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  • In "A Fishful of Dollars", Mom's sons trick Fry into giving his bank account number (it is the price of a cheese pizza and a large soda where he used to work, Panucci's Pizza).
    You'd Expect: Fry to see that he is not in the past. If seeing one of Mom's sons wearing a phony mustache isn't enough, then Pamela Anderson's head in a jar should be the clue.
    Instead: Being Fry, he falls for it easily, resulting in him losing all of his money. Even worse, he says out loud that the price is the same as his PIN!
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  • In "I Second That Emotion", Bender has been given a chip that gives him Leela's emotions in order to try and teach him empathy. Later, Nibbler is being attacked and only Bender can save him because the others are tied up, however, due to Leela's emotions, he is too scared to.
    You'd Expect: Leela to focus more on her determination to save Nibbler, making Bender determined to save Nibbler.
    Instead: She follows Fry's suggestion: to make Bender tough by ceasing to care about Nibbler. This works, but there was a high risk of Bender just walking off without saving Nibbler. Sure he wouldn't be scared anymore, but if he didn't care about Nibbler, why would he save him in the first place? Especially since Bender is a bit of a Lazy Bum and doesn't care about following directions. It also has the unintended side effect of Leela learning to be mean.
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  • "Brannigan, Begin Again": The Planet Express crew brings oversized scissors to Zapp Brannigan for the grand opening of the new DOOP headquarters.
    You'd Expect: Zapp to kindly take the scissors and cut the ribbon with them.
    Instead: Zapp, using the power of Insane Troll Logic, thinks that the Planet Express crew is trying to assassinate a few aliens with those scissors and puts them under arrest, using the laser from his Nimbus ship instead to cut the ribbon.
    Thus: The new DOOP headquarters get blown up by the laser, leading to Zapp and Kif getting fired.
  • In "Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?", Zoidberg does eventually find a woman, named Edna. Edna then uses Fry, and Zoidberg later comes in.
    You'd Expect: Zoidberg to realize that Edna is using Fry to cheat on him.
    Instead: He thinks the Fry is using her to cheat on him.
    End Result: Fry and Zoidberg battle to the death, complete with Star Trek: The Original Series' battle theme.
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  • In "The Lesser of Two Evils", the episode with the debut of Flexo, features Fry, Bender & Flexo have to keep watch on the gigantic atom of "jumboinum". Then comes Fry's turn.
    You'd Expect: Fry to at least try to stay awake.
    Instead: He falls asleep seconds after Flexo leaves.
  • "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back": Leela has invited her former co-workers from the cryogenics lab for a game of poker, and Bender uses X-ray glasses to clean everybody.
    You'd Think: Bender would not even let on that he had some way of cheating.
    Instead: He warns one of them about a worm in his stomach, which tips him off that Bender was using X-ray glasses. The cryogenics lab people chase Bender into Hermes' office and trash the place, leading to the events of the rest of the episode.
  • "Parasites Lost": Fry gets infested by worms that make him smarter, stronger, and brave enough to tell Leela he loves her, which ought to lead to a discretion shot.
    You'd Expect: that he just leave the worms in, because they are the best thing that has ever happened to him.
    Instead: Under a contrived notion that since the worms are rebuilding him they are essentially taking the original him away from Leela, he goes inside his own body and drives the worms out in order to prove to himself that Leela would love him without the worms. He's wrong.
  • A guy Leela is dating uses his city connections to sweep her off her feet, including reserving a skating rink for the two of them. A bus full of orphans shows up, and the kids are disheartened to find the rink closed to them. Leela says, "Ah, why don't we let them skate with us?"
    You'd Expect: He'd say, "Sure, why not." Even if he didn't have the same sympathy for the kids that Leela had, it should've at least occurred to him that doing something so nice for them would've made bedding her a slam dunk.
    Instead: Being the Jerkass that he is, he tells them to beat it and "Come back when you have connections." Not surprisingly, Leela slaps him and dumps him on the spot.
  • "The Sting": The Professor sends the crew on a dangerous mission to collect honey from Space Bees. Leela notices the baby queen is cute, and starts cuddling her. Fry grabs the Smart Ball and tells Leela they're lucky to have made it this far and leave the queen alone.
    You'd Expect: Leela would listen.
    Instead: She says that they can use the queen to make their own honey. Apparently, Leela has never run an apiary. Then she insists on holding onto the baby when Bender insults the big queen, who personally leads the attack.
    Predictably: There is a reason you don't bring wild animals into human areas. The baby queen tries to sting Leela; Fry gets in the way and tells the bee Go Through Me. It does so, impaling Fry and poisoning Leela, who ends up in a coma from the venom. Leela has a Fever Dream where she thinks Fry died, and Planet Express indirectly blames her for her recklessness.
  • "The Thief of Baghead": Bender becomes a photographer for a celebrity gossip magazine and decides to get a picture of famed actor Langdon Cobb, who always wears a paper bag over his head. He manages to get a photo of the guy without his bag on, and Langdon warns him not to show the photo to anyone.
    You'd Expect: That Bender would listen to him.
    Instead: As soon as he gets back to Planet Express, he shows it to Fry.
    The Result: Unbeknownst to Bender, Langdon is a "quantum lichen", a race of alien lichen parasites that feed off attention and admiration. Gazing upon a quantum lichen's face will result in whoever's doing it having their "life force" sucked out (Bender is immune because he's a robot and ergo doesn't have a life force), which promptly happens to Fry.
    Then You'd Expect: Bender to destroy the photo or at least not show the photo to anyone else.
    Instead: He shows it to Amy because he wants to make sure that Fry getting his life force sucked out after looking at the photo wasn't just a coincidence.
    The Result: Amy gets her life force sucked out too.
    Then You'd Expect: Bender to realize that looking at the photo is dangerous and destroy it.
    Instead: He still doesn't quite get it because "two times hardly establishes a pattern" and shows it to Hermes.
    The Result: Hermes gets his life force sucked out, which finally makes Bender realize that the photo is dangerous.
    So You Would Then Expect: That Bender would destroy the photo.
    Instead: He tries to show it to Zoidberg For the Evulz.
    Fortunately: Professor Farnsworth grabs the photo before Zoidberg can look at it and tears it up. Bender eventually manages to defeat Langdon and Fry, Amy and Hermes get their life forces back.
  • "The Butterjunk Effect": Leela and Amy become athletes in a competitive sport called Butterfly Derby. After they realize the steroids they're taking are affecting their behavior, they decide to go cold turkey.
    You'd Expect: They would forfeit their last match because it's over lava.
    Instead: Amy and Leela try to compete without the drug, against a group of murderous ladies.
    The Result: They nearly get killed, if not for Fry's Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • "Near-Death Wish": Fry is upset that the Professor isn't good family to him, and decides to revive the Professor's parents from their retirement home. It turns out they're estranged because they moved the Professor from the city to a farm when he was a child and had to send him to a mental institution after he suffered a nervous breakdown. Their second child, Floyd, was encouraged to become a rodeo clown.
    You'd Expect: They would know their own children apart. Hubert also is very obviously a scientist with the coat and all.
    Instead: They mistakenly think that Hubert is Floyd.
    Predictably: Hubert angrily corrects them that he spent longer in grad school than in the institution.
  • "Murder on the Planet Express" After Dan McMasters terrified the crew and made them afraid of a shape-shifting monster, he decides invite Fry and Bender to the pizza party.
    You'd Expect: That he would bring the still-alive Planet Express crew members as evidence that there is no danger.
    Instead: He goes to calm them down by himself.
    The Result: Still paranoid, Fry and Bender shoot him dead.


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