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Moments that make you want to go "Bwah!" just watching them.

  • In "Leanne's Saga" the Hills host Leanne, Luanne's mother who is a recovering alcoholic who was in prison for assault.
    You'd Expect: Hank to either lock up the refrigerator with all the beer in it, move it to Dale's or Boomhauers, or even just hide it where she can't find it...
    Instead: Hank leaves the beer in the fridge, and when Leanne can't get turned on from Bill's feet anymore due to its fungus (It Makes Sense in Context), she uses a nail to drink out of all the beer cans and gets drunk and begins physically and verbally abusing Bill and Luanne.
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  • "The Texas Skilsaw Massacre": Dale dug a secret tunnel under Hank's house without permission, causing the floor to cave in. The Hills have to move in with the Gribbles while Hank fixes the damage. Dale approaches Hank while he's operating a power saw to whine about the annoying things Hank is doing (such as using the wrong towels or answering the phone wrong).
    You'd Expect: Dale to stay back until Hank finishes cutting the board.
    Instead: He puts his finger in front of the blade while critiquing Hank's craftsmanship.
    As a Result: Dale's right index finger is severed (thankfully for Dale, the finger is reattached at the hospital).
    Even Worse: Dale presses assault charges against Hank because he believes Hank cut his finger off on purpose.
    You'd Expect: Bill and Boomhauer to come to Hank's defense since they were there and saw it was an accident.
    Instead: They take Dale's side and so does everyone else, including Peggy.
    As a result: Hank is issued a temporary 100 feet restraining order that won't be suspended until he passes an anger management course. Since Hank lives within 100 feet of Dale, he has to temporarily move in with his father and can't fix his floor while the restraining order is in effect.
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  • In "Boxing Luanne", it becomes clear that all of the people she fought had thrown the fight to get money since Luanne provides fanservice to all the guys at the matches with her...bouncing. Then she schedules a fight with Frieda Foreman, George Foreman's daughter, who is a champion boxer. Realizing how stupid this is, Hank goes to talk with George Foreman himself to call off the fight after he learned Luanne's fights were rigged. George graciously says that he'll do it, and offers some George Foreman grills for Strickland Propane to sell.
    You'd Expect: Hank to either graciously accept (Those things ARE cash cows during that time after all, and his corrupt boss would approve) or at least he'd let him down gently saying they can only carry Propane Accessories.
    Instead: Hank goes on his Propane Gospel, insults Foreman's product (calling them a novelty item) and George angrily reinstates the fight for the insult.
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  • In "Six Characters in Search of a House", Peggy tries to sell a house by putting on a play with actors to interest buyers. It goes well, and her boss brings a buyer to rehearsal. He becomes interested in the Hills' house, and offers to buy it for $25,000 over asking price.
    You'd Expect: Peggy to do what any rational person would do, and kindly turn him down.
    Instead: Without a second thought, she immediately accepts. Hank is furious the next day, and Peggy says they wouldn't be able to afford the penalty.
    Even Worse: The only way for it to work out, would be to fail the home inspection, which would ruin Hank's reputation.
    Luckily: The inspector fails them, but after the customer leaves, he reveals that he knew the damage was faked and recognizes Hank's skill as a craftsman.
  • In "Edu-macating Lucky", Lucky sets out to get his GED so his conscience will allow him to marry Luanne. He asks Peggy to tutor him, but Peggy doesn't want Lucky to marry her niece, so she intentionally teaches him incorrect information so he'll fail. The truth eventually comes out.
    You'd Expect: Lucky to find another tutor and take the test again.
    Instead: He doesn't. Upon finding out Luanne was pregnant, he finds a loophole: asking Hank to stage a Shotgun Wedding.
  • In the series finale, after getting one question wrong, the team that Bobby was in turns on him, and even makes a threat, and before the finals, they try blinding their opponents. He decides to tell his dad that he wants to quit, and was asked why.
    You'd Expect: To tell what happened, that they threatened him when he screwed up, and that they attempted to blind their opponents before the finals.
    Instead: He just calls them weird, fixating only on their interest in grading meat and saying that they're obsessed with it.
  • In "Three Days of the Kahndo", Minh boasts that Kahn and his brother have rented a mitad condo in Mexico despite not knowing what the word "mitad" means. Kahn's brother backs out, meaning Kahn has to pay the entire rent on the condo. They decide to invite the Hills on their trip.
    You'd Expect: Minh, Kahn, Hank or Peggy to investigate the rental agreement or at least call the condo owner before leaving. Either one of them can determine that "mitad" means half by doing this.
    Instead: Nobody bothers to check the agreement with Minh assuming that "mitad" sounds luxurious. When Kahn arrives at the condo before Hank, it's only at that point that he discovers that he and his brother rented the downstairs portion of the condo.
    Then: Kahn finds out that the upper floor is vacant.
    You'd Then Expect: Kahn to come clean and tell the Hills about the agreement. This will give Hank the opportunity to back out and take his family home if he doesn't want to share the entire downstairs floor.
    Instead: He uses a car key to break into the upper condo, tells Hank that it's the more luxurious of the two, and gives him the car key.
    You'd Then Expect: Hank, with his mechanical aptitude, to know the difference between a household door lock and a car door lock, and quickly realize that Kahn is up to something.
    Instead: Hank completely buys it and brings his family to the upstairs floor.
    'As a Result:: The condo owner finds out about the illegal occupation and calls the police. Hank and Khan are arrested and their identification confiscated.
  • In "'Twas the Nut Before Christmas", Bill lets a freeloader named Wally stay with him. Wally offers bottles of beer to Bobby, Connie and Joseph for $1. Connie tells the other two, "We better go."
    You'd Expect: The kids to get away and tell their parents or Bill that Wally tried to sell them beer.
    Instead: Bobby accepts the offer and kids share a 40 oz., even Connie who suggested they leave in the first place. When Hank discovers this, he becomes livid and yells at all three to go home.
    As a Result: While we don't see what punishments the other two received, Bobby is forced to do chores around the house the next morning, while still hungover.
  • In "Lupe's Revenge", Peggy chaperones a school field trip to Mexico. As they are getting ready to head home, a local girl (the eponymous Lupe) approaches Peggy and tries to sell her gum.
    You'd Expect: That even accounting for Peggy's knowledge of Spanish being nowhere near what she thinks she is, she would realize that this girl is not one of the students. Lupe is wearing a colorful coat very different from anything worn by the other kids - that in and of itself should make her stick out. Plus there are two other adults on the trip who should be able to notice that if Peggy somehow doesn't.
    Instead: Peggy ushers Lupe on to the bus, only realizing her mistake after they get back to school.
    Then: Peggy takes Lupe back to Mexico, hoping to get her home discreetly before being accused of kidnapping. She returns to the village, Lupe gets out of the car, and the other villagers are happy to see her return safely.
    You'd Then Expect: Peggy to immediately make a run for the border. Her whole objective here was to get in and out before the authorities take notice of what she had done, and at this point she clearly has ample time to do so.
    Instead: She sticks around, expecting to be hailed as a hero for bringing Lupe home — despite the fact that she was the one who took Lupe away from her home (accidentally, but still...) to begin with.
    As a Result: Lupe points to Peggy and shouts, "Kidnapper! Kidnapper!". Thanks to Peggy's terrible Spanish, she still thinks she's getting a hero's welcome, even as the police bring her in. She doesn't even realize she's being arrested until the police take her shoelaces. Fortunately for her, the judge dismisses the charges when her failed attempt at communicating with him in Spanish backs up her claim that the whole thing was one big misunderstanding.

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