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Kevin: Don't you know a kid always wins against two idiots?

While Kevin is very smart for a child his age, he can make mistakes out of naivety most likely he was never taught by his parents how to react in serious situations such as what he goes through in the movies. For better and for worse, the adults aren't much more prudent than Kevin.

  • Home Alone:
    • At the beginning of the film, Harry is impersonating a police officer to find out which families are going away for the Holidays and what they use to indicate that they are gone.
      You'd Expect: The McCallisters to ask to see his badge to verify that he is an actual officer.
      Instead: They take his word for it, do not ask for any verification and tell him all he is looking for without a hint of suspicion.
      To Make Matters Worse: While the McCallisters at least have the excuse of how hectic their house was with everyone running around getting ready the night before their flight, they aren't the only family who fall for this ploy. As Harry reveals when he and Marv visit the neighborhood the following night, he managed to trick four other vacationing families on the block.
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    • When Kevin goes to the kitchen to get some pizza, he finds that Buzz ate his pizza. Buzz then sarcastically tells him that he'll have to make him barf it out of him and then pretends to do so.
      You'd Expect: Kevin would do nothing except watch Buzz embarrass himself. That way he won't get in trouble because he didn't do anything.
      Instead: He tackles Buzz and causes a huge mess, which gets him in trouble instead of Buzz and thus, gets him sent to the third floor.
    • Shortly afterwards, Kevin is pulled aside by his mother to scold him about the big mess, where he believes everyone in their family hates him.
      You'd Expect: Being his mother, Kate would assure Kevin that nobody hates him, and that everyone is merely stressed out about the big trip.
      Instead: She basically confirms that they do hate him for being such a troublemaker. This gets Kevin put up in the attic, where he gets forgotten about the next morning (but not before Kevin declares that he never wants to see his family again).
      The Result: Kate is struck with guilt when she realizes, en route to Paris, that they never woke up Kevin and left him at home. It doesn't help that the last thing she said to him was that he was a troublemaker and Kate wants to make it up to him.
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    • Speaking of which, Kate puts her niece Heather in charge of checking all the kids are awake and ready to drive.
      You'd Expect: Heather would do roll call and find out who doesn't answer. This would have made them realize Kevin was still asleep.
      Instead: She counts heads and tells off Buzz for trying to mess her up.
      The Result: By bad luck, the Murphys kid is nosing around their van and gets mistaken for Kevin. No one notices him wishing them goodbye and having a nice trip. Heather looks extremely guilty when they land in Paris and Kate notifies them that Kevin was left behind.
    • The family arrives in Paris having discovered they left Kevin behind. Kate calls the local police department who sends an officer to check on him. The officer knocks but Kevin's upstairs hiding.
      You'd Expect: The officer to shout through the door something to the extent of, "Hello! Mr. McCallister! It's the police! Would you open the door, please?". At the very worst, he should call Kevin's name and tell him his mother sent him over to check on him.
      Instead: He continues to knock and rings the doorbell several times. The officer then radios "There's nobody home. The house looks secure. Tell them to count their kids again."
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    • Harry and Marv are robbing homes.
      You'd Expect: That they would rob the homes with as little of a pattern as possible so as not to attract police investigation.
      Instead: Marv decides that they need a "calling card" (his words) and so floods every house they hit, against Harry's wishes, claiming that they're "The Wet Bandits". This leaves an easily identifiable pattern that Marv brags about after the two get caught, which a cop jokingly thanks him for, saying "Now we know which houses you hit."
    • Kevin goes to buy a toothbrush but he gets scared away by Old Man Marley.
      You'd Expect: Kevin to drop the toothbrush.
      Instead: He keeps it with him without paying and runs for the exit. The shop owner calls on Jimmy, a store employee, to pursue him.
      You'd Then Expect: Kevin to keep running without pause until he gets home.
      Or: Him to apologize and to give the money for the toothbrush. He could even tell them that he did not mean to steal, he just was in a hurry and forgot to pay. Maybe they will forgive him, he did not steal something valuable and he is just a kid.
      Instead: He stops to look around, allowing Jimmy to order a police officer to go after him.
    • Some of the traps Kevin set for Harry and Marv qualify. For example, Kevin has put a hot charcoal lighter on the front doorknob.
      You'd Expect: Harry to notice that the knob is literally red hot with heat and that he should find another way to enter the house since touching it will severely burn him.
      Instead: He doesn't look at the knob and doesn't realize its intense heat until he grabs it for a full second! He has a permanent scar on that hand for the next film. Now, third degree burns destroy nerve endings. It can take a few seconds for the pain to actually be felt from surrounding tissue. But still, oversight.
    • Also, Kevin has placed many glass ornaments in front of a window where a bare-footed Marv happens to be sneaking through.
      You'd Expect: Marv to look around the room and the floor before sneaking inside.
      Instead: He never looks down and slams his feet where the ornaments happen to be.
      You'd Then Expect: Marv would sweep the rest of the glass out of the way to avoid further injury.
      Instead: He walks over the rest of it and hurts himself more.
    • After realizing Kevin is home by himself, Harry and Marv return to their van, with an enthusiastic grin on their faces.
      You'd Expect: The dumbasses to return to their van, drive off, and discuss the plans while on the road.
      Instead: They discuss their plans as they are leaving Kevin's house after spying on him. They both announce it loud enough for Kevin (as well as any of his next door neighbors) to hear it, giving him all the time he needs to set his traps.
      Even Then: Not that the "You'd Expect" solution would've done much, since Kevin was already well aware that they were planning something before they even stated their intentions. They followed him in a van without even bothering to be discreet, and he's even seen Harry before (when Harry poses as a police officer).
    • After falling for many of Kevin's traps with injuries that would potentially kill them, making loud noises throughout the entire neighborhood and being threatened to get arrested by the police...
      You'd Expect: Harry and Marv to leave Kevin alone and just go rob some other house.
      Instead: They keep pursuing Kevin, get more injuries along the way, and get arrested.
    • Kevin buys pizza using Johnny from angels with filthy souls to pose as the buyer so the pizza boy won't know Kevin's alone.
      You'd Expect: The pizza boy to recognize Johnny's voice is coming from a TV. And to maybe ask for the resident to open the door and confirm it's actually them.
      Instead: The dumbass actually believes this. Even the part where he believes Johnny's shooting at him.
      You'd than Expect: The pizza boy to report to the police that there's a maniac with gun who just tried to kill him.
      Instead: He never apppears again. And the police are never notified.
    • Harry tries to enter though one part of the house, and for his trouble gets a blowtorch to the head.
      You'd Expect: Harry to maybe get out of the way from the blow torch as soon as humanly possible.
      Instead: He just stands there screaming for a full 5 seconds before running out to the snow.
    • After all the fracas, everyone except Uncle Frank's family returns home and is relieved that Kevin isn't hurt. They're also grateful he got them groceries and did laundry. Kevin for the moment decides not to tell them about the attempted burglary because probably they'd never let him out of their sight again.
      You'd Expect: At some point, Kevin would come clean about what happened. After all, he still left tar in the basement and used Buzz's B.B. rifle. Plus, there are two vengeful criminals that could report he was left alone or seek him out for revenge.
      Instead: He never tells them.
      The Result: In the sequel, Kevin finds himself having to fight Harry and Marv again when by the weirdest coincidence they encounter each other in New York. It would have been easier if Kate had known that her son might need some police protection.
  • Home Alone 2: Lost in New York:
    • Kevin finds himself in a similar predicament when he and Buzz ruin their school's Christmas pageant. In the aftermath, Buzz offers an apology to Kevin in front of both families. Kate asks Kevin if he accepts, but Buzz whispers to him: "Beat that, you little trout-sniffer!"
      You'd Expect: Kevin would avoid taking the bait and keep his cool, knowing that lashing out at Buzz got him in trouble last Christmas.
      Instead: This sends Kevin on a Rant-Inducing Slight, saying he had to act after Buzz embarrassed him and also expresses disdain for the upcoming Christmas vacation Florida. Just like last time, Buzz avoids punishment and Kevin spends the night on the third floor.
    • The McCallisters are on their way to the airport, and Kevin needs to find new batteries for his Talkboy. The batteries are in his dad's bag.
      You'd Expect: Kevin would wait until they get on the plane to search for the batteries.
      Instead: He chooses to change them while he and his family are rushing for the plane, thus resulting in him getting separated from them and finding himself in New York.
      In Addition: This is O'Hare International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, at Christmas time. A time where getting separated while rushing through a big crowd getting to your flight would be the last thing anyone would want to have happened.
    • The flight attendant at the gate of the New York flight also deserves a mention. Kevin has followed a man with a similar coat to the one his father's wearing to the wrong gate. The attendant brings Kevin to the plane where they see the man getting ready to sit down on the aisle.
      You'd Expect: The flight attendant either to go up to the man and ask "Excuse me sir, are you this boy's father?" or ask Kevin where his family is going.
      Instead: She tells Kevin to find an empty seat and to have a Merry Christmas.
    • Harry and Marv have escaped from prison and are planning a grand robbery.
      You'd Expect: They'd lay low until the robbery so they aren't caught and taken back to prison. After all, any petty theft they achieve will be nearly meaningless after their big score.
      Instead: Marv starts running a new gimmick, "The Sticky Bandits", in which he uses a sticky glove to steal change from coin trays. Harry isn't impressed at all.
    • After Kevin exits the toy store, Harry and Marv exit afterwards and notice Kevin in front of them.
      You'd Expect: The two to leave Kevin alone, since he doesn't know they're there or their plans, and it'd be best not to draw attention, even in revenge.
      Instead: They walk up to Kevin and introduce themselves. Kevin screams and runs away.
      You'd Then Expect: Harry and Marv to let him go, since it's not like he knows what they're up to, and it'd be best not to make things worse. At the very least, you would expect them to not be two grown men chasing after a screaming child.
      Instead: They chase him, and manage to catch him eventually. Marv blabs their plans to rob the toy store to Kevin (figuring they'd kill him anyway, but they don't notice he's recording with his Talkboy), which means Kevin now has incriminating evidence after he escapes.
      The Result: Kevin now knows of their plans, and eventually gets them arrested.
    • The concierge of Plaza Hotel, the hotel that Kevin booked into, is suspecting Kevin of stealing his father's credit card.
      You'd Expect: That upon Kevin's return from the toy store, the concierge would simply ask Kevin why he has his father's credit card.
      Instead: The moment Kevin gets back after being chased by Harry and Marv, he snatches the credit card from him, and decides to hand him over to the police, thus resulting in Kevin fleeing from the hotel and getting lost. When Peter and Kate find out about this, they both read the concierge the riot act.
    • Kevin photographs Harry and Marv robbing the toy store and sets off the alarm.
      You'd Expect: Harry and Marv, having escaped from prison and thus being fugitives regardless of Kevin's evidence, to take the money and run.
      Instead: They chase Kevin again to get his camera and fall right into his traps.
    • Harry finds himself standing on the end of a makeshift see-saw. Marv is about to jump on the other end.
      You'd Expect: Harry to get off of it.
      Instead: Harry just stands there telling Marv not to get on. Marv does anyway, and Harry gets launched into the air and onto a car.
    • Kevin's traps that he set at Uncle Rob's house also count. For instance, Marv, after finding out the knob to the front door results in him getting hit with staples from a staple gun, kicks the door open. However, there is a giant hole one step ahead the front door.
      You'd Expect: Marv to look around, notice the hole when he looks down and either try to get around it or, if he can't, find some other way to enter the house.
      Instead: He takes one step inside without looking down and falls into the basement.
    • Before that, Marv tried to get in through the front door and found it locked with a string going through a hole in the door.
      You'd Expect: Marv to look through the hole to try and see what the string is attached to, after that, he could try and step out of the way when he pulls the string to avoid the trap.
      Instead: Marv just keeps pulling on the string without looking through the hole to check for a trap. Eventually the trap goes off and Marv gets shot with a staple gun.
    • Both Harry and Marv get one later on when Kevin has rigged a tool chest to fall down a flight of stairs when one of the doors is opened. Harry turns the knob and the tool chest starts to fall.
      You'd Expect: Harry and Marv to back away from the door at once.
      Instead: They press their ears against the door, thinking "What the hell is that noise?" and don't realize that the tool chest is behind it until it breaks the hinges and flattens them against a wall.
    • Harry and Marv decide to chase Kevin to the ground by climbing down a rope filled with Kerosene.
      You'd Expect: Both of them to realize they had fallen for a similar trap the previous year and forget about the rope. Or at the very least, realize they would get down quicker by using the stairs?
      Instead: They are almost burned alive.
    • While they're chasing Kevin, he threatens to call the cops the exact same way he did the previous year.
      You'd Expect: Marv and Harry to just give up and run away while there's still time.
      Instead: They fall for it, again.
    • The police call Kevin's parents in their hotel room in Miami, Florida, telling them that Kevin is (lost) in New York City.
      You'd Expect: Mr & Mrs McCallister get the next flight to NYC, leaving everyone else in Miami in the care of Uncle Frank and Aunt Leslie until they're due to fly home.
      Instead: Both families fly to New York. They bought plane tickets for another 14 people to NYC, then another 14 tickets to get home from NYC to Chicago days later (they only knew that the hotel room would be fully comped when they got there). This family's just made of money.
    • Kevin uses Johnny from "Angels with filthy souls" to pose as a hotel guest to talk to the hotel employees and cops that are after Kevin.
      You'd Expect: One of those dumbasses to recognize that this is obviously a TV. Afterall, they must have already put together that Kevin is there unsupervised.
      Instead: They have an entire conversation with Johnny who eventually scares them away with gunfire.

  • Home Alone 3
    • Alex sees the spies breaking into his neighbors' houses. He dials 911 but they get away before the police can apprehend them. An officer shows up at Alex's house under the impression that his call was a false alarm. Alex tells the officer that he did see suspicious activity in his house and gives a description of one of the spies who was in it, the getaway car and another suspicious person walking an allegedly kidnapped dog.
      You'd Expect: The officer take this information down and ask Alex what else he saw just in case a similar break-in is reported.
      Instead: He still treats it as a false alarm and leaves.
      Then: After the second time the police fail to catch the spies, the police chief gives Alex a talking to. Alex gives the chief another tip which confirms the neighbor's dog being kidnapped, which includes of all things talking to said neighbor's son.
      You'd Then Expect: The chief to investigate this further, go to the neighbor's house and look for clues. If not, he can radio another officer to do so.
      Instead: All he does is ask Alex if he saw it happen. Before Alex can try to talk to him again, his mother forces him to apologize to the chief. Fed up, Alex refuses and takes matters into his own hands.
    • When the spies try to get into Alex's house, Unger tries the front door, which is barricaded by a homemade electric fence, with a warning sign on it.
      You'd Expect: Unger to heed the warning, find the power source and shut it off, carefully step over the fence, or find another way inside.
      Instead: Unger thinks the fence is a fake, and cuts the wire, with shocking results.
    • Later, Unger and Beaupre discover a thin string leading upwards. Beaupre suspects Alex's cleverness and cuts the string.
      You'd Expect: Unger and Beaupre to step away at once, just in case it really is a trap.
      Instead: They don't move away, and after a few seconds of nothing happening, they think the trap is a dud.
      Immediately After: A trunk of books (followed by a set of weights) crashes out of the attic window and lands on them.

  • Home Alone 4:
    • The kidnappers lock Kevin and Mr. Prescott in the wine cellar. Prescott has a cellphone.
      You'd Expect: Prescott to call the police.
      Instead: He gives the phone to Kevin who wastes the battery on a futile attempt to call his mother.

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