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"Dumb Dora was so dumb...!"

Match Game was a very crazy and fun show in its heyday, but some of its players should've never passed the (blank)ing auditions.

Note: As with the other Game Show pages in What an Idiot!, some of the following contestants may very well have given these stupid answers on purpose, while other contestants earnestly try to give a good answer but are stumped or blurt out an answer that in retrospect makes them look bad. That doesn't make them any less stupid, mind you, but instead become far more worthy of being here.


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    Main Game 
  • Year Unknown. "Instead of receiving Egg Foo Yung, Ollie received Egg Foo (blank)."
    • Contestant said: Old.
    • Five out of six panelists said: Old.
    • One said: Mein.
  • 1979: "The salesman said 'That caterpillar must be an athlete. He just bought 100 sneakers and a (blank).'" The contestant guesses accordion, followed by instant groaning from the audience, while Gene and the celebrities can hardly believe what they just heard.
  • 1975: "Johnny Olson's beautiful wife Penny said, 'Last night it was very hard to sleep. All night long, Johnny kept shouting (blank).'"
    • Contestant said: Come on down!
    • Only two out of fivenote  panelists said: Come on down!
    • The others said: "Wake up!" (Scoey), "Hi there!" (Brett), and "Are you happy?" (Fannie). All three of these responses received boos from the audience.
    • To be fair: Scoey had a bit of trouble understanding Gene's clue of "You don't know too much about Johnny's career, do you?" and Brett never watched The Price is Right.
  • Year Unknown: (Paraphrased) "I never should have married that hockey player. When we ran out of the chapel, everybody threw (blank)s".
  • 1978: "Dumb Donald is so dumb, he bought a new Volkswagen Rabbit and filled it with (blank)."
    • Contestant said: Wine.
      Gene: What would be your second choice?
      Contestant: Milk.
      Gene: Rabbit, I said. I really tried to lean on that as hard as I could. Now, think, what would be your third choice?
      Contestant: I don't know, I don't have a third choice.
    • Panelists said: Carrots, lettuce, and, in Betty White's case, food pellets. All reasonable in that they're things rabbits eat.
  • 1977: Alfredo the chef said: "My new restaurant chain is so bad, when I open a new location, a (blank) opens next door."
    • All six Panelists said: Hospital
    • Contestant said: Massage Parlor
  • July 3, 2016: "Dwayne Johnson has agreed to fight Justin Bieber at the next WrestleMania. They're billing it as 'The Rock vs. The (blank)." The contestant guessed pillow. Alec Baldwin continued to joke about it through the rest of the game.
  • July 24, 2016: "While walking down the beach, I found a Message in a Bottle. The message said, "I'm trapped on a deserted island with Scarlett Johansson. Please send (blank).""
    • You'd Expect: A reasonable answer related to being stranded or, getting the joke, giving an answer related to Johansson's sex appeal, such as "condom" (for having sex with her).
    • Instead: The contestant guessed hair, completely stumped. Cue immediate, loud boos from the audience and panel and Alec Baldwin "invoking a clause in his contract" and insisting that Baker explain the answer (which was now locked in and could not be changed). His reasoning was she had amazing hair, which got a sarcastic response from the panel and prompted an insult from Baldwin. One of the panelists, Jason Alexander, confronted Baker and explained his answer, which was condoms (co-panelist Jack McBrayer of 30 Rock/The Middle/Wreck-It Ralph fame made his own joke). Two other panelists also said "condoms", and Baker scored no points to go with his one. Baldwin joked about it like he did the "pillow" answer.
    • To Be Fair: Baker would have lost anyway, since his opponent got a question about Nicki Minaj, and said an answer that all six panelists also wrote down (ass); had Baker got the joke, he would have scored four points but would still fall to his opponent running the table.
  • January 11, 2017: "I think my doctor is a quack. He replaced my heart with a cow's. Now people are trying to (blank) me."
    • You'd Expect: "Milk" at best.
    • Instead: The contestant says "Eat" and realizes her mistake too little too late. This was a tie-breaker question and every celebrity said "Milk". Her opponent makes it into the Super Match.
  • January 31, 2018: "Last Friday was Single's Night at Chuck E. Cheese. To heat things up, they filled the ball pit with (blank)."
    • Contestant Said: "Fish" (he thought the question said 'seagull's night').
  • January 9, 2019: "Out of Touch Orville was so out of touch, he thought electronic dance music was two (blanks) doing the tango."
    • You'd Expect: Given the sci-fi overtones of the setup, "robots"
    • Instead: The contestant guesses "electrical cords". The panelists give answers such as "robots", "computers", "lightbulbs", and "lamps".

    Super Match 
  • January 6, 1976: "Fog (blank)"
    • You'd Expect: "Horn".
    • Instead: The contestant says "Cloud".
  • January 1978: "Herbert (blank)"
    • You'd Expect: "Hoover"
    • Instead: The contestant draws a blank, and can only think of "Einstein".
  • 1979: The contestant responsible for "100 sneakers and an accordion" makes it to the Super Match round, and is given "Cuckoo (blank)".
    • You'd Expect: "Clock" at best; if the contestant thinks her paired celebrity, Robert Walden, did not write that as an answer, maybe a different but understandable guess.
    • Instead: Cuckoo Friend and Ollie.note  The audience immediately breaks into hysterics as host Gene Rayburn can hardly contain his disbelief at such an answer, and starts spinning the Star Wheel just to articulate how ridiculous it was. Robert hastily writes a joke answer of "Accordian [sic]" before showing his actual answer, "clock".
  • 1979/1980(?), Match Game PM: "(Blank) Tennessee"
    • You'd Expect: Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis, or even a little city called Nashville.
    • Instead: The contestant says Mississippi.
    • What Makes It Worse: She was playing for $20,000.
  • 1980: "Candied (blank)." This one goes to the audience members who didn't read the fill-in-the-blank clue carefully enough and replied "Camera" (ergo, "Candied Camera"). Why, you may ask does it make the list? Well, it actually was the $250 (second-highest response). (The other two answers were Yams ($100) and Apple ($500), which fit the clue.) Gene, following did a double Beat, expressed disbelief and spun the Star Wheel, guest panelist Marcia Wallace squealed to try to contain her surprise and Brett Somers remarked that guest panelist Richard Kiel had just commented to her a few seconds earlier the possibility of someone responding "Camera".
  • 1981: (blank), New Jersey. Rather than any major city in the Garden State (perhaps Atlantic City, Trenton, Newark, Princeton ... or any of the handful of other well known cities from the state), the contestant is unable to answer. Rayburn tries to encourage her at first, to think about the question and geography, and come up with an answer. Eventually, wanting to move the game along, he gives her five seconds to answer...and she remains stumped. In the entire history of the franchise, she's the only one that failed to answer a Head-to-Head Match, and she later admitted that she had never been to New Jersey.
  • 1990: "Bart (blank)"
    • You'd Expect: Simpson at best. If not, possibly Starr or Braverman.
    • What Actually Happened: The contestant hesitantly says, "Bart... Black?"
    • What Makes It Worse: Her celebrity matcher is Marcia Wallace, aka Mrs. Krabappel from The Simpsons.
    • Contestant's "Justification": "I don't watch children's shows."
  • 1976(?): "(Blank) wrench"
    • You'd Expect: Monkey (as in "monkey wrench").
    • Instead: The contestant says "Nut wrench".
  • Year Unknown. One for the audience who misunderstands "Denise (blank)". The $100-answer is "Denise the Menace" and the $250-answer is "Denise and De Nephew".
  • From the Canadian version: "Scotch (blank)"
    • You'd Expect: Tape, or possibly whisky.
    • Instead: The contestant says "Scotch hard".
  • Year Unknown: "(Blank) Griffith" for the Audience Match.


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