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  • In both Mega Man 5 and Mega Man 10, Dr. Wily is able to get his technology to Dr. Light's lab, with Dark Man kidnapping Dr. Light in 5 and flying his saucer right into Mega Man's hands in 10.
    You'd Expect: He exploits this ability to kill his enemies before his attacks. Either shoot Light or remote pilot a bomb into Mega Man.
    Instead: He uses this to divert blame and launches his normal attack. Both times. By this point, it's his own fault Mega Man kicks his ass.
    Even worse: He's at it again in Mega Man 11, where he abducts all the robots Thomas was servicing using his Speed Gear. If he could pull that off, he might have been better served taking Dr. Light away and dropping him from a high altitude before Mega Man could respond, or dropping Mega Man himself into a spike pit or volcano. The way things are going, satisfying his ego is apparently more important than just about anything else at this point...
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  • In Mega Man 6, Dr. Wily is finally arrested.
    You'd Expect: The government to execute him (or at the very least throw him into the highest-level security prison they can) since he's tried six times to conquer the world. Add in the Game Boy titles and various other games up to this point and the number is closer to twenty. Maybe even check his leftover castles, since they didn't blow up this time, to track down his remaining hideouts and robots.
    Instead: He's kept alive and imprisoned in the middle of the city. It doesn't take long for his back-up robots to find him once they activate. Plus, by the looks of things at the end of 6, it looks to be an ordinary jail cell for probably the most dangerous man on the planet.
  • In Mega Man 7, while the Robot Museum was an awesome Nostalgia Level, when you stop and think about it, someone really dropped the ball on this one.
    You'd Expect: There are (at least) 46 dangerous, weaponized Robot Masters; they should be destroyed or at least locked away in a safe and secure facility where Dr. Wily, or anyone else for that matter, can't get to them.
    Instead: They put every one of these dangerous robots on display in a Robot Museum, lined up one after the other in what looks like easily breakable glass cases. It's no surprise that Dr. Wily raids the place; it's a regular smorgasbord of deadly Robot Masters! The world was just lucky Dr. Wily only managed to run off with Guts Man before Mega Man rushed in to chase him out.
    Even Worse: While we don't know the actual state of the displayed robots, they obviously had enough of their original components intact that Dr. Wily was able to pretty easily reactivate Guts Man. So not only did they put the Robot Masters on display, they did not even bother to decommission them properly first!
    Additionally: The canon is that Robot Masters are restored and made good again between games, and that Wily can copy Robot Masters. Those robots in the museum are copies of the originals. The people in this series actually put functional copies, all as powerful as the originals, in that museum.
    On Top of That: The Robot Museum is still around by the time Mega Man & Bass happens. In fact, the first level takes place in it and King's there presumably to bolster his forces.
  • In Mega Man 9, Wily claims Light is sick and brings Mega Man over to him. Proto Man teleports in and tells Mega Man that Wily is lying.
    You'd Expect: Mega Man would realize that 6 of the last 9 games (including this one) involved Wily manipulating things behind the scenes.
    Instead: He believes Wily and almost dies when Wily cheap-shots him.
    Even Worse: Proto Man didn't believe Wily, and yet, rather than cover his naïve brother in case Wily tried something, he teleported out.
    However: It's possible he was trying to let Mega Man learn the lesson through the school of hard knocks. He probably followed it up with an I Told You So or something after the events of the game, because frankly, Mega Man kind of deserved it.
    • Also in 9, Dr. Wily, the notorious criminal, terrorist, and Mad Scientist, appears on global TV and declares that Dr. Light is actually the evil one, not himself. But, if the entire planet will funnel their money into Wily's Swiss Bank Account, he will personally bring Dr. Light to justice.
      You'd Expect: The entire planet, or at least the governments and police forces, to tell Wily to screw off, because they know that he's the one responsible for the last eight or nine attempts to take over the world.
      Instead: The world buys it like idiots and Dr. Light is arrested.
  • In Mega Man 11:
    • It's revealed that the rivalry between Dr. Light and Dr. Wily began when Dr. Light got Dr. Wily's Double Gear research blocked in their university days.
      You'd Expect: Dr. Wily would just resume his research once he was an independent researcher, and had his own money.
      Instead: Dr. Wily completely forgets about his Double Gear system.
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    • During the game, Dr. Light realizes he caused Wily's fall into villainy, and shows remorse. He later confronts Dr. Wily, who's a little upset that Light used his old prototype.
      You'd Expect: Dr. Light would apologize, since he's learned that Double Gear is valuable, as Mega Man using the system is the culmination of their ideals. Since Light started the rivalry by bruising Wily's ego, appeasment could end it.
      Instead: He simply offers Dr. Wily the chance to work together again. Wily doesn't believe Light's sincerity and warps off, swearing revenge.
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