was at that point presumed dead, and the rest of the clan is not aware of this.
    You'd Expect: That they would try to open up and work hard to prove the village that they're trustworthy.
    Instead: They feel insulted and isolate themselves from the rest of the village, decide to take over by staging a coup d'etat (apparently decided to take an example from aforementioned Madara). This action makes them look as if they're guilty, leading to the following one.
  • Itachi Uchiha was given a mission to wipe out the whole of the Uchiha Clan, to prevent them starting a civil war. Itachi agrees, but is unwilling to kill his beloved little brother, Sasuke. He also wants to ensure Sasuke's survival and dispel the Uchiha's negative reputation it gained following the Kyuubi’s attack.
    You'd Expect: That Itachi would use either genjutsu or transformed shadow clones to make it look for all other people including for Sasuke like a load of foreign ninja carried out the attack, and that Itachi killed them all. That way, Sasuke, while still having lost much of his family, wouldn't have anyone he could take revenge on, and he'd have a loving brother who could help ease his pain (while also staying with him in order to avoid any of action with Sasuke, from the side Danzo), therefore giving him a lot less reason for his Face–Heel Turn. As for the rep problem, he can then encourage Sasuke to work on proving it wrong, similar to what Naruto does for most of the series.
    Instead: He requests help from Tobi and together they arrange the mass genocide of the entire Uchiha Clan and takes all the blame for the destruction of the clan on himself (even thinking of the fact that this makes it very convenient for Tobi since no one but Itachi and Danzo even know about his involvement in the massacre). And later he tells Sasuke that he was responsible for the attack, makes himself out to be a monster, and Mind Rapes him for good measure, before running. He does this in order to give Sasuke motivation to hunt him down, kill him, and therefore redeem the Uchiha.
    Result: In the end, the destruction of the entire clan brought a strong weakening of the military power of Konoha, allowed Tobi to acquire a large number of Sharingans in his laboratory and also acquire another member of the Akatsuki for sealing Tailed Beasts. Itachi's scheme with Sasuke ends up working a little too well, before failing completely: In order to become strong enough to kill Itachi, Sasuke ends up defecting from Konoha to Orochimaru, a guy who wants to possess him for his eyes. And Sasuke happily embraces the possibility of this happening if it would help him get his revenge. When Sasuke does kill Itachi, he's taken into the custody of Tobi, who explains the truth of what Itachi was up to, causing Sasuke to want to destroy the whole of Konoha.

  • The selection process deserves mention when it comes to Team 7.
    You'd Expect: For Iruka (a man who has taught these kids for years) to point out that putting an Ineffectual Loner with revenge on the brain, an emotionally abused Attention Whore who always picks a fight with said loner and a fangirl of the loner who keeps beating the Attention Whore on the same team is a bad idea.
    Instead: The team is put together and it's a train wreck at first. It gets better...only to devolve when Sasuke gets jealous of Naruto.
  • As part of Team 7's first team exercise, they're told to steal some bells from their sensei, Kakashi. After a pretty impressive attempt by Naruto to steal the bells nearly succeeds, Kakashi disappears from his immediate area. Naruto later sees one of the bells just lying on the ground near a tree.
    You'd Expect: Naruto not to fall for the oldest trick on the scroll, and either ignore the bell or have a shadow clone pick it up.
    Instead: He assumes that Kakashi dropped the bell and tries to take it, and predictably gets caught in a snare when he does so. As Kakashi states soon afterwards, "If the bait is obvious, don't take it".
  • Before the official start of the Chunin Exams, a genjutsu is used to weed out hopeless teams who can't even realize they're on the wrong floor of the exam building.
    You'd Expect: Team 7 to pass by without a word. The more teams stuck there, the less competition there'll be.
    Instead: Sasuke boasts about how bad the genjutsu is in front of everyone.
    The Result: Several more teams enter the exams than otherwise would have.
  • In the Forest of Death during the Chunin Exams, Sakura is left fighting Team Dosu all by herself. She tricks Zaku through an admittedly tricky series of substitutions, getting him to assume she's a substitution when she isn't, giving her a window of opportunity as she jumps down on him with a kunai in her hand.
    You'd Expect: She'd jump on top of him and stab him with the kunai either to kill or disable him so he couldn't fight her anymore.
    Instead: She lands on him and bites his arm, doing nothing while he repeatedly punches her on the head. While a Freeze-Frame Bonus reveals that she managed to stab him in the other arm, this doesn't explain why she didn't use her advantage to draw another kunai.
  • Before THAT bit of stupidity occurs, Lee intervenes to save Sakura from the three ninja. He has the choice of either taking off his ridiculously heavy leg weights, greatly increasing his speed to Flash Step levels, or using an uber-move that will only work on one person, and will render him unable to fight after performing it.
    You'd Expect: Lee to take off the weights, and use his speed to get within range of the Sound Nin and punch them out.
    Instead: He uses the uber-move. To make matters worse, his opponent, Dosu, is unaffected, thanks to Zaku's intervention. Ultimately, Lee's actions become a stupid sacrifice. In his defense, though, he wasn't fully aware of Zaku's abilities and might not have been able to predict that.
  • Also during the Chunin Exams, Sasuke gets the Cursed Seal from Orochimaru. Kakashi finds out, and decides to deal with it. With little other option, he does the sealing himself, using a seal that is dependent on Sasuke's willpower to maintain.
    You'd Expect: Kakashi to have noticed that Sasuke is desperate for power to defeat his brother and will jump at any opportunity to get it, and do his best to find a better solution to the Cursed Seal issue.
    Instead: He teaches Sasuke Rock Lee's Flash Step as well as his (Kakashi's) signature move, so that he'll have techniques other than the Cursed Seal to rely on, but aside from that he does absolutely nothing. It seemingly never occurs to him that these alternatives to the Cursed Seal might not be enough to help Sasuke. It goes without saying that this strategy didn't really work too well.
    Worse Still: While checking on Sasuke, no one makes an attempt to check on Naruto. You know, the kid WITH THE NINE-TAILED FOX SEALED IN HIM! Jiraiya only checks when he trains Naruto a few days later.
  • Another for the Chunin Exams, Sound Ninja Dosu Kinuta has realized that he and his teammates have been set-up and used as fodder against Sasuke by Orochimaru and vows to himself to not let this treatment of them go unavenged.
    You'd Expect: Him to try and somehow get information to Sarutobi about what his former student is doing so that Konoha can make preparations to stop Orochimaru's planned attack and foil it. Granted, Sarutobi might not believe Dosu's word, but Dosu doesn't know that for certain, and in any case changing sides would be a lot safer than continuing to work for Orochimaru.
    Or: He could try to sabotage Orochimaru's plans by going to Zaku and Kin at the Hospital after the drawings and getting them out of there before they are retrieved by him. With them gone Orochimaru has no people to use for Edo Tensei and he has to find new sacrifices.
    Instead: He decides to go challenge Gaara, a guy he's seen personally crush and cripple Rock Lee, so that he can be in with a better chance of fighting, and presumably curbstomping Sasuke tomorrow, just so he can spite Orochimaru. He gets killed in ten seconds, not only making his realization pointless but also wasting a character who could've been a wildcard for people to not know whose side is he on.
  • And another for the Chunin Exams, Tenten, during her fight with Temari, tries to attack her with a throw of a blade, but her opponent successfully repels the attack with a fan.
    You'd Expect: She will take one of the swords she has and try to attack in melee.
    Instead: She continues to try to defeat Temari by throwing blades in her.
    Even Worse: She doing it from the air, where she cannot dodge Temari's attacks.
    Result: Temari easily defeats Tenten and nearly breaks her back.
  • In order to destroy Konoha, Orochimaru allied with the Fourth Kazekage, who is fully willing to aid him if it comes to make his village prosper. However, the former has no intention of fulfilling his end of the bargain and is fully intending on backstabbing Rasa.
    You'd Expect: That he executes him after the Konoha Crush is over.
    Instead: He kills the Kazekage before the invasion begins just because... He loses a valuable ally and has Suna's crimes being expunged due to this information.
  • Also related to the above, Orochimaru has successfully assassinated the Fourth Kazekage without any witnesses from any Suna ninjas, allowing him to impersonate as him for the Chunnin exams.
    You'd Expect: Orochimaru would retrieve him and his bodyguard's corpse to ensure that they won't know of his deception. Or even better, given his body is right there in front of him, take his blood to resurrect him as another Edo Kage in his arsenal to use against Konoha. With Rasa's Gold dust along with the other Edo Hokages, there likely won't be a way for them to be able to fend off against the combine might of the Kages.
    Instead: Aside from stealing his face, he just leaves the Kazekage's body right there, allowing Suna to discover the deception and rightfully cut ties with Orochimaru for such treachery.
  • After successfully landing a surprise attack on Konoha, Orochimaru managed to capture Hiruzen within Kunai point.
    You'd Expect: That he would assassinate the Third Hokage immediately and take his blood in order to gain another collection to his Edo Tensei arsenal.
    Instead: He decides to just let him go and decides to duel Hiruzen to the death with his Edo Hokages.
    Result: Even though Hiruzen still dies in the end, Orochimaru lost the usage of his arms thus preventing him from using any Ninjutsu until he regains it through an Uzumaki ritual, 4 years later.
  • Aoba is the first to witness the arrival of both Itachi and Kisame into Konoha.
    You'd Expect: Knowing how Sasuke will react upon seeing him, he tells Asuma and Kurenai that two members of the Akatsuki have infiltrated the village without mentioning who they are whatsoever.
    Instead: He says outright who are infiltrating Konoha. Thus, everything about Sasuke's defection can be traced back to him, who thought it was a good idea to say who they were in the first place.
  • After the revelation that Itachi is trying to protect Sasuke and wants him to be loyal to Konoha, Sasuke confronts him and Kisame.
    You'd Expect: Itachi to hold his cover and to do as little damage as possible.
    Instead: He uses Tsukuyomi to force Sasuke to relive the Uchiha massacre again (having done the same thing to Sasuke immediately after it happened).
    Result: Sasuke defects from Konoha and later plans to destroy it and everyone in it. Good job, Itachi.
  • Sasuke's no better in that scene. He knows, among other things, that Itachi had made ANBU before Sasuke even graduated from the Academy, and that he has YEARS more experience than Sasuke, not just because of age, but because Itachi's ninja career started when he was 6 (Sasuke's started at 12 or 13).
    You'd Expect: Sasuke to realize that he's outmatched either way, and to not try anything stupid.
    Instead: Sasuke tries to charge him head on, and is easily beaten and hit by the aforementioned Mind Rape as a result.
  • Even Jiraiya has another moment of idiocy in this scene after he arrives just in time to stop the Akatsuki duo from capturing Naruto. Starting when Sasuke demands that he wants to fight Itachi himself.
    You'd Expect: Knowing how much of the power gap that is between the two brothers, he knocks out Sasuke and fights them head on.
    Instead: He lets Sasuke get a free shot at Itachi which directly contributes to Sasuke's defection from Konoha.
  • Naruto is having trouble hitting Kabuto with his new uber-move because Kabuto's too good at dodging and is kicking the snot out of Naruto despite only having one working arm. Employing desperation tactics, Naruto manages to grab Kabuto's good arm.
    You'd Expect: That Kabuto might remember that he still has legs, and kick Naruto in the face.
    Instead: He spends almost half a minute doing nothing but standing there tugging ineffectually at his trapped arm, watching as Naruto charges up his uber-move and smacks him in the chest with it. It having been established that A. Rasengan has a fairly long build up time and B. Even if it didn't it only moves as fast as Naruto can throw a punch... And Kabuto is on the high end of skilled, AGILE, and quick witted ninja.
  • The first fight at the Valley of the End has Naruto and Sasuke make their final attacks. Both pretty much waste any actual killing force, limiting them to knockout strikes. Sasuke's now normal punch is aimed for the gut.
    You'd Expect: Naruto, who's aiming for the head, to knock Sasuke's ass unconscious. Naruto knows he's going down, too, but at least Sasuke wouldn't be going anywhere.
    Instead: He decides to graze Sasuke's forehead protector. Apparently since Sasuke said he couldn't do it.
  • The fillers did this with Neji in the Hoshikagure Arc. Big Bad Akahoshi hires the heroes to protect the village's secret weapon, but then takes measures to recover it himself, then declares them enemies of Hoshigakure, in front of a large crowd because they know of their motives. In the finale, everybody comes together, Akahoshi's plan to mutate the children of the village with the power of the meteorite into an army that will help him conquer the other nations is exposed, and he decides to use the meteor by himself to slaughter his own people and the Leaf genin present.
    You'd Expect: For Neji to recognize an open declaration of war, and coordinate a joint attack taking out the bastard.
    Instead: He forbids his team to interfere in another country's internal affairs - basically condemning an entire village and his own teammates to certain death.
  • Filler Neji again. During the penultimate filler arc of the original series, Menma Arc, Naruto escorts an amnesiac ninja to the Land of Rice Fields, to help him recover his memory. Neji is ordered to follow them and keep an eye on the latter, due to strong evidence of him being a sound ninja, and his possible connection with the man who attacked the village. They arrive to a village near the Land of Rice Fields that has been burned to the ground by sound ninjas, and there's a good possibility they might return at any moment, killing many innocents. The amnesiac Menma decides to stay and help the people defend themselves.
    You'd Expect: Neji to agree, seeing how his mission was to keep an eye on Menma, and not much else, also considering the possibility that there might be a connection between the ninjas who attacked the village and the one who was after Menma, not to mention that Menma was found shortly after the attack on the village took place.
    Instead: He refuses to stay and urges Menma and Naruto to carry on with the mission, even after Menma tells him that helping the villagers might trigger some of his memories and refuses to even look into any possible connection between Menma, the village, the attackers and the man who attacked Konoha earlier, effectively defying the Hokage's orders because of a minor technicality.

  • During the mission to rescue Gaara from the Akatsuki, Team Kakashi and Team Guy arrive at one of their hideouts. They have very strong reason to believe that both Gaara, and a pair of Akatsuki members are in there waiting. They also learn that to actually get into the hideout, they have to remove five seals, one of which is on the entrance, the other four scattered around the surrounding environment, all at the same time. Also, Naruto's with them, and he can duplicate himself hundreds of times over.
    You'd Expect: That Naruto would create four copies of himself, have them remove the other four seals before poofing away. That way, both teams would be in position to fight the Akatsuki.
    Instead: Team Guy goes off to deal with the seals, leaving Team Kakashi to deal with the Akatsuki alone.
    Worse: The seals create copies of the people who removed them, that match them in strength, techniques and endurance. The result is that Team Guy are kept distracted for a long period of time, and therefore unable to help anyone, whereas if they'd used Naruto's clones, they could have just one-shotted the copies of them if they got too close.
  • At the end of the Sai and Sasuke Arc, Team 7 has just confronted Sasuke, with their primary goal in training being to take Sasuke back to Konoha.
    You'd Expect: That Naruto would do what his video game incarnation did, and try to take back Sasuke by force. Even if he's easily outmatched, at least their training wouldn't be a waste of time.
    Instead: He hesitates and, aside from one attack, doesn't even attempt to fight Sasuke. The result, a "Shaggy Dog" Story for Naruto, as all his training comes off as a complete and utter waste of time.
  • At the end of the Hidan and Kakuzu arc, Akatsuki member Kakuzu is incapacitated after being outwitted by Naruto. Kakashi kneels beside him and gives a speech about the new generation surpassing the one before it.
    You'd Expect: Kakashi to restrain Kakuzu, and have Ino try and fix him up. Then they take him back to Konoha, and question him about the Akatsuki.
    Instead: Kakashi kills him. What makes this moment worse is that in the next arc, Konoha is hoping to get information about the Akatsuki. Speaking of that...
    You'd Expect: Tsunade to have Hidan, who was blown to bits and buried alive dug up, then have what's left of him questioned.
    Instead: She doesn't, and decides to order three squads worth of ninja to try and capture Itachi. Admittedly, this does have the additional purpose of providing Konoha with bait for Sasuke, should it succeed, but as for finding out about the Akatsuki, there was no excuse for her not having Hidan questioned.
  • Anime filler. Sasuke and Suigetsu have stormed a castle to get their hands on the Executioner's Blade. After Sasuke convinces him not to kill the lord of the castle, Suigetsu then slices the castle's main support beams, and tells the lord that the place will collapse soon, and that he should get out if he wants to live.
    You'd Expect: That the lord would run for it as soon as it became clear that Sasuke and Suigetsu weren't going to kill him.
    Instead: He just kneels at the foot of his bed, screaming as the castle collapses around him.
  • Right before Naruto starts his Sage Mode training, we learn that the toads can summon their summoners (reverse-summoning). Now let's go back to Jiraiya's fight with Pain in Amegakure; Jiraiya gets out-gambitted by his opponent, loses his left arm and gets his throat crushed. It becomes clear that the fight's lost, and Jiraiya has the toads flee.
    You'd Expect: The toads would have reverse-summoned Jiraiya out of Amegakure, and then taken him to Konoha to get his injuries treated. The current Hokage is an extremely capable healer, and it's not as if anything bad would happen if Jiraiya fled this fight. And this way, he'd be able to pass on more information on Pain.
    Instead: The toads do nothing of the sort, and aside from giving Konoha one hint about the nature of Pain, Jiraiya dies a pointless death.
  • Nagato/Pain has a pretty big one. It's plainly evident for all to see that he could have succeeded in kidnapping Naruto at one point, and indeed that was the entire goal of him going to Konoha in the first place.
    You'd Expect: Him to, you know, do so.
    Instead: He decides he wants Naruto to be juiced up by the Kyuubi chakra when he defeats him (even though he already had Naruto NAILED TO THE GROUND with his chakra disrupting black spikes), so he stabs Hinata in the stomach, pretending to kill her, just to piss Naruto off.
    Result: Six-tails, eight-tails, and an ass-whoopin' courtesy of Naruto.
  • Prior to becoming the Six-tailed Version 2 form, Hinata confesses her love to Naruto just before she tries to fight Pain with all her effort.
    You'd Expect: That after his fight with Pain is finished, he talks to her and clarify what exactly is Hinata talking about.
    Instead: He never does and he simply assumes her love as like his love for Ramen. He won't finally get it right until two years later.
  • Nagato decided to believe in the way of Naruto and wants to make amends his guilt by means of resurrection of all those whom he killed.
    You'd Expect: Knowing that he will die after using this jutsu and knowing that his ally in the mask will continue to hunt for Naruto even after his death, he will tell Naruto all he knows about him, about his abilities, about his plans, about the location of the Akatsuki bases and about remaining members of the organization. Even if he could not tell by himself, he could say Konan to tell Naruto about this, after his death in order to help Naruto in the future.
    Instead: He resurrects of all those whom he killed, not having told anything important to Naruto and just dies. Konan also tells Naruto nothing and decides to deal with Tobi by herself.
    Result: Fourth Shinobi World War and Tobi kills Konan and takes the Rinnegan back.
    Worse Still: Konan was already distrusting Tobi, that's why she prepared the lake made up of explosive tags. Why she didn't tell them anything on how to defeat Tobi is a mystery.
  • Nagato is dead and Konan defects from Akatsuki. Konan has Nagato's corpse with the Rinnengan eyes. Konan also knows Tobi will come back for those eyes.
    You'd Expect: Konan destroy the eyes. Even if she couldn't do it, she could just remove the eyes, and give it to someone else like Naruto.
    Instead: She keeps the eyes and the body in a shrine somewhere.
    Result: She loses the fight against Obito, Obito gains the rinnengan eyes.
  • Upon revealing that the Raikage has issued a death order on Sasuke for kidnapping a Jinchuuriki, Naruto decides to personally speak with the Raikage hoping to convince him to relent his pursuit of his former friend.
    You'd Expect: For Naruto to reveal that there might still be a way to save his brother before Akatsuki successfully extracts the Tailed Beast from him and offer his aid in rescuing Bee before it's too late and in return, he will relent his death sentence for Sasuke and let Konoha deal with him personally. Or Naruto would instead offer to aid his pursuit of Sasuke but on the condition that Konoha would be the one to deal with him after his capture, promising to A that he will be punished for his crimes.
    Instead: He pleads the Raikage to stop pursuing Sasuke without offering any alternative solutions aside from being the catalyst for the start of the Cycle of Revenge.
    Result: The Raikage ended up making a much better argument on why he should eliminate Sasuke and make Naruto look like a whiny wimp who still thinks of Sasuke as his own friend.
  • After he causes a cave-in in order to escape, Sasuke saves Karin from the collapse.
    You'd Expect: Before this incident happens, he orders Karin to find Sugetsu and Jugo, take them to a safe place and heal them while he fights the Kazekage and his bodyguards. After all, if Danzo managed to get away, at least he can rely on his comrades to acquire his location again.
    Instead: He just leaves both of them to die (Despite saving his life) and hastily rushes to the meeting room to confront Danzo head on.
    Result: He gets his ass completely kicked by both Mei and Onoki and would have died too if it weren't for the help of Zetsu and Tobi.
  • Right after a masked man saves Sasuke from being killed, he seemingly introduce himself as Madara Uchiha in front of the Kages.
    You'd Expect: That if he really is Madara, they demand that he unmask himself in order to prove he really is the man in legend. And if he really turns out to be Obito Uchiha, someone whom they have no idea of, they immediately fight him off until he is forced to retreat.
    Instead: They immediately believed him to be "Madara" despite having little proof of his identity (Well, aside from his Sharingan, which isn't much, as it is shown they can be transplanted).
  • More anime filler. In episode 183, Tsunade believes that Naruto is carrying a virus that affects chakra, and fears that it may ruin things for the village. She decides to have Naruto go to the hospital and get checked.
    You'd Expect: Tsunade to first try and PERSUADE Naruto to go the hospital. You'd think they wouldn't need to say much, other than, "Naruto, we believe you're infected with a virus that could cripple the village, so would you mind reporting to the hospital?"
    Instead: She orders a load of ninja to capture Naruto and take him to the hospital, and none of them think to just tell Naruto what's going on. As a result, he runs, and refuses to let them capture him, and the issue takes far more effort than needed to be resolved.
  • In the same episode, Naruto tries to evade everyone trying to grab him by creating a load of shadow clones. Three large groups of them run into Kiba, Choji and Tenten, who attack them.
    You'd Expect: The clones to at least have the sense to try and avoid getting hit.
    Instead: They just stand there like lemmings without making any attempt to defend themselves, and are poofed away quite easily.
  • Sasuke is confronting Danzo for ordering Itachi to slay the Uchiha clan. Sasuke, not fully trusting "Madara's" story, asks Danzo if this is truly the case. Danzo's mind control eye has not fully recharged yet.
    You'd Expect: Danzo stalls for time by telling Sasuke his own version regarding the Uchiha's actions in full detail until his Kotoamatsukami eye is usable again and use it to bring Sasuke back under control.
    Instead: He simply confirms "Madara's" story, fueling Sasuke's rage.
  • In order to test Danzo's Izanagi, Sasuke keeps pressuring Danzo until he runs out of eyes to use the death defying attack.
    You'd Expect: That Sasuke remains conservative and pressures him using Taijutsu, Fire Style attacks, and Chidori so that he will easily outlast him as by the time his eyes ran out.
    Instead: Sasuke keeps spamming Mangekyou techniques such as Amaterasu and Susanoo against him depite knowing the futility of it all. He is only lucky that he just barely managed to outlast Danzo. But not so lucky that he becomes blind when he fights against Kakashi next.
  • Danzo has just taken Karin hostage because he fears for his own life, with Sasuke calling him out on his hypocrisy.
    You'd Expect: Since Karin is significantly shorter than Danzo, Sasuke aims the Chidori spear to his head.
    Instead: He stabs both Danzo and Karin into their heart, thus robbing him of a valuable medical ninja and if Karin did not succumb to her own idiocy later, she would have outright given up and moved on from him.
  • Sakura has resolved to kill Sasuke herself, and is traveling to his location with Kiba, Akamaru, Sai and Lee. Unbeknownst to the three of them, Sakura has come up with her own plan to take Sasuke out.
    You'd Expect: That she would tell her teammates about this plan, and try and get their support. That way they can back her up if something goes wrong.
    Instead: She uses knockout gas on them to keep them from interfering.
    Result: When the plan goes wrong, she only survives due to Kakashi and Naruto coincidentally being in the nearby area.
  • Sasuke has just given Karin the nth degree when Sakura shows up, supposedly wanting to join him in his nefarious plans like she proposed in Part I. Sasuke is still standing over the prone, bleeding, barely conscious Karin and there's a good chance Sakura saw the end of his fight with Danzo. Sasuke demands that Sakura Shoot the Medic First before she joins him.
    You'd Expect: Since one of Sakura's most noted traits, before being The Load and then Action Girl, was being the Smart Girl, that she would think that something's up with Sasuke and at least not show her back to him.
    Instead: She does and Sasuke promptly tries to knife her In the Back, prompting a Big Damn Heroes from Kakashi.
    Worse Still: She almost redeems herself by trying to knife him in the back with a poisoned blade, but chokes at the last second and nearly gets killed. Again. Oh, and Sasuke ended up taking the blade and hits Naruto with it when he pulls a Big Damn Heroes to save her. She came very close to getting Naruto killed through her own ineptitude.
  • Even more anime filler. While Naruto's traveling to the Land of Lightning, a gigantic eagle kidnaps Guy, who's on the journey as part of Naruto's escort. The rest of the group tracks the eagle to an island, and go ashore to search for Guy. Naruto offers to use Sage Mode's Aura Vision to try and find him.
    You'd Expect: Yamato and the others to agree with Naruto's suggestion.
    Instead: Yamato tells Naruto not to do so, claiming that they can't reveal their techniques to the enemy. Never mind that A) they don't know if anyone's around, B) Naruto would quickly be able to discover anyone nearby with Sage Mode, C) all Naruto would be demonstrating with this use of Sage Mode is that he's a sensor, which happens to be quite a well known skill in the ninja world, and D) they're trying to find a member of their group that was kidnapped by a giant bird of prey who could be about to eat him or feed him to its young, as far as they know.
  • Having travelled to the Island Turtle to train with Killer B, Naruto encounters both a gigantic squid, which looks exactly like a supersized squid, and B's Tailed Beast Form, a huge being with the torso and arms of a man, the head of an ox and the tentacles of an octopus in place of the lower body.
    You'd Expect: That having seen both these giants at the same time, Naruto would be able to tell one from the other, especially since the two of them look very different from one another.
    Instead: He mistakes the squid for B when he sees it attack one of the ninja stationed on the island. Yes, B has a good reason to hate the guy in question, but that's no excuse for not being able to tell the difference between an animal and a tailed beast.
  • Tobi comes after Konan to retrieve the Rinnegan eyes, as stated above. Because Konan distrusted Tobi anyway, she had done her research on him. She has figured out that his intangibility lasts for 5 minutes, and was ready with explosive paper tags that would explode for 10 minutes.
    You'd Expect: Konan would anticipate that her simple plan may not work as expected, or that Tobi may have other powers besides the one she had figured out. Hence, she would have a backup plan or a followup attack ready in case the explosions fail to kill Tobi as she intended. Or at the least, she would start the explosions without giving Tobi any warning.
    Instead: She explains in complete detail exactly what she has figured out about Tobi's intangibility and how long her explosions would last before starting the explosions.
    Result: Tobi uses a disposable sharingan to start Izanagi right away. He escapes from the explosions losing only the disposable eye, which he soon replaces anyway with the Rinnegan that he recovers.
    Additionally: If Konan hadn't told him how long the explosions would last, Tobi would have likely started evading the explosions using his intangibility rather than Izanagi (because the Izanagi costs the eye using it and drains a lot of chakra). He would be forced to switch to Izanagi midway through the explosions, during which he would have to materialize, and Konan could have used that opening to attack him. Or she could have even caught him off-guard by saying the explosions would last for 6 minutes (for example), or trigger two rounds of 5-minute explosions with a brief pause in between. Keeping Tobi guessing would have given many more openings for followup attacks. Even though Konan didn't know about the Izanagi, revealing her entire plan upfront with no backup plan was pretty stupid.
  • Kabuto intends to supplement the Big Bad with his army of Edo Tenseied ninjas.
    You'd Expect: When it comes to the heroic Shinobi who are unwilling to fight their own men, Kabuto would erase their personalities in order to prevent them invoking Explaining Your Powers to the Enemy and gaining emotional closure because as shown what he did with Zabuza and the Third Raikage, they can easily steamroll the opposition thanks to their unlimited Chakra and Healing Factor, while keeping the personalities of the ones more willing to fight the allied forces, such as the Gold and Silver Brothers and Deidara, to reduce micromanagement and allow them to use their creativity to perform better in war.
    Instead: He only erases their personalities if he really wants to, not thinking that it will backfire against him.
    Result: This causes many of the heroic Edo Tensei Ninjas to get easily sealed with little resistance.
  • Kabuto revives Deidara. Whose ultimate technique is pretty much a nuclear explosion.
    You'd Expect: Have Deidara use it immediately. As a bonus, if he can convince Tobi, have Tobi teleport to the Shinobi Alliance HQ and summon Deidara there and nuke them immediately. If Kabuto was feeling sadistic, he can have Deidara teleported and nuke Konoha and the 4 other villages or wherever the innocents were hiding.
    Instead: Deidara uses his common techniques and resorts to nuking himself only when he's captured. He's restrained before he can use that technique again.
  • Kabuto managed to acquire five of the seven swords for the 7 Swordsmen of the Mist with the last two being in possession of another living ninja.
    You'd Expect: That he does the same for Sasori; hand over him the other puppet scrolls that Sasori kept in his own arsenal. Then with Deidara's teamwork, he can supplement each of the puppets with bombs and poison, allowing the two to easily steamroll the anyone standing in their way including the opposing Surprise division and properly conduct what they were supposed to do.
    Instead: Kabuto never does this, forcing Sasori to use Shin as his exploding puppet without any poison in his arsenal.
    Result: This causes their defeat without accomplishing anything at all save the death of one Konoha Ninja.
  • Kabuto has now managed to capture both Naruto and Killer Bee with the rejuvenated Nagato.
    You'd Expect: Knowing that Itachi is still out there, he'd keep Nagato's Preta Path ability up, as well as create more summons to widen the field of Shared Vision. Thus, when Itachi begins his counter attack he'd be able to easily respond and capture Itachi too.
    Instead: Instead, he turns off the Preta Path ability thus enabling him to be blindsided by Itachi in Susano'o, and Naruto and Bee get freed. To add insult to injury, he has Nagato use Chibaku Tensei and just stands there instead of you know, summoning another bird or one of the Rams or Rhinos in his disposal. He doesn't even keep the Preta Path ability up for the slim chance that Chibaku Tensei gets destroyed, and thus, Nagato gets sealed. Granted, Kabuto probably wasn't aware that the Chibaku Tensei could be stopped or avoided, but he was facing three very crafty ninja; you'd think he'd be more pragmatic.
    Worse Still : He also could've just used Human Path to remove Naruto and Bee's souls killing them. Then wait for the Eight Tails and Nine Tails to be revived to capture them.
  • Naruto is facing Tobi's Jinchuuriki Six Paths. They have taken their V2 forms, while he and Bee are standing in front of them.
    You'd Expect: Naruto to tell Bee to quickly launch a Bijudama before they can attack, or at least enter V2 himself to get back his mobility. And if they got close? Start using his fabled speed and reflexes.
    Instead: Naruto and Bee stand there, doing nothing as Tobi orders the Six Paths to attack. Bee gets his hand melted slightly, Naruto is hit by three of the Jinchuuriki Paths and incapacitated since he forgets about his speed and needs to be saved by Kakashi and Gai.
  • Kabuto is confronting Itachi and Sasuke.
    You'd Expect: Him to set up a trap to catch Itachi unaware, knowing what Itachi is capable of. Either a new type of clone, summoning a few of his backup Edo Tenseis, or even hiding under ground since the Sharingan can't see through the earth.
    Instead: He continues sitting around and lets Itachi break through his barrier. Note, he could have already been in his Sage Mode by then and hit him with his blinding Gatsugei or have the entire earth attack him with Mushi Tensei. No, instead he sits there, bragging on how Edo Tensei can't be stopped and let Sasuke come to back Itachi up.
  • Sasuke has previously stabbed Karin through the chest and left her for dead, even ordering someone to kill her.
    You'd Expect: Karin would be justifiably pissed at him and the next time they meet she would try to get revenge, or at the very least refuse to work with him anymore.
    Instead: She throws a tantrum, beats up Suigetsu for a bit, then immediately falls back in love with Sasuke for no reason.
  • Obito has been allowed to live at Naruto's and Minato's request, their moment is interrupted by Madara who uses Black Zetsu to resurrect himself using the Rinne Tensei.
    You'd Expect: That Naruto, Kakashi or Minato immediately attacks Black Zetsu and stop him from completing the ritual.
    Instead: They just stand there, wondering what the hell is going on. Despite the fact that Minato previously successfully managed to stop Obito from doing the same thing.
    Result: Madara gets revived causing the Darkest Hour that ever happened in Naruto manga.
  • Madara thinks he can take out the Bijuu by himself, blind, no eyes, no plan, no back-up, no weapons worth a damn.
    You'd Expect: Madara to bide his time for Zetsu to return with both of his eyes (especially considering Black Zetsu is currently fighting with his other Rinnegan as opposed to making his way over to his master), so that he can fight to the best of his ability.
    Instead: He fucking jump rushes all the bijuu without any kind of plan. Because he's a Combat Sadomasochist and actually wants to get carved to ribbons.
    The Result: Madara becomes a living soccer ball, gains several new holes in his body, and loses his right arm.
  • Madara spends the first few pages talking to White Zetsu, and takes this chance to summon the Gedou Mazou.
    You'd Expect: Every Bijuu to combine their powers into one large Bijuudama and wipe Madara off the face of the planet, bystanders be damned.
    Instead: Kurama and Shukaku bicker, with Kurama telling them not to underestimate Madara. Matatabi makes one small remark about how everyone should watch their back.
    The Result: The Bijuu get their asses handed to them in short order by Madara and are chained by the Mazou, about to be dragged in. And worse, even Naruto and B are chained, and thus, Kurama and Gyuki are extracted.
  • Madara wants to get his Rinnegan back from Obito via Black Zetsu, but Obito is resisting.
    You'd Expect: Madara will try to take his eye immediately because anybody at the time could understand that Obito is not his ally, since Obito himself had said him that he had never considered his as ally and also betrayed him when he became the Ten Tails Jinchuuriki. Also Madara has just forced Obito to resurrect him through a jutsu which kills the user and any sensible person would understand that Obito will be displeased by this.
    Instead: Madara tries to convince him to hand over the Rinnegan voluntarily and also tells him come up and shake his hand.
    Result: Obito plunges his hand through Madara's chest and takes back Yin Kurama and a portion of Shukaku's and Gyuki's chakra (that Naruto is currently missing).
  • Madara knows that Obito was going to resurrect Naruto. The only way to get to him: Kakashi's Mangekyou Sharingan.
    You'd Expect: Madara would ignore everything else and take Kakashi's eye and prevent Obito from resurrecting Naruto.
    Instead: Madara spends all his time fighting with Guy and doesn't even think about it.
    Result: Guy nearly kills him and Naruto is resurrected with a new power.
  • Kakashi knows that his eye is the only way to reach Obito's dimension.
    You'd Expect: While is Madara busy fighting Guy, he will restore his strength and teleport to Obito, so Madara will unable to retrieve his Rinnegan.
    Instead: He stands around like a vegetable and does nothing.
    Result: Madara takes Kakashi's eye and teleports to Obito.
  • Safe within his dimension, Obito pleads for Sakura to destroy his Rinnegan eye so that Madara will be unable to take it, shoud he ever find a way to the Kamui dimension.
    You'd Expect: Remembering Obito's crimes, which caused the deaths of thousands of Shinobi, including Neji, Shikaku, and Inoichi, she stabs his eye without any hesitation whatsoever.
    Instead: She completely hesitates out of fear, resulting in Madara taking back his other eye from Obito. Thanks a lot, Sakura, your actions brought about the beginning of the Infinite Tsukuyomi.
  • Madara manipulated the Kiri Shinobi to seal the Sanbi inside of Rin in order to use her as a bomb against Konoha, planning for the despair over Rin's death at the hands of Kakashi to turn Obito over to the dark side. Then when Obito is in the process of a Heel–Face Turn, Madara attempts to remove his eye.
    You'd Expect: Madara to keep his mouth shut since no one would have any reason to suspect him and simply take Obito's eye, then kill him so he no longer has to deal with a potential problem later on.
    Instead: He can't resist doing some Evil Gloating about how pathetic Obito is, cementing Obito's Heel–Face Turn and reigniting his heroic spirit when he realizes what he's done, and his failure to kill him off allows Black Zetsu in Obito's body to betray him to Kaguya which results in Obito still being around to make a heroic sacrifice and Madara dying a pointless death.
  • Black Zetsu has to take over Madara's body to revive Kaguya but also he showed that he knows about the seals on Naruto and Sasuke's hands that will seal Kaguya if they touch her together.
    You'd Expect: He'd wait until Madara, who doesn't have to worry about those seals, finished them off.
    Instead: He transforms Madara into Kaguya, who gets re-sealed about ten chapters later.
Correction:Naruto and Sasuke are able to seal Madara, Sasuke says to Naruto "Use the Jutsu the Sage of Six Paths gave you"(Chapter 674, Page 15), it's the original way Kishimoto was going to have Team 7 beat Madara but then switched the final villain to Kaguya.
  • Kaguya needs Naruto and/or Sasuke out of the way so they can't seal her. So she drags Sasuke to an alternate dimension that only she can access.
    You'd Expect: She'd murder the hell out of Sasuke before heading back to finish Naruto off.
    Instead: She leaves him there and heads back to fight Naruto.
    The Result: Obito manages to sync Kamui with Kaguya's portals and rescue Sasuke.
  • Kaguya wants Naruto and/or Sasuke dead.
    You'd Expect: She'd abuse her teleportation powers to beam them somewhere inescapable. We see one of her dimensions is an ocean of acid. No way they'd survive that.
    Instead: While she does make one token attempt, by moving Team 7 over lava (which they easily escaped...somehow), she hasn't actually tried to do anything definitively and immediately lethal to them with this ability, despite their proven inability to resist her teleportation powers.
    Or You'd Expect: Her to know...leave. They're already trapped in an alternate dimension, with no way of getting back, so the only thing standing in her way of turning everyone in the world into White Zetsus is the Hokages, who aren't anywhere near her level.
    Instead: She tries to fight them. Doesn't go so well for her.
  • Sasuke wants to change the world for the better by starting a revolution.
    You'd Expect: Sasuke to have a realistic plan which does not involve people dying, true to Itachi's will.
    Instead: Sasuke wants to rule the world as a shadow guardian. Someone not chosen by the people, but someone who bears the people's hate without complaining. He'll do Judgements and Executions himself and bear the hatred of all the people towards him. That way the five great countries will be united. But he wants to kill the Bijuus and the five Kages trapped in the Eternal Tsukuyomi and Naruto too since he has the chakra of all the Bijuus. It's his way of preventing the past from interfering.
    The Result: Naruto calls out Sasuke on his bullshit that he couldn't have become who he is without Itachi in the past. And thus they decide to fight it out.
  • Sakura watches as Sasuke is preparing to leave with Naruto for their final battle for the fate of the world.
    You'd Expect: Sakura would finally give him a piece of her mind about him being an irrational asshole.
    Instead:' She breaks down crying and spouts another love speech, right after having a flashback about how this failed at the end of Part I.
    The Result: Sasuke has every right to call her annoying because of this and knocks her out with a Genjutsu to show it.
  • Sasuke explained his entire plan to Hagoromo before Hagoromo ever awakened Indra's powers within him.
    You'd Expect: Hagoromo to understand that Sasuke will absolutely abuse the power he is given, and, y'know, not give it to him.
    Instead: Hagoromo gives it to him anyway, expecting Naruto to clean up the mess.
    Or You'd Expect: Him to tell Naruto, who he is conversing with simultaneously, or after the defeat of Kaguya when he shows up with the kage, that Sasuke is a nutjob and shouldn't be trusted because he plans to destroy the ninja world and rule it through hatred, so Naruto at least has a heads up to Sasuke's end goal and can try to talk some sense into him before the final showdown. Or, failing that, foreknowledge of the information would allow the Hokage + Naruto + Bijuu to lay the smackdown on Sasuke before the Edo Tensei is released.
    Instead: ...He doesn't say one word about it until Sasuke makes the first move, choosing instead to spend his short time left helping the Hokage pass on and preaching about family and ninja, so Naruto and the others are completely blindsided by Sasuke's betrayal which allows him to catch the Bijuu like Pokémon and force Naruto into a one-on-one fight that costs them both an arm.

  • From the non-canon fifth Shippuden movie:
    • Naruto is framed for attempting to assassinate a number of important ninja from various nations, including the Raikage himself. Tsunade knows that Naruto's innocent, but decides to send him to Blood Prison due to the fact that there's a MacGuffin there that Konoha wants destroyed.
      You'd Expect: Tsunade to assure Naruto that she knows that he's not guilty, and give him a mission to play along with the accusations, and go to Blood Prison to destroy the MacGuffin. It's not like he'll mind such a mission.
      Instead: She decides to have Naruto restrained and forcibly taken to the prison, all without telling him her true reasons for doing so. As a result, Naruto believes that someone's trying to get him out of Konoha to weaken it, and spends more time trying to break out of the prison (and getting shut in solitary confinement for it) than looking for the MacGuffin. Tsunade's actions not only hindered the mission, they would have probably convinced someone other than Naruto to defect, on the basis that she'd apparently sold him out.
      Also: At one point, Naruto nearly dies trying to escape Blood Prison, and is only saved due to the actions of a third party who, like him, was unaware of the mission. Tsunade's refusal to tell Naruto the truth nearly lost them the Nine-Tails, Konoha's deterrent against the other ninja villages.
      There's More: A week or two after having Naruto imprisoned, Tsunade pretty much forgets about him and has Konoha send an armed force to the prison in order to destroy the MacGuffin. So what was the point of sending in Naruto?
  • From the non-canon sixth Shippuden movie:
    • After a battle with the Akatsuki, Naruto has witnessed the parents of his classmates offering to recommend to Tsunade that they be promoted to Jonin. Rather understandably, he goes to ask Iruka, the closest thing he has to a parent, to ask him if he can do the same for him.
      You'd Expect: Iruka to give something along the lines of one of the following responses, depending on whether or not he thinks Naruto's worthy of the position:
      Response 1: "I would, but you'd need to become a chunin first, before you could become a jonin. Sorry Naruto, that's just how the system works here."
      Response 2: "Sorry Naruto, but you're still too *insert flaw here*, and because of that, I can't recommend you. But if you can sort that flaw out, I'll consider it."
      Instead: (quite callously) "No, I won't. You have to become a chunin first. You may have saved the village from Pain, but we're not going to give you special treatment." It comes off as very mean spirited of him, since Naruto hasn't done anything to justify Iruka being angry at him lately, nor did he ask for any special treatment, just a letter of recommendation which the rest of the Konoha 11 are apparently all getting. It's an idiot moment because Naruto was already feeling depressed. Even worse since one might expect that saving the village from an opponent that rather effortlessly destroyed it would earn special treatment. Or at least a promotion to chunin.
    • During the recommendation scene, Sakura asks her parents if she'll be recommended.
      You'd Expect: Them, at the very least, not to do what they do. She needs the promotion to further her freedom of authority, which could help her find Sasuke.
      Instead: They start talking about Sakura's lack of tidyness and her poor temper, and say that because of this, she'll just cause trouble for the higher-ups if she's promoted. They do this within earshot of several of Sakura's friends, even when it's clear that she's not amused. And they're bewildered when Sakura tells them to shut up, and later storms out of the house in a rage.
    • Shortly after the above scene, Sakura has dragged Naruto off so that she can vent to him about how annoying she finds her parents, and that she wishes they didn't even exist. Soon afterwards, Sasuke gets involved in the conversation.
      You'd Expect: Sakura to remember that Sasuke took the death of HIS parents very badly, at one point showing clear disgust at her for thinking that not having them would be a good thing, as well as running away from the village solely so that he could become strong enough to kill the guy responsible for their deaths. In case it's not clear, he really misses them. Additionally, Naruto never even HAD parents growing up, but definitely would have liked to know them.
      Instead: Sakura seems to think that they would understand her desire to not have parents. Although this movie is Filler (along with the rest of the movies preceding it), at this point in the series, you could probably consider Sakura a hypocrite whenever she calls Naruto out for idiocy.
  • From the canon seventh Shippuden movie:
    • Hinata gets hit by a vision that reveals to her that she is the only one that can destroy the Tenseigan and subsequently save the world. She doesn't know where the Tenseigan is located but she knows that Toneri is going to eventually come to pick her up in order to take her to his castle and marry her because he believes it's his destiny.
      You'd expect: She confides this bit of important information to somebody on her team, preferably the commanding officer with an IQ of over 200. The group then forms an effective plan in order to trick Toneri, track down and infiltrate his castle, locate and destroy the Tenseigan, save Hanabi and prevent the world from being destroyed.
      Instead: She remains completely silent and opts to make a scarf instead until Toneri shows up to pick her up. She goes on to attempt to locate and destroy the Tenseigan alone in a fortress surrounded by enemies.
      Result: Naruto gets seriously wounded and his heart gets broken thinking that Hinata betrayed him and stopped loving him. He then goes into a four-day Heroic BSoD giving up on everything. Meanwhile, Hinata gets caught red-handed by the Big Bad trying to destroy his Weapon of Mass Destruction, and she gets turned into one of his puppets. And THEN it turns out that her power alone is not enough to destroy the Tenseigan anyway. Really, it was only because of a bit of Contrived Coincidence that the world didn't get destroyed.
    • Toneri's Tenseigan is fully activated. He captures Hinata and puts her in a cage. The only thing that stands between him and completion of his plans is Naruto.
      You'd expect: He uses the same successful tactic he used previously in the movie. He drains Naruto of his chakra and kills him while he is completely powerless.
      Instead: He goes into a big Cock Fight with Naruto while he is at full strength, wanting to demonstrate to Hinata how powerful his Tenseigan is.
      Result: Not too good for him. See the Humiliation Conga entry for this movie.

    Naruto Gaiden *Major spoilers* 
  • In Chapter 2, Sarada asks Shizune about the details of her birth, having failed to dig up any information of it on her own.
    You'd Expect: Shizune to say either one of these two things:
    Response 1: "I wasn't there, but Sakura told me that she gave birth to you while she was outside of the village, along with all the necessary details. What do you want to know?"
    Response 2: "Sorry Sarada, but I don't know. I've been asking your mother ever since she returned to the village with you, but she hasn't told me anything."
    Instead: Shizune fails to give Sarada any kind of answer, and just asks her why she became so interested in this information.
  • Chapter 10 reveals that while she was pregnant with Sarada, Sakura had traveled with Karin in order to look for Sasuke, and that she gave birth to her daughter during their travels.
    You'd Expect: Sakura to have made this information public knowledge, or at least told her daughter or Naruto. There's nothing sinister about the information, and there's no reason to keep it secret.
    Instead: No records of Sarada's birth exist in Konoha. This subsequently leads to a lot of angst for the girl, as she finds herself wondering if she's really Sakura's daughter.


  • Tobi can teleport wherever he wants on a whim without anyone having any way of actually knowing he's done so until he's there, and them similarly having no actual way of stopping him.
    You'd Expect: Tobi to appear whenever Naruto leaves the village, ever, and/or is either alone or with only a few people who aren't expecting immediate danger, and try and capture him and replace him with a Zetsu. Hell, Naruto's childhood would have been a perfect time to try it (remember, Naruto was alone most of his life, Iruka and others acknowledging him is a major part of his story arc). Then he can either extract the Kyuubi to use as a weapon, or hold him until the Kyuubi is necessary. Granted, he might not have known what happened to the Kyuubi after his last intrusion into Konoha, but he could have easily infiltrated the village and kept his ears out for any information on the fox.
    Instead: Tobi just leaves Naruto alone for 13 years instead of actually trying to capture him. Then sends Itachi and Kisame to try once, then ignores him for 3+ years, particularly while he's out in the world with only Jiraiya to protect him.
    Addendum: Obviously this applies to the other 8 Jinchuriki as well, making Akatsuki ultimately totally superfluous in nearly every possible way, aside from unsealing the tailed beasts.
  • More than one person has stated that Naruto looks a lot like the Fourth Hokage; Minato Namikaze.
    You'd Expect: That at least one Konoha citizen recognize the similarity and realize that he is Minato's son.
    Instead: They never recognize the similarities, despite the fact that they are aware that Kushina is an Uzumaki too just like her son.
  • Naruto is asked twice in the series whether Sakura is his girlfriend.
    You'd Expect: Him to answer truthfully; she isn't and she never will be.
    Instead: He says that she is. Sakura reacts violently on both occasions. Even if she wasn't in earshot, lying about your purely platonic friendship with someone is generally not a good idea.
  • Also relating to Naruto and Sakura, Naruto frequently asks Sakura out on dates. And Sakura says no to him time and time again.
    You'd Expect: Naruto to get the message that Sakura isn't interested in him that way, and move on. Or, try and find out WHY she won't go out with him.
    Instead: He continues to ask her, and she continues to turn him down. He does finally stop completely after Chapter 469, but he really should've stopped long before that.
  • During the Itachi Pursuit Arc, we learn that Jiraiya has access to a technique called Sage Mode, which enhances the user's physical abilities as well as their jutsu. One arc later, Naruto is able to learn this technique within the span of a week, and in fact manages to surpass Jiraiya in it. He doesn't have to do anything special to be able to start learning it either; the only requirement for the student is that they have a large amount of chakra, which Naruto easily fills. Now let's go back to the two and a half year training trip Naruto went on with Jiraiya, which Naruto undertook for the sole purpose of becoming strong enough to both bring Sasuke back and defend himself against the Akatsuki.
    You'd Expect: Jiraiya to have Naruto trained in using Sage Mode during the trip, so that he'll have the skills necessary to fulfil his goals. This would really have been a good idea after it became too dangerous for Naruto to use Kurama's chakra because of how weak the seal had become.
    Instead: He doesn't, and as a result, Naruto has to fight much harder battles, and the first time he meets Sasuke after the Time Skip, his former teammate easily overpowers him.
  • Shortly after his death, and confirmed by multiple sources, it is revealed that Itachi was a spy for Konoha while in the Akatsuki.
    You'd Expect: Itachi, at some point after he left Konoha, to have set up a steady flow of information to his village on the Akatsuki's activites, such as the details of extracting the bijuu, his "teammates" powers and abilities, etc. in order to give as much of an advantage to Konoha.
    Instead: Itachi actively helps the Akatsuki extract the Bijuu, never exchanges info despite his genjutsu abilities, and the heroes were in more dire straights when the Bijuu count eventually dropped down to two still in their possession.
  • Initially, when the Jinchuuriki dies, the Tailed-beast itself would die too. However, this is later retconed that the Bijuus revive after they die, including Kurama himself and he knows it.
    You'd Expect: That Kurama simply just leaves Naruto to his death so that he will be free once again to roam the land.
    Instead: He does everything he could just to prevent Naruto from dying despite the fact that it wouldn't help him one bit. In Kurama's defense here, it is stated that dying is still, y'know, painful. Even for a Tailed Beast. And it did turn out well in the end.
  • One of the deciding factors of whether you qualify as a Ninja or not is whether you successfully managed to master both the Transformation Jutsu and Clone Jutsu. As clearly shown when Naruto fought and won against Pain and Temari's winning move against Shikamaru, such techniques remain useful even during the late arcs. However, other than that none of the characters ever considering using such techniques in situations where it would be useful such as the instances below:
    • Sasuke wants to infiltrate the Kage Summit and assassinate the acting Hokage Danzo.
      You'd Expect: After Sasuke orders Jugo for surveilance, he has Karin find any sensors and after taking them out, they use the Transformation Jutsu to infiltrate the Summit and wait until the meeting ends before encountering them.
      Instead: Immediately after their presence is detected, Sasuke thought it's a good idea to attack the Samurai Mooks head on and while he successfully defeated them, ended up getting his ass kicked by the other Kages and he would have died too if it weren't for the repeated Deus ex Machina that Sasuke ended up receiving.
    • Later after Sasuke abandons Suigetsu and Jugo to their deaths, they still assume that Sasuke is trying to pursue Danzo thus they decide to get their ass out of here.
      You'd Expect: That they transform into samurais and find and escape route out of the summit.
      Instead: They put on samurai armors where they get immediately caught and imprisoned. The only reason they managed to escape is due to the war that is currently going on.
  • Around the Pain Arc, it is revealed that there are these weapons known as the Black Receivers. They are black rods that can disrupt chakra like the Byakugan and if enough of those are stabbed into the victim, even the best of the best are sitting ducks. It later revealed that the later antagonists uses these like they grow from trees due to their usage of the Rinnegan, in which that is the source.
    You'd Expect: For the heroes to at least attempt developing countermeasures against it by inspecting the rods left by Pain while making sure that the protagonists that don't have the correct eyeballs can use them freely as well. You also expect those that do have the powers necessary to form them to use them often, as they hand victory on a silver platter with enough hits.
    Instead: These ideas never come to them. The Black Receivers remain as one of the most used and effective Antagonist Abilities that cause the heroes no small amount of trouble throughout the franchise.

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