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The idiocy of all idiocy.note 

Despite traversing the desert of lost souls, bested the deadly traps of Pandora's temple, escaped Hades itself, and defeating an invincible god, Kratos continuously falls for even the simplest traps and manipulations, only surviving because the other characters around him made constant idiotic decisions.

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  • In the prequel game Ascension, the Furies have captured Kratos as well as all of his items including the very eyes design to directly counter the furies.
    You'd Expect: For them to destroy the items so that nothing will oppose their plans to make a perfect warrior since they never used the items onscreen.
    Instead: They kept it with them allowing Kratos to reclaim back the items and subsequently caused Alecto and Tisiphone's downfall.
  • When Castor and Pollux decide to fight Kratos in order to stop him from reaching the Oracle, they show that they are able to teleport and mainly use this ability in their fight with Kratos.
    You'd Expect: Since the furies have told them to stop Kratos from reaching the Oracle under the threat of torture for failing, they'd teleport themselves to the Oracles location and then take her and themselves to a far away location so that Kratos will never find them. If they still believe that they could kill Kratos, they could have also teleported the Oracle to the Furies so that they can imprison her or do whatever they please to her and then return to the fight with Kratos.
    Instead: They try to fight Kratos with magic and weapons and when they are near death, they kill the Oracle by destroying her platform and they also try to destroy the arena in an attempt to take Kratos with them but it leaves them wide open for a fatal attack from Kratos.

    Chains of Olympus 
  • In Chains of Olympus, Persephone has tricked Kratos into giving up his power. She has also set Atlas free and given him Helios' power to destroy the pillar holding up the world.
    You'd Expect: She would stay quiet and not give the game up, allowing the plan to succeed. Failing that, at least kill Kratos so he can't interfere.
    Instead: She gloats about it to Kratos, stating that Kratos' daughter Calliope will also be killed due to the destruction of the pillar. This gives Kratos the resolve to push Calliope away for her sake, reclaim his power and kill Persephone as well as stop the plan.
  • In that same scene Kratos is reunited with his daughter, whom he had accidentally killed in the first game but because of Persephone's plan, he is forced to permanently leave her in order to save her
    You'd Expect: Kratos would ask for his daughter's forgiveness for what he did so that he can forgive himself and end his nightmares by being at peace with his past, or at least give her some last words so that he can redeem himself in her eyes.
    Instead: Kratos doesn't say anything to her and he forcefully pushes her to the ground and then he kills multiple spirits which leave her in tears. In the ending it's shown that she is completely traumatised by the experience and now refuses to play her flute which was something that she enjoyed doing as a past time.

    Ghost of Sparta 
  • The Titan Thera is locked under Atlantis, while being used both as a power source and a support beam. When Kratos approaches her, she promises to give him her power if he frees her. After a brief chat, Kratos agrees and takes her power, and goes to sink Atlantis.
    You'd Expect: Thera to tell Kratos she is too weak and can give Kratos her power only if she is freed, which means he has to keep her alive, so they can team up to destroy Atlantis and escape together.
    Instead: Kratos steals her power and leaves her alone. He then sinks Atlantis, with the flood water killing Thera. Oh, and this pisses off Poseidon who swears vengeance on Kratos. Atleast Gaia's plan faired a bit better and coincidentally she fought Poseidon alongside Kratos in God Of War III.
  • Thanatos is fighting Deimos and has him cornered at his mercy. He then throws Deimos off a cliff, but the latter literally hangs for his life and screams for help.
    You'd Expect: Thanatos to get closer to Deimos and push him down the cliff either physically or using his godly magical powers, thus killing him. This way he will have one less enemy to worry about and will save himself alot of time and trouble.
    Even Better: Thanatos pretends to fly away and hide. Kratos eventually reaches Deimos and while trying to rescue him, Thanatos jumps behind Kratos and literally backstabs him. Alternatively quickly grab Kratos, kill him, and then throw both him and Deimos over the cliff. This way they will surely die and finally the Greek gods can rest knowing that their greatest threat has been dealt with.
    Instead: Thanatos flies away, Kratos saves Deimos, the two put their issues aside and team up. They walk to Thanatos who is just standing there, waiting for someone to approach him, after which he engages them in a fight. While he does manage to kill Deimos, this enrages Kratos who activates Thera's Bane and proceeds to curbstomp Thanatos, until he eventually defeats and slays him.

  • Plotting to overthrow Zeus and become the new King of Olympus, Ares devices a plan to create a perfect warrior that will be strong enough to triumph over all the gods and found one in the form of Kratos who begged for the god to spare his life in return for a pledge of loyalty. To ensure that he becomes the perfect machine of destruction, he has Kratos devise three blood tests;the blood of his enemies, blood of innocents, and the blood of his loved ones. To ensure that the last test is fulfilled, Ares plans to trick Kratos into murdering his wife and child.
    You'd Expect: That he would frame someone by brainwashing them as if they bring Kratos's family to a village where he will begin his massacre in supposedly to spite his bloodthirsty slaughter of innocent people. With his heart fueled for vengeance, Ares would manipulate him even further by helping him find the person who is supposedly responsible for the death of his family and then eventually, with nobody to hold him back, he would refuel his bloodlust by convincing him to continue slaughtering all innocents, Olympus and perhaps even other realms so as to get his mind out of the guilt of killing his family.
    Instead: Right after killing his wife and child, Ares proceeds to reveal that now nothing is holding him back into becoming the perfect warrior which made Kratos realize that Ares tricked him and has now turned against him, causing him to become serviant to the gods and later on when destroying a temple of Athena, the same perfect warrior proceeds to gain Pandora's Box and ultimately murder him. Granted he does manage to destroy all of Olympus, it's just that he is not alive to see this.
  • Using Zeus's Bolt of Lightning, Kratos manages to break the chain that was holding Pandora's Box and decides to approach it for its power.
    You'd Expect: For Ares to... do something like either pick him up hoping he could brainwash Kratos into his servant or simply killing him when he is no longer useful to him.
    Instead: Ares just stood there and did nothing as Kratos opens Pandora's Box in order to obtain his godly powers. Unsurprisingly, this leads to Ares's death.
  • The Greek Gods punish Kratos for his past actions and tell him if he does their bidding he will be forgiven for what he has done. Kratos does so fighting off beasts and monsters and other threats to Greece for over a period of ten years. During this whole time, Kratos has been plagued by nightmares of the people he's killed and how he became The Ghost of Sparta.
    You'd Expect: As a reward for doing what he's been ordered to do so, they have Athena remove him from such nightmares, at the very least, allow him to sleep even once a week without them coming to him.
    Instead: They only forgave his sins, never promising to forget like what Kratos thinks they would do, forcing Kratos to continue being haunted and treat him like he's a mere plaything they can use however they see fit.
    The Result: Kratos goes on a rampage for not ridding him of his nightmares and kills all but a few of The Gods.

  • Near the start of the second game, Zeus has just offered Kratos the Blade of Olympus, telling him that he can use the blade to defeat the Colossus, but he has to first give his godly powers to it. Keep in mind that not only did Athena previously warn Kratos that the gods were angry with him, Kratos is currently doing well against the statue, having chopped off one of its hands, among other things.
    You'd Expect: For Kratos to say "Fuck you!" to Zeus and continue fighting the colossus without the godly blade.
    Instead: Kratos does exactly what Zeus tells him to, draining his godly power into the Blade. While this does allow him to defeat the Colossus with relative ease, the statue falls on Kratos as it crumbles, gravely wounding him. Zeus then arrives, takes the blade from a very injured Kratos, and stabs Kratos through the stomach with it.
  • The fight with Perseus in the second game, who has an Invisibility Helmet, and which takes place in an area that is all but covered in ankle-deep water.
    You'd Expect: Perseus to stay out of the water and bombard Kratos with his sling.
    Instead: He runs around in the water and repeatedly taunts Kratos, making his invisibility near-useless.
  • Near the end of the second game, Kratos surrenders to Zeus, and invites him to kill him, as part of an I Surrender, Suckers plan.
    You'd Expect: Zeus to be suspicious, and throw a bolt of lightning at Kratos.
    Instead: He decides to use the Blade of Olympus to do the job. Kratos counters his blow with the Golden Fleece and turns the sword on him.
  • Atropos tells Kratos that she can destroy the Blade of the Gods and prevent Kratos' victory over Ares.
    You'd Expect: For her to have done it a long time ago, or at the very least not tell Kratos this information.
    Instead: She not only blabs this critical information, but she waits until Kratos is in a position to successfully stop her before attempting to destroy the Blade.
  • Here's a good one: Kratos has just killed the Sisters of Fate, and can use the threads to travel through time itself.
    You'd Expect: He would use this power to go back and stop himself from killing his wife and child, stopping the nightmares before they ever started.
    Even Better: Go back to when he offered his life to Ares as he was about to be killed by the Barbarian King, and prevent himself from being in servitude to Ares, who later makes him kill his wife and child.
    Instead: He travels back to the Great War between the Gods and Titans with the intent of bringing them back to start said war back up again and get his revenge on Zeus.

  • In the first game, Kratos uses Pandora's Box, which contains the power to kill a god, to kill Ares. In III, he looks for it again in order to kill Zeus. Along the way, he slaughters the fuck out of the gods and goddesses he hasn't already killed yet.
    You'd Expect: Him to realize that not only has he already opened the Box, he's killing deities left and right, and would have killed Zeus at the end of II if it hadn't been for Athena's sacrifice. Therefore, he probably has said power already, or at the very least enough power, and therefore he can just head straight to Zeus.
    Instead: He wanders all over Olympus looking for it and continues killing gods, bringing natural disasters on the world and practically destroying it, and gaining and losing a Morality Pet.
  • Near the beginning of the third game Kratos is about to fall off from Gaia as a result of Zeus's massive lightning attack
    You'd Expect: Kratos to realize that he could use the Icarus wings to glide onto a safer part of Olympus, and do so.
    Instead: He forgets that he has the Icarus wings and subsequently falls into the River Styx, losing all his old powers and causing the entire journey of God of War 3.
  • Related to the above, while Kratos struggles to maintain his grip on Gaia, he calls for her help. Gaia, meanwhile, is slipping fast with a broken left wrist, and it's taking everything she has to not fall off Olympus as well, something Gaia explicitly tells Kratos.
    You'd Expect that Gaia respect Kratos' suffering and tell him to cling to her with everything he has, or find some other way back up.
    Instead she effectively tells Kratos that he has outlived his usefulness. This only serves to piss off the chronic god-killer and turn him against the Titans for the rest of the game.
  • Also in the third game, Kratos has thoroughly beaten down Helios, god of the sun. Helios, invoking Kratos saving him from Atlas in a previous game, promises to repay Kratos if he lets Helios live. Kratos, in return, asks to know where the Flame of Olympus is.
    You'd Expect: Helios would lie about where the Flame is, sending Kratos to a place where he'd either be put in mortal danger or get hopelessly lost, buying the gods more time to deal with Kratos.
    Instead: Helios just says Kratos will never kill Zeus, after which Kratos rips Helios's head straight off of his neck.
  • During the journey to Pandora's Box, Kratos has just confronted Hermes whom he taunts by calling Kratos a lazy mortal.
    You'd Expect: For Hermes to just flee from Kratos as far away as possible as he has just killed Poseidon and Hades, two powerful gods.
    Instead: He continually taunts Kratos every time with him on the chase. Its no surprise that he ended up getting killed by his own stupidity.
  • In the third game, Kratos goes up against Hercules, who has the ability to stun Kratos by smashing his two Power fists together.
    You'd Expect: Hercules to kick Kratos off Olympus after doing this.
    Instead: He turns around and boasts in front of Hera, allowing Kratos a free shot.
  • After having sex with Aphrodite, she suggests to Kratos to go seek Hephaestus if he wanted to cross the bridge and reach Pandora. Keep in mind that in their previous encounter, Hephaestus suggest that Kratos retrieve Pandora for him.
    You'd Expect: For Kratos to lie to Hephaestus by claiming that he changed his mind and he now wants to retrieve Pandora back for him, citing that he understood that being a father once and would like to make him happy as a father who is reunited with his daughter. Therefore, he would ask a new weapon that could hopefully allow him to cross the bridge and "fulfil" his promise to the Smith god.
    Instead: He straightforwardly and bluntly says that he is seeking the Labyrinth which, when added to his previous mention of seeking the Flame, causes Hephaestus to put the two together and realize that Kratos intends to sacrifice his daughter to the Flame. This directly causes Hephaestus to turn against Kratos, first by sending him to his death by Kronos and later, attempting to kill him after claiming his new weapon, forcing Kratos to kill one of the very few gods that he trusted.
  • Hephaestus learns that Kratos is after his daughter, Pandora, as her sacrifice is needed to retrieve Pandora's Box. He then sends Kratos to find an object he'd use to make Kratos a new weapon, but the object is in the belly of a vengeful titan. Kratos returns with the object and is angry with Hephaestus for sending him on a suicide mission, but Hephaestus claims he was confident that Kratos could do it. Fearing that his daughter will soon be sacrificed, Hephaestus decides to pull a desperate move and make a weapon for him before using it to channel the electric flow towards him.
    You'd Expect: That after Kratos is stunned with the electricity, he quickly crushes Kratos with the makeshift hammer.
    Instead: He just watches with glee while Kratos releases himself from being stunned and then use his hammer to crush Kratos but he is stopped and stunned by Kratos and killed seconds later.

    PS4 / 2018 
  • Modi has just watched Kratos kill his brother Magni by stabbing the blade of the Leviathan Axe into Magni's face. Modi, naturally, is a bit perturbed that Kratos is able to kill a god, and promptly flees rather than face death.
    You'd Expect: Modi would go tell his father Thor and tell him that things are a bit more complicated with Kratos than they first appeared, seeing as how what Kratos and his son did was thought to be impossible. At the very least, he could let the other Aesir know that Kratos is going to be far more of a challenge than they suspected.
    Alternatively: When Modi ambushes the pair later on and immediately stuns Kratos. Modi would cripple or stun Kratos with lightning, then run up to him and repeatedly smash his head in with his mace until Kratos' head looks like ground meat. Modi has witnessed first hand that Kratos isn't an average mortal or old man, so he shouldn't take any chances or make assumptions.
    Instead: Modi fails twice in his attempts to kill Kratos. When he returns to Asgard Thor assumes that Modi left his brother Magni to die and beats Modi with every inch of his life. Then, even though Kratos decides he's Not Worth Killing, Modi can't resist getting in one more jab at Atreus' mother, prompting Atreus to kill him with a knife to the throat.
  • Kratos, having just killed Baldur, is well aware the rest of the Norse gods are searching for him and Atreus, and although he doesn't believe Atreus and himself are ready for the journey, Kratos says they cannot stay at their house. After their quest is done, and they find out about Atreus' giant heritage, they decide to return home.
    You'd Expect: Knowing the gods will never stop looking for Atreus, and now aware that if he dies in Atreus's arms, it could very well lead to Atreus repeating his mistakes, promptly abandon their house and go find somewhere else to live in the protective field, that will force the gods to search every area they have been in.
    Even Better: If push comes to shove, and there is no way to escape the gods, Kratos fakes both of their deaths to ensure that Atreus cannot repeat his mistakes. If that does not deter the gods, given Kratos has tried to commit suicide four times already, for him to kill himself while making it clear to Atreus he did this to prevent him from going down the same path. At the very least, Atreus, while still angry at the gods, will at least try to find a way to defeat them without creating the apocalypse again.
    Instead: Kratos takes them back home and doesn't give thought to the other gods. Sure enough, Thor eventually finds them.
  • Atreus has just told Kratos about his vision involving Thor. Kratos knows about the mural that prophesies his death, that sends Atreus off to Ragnarok. He also experienced nightmares about his past, which is similar to what Atreus is going through.
    You'd Expect: Kratos to take it seriously, and to begin trying to find a way to get Atreus out of Scandinavia, or at the very least finding some magic that will prevent the gods from finding them.
    Instead: Kratos doesn't dwell on it and doesn't bring it up again.
  • It's revealed that Freya was the one to put the spell on Baldur that makes him immortal and immune to any form of injury, but she soon discovers that Baldur is both depressed and enraged by the fact that he cannot feel anything at all. He also confronted her about this and begged her to remove the spell, as he'd rather be able to die than live like this.
    You'd Expect: Freya would at least tell him that mistletoe is the only thing that can harm him and remove the spell, so Baldur can have the option of removing the spell if he wanted to. He's obviously on the borders of insanity, and he's an adult god. He's more than capable of looking after himself. Also, this could have mended their relationship, since Baldur hates her with a passion for what she did.
    Instead: Freya tells Baldur the spell can't be removed at all and says that he'll thank her in time. After this encounter, Baldur tries to kill her, but he backs out of it. Fast track to the events of the game and Baldur becomes the most dangerous enemy Kratos has ever faced. Once the curse accidentally gets broken anyway, Baldur is so far gone that he still tries to kill Kratos, Atreus and Freya, forcing Kratos to do a Neck Snap just to get him to stop. In short, Freya's Knight Templar Parent actions ended up causing her son's downfall.
  • Odin has discovered the Ragnarok prophecy and knows that giants will be key enemies in Ragnarok. Between then and now, Odin has been given plenty of opportunities for peace.
    You'd Expect: Odin would take any opportunity of peace and make nice with the giants. He's been married to his beloved Jötunn wife Fjörgyn, so he knows Jötunns aren't naturally barbaric. Tyr and Mimir have been trying to persuade him into peace and have shown him that the Jötunns aren't interested in fighting and are more than willing to let go of their part in the war.
    Instead: He orders the genocide of the Jötunns; believing that even if one giant lives then all of creation is doomed. He also kills Tyr for supposedly conspiring against him and tortures Mimir for the same reason. When the Jötunns flee Midgard and seal the exit, Odin's done irreparable damage to the Jötunns and has destroyed any chance of truly preventing Ragnarok.
  • Suspecting him of aiding the Giants, Odin has Mimir imprisoned in a tree that not even Thor's hammer can destroy. To get back at him for nearly gouging his eyes out in a mushroom well, Odin rip out one of Mimir's glowing eye.
    You'd Expect: That with the glowing eye in his reach that is a gift from the Giants, Odin would closely examine the eye and since it resembles Tyr's eye, he would use it on a piece of shrine he took so he could find a passage to Jötunheim and finish off the Jötunns once and for all. Failing that, either destroy it or at least keep it within his treasury in Asgard where since he block off any possible passage without his permission, then it is highly unlikely anyone would even be able to find it.
    Instead: He just approach the dwarves and have them built a statue in Midgard to place his eye on despite the fact that anyone with a sharp eye in Midgard could easily retrieve the eye for their own use. Indeed when Kratos and Atreus come to ask for Mimir's eye, Brok revealed about the statue that Odin convince him to built allowing them to retrieve the eye and made it to Jötunheim first before Odin even knew about it.


    In General / Others 
  • Throughout the whole game, it is continually proven that Kratos possesses immense strength, being able to push titan sized arms and feet and lift cages with little effort.
    You'd Expect: For Kratos to just punch through entire buildings so that he will head through his desired journey easier.
    Instead: He never does this, taking mostly linear pathways and just overall wasting time before he reaches his goal.
  • Kratos kills nearly EVERYONE he meets, is a vengeful madman, and in general is someone who is NOT TO BE TRIFLED WITH. The 'nearly' characters being the ones who seduced Kratos as well as treated Kratos with any semblance of respect and honor.
    You'd Expect: For them to realize who Kratos is, stay out of his way and not mess with him or try to manipulate him to do their bidding.
    Instead: Somehow, they convince themselves that they can defeat or manipulate Kratos despite knowing his One-Man Army reputation. Unsurprisingly, this gets them killed because of their own stupidity.

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