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Like its predecessor, a lot of the conflicts happen because of the idiotic decisions of the main cast and getting punished for it.

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    Battle of Gods and its retelling 
  • King Kai has just been notified telepathically by the Supreme Kais of Lord Beerus' awakening. Knowing as they do that if Son Goku learns of the existence of a powerful god like Beerus he'll naturally want to fight the guy and see what he's got, King Kai tries to keep Beerus a secret from Goku, who is currently training on his planet.
    You'd expect: Him to be careful never to let that name come out of his mouth until Beerus is back to sleep and the trouble has passed.
    Instead: He says the name at least twice, resulting in Goku overhearing him, which forces him to tell the truth.
    You'd then expect: Him to not go into detail about Beerus' strength, but instead casually paint the guy as "nothing you need to worry about, he's an old friend and a fellow god like us Kais, just show him respect and don't make him mad." In fact it might've been better to just do that without even going through the failed attempt to keep Beerus a secret at all. Without the preconceived notion of a super-powerful god, Goku might just be put off enough by Beerus' scrawny visage, Whis' androgynous appearance, and his inability to precisely gauge either of their Ki, and thus perceive them to be just like the Kais, whose divine powers lie in magic rather than combat. If Beerus didn't do anything to Kick the Dog while he was there, Goku most likely wouldn't have stepped up to fight.
    Instead: He tells him all about how Beerus is a destroyer god and actually expects warnings about how "he's the God of Destruction, he's too strong, you don't stand a chance against him, etc." to actually faze Goku.
    The result: When Beerus shows up asking about a Super Saiyan God, Goku spares little time saying "Hey, dude, heard you were strong. Let's fight!" and getting his ass kicked as a result.
  • Pilaf, Shu, and Mai have been de-aged by Shenron and come across the heroes.
    You'd Expect: Either Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha, Puar, or Piccolo (regarding them having freed his dad once) would recognize them at least somewhat.
    Instead: None of them ever come to the conclusion that that the blue imp, black-haired girl, and shiba inu could be the slightest bit familiar-looking. This applies to later arcs as well.
  • The backstory with Beerus and King Vegeta with Prince Vegeta watching from the shadows—particularly in Super, where there's more to Beerus' abuse of the King (and his call for Frieza to destroy the Saiyans) than a mere distaste for the King's food. While abusing King Vegeta, Beerus recalls that he asked the King to get him the most comfortable pillow in the universe even if he had to steal or kill for it, and apparently he did just that, but if Beerus didn't assume the next part out of spite then what he did after that point was literally Too Dumb to Live.
    You'd expect: That he gave Beerus the most comfortable pillow, since Beerus had obviously impressed upon the King what a powerful monster the God of Destruction really is otherwise he wouldn't have entertained such a frivolous mission.
    Instead: He hoarded it for himself and gave Beerus the second most comfortable pillow, hoping Beerus wouldn't notice the difference.
    The result: King Vegeta gets humiliated in front of his son, said son tries to force Beerus off only to be paralyzed by the GoD's power, whatever Beerus does to encourage or order Frieza to destroy the Saiyans happens, cue Vegeta-Shattering Kaboom.
  • Thanks to Majin Buu being stingy with pudding and nobody standing a chance against Beerus in the ensuing fight, all that's keeping Beerus from destroying the Earth is the prospect of eating more of Earth's best food. So he decides to play Oolong in a game of rock-paper-scissors for the fate of the Earth. They end up drawing twice with both hitting scissors each time. A long pause of deliberation occurs before the third game.
    You'd expect: That Oolong consider making a different move this time, or at least have a good strategic reason for doing what he does next. Rock is likely to draw, and paper is likely to win, or the other way around (given some sharp tactics).
    Instead: He picks scissors for the third time in a row and gets beat by Beerus' choice of rock. The best explanation he can come up with is to pin it on the saying "third time's the charm."
  • Thanks to the fight with Beerus, Goku and company have learned the ritual to activate Super Saiyan God. Beerus tells Goku about the multiple universes and hints of more powerful opponents.
    You'd expect: As a precautionary measure, for the Z-fighters immediately to repeat the ritual with the others, Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, and Goten as the focus instead of Goku. Even though they're (currently) not on Goku's level, the form is still a massive power boost. Also, as the next film proved, the mere reputation of Goku was enough to keep threats to the planet at bay. Having five Super Saiyan Gods would further enable this, and better protect the earth.
    Instead: They don't bother to even try this. Even though Vegeta eventually achieves the form, the others remain lagging, and as the next film shows, easy prey for Frieza and his army.

    Resurrection ‘F’ and its retelling 
  • Frieza gets a lot these moments throughout the film thanks to his overwhelming arrogance.
    • Upon being revived by his men and declaring he plans to take revenge on Goku, Tagoma implores him to give up his vendetta and go back to ruling the empire.
      You'd Expect: Frieza to at least hear him out. His empire has been in decline since his demise, so it wouldn't be unreasonable to re-establish his place as Emperor of the universe.
      Instead: He throws Tagoma out the airlock and carries on with his plans. It ends as well as you would expect. (The Super version mitigates this, having him shoot Tagoma's elbows and knees with the intention of seeing him die in agony only to spare him and keep him on the force when he later recovers.)
    • Frieza, upon hearing that Goku got strong enough to beat Majin Buu (one of the two people his father told him to never challenge), decides to go train for the first time in his life, figuring he could unlock a ton of new power that way. Four months later, Frieza is able to increase the power level of his weakest form well beyond his final form's power level and gains a new form that's stronger than Buu and about as strong as Beerus (the other person he was told to never challenge).
      You'd expect: For Frieza to take one more month or so to get used to his new form and train that form specifically, or better yet, take eight more months and make it a full year of training. If Frieza could become that strong in four months, he'd be unstoppable in a year. Train a few more years, and he'd be the strongest (mortal) being in all existence.
      Instead: Frieza heads straight to Earth after the four months are up. He ends up still being afraid of Beerus and his new form is not properly trained which results in his defeat by Goku and Vegeta due to its drain of his power.
    • This plot point also retroactively gives Frieza one. The event that kicks off the series is when Frieza decides that the Super Saiyan prophesied in legend could potentially be a threat to his power.
      You'd expect: Frieza to get off his butt and train. The Saiyans are pretty content with their employment for now, and if four months could put him within Super Saiyan God range, even a week of workout could surely put him well past any Super Saiyan.
      Instead: Frieza commits genocide on the Saiyans. Now, he's lost an army of millions, any survivors now have every reason to want him dead, and if a Super Saiyan does show up, they're still strong enough to kick his ass.
    • Frieza and his men invade Earth and his army is soundly defeated by the Z Fighters.
      You'd Expect: Frieza to spare them as he still needs them to help rebuild his empire.
      Instead: He kills them all out of sheer disgust, thus wiping out the last of his army and having no one to revive him again, inadvertently freeing the universe from his evil.
      Even worse: In Super, where they're not even all defeated yet he thoughtlessly kills them all when powering up to his true form just to show off. Speaking of which…
    • In Super, Frieza is about to power up and transform into his final form even though his troops are still in the vicinity.
      You'd Expect: The troops to get the hell out of there, or alternatively, Sorbet to warn his troops.
      Instead: Neither scenario happens and the troops do nothing as Frieza powers up, the resulting shockwave killing all of them save Sorbet.
    • When his fight with Goku falls out of his favor, Frieza orders Sorbet to shoot Goku in the heart once his guard is down, knocking him out of Super Saiyan God form and putting him at Frieza's mercy.
      You'd Expect: Frieza to just kill Goku while he has the chance and be done with it.
      Instead: Frieza bearhugs the Villain Ball with both hands and tries to convince Vegeta to kill Goku, promising him a high rank in his army.
      Result: Predictably, Vegeta refuses, saves Goku, and beats the crap out of Frieza. And when Frieza tries to get the last laugh by destroying Earth, Whis rewinds time to give Goku a chance to finish him off for good. note 
    • For that matter, after Goku had beaten Frieza, he offered him mercy again.
      You'd expect: For Frieza to actually take Goku's offer this time for real, and come back with a new army and having trained seriously. After all, Goku had said he'd be willing to fight Frieza in a rematch, so if he had Goku at his mercy in the future (which wouldn't be out of the question if Frieza were to seriously train), Frieza could just say something along the lines of "I thought this was what you wanted?"
      Instead: Having learned nothing from what happened on Namek, Frieza arranges the aforementioned sneak attack...which leads into the aforementioned moment.
  • On the heroes' side, Goku manages to regain the upper hand in his fight with Frieza due to his stamina diminishing from using his Golden form and he has Frieza at his mercy.
    You'd Expect: Goku to simply finish Frieza off while he had the chance.
    Instead: Goku hesitates and offers Frieza a chance to leave Earth peacefully again, even promising a rematch.
    Result: Frieza takes advantage of Goku's mercy and orders Sorbet to shoot Goku in the heart. And when Vegeta bails him out and beats up Frieza, Frieza blows up the planet out of sheer spite. Goku was all too lucky Whis can rewind time...
  • Having lost stamina from his Golden Frieza form, Vegeta is pretty much throwing Frieza around like a ragdoll. Just when he is about to finish off Frieza, the latter suddenly throws a Slasher Smile and is about to throw a blast into the Earth, obviously about to destroy it.
    You'd Expect: For Vegeta to quickly realize what Frieza is doing and kicks him away from the ground to prevent this, or you'd expect that Goku to realize this and immediately interfere the fight and finish off Frieza instead.
    Instead: He fails to react to this sudden change in time, neither does Goku and Frieza has successfully destroyed Earth out of spite. They are very fortunate that Whis offers to help them by rewinding time otherwise it would have been very tragic.

    Future Trunks Saga 
  • In the anime, episode 53 introduces Zamasu, a Kai training under the Supreme Kai Gowasu in Universe 10. Beerus and Whis scout out a ki signature from him that's similar to that of Arc Villain Goku Black, so they head over to investigate, but they need someone who's familiar with Black's ki already, and their options are either Trunks (who's dealt with him for a little over a year) or Goku (who is more sensitive to ki signatures and can possibly scout out the signature with just as much accuracy due to having fought Black already).
    You'd Expect: Since Future Trunks' timeline is at stake due to Black and thus, he takes this issue seriously, and he's obviously the better mannered of the two, that despite the upsides to taking Goku, they take Trunks with them anyway to reduce the risk of angering potential strangers.
    Instead: As you'd expect, they take Goku, a man who shows little to no formalities with anyone, which risks upsetting any strangers that won't tolerate his rudeness, and treats Black as just another strong opponent to fight.
    You'd Then Expect: Since Goku enjoys a good battle, they would keep him under control so he doesn't do anything stupid. This, after all, the same guy who challenged Beerus to a fight upon their first meeting and, as stated above, wants to fight Black again. Also, Zamasu is currently questioning the Kais' role in protecting humanity, and had just confided to Gowasu about it, so Gowasu should at least let them know of Zamasu's doubts.
    Instead: Goku challenges Zamasu to a sparring match and nobody but the latter has a problem with it. Not even Gowasu, who doesn't even realize it'd mean anything until Zamasu tries to kill him in a future episode.
    Result: Goku fights and puts Zamasu on the ropes without even trying, thus spiking his mistrust for humanity even further and preemptively causing everything that happens in the Future Trunks Saga, even the other moments on this page. Funnily enough, a lot of the later moments are Zamasu's own; doubly so since Goku Black and Future Zamasu are technically one and the same. Note that this whole exchange and subplot are absent in the manga, instead Zamasu just sees Goku's power secondhand and develops his fear/hate of powerful mortals that way.
  • Zamasu, in one timeline, manages to gather the Super Dragon Balls, intending to use them to aid in his Zero Mortals Plan. After using them to switch bodies with Goku, he destroys them, and travels to another timeline and meets his future counterpart. They gather that timeline's set of Super Dragon Balls.
    You'd Expect: Since there is currently no known way of easily dispatching the Omni-King, he uses his wish to either erase the timeline's Zen'o from existence or if that wish could not be granted and he still needs the Omni-King's power to dispatch any resistance that could potentially be as strong or even stronger than the God Of Destruction, have Future Zamasu switch bodies with Zen'o. While Goku Black eradicates the mortals by himself and Future Zamasu sits back and watch the events unfold, if there is a fighter that is too strong for him such as Hit, Toppo or Jiren, just use the Zen'o button that Future Zamasu would likely give to him and he will easily eliminate whatever gets in his way of his Zero-Mortals plan.
    Instead: Whether out of recklessness or belief that The Gods Must Be Lazy that he will not interfere, Zamasu does not make any attempt to deal with Zen'o in any away and destroys the Super Dragon Balls once they wish for immortality for Future Zamasu despite the fact they could potentially make as much wishes as possible thanks to the Time Ring. This is stupid for another reason too; they didn't have to destroy them, they could have just wished that the balls only grant wishes made by the two of them, and kept the balls hidden in case they needed them later on (though one would presume there's an obvious rule patch for that kind of thing, same as "I wish for more wishes"). Because they don't deal with the Omni-King, he ends up erasing Infinite Zamasu from existence in the end.
  • Having been completely overwhelmed by the likes of Black and Future Zamasu, Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks bid themselves a hasty retreat, unfortunately this attempt at Time Travel is seen right in front of the two villains.
    You'd Expect: That Black use his Time Ring just like he did previously in order to briefly follow them into the past and finish them off. Afterwards, he can make what little time available he has in the past to destroy the time machine and kill off as many of their loved ones as possible or at the worst case scenario, destroy Earth.
    Instead: He apparently forgot about doing this with Future Zamasu only reassuring the former that they will return, without making any attempt at finishing off the human population. This whole issue is fixed in the manga; Gowasu states that the time ring can only be used to travel into the future.
  • Just as Zamasu begins to enact his Zero Mortal Plan, Goku, Beerus, Whis and Shin suddenly appeared again, with Beerus claiming that Goku wants to challenge him to a sparring match again, something that the latter didn't ask for before seemingly leaving as with Whis claiming that Beerus is going on an afternoon nap (with the latter objecting that it isn't what he's going to do) and the sparring match will wait some time as Zamasu is too busy serving tea for Gowasu.
    You'd Expect: Zamasu to realize that the Universe 7 deities (and Goku) have caught on to his actions and are clearly watching him, likely from Zuno informing them of what he did at his palace. Thus, he would bid time and wait for at least a few days before the coast is clear or he would abandon the plan and wait for a year before he could gather the Super Dragon Balls after it can be used again.
    Instead: He decides to go on with the plan anyway once they "left". Unsurprisingly, he got caught for his attempted murder of his former master before being atomized to nothingness by the God of Destruction himself.
  • In episode 59, Present!Zamasu is caught in the act of his attempted murder of Gowasu and finds himself cornered by Goku, Beerus, Whis, and the U7 Supreme Kai.
    You'd Expect: Present!Zamasu to cut his losses and bid a hasty retreat. After all, he does know the Instant Movement, which is a stronger variation of Goku's Instant Transmission that allows him to teleport anywhere he wants without having to sense someone's Ki beforehand.
    Instead: Present!Zamasu makes a rash attempt to kill Goku right in front of Beerus. Note that Goku beat him in a sparring match a few days ago, Beerus is the God of Destruction, and Whis is stronger than Beerus.
    Result: Beerus easily overpowers Present!Zamasu and vaporizes him on the spot.
  • Episode 62: Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks return to the future to fight Goku Black and Future Zamasu. Black Goku is arguably the strongest of them with his Super Saiyan Rosé form, and Future Zamasu is literally immortal.
    You'd Expect: Vegeta to hold off Zamasu, who, while immortal, is only equal to Goku at SS2 level, and thus in Blue form Vegeta should easily be able to defeat him if not merely restrain him. Meanwhile, Goku (who is enraged at Black over killing his family and up to this point gone toe-to-toe with Black, only losing due to Zamasu's interference) and Trunks (who is a Combat Pragmatist) team up to kill Black, who does not have immortality.
    Instead: They fight them with absolutely no coordination, doing nothing half the time, and allowing Black and Zamasu to tag team and blindside whoever is fighting one of them at the moment.
    Result: Goku is badly injured, and Bulma, Vegeta, and he retreat once again in the time machine while Trunks holds them off with his new anger-based Super Saiyan transformation. Fortunately, after some training and a new trump card, Goku and Vegeta wise up to this and stop the Zamasus' tag team tactics in round three on the next episode.
  • The heroes decide to use the Evil Containment Wave to imprison Future Zamasu as it is the only way to defeat him. But to do this, they need the talisman from Master Roshi which is the most important part as it actually keeps the evil contained.
    You'd Expect: They double check and make sure that they don't forget about the talisman before they head off. Doubly so since Goku forgot the Senzu Beans on their first trip and almost did it a second time, so he's prone to forgetting something.
    Instead: They completely forgot about it(anime)/brought the wrong talisman(manga) and by the time Roshi finds out and calls them, they're already in the future fighting the Zamasus.
    Result: The Evil Containment Wave backfires spectacularly and the attempted imprisonment convinces the Zamasus to stop messing around and perform a Potara Fusion. Speaking of which...
  • In episode 64, The two Zamasus decide to stop fooling around and are about to perform a Potara Fusion.
    You'd Expect: Goku and Vegeta, remembering that they themselves used such a technique to battle Majin Buu, would realize what they're about to do and quickly blast away their earrings to stop this, or you'd expect Future Trunks to do so given what a Combat Pragmatist he is.
    Instead: In typical fashion, the heroes do nothing but watch as the two Zamasus fuse and give birth to their most powerful and dangerous opponent yet. (At least in the manga, Goku attempts to attack them, but it's futile by then)
  • Having fused with the power of 2 Zamasus, Merged Zamasu's power has gone through the roof and has now completely outclass anything Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks throws at him.
    You'd Expect: Considering that the reason that Future Zamasu and Goku Black fuse is because he realizes that the mortals are capable of being a threat, Merged Zamasu simply finish them at any sign of opportunity. Afterwards, he can proceed to commence his "Zero Mortals Plan" without any obstacles in his way.
    Instead: Apparently Drunk with Power, Merged Zamasu toys around with his opponents and completely underestimates what "mere mortals" are capable of doing. By the time he goes with the killing blow, he has already weakened enough that Vegito and Future Trunks successfully destroy his body.
  • In episode 66, the final battle, Vegito has impaled Zamasu after tricking him and stated to his face that he's a mortal due to his fusion with the body of Son Goku, meaning he's entirely capable of being killed. Not to mention said portion of his body is growing more unstable as the fight drags on as a blatant and obvious sign that things aren't as he thinks they are.
    You'd Expect: Zamasu to drop any amount of messing around with his prey and immediately start going all-out after realizing he can die.
    Instead: He completely glosses over what Vegito meant, states that accepting Goku into his fusion means he's bearing the sins of the Gods that let a mortal like Goku become as strong as them, starts crying over the "pure act" of the "sins" he bears, continues to flaunt his power in everyone's faces in spite of his body gradually becoming more and more unstable, and then has the audacity to forget he's no longer immortal when Trunks cuts him down minutes later. Even when he turns into an Eldritch Abomination because of this, since he didn't kill Vegito along with Goku and Vegeta, Goku ends up summoning Future Zen'o and erase him and the entire multiverse, putting an end to his Zero Mortal plan.
    • In the manga equivalent of the same scene, Merged Zamasu learns that the Potara Fusion will wear out due to neither of his components being official Supreme Kais.
      You'd Expect: Realizing that he's Living on Borrowed Time, Merged Zamasu would try to kill the heroes as soon as possible so he can fulfill the Zero Mortals Plan in the time he has left.
      Instead: Despite full knowledge that he's on a time limit, Zamasu continues to toy with the heroes and flaunt his power. Even after Vegito defuses earlier than expected due to the immense power of Super Sayian Blue and he could kill them easily, Zamasu continues to waste time.
      Result: By the time he decides to get serious, the fusion promptly wears off, allowing Future Trunks to slice him in half. On the other hand, this results in Zamasu's immortality going into overdrive, allowing pieces of his body to regrow into clones of himself with all of his power intact. But because he fails to kill Goku and the others by that point, the former ended up successfully summons Future Zen'o, the deity that Zamasu absolutely feared and end up having him and his thousand other clones erased in the end.
  • By the end of it all, Future Trunks has lost everything, his friends and loved ones are killed by Merged Zamasu, his entire universe has been destroyed by Zen'o, and he failed his protege Future Gohan in protecting his timeline in the end. The only person he has left is now Future Mai and the friends he has made in the present, who knows just how much he has been through.
    You'd Expect: Considering that the Super Dragon Balls are capable of fulfilling any wish possible, they have Trunks and Mai stay in the present timeline until the Dragon Balls are ready, hoping that they are capable of restoring Trunks entire timeline and the souls which have previously been erased by Zen'o, probably long enough for Beerus to have Trunks participate the Universal tournament that is coming up. With his new power-up, he could easily one of the strongest fighter in their arsenal. If the wish cannot be granted, at the very least they should settle down in Present Bulma's house. Not only he has the companion and comfort of his Alternate Timeline families but who knows just how much help could they do in their new home.
    Instead: They are somehow okay that Whis offering them a home in the new timeline is a good idea for them despite being explicitly stated that the two will have to live side-by-side with another version of themselves, meaning that not only they are absolutely not the same people that they fought so hard to defend against but also wouldn't know of their heroic acts.
    Even worse: You know that bit about how Future Trunks would be good for the Tournament of Power? The heroes would barely manage to muster up a roster of ten guys powerful and/or skilled enough to potentially be more than cannon fodder in the tournament, half of whom got much stronger than previously thought possible through training on the side. And then Buu starts taking his two month nap the night before the tournament, forcing them to scramble for a new tenth guy. And then Beerus makes a throwaway remark about the heroes being at fault for destroying Frieza and his men, within earshot of Goku. So because they didn't keep Trunks and Mai around with some hope of their actual home being restored, the heroes find themselves so hard up for a teammate that Goku sees fit to resurrect the most evil bastard in all of time and space. Who spent so much time in Hell intensely focusing on how he would kill Goku that his stamina control weakness has been done away with entirely. And who's wasted no time scheming out how to use the tournament to manipulate the very gods of the multiverse for his own gain. Just... that one decision... could've spared so much trouble...
  • In the manga, Goku decides to summon Future Zen'o as a last resort to defeat the Merged Zamasu clones. Upon seeing them, Zen'o deems them annoying and all of the Zamasus ran away in terror.
    You'd Expect: That Zen'o would just pin point erase all the "annoying" clones away from existence and then would ask to return to his palace afterwards. He demonstrates that he could clearly narrow the erasure down to a single person as shown what happens to Frost later on.
    Instead: Zen'o's response to seeing the Zamasu clones is to erase an entire timeline out of existence despite having no reason to do so compared to the animenote  which causes an immeasurable amount of needless casualties and cheats Trunks out of his happy ending, which forces him to create a new timeline with his other self intact.

    Universe Survival Saga 
  • Supposedly because of Goku's actions of reminding Zen'o about the Tournament of Power, seven out of the eight universes participating in the tournament are now going to be erased immediately. Almost every other gods came to loathe Goku for his "actions", not helping of his closeness to Zen'o and his complete non-chalant attitude about it. Nevermind that Zen'o is going to erase the universe anyway and that Goku gave at least one universe a chance to survive which Vados even points out, but that is another story to tell.
    You'd Expect: That if they really want to eliminate Goku and by extension Universe 7 first, the gods would specifically exclude Shin and Beerus and have a private meeting together as they discuss how to deal with them first. They could have a temporary Enemy Mine with each other as they work together, whether it be sabotaging Universe 7's efforts to gather enough teams, or they could have their fighters work together to knock Goku out of the ring first and get the satisfaction of seeing Universe 7 being the first to be eliminated.
    Instead: They don't bother to work together and each gods from the other universes are (over)confident that they could win the Tournament of Power alone. In fact, the concept of their grudge against Goku (the only ones who really have a grudge match is Universe 9) pretty much get dropped in the Tournament of Power where it's every teams for themselves and don't really work together for a common goal. As a result, the fighters ultimately ended up being eliminated without much fanfare and ended up getting their universes erased in the end.
  • Champa wants Beerus, and by extension Universe 7 to be erased in the Tournament of Power.
    You'd Expect: That right at the start of the tournament, Champa would telepathicallynote  command Hit to stealthily approach either weaker or isolated members of Universe 7 such as Krillin, Tien, Roshi, or Android 17 and 18 and immediately knock them out of the arena using his Time Skip. If Hit doesn't want to risk attacking the converged formation of Universe 7, he could have Frost and Magetta use their smoke to daze and separated them enough that Hit would quickly blow them away before they even know it. Using this tactic, he would leave only Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza left in the ring with the latter two unable to outsmart Hit leaving only the former being the only true threat to Universe 6 and would likely leave almost an entire roster intact and probably even win the Tournament of Power by sheer numbers.
    Instead: Despite knowing of their immense power, he keeps ordering the weaker members such as Botamo, Magetta and Frost to attack the stronger members such as Goku, Vegeta or Gohan and does not realize that he could just use Hit to do the job. This ultimately resulted in every single one of their members (sans Hit) to get knocked out by Universe 7 and gets them all erased in the end with only 2 knockouts against Universe 7, all as a result of Frost.
  • Narirama from Universe 3 spins rapidly and goes "Super Survival Mode". It starts to spin out fighters, potentially giving Universe 3 a very early advantage.
    You'd expect: A lot of the fighters to evade the attack or find ways to properly counter, in particular, Ribrianne (and the Kamikaze Fireballs, who can all transform), Cabba (who's quite a competent fighter and took Nigrisshi out easily in a later episode), and Dyspo (who is really fast and as seen in a later episode, gives Hit a hard time)
    Instead: All of them literally just stand there like sitting ducks. Ribrianne's group doesn't even transform to counter (with Heles just saying that "it's not beautiful to attack them before they transform"), Cabba and Dyspo just stand there as well causing all of them get pointlessly knocked away.
    Thankfully: Nothing significant comes out of this as Hit and Basil were able to figure out how to counter and disable both of Narirama's arms before things could get worse.
  • Gohan's squad gets surrounded by a few Universe 4 and 9 members. However, one of the people surrounding them is Botamo of all people.
    You'd expect: One of them to figure out that Botamo is only vulnerable to forced ring-outs (like actually carrying him), as everyone but Gohan was able to witness that (and even in a later episode, was told by Goku about Botamo's gimmick) in the previous tournament. They could just focus on attacking the other members while all of them could save Botamo for last.
    Instead: They all attack the other surrounding members, including Botamo.
    The Result: All of them are unscathed from the attack.
  • Nink, physically the most powerful member of Universe 4 Team has Goku trapped in a bear hug and is walking to the edge of the ring.
    You'd expect: For him to throw Goku off the ring then and there, you can't use energy to fly in the arena and not only would Goku be eliminated but Universe 7 would be out its strongest fighter in the opening minute.
    Instead:: He jumps off the stage with him in a Taking You with Me attack and gives Goku a chance to break loose.
    The Result: Goku manages to get back onto the ring whilst Nink only eliminates himself.
  • Even though they are outclassed overall by Goku and Gohan, the Trio De Dangers are still shown to be capable warriors and unlike most other teams, are fully willing to use teamwork to survive the Tournament Of Power given their abysmal Mortal Level.
    You'd Expect: They would prioritize their survival over settling with old scores and have Sidra and Roh order the trio to take out the other universes and have the other members to back the trios up. Hopefully by the time they inevitably face Universe 7, the other teams would have either whittled down their numbers enough or Goku and Vegeta are weakened enough that they could be finished off.
    Or: Considering that Bergamo has successfully earned the favor of the gods from the other universes through sheer charisma and turned them against Goku, he would try and do the same manipulation; by claiming that the entire reason that they are fighting for their survival is because Goku has started the tournament and is fully willing to let their universes be destroyed just for the sake of having a good fight. Afterwards, he would convince the others to join forces with them and gang up on Goku and the rest of Universe 7 in order to avenge their universe destruction give them the "justice they deserve". With 70 opponents and 11 universes all at Goku's throats, it is highly unlikely that they are capable of defeating them all at once.
    Instead: They immediately chose to focus on taking out Goku first out of their personal vendetta despite the fact that they had just witnessed his Super Saiyan transformations and had defeated their strongest member Bergamo and gain the upper hand against Toppo never mind the fact that someone could rush into his aid. While indeed they managed to overwhelm Goku at first due to not using his Super Saiyan Blue, Vegeta ended up rushing to his aid and have their team members dwindle from 10 right down to zero, and got their universe wiped by Zen'o in the end.
  • Lavender from Universe 9 has a poison attack that can seriously cripple those who aren't prepared for it, as seen when he was up against Gohan in the Exhibition Match.
    You'd expect: He actually tries to catch a bunch of opponents off guard with it, crippling them (considering that recovery items are prohibited and his poison was perfectly fine for him to use) and knocking them out of the ring. He'd probably have a hard time using it against the likes of Magetta or most of Universe 3's warriors unless if it can go through machines as well though.
    Instead: He goes to use his Poison technique on Goku, who has already witnessed such a technique before.
    The Result: Goku (AND Gohan) already thought of a perfect way to counter it, so the poison does nothing for him. Same with Vegeta. Heck, when he faced Gohan and his group in the previous episode, he didn't try to use the poison attack there.
  • Additionally, for Universe 9's incompetence as a team, a lot of the team members have abilities that would easily catch others off guard. For instance, Hyssop has an ice attack that would really mess with anyone who isn't Vegeta, Oregano has a thread attack that can restrain weaker fighters, and Chappil can No-Sell attacks from fighters who aren't too powerful, considering he's Made of Iron.
    You'd expect: Roh and Sidra to order them to attack other fighters with a powerful team formation. They could even give Gohan's group a hard time as well, along with weeding out a bunch of unprepared fighters. Even if the Trio De Danger were too busy fighting Goku and Vegeta (and eventually knocked out), Universe 9 would still have five members left after everything.
    Instead: Roh ORDERS all of the unoccupied ones to fight Goku and Vegeta, expecting them to be easy pickings overwhelmed, despite being aware that their Super Saiyan Forms can destroy them.
    The Result: Although they give Vegeta and Goku a hard time at first, once the two Saiyans power up into their Super Saiyan modes, every one of their tactics are rendered ineffective. Hyssop's ice attack and Oregano's threads do nothing to SSJ Vegeta, while SSJ Goku knocks Chappil away, while they easily overpower the Trio De Dangers shortly afterwards, and with two other members defeated by Frieza and Android 18, this costs Universe 9 the competition, thus the first ones to get erased in the Tournament of Power.
  • Frieza decides to have his own fun in the Tournament of Power and the first foe we see him taking out is Napapa.
    You'd expect: Frieza to torture him a bit, then take him out. If he were to torture someone else, he'd try to torture them together. He was outright stepping on Napapa when he destroyed Roselle's means of flight. After having his fun, he could've finished off two fighters at the same time.
    Instead: Frieza outright forgets about Napapa and proceeds with torturing Roselle.
    The Result: Napapa's able to run away and recover somehow, as shown when a bunch of Universe 10 fighters are ganging up on Kale.
  • Botamo is covering Magetta's ears so he can't hear Vegeta's insults. Vegeta has just jumped onto Botamos left shoulder.
    You'd expect: Vegeta to grab Botamos left arm and pull his hand away from Magetta's left ear, then shout an insult as quickly as possible.
    Instead: Vegeta tries to punch Botamo off of Magetta. It does not work since Botamos durability is so great that most attacks cannot even make him budge.
  • Android 18 is fighting Shosa, and when she strikes him, he's seemingly dead.
    You'd expect: Android 18 to go from a distance, just to see if he's moving (in case if she did accidentally kill him), but far enough that if it's a dirty tactic, she doesn't get affected.
    Instead: Android 18 stands really close to Shosa.
    The Result: Shosa was indeed playing dead and quickly takes the opportunity to almost KO Android 18. Thankfully, Krillin saved her.
  • Majora, a blind fighter from Universe 4, attacks Krillin and Android 18 after they take out Shosa.
    You'd expect: Krillin to see that a particular fighter has their eyes closed even when they're trying to attack. Maybe they can't see compared to other fighters.
    Instead: Krillin prepares a Solar Flare... to a fighter who's completely blind. Sure, he was using a powerful version that affects those who think that closing their eyes will work, but Majora looks like he wasn't just closing his eyes for fun.
    The Result: It does completely nothing to Majora and due to Majora relying on his smell, he even attacks them as well.
  • After taking out Shosa and Majora, Krillin is boasting how he was able to achieve two knockouts to the Universe 4 members, thus celebrating his victory.
    You'd expect: Krillin to quickly realize that the tournament is still happening, and anything could happen at that very moment. A lot of Universe 4 members they faced were up to dirty tricks, while others like Frieza could come behind and betray Krillin as well, considering their history together. Or you would expect Android 18 to warn him given the fact that Krillin isn't exactly far from her and would be given enough time to stop anyone to catch them off-guard.
    Instead: Krillin gets really cocky and stands on the edge of the arena facing the void, meaning that if anyone were to sneak up on him, he'd be helpless. Someone could even push him off the arena... which leads to...
    The Result: Frost sneaking behind Krillin, who quickly knocks him off of the arena, making Universe 7 lose their first fighter. Android 18 isn't even able to avenge Krillin on time as Frost quickly teleports away.
  • Goku and Caulifla are fighting against each other and they're really getting into it. However, Kale feels left out and tries to "contribute" by firing an energy blast at Goku. Goku tells her not to bother them. Kale asks if she's a bother.
    You'd expect: Caulifla to reassure Kale that she isn't, and tell Goku to be a bit nicer to her "protege". Maybe it wouldn't have made things better for Kale (who would've gone berserk anyways), but it would've made Caulifla look less like a jerk.
    Instead: Caulifla just gives a cold stare at Kale and proceeds to continue fighting with Goku.
    The Result: Kale proceeds to transform into her destructive Super Saiyan form, and compared to how she was with Cabba, she is far more reckless, unable to listen to reason from Caulifla this time around.
  • Realizing the massive threat and destruction that an enraged Kale is bringing, Jiren decides to deal with her personally.
    You'd Expect: Given the fact that a Ki blast from Jiren is capable of pushing someone like Kale away, he would use the blast to push her as far away out of the ring as possible and eliminate her from the tournament, leaving the gods of Universe 6 to deal with the mess she made.
    Instead: He has the blast push her as high as possible before finishing it with a big explosion which caused Kale to revert to her normal form and right into Caulifla's arms without eliminating her, never mind the fact that she could potentially transform into her berserk form again and ruin the arena even further. This ends up biting the Pride Troopers hard later, as the Pride Trooper division led by Kahseral set their focus on Caulifla and Kale as those two were already at a severe disadvantage after one of their members got knocked out earlier. Kale ends up transforming again... but this time, she has control of her powers. Caulifla and Kale then send Kahseral and the other remaining Pride Troopers (except for Cocotte, who gets KO'd by Android 18 shortly after) flying, effectively reducing the Pride Troopers from 8 to 4.
  • Goku wants to challenge Jiren to a fight but Toppo blast him away with a Justice Flash and leaves Goku be for now in order to conserve their Ki.
    You'd Expect: That Toppo would really leave Goku alone for the time being as he knows just how strong he is and if he can fight evenly with Toppo as Super Saiyan Blue, then surely there is no way that the other weaker members could even dent him. After all, the Tournament of Power is decided by victory in numbers so with 9 members intact, he would have them protect one another and remain converged around Jiren so that he could easily win by numbers.
    Instead: Toppo decides to send five of his weaker comrades against a still fresh Goku and the two Saiyan girls despite knowing of the latter's godly power and does nothing to help them.
    Result: As a result of his foolish decision, the Pride Troopers ended up dropping from 9 down to 4 members no thanks to Android 18, Caulifla and Kale for essentially no reason at all and now Team Universe 11 members ended up taking a nosedive in survival chance.
  • Android 17 is winning in his fight against Kakunsa and Ribrianne jumps in and offers to help.
    You'd Expect: Kakunsa to let Ribrianne help her or Ribrianne to jump in and team up against the Android, turning the fight into a 2 on 1. Kakunsa is already in an disadvantage and would've lost anyways if it wasn't for Bikal, so the help would've been appreciated.
    Instead: Kakunsa, still having a personal grudge for what 17 did to Bikal, says that "the prey (17) is hers" and Ribrianne replies that "love is on her side" and lets the two carry on with the one-sided fight.
    The Result: Android 17 tricks her and uses the light from the Tournament of Power as an attack, thus taking her out, and without Bikal, she's as good as gone. Ribrianne should've realized this sooner if she didn't want to lose a teammate.
  • Gohan is punching Botamo's belly rapidly with uppercuts in order to ring him out. Botamo can take hits and not even budge do to being nigh invulnerable.
    You'd Expect: Botamo to take action and fight back or just move out of the way to keep himself from getting knocked out.
    Instead: Botamo just stands in place laughing at Gohan.
    The Result: Gohan's uppercuts lift Botamo in the air.
    You'd then expect: Botamo to just use his arms to hit Gohan since he can't use his feet due to being in the air.
    Instead: He shoots mouth blasts at the ground, failing to hit the guy punching him.
    The Result: Gohan blasts him out of the ring. Not only did Botamo cause his universe to lose a fighter, he handed Gohan the victory.
  • Hit and Goku are dominating Dyspo and K'nsi in the battle respectively. Hit grabs Dyspo by the ears and is ready to take him out.
    You'd Expect: Goku to take out K'nsi at the same time instead of beam spamming him, seeing how K'nsi saved Dyspo from getting KO'd by Hit the first time.
    Instead: Hit throws Dyspo down the arena... again... and K'nsi saves him almost instantly.
    The Result: K'nsi then attempts a Taking You with Me attack against Hit, but Hit causes this to backfire, only taking him out. This gives time Dyspo to retreat and recover, thus reducing Universe 11 to 3 fighters as opposed to just Toppo and Jiren.
  • Tying in with the above, K'nsi and Dypso are running out of options against Hit and Goku.
    You'd Expect: K'nsi and Dypso to retreat and regroup with their remaining comrades in order to give them both a chance to recover.
    Instead: K'nsi decides to have Dypso retreat while he tries to perform a Taking You with Me on one of their opponents.
    You'd Then Expect: Considering that earlier K'nsi had witnessed Hit using a technique that caused Dypso to phase through him and almost get ringed out, K'nsi would realize that a suicidal charge would be ineffective against Hit and would therefore choose Goku as the target of his final attack.
    Instead: K'nsi throws himself at Hit.
    The Result: Hit does the exact same thing as he did with Dypso, causing K'nsi to fly off the arena alone. After this, Toppo and Dyspo avoid further fighting and Jiren only fights those he thinks are threats, allowing Universe 11 to survive to near the end of the tournament.
  • Ganos, one of Universe 4 Team's best warriors. Despite his initial trouble in beating Roshi, he somehow manages to inflict some injury on the said old man and even countering his hypnosis by shocking himself.
    You'd expect: That Ganos should throw Roshi out from the ring while he is still out.
    Instead: He keeps trash talking to Roshi and even asks him to retire.
    The Result: Roshi retaliates by using his remaining energy to blast Ganos out from the ring. With that, Ganos became the sixth U4 fighter to be eliminated.
  • Assuming what Roshi said about Ganos getting stronger being true, it appears that Ganos's avian transformation could get him exponentially stronger just by existing to the point that he could even be a threat to Goku and the others.
    You'd Expect: That Ganos would just immediately transform at the start of the Tournament of Power and find somewhere safe to hide as he continuously gather more and more power, potentially enough overwhelm Blue Goku and even sweep the entire U7 team.
    Instead: Ganos decides to transform after Roshi took out two of his comrades which while allowed him to overwhelm Roshi with his power, Roshi ultimately fired a full-powered Kamehameha to knock him off the arena before he gets the chance to grow powerful enough to defeat Goku.
  • Tien has opted to chase down Harmira, part of the sniping/reflecting duo acting as the episode's antagonists. In order to spot him more easily, he uses the Multi Form Technique.
    You'd expect: Tien to stealthily approach as every other onscreen U7 fighter has been for him and Prum, using all four of himself to cover more ground. Maybe throw off his aim with a Solar Flare or two. Once he's hunted him down, he could return to full power by re-combining or hit him with multiple Tri Beams in sequence to push him out of the ring.
    Instead: Tien brazenly runs towards him in the open, despite the multi-form technique outright cutting not just his strength, but his speed.
    The Result: One by one, each of the multi-formed Tiens is sniped with ease, leaving an effective one-fourth of Tien's strength charging Harmira head-on and being unable to quickly knock him out of the ring, ultimately necessitating a Stupid Sacrifice after the events described below.
  • Tien damages Harmira and goes towards him to finish him off. He looks like he's significantly damaged. Harmira claims that he can't shoot anymore either.
    You'd expect: Tien to finish the job and knock him out with a long-ranged Shin-Kikoho.
    Instead: Tien praises him on being a Worthy Opponent before preparing to take him out.
    The Result: Tien gets knocked off the fighting stage and it's only a Taking You with Me attack he uses with his clones that also knocks Harmira out as well.
    Speaking of which, you'd expect: Tien would have his three remaining clones blast Harmira off of the arena with his Shin-kikoho or some other technique. Harmira was heavily damaged by the previous Shin-Kikoho, so it's reasonable to assume that the same or similar attacks from the three remaining clones would be able to knock him off. While one of the four clones got eliminated, Tien could leave the other three on the stage and ask Zen'o for permission to allow them to continue fighting until all of the clones have been knocked off. If he refuses, that's that, but if he grants this request, Tien could have the three clones fuse back into one, leaving three-fourths of his full strength to continue fighting. It may or may not be granted, but it's worth a shot, and couldn't do any harm to try.
    Insstead: Tien has his three clones grab onto Harmira and drag him down off of the arena.
  • Dr. Rota himself. Oh boy, how do we even describe him...
    You'd expect: Since he is confronting Gohan and Piccolo, he should've shut his introduction and fight the two.
    Instead: He begin to talk, a lot.....
    The Result: Not long after his brag, Dr. Rota is ambushed by Prum's lasers and got KO'ed for it.
    However: It appears Dr. Rota survives Prum's laser deflection as he teleport towards Prum, grabbing him and refuse to let go!
    You'd Then expect: That Dr. Rota should've have, you know, SHUT UP AND FIGHT? You got Prum right with your hands, why not throw him out?
    Instead: He still can't shut up about his monologue while grabbing Prum!
    The Result: Vegeta is understandably frustrated to the point he immediately blast both Prum and Dr. Rota out from the ring. Bonus for the doctor who is served as a meat shield so that Prum will never absorb beams. Bravo, Doctor.
  • Maji Kayo, a fighter from Universe 3 who is very powerful in his own right, has a very solid advantage against Dyspo (while trying to scout Jiren). He even has him restrained as well. He even has very stretchy limbs and can turn his body into anything, including a giant fist and a pair of scissors.
    You'd expect: Him to cut the talk and quickly KO Dyspo by dropping him down the ring. With the arsenal mentioned above, he could have turned into an elastic arm that would quickly knock the rabbit out before Toppo and Jiren could rescue him. Then afterwards, Maji Kayo could try to continue to scout Jiren afterwards.
    Instead: He starts to sadistically gloat and even torture Dyspo by pinning him on the ground with his teammates in front of him (and threatens to cut his ears off with a blade). He also talks about his plan out loud in front of Jiren as well.
    The Result: Dyspo manages to break free during this, and Jiren easily annihilates Maji Kayo and reduces him to a very small baby-like being, similar to Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Goku has witnessed Frost attempting to beat-up an exhausted Roshi and decides to rush in to help him only for Ribrianne to get in his way.
    You'd Expect: That Goku would just go Super Saiyan Blue and kick her fat ass away from the arena or if he wants conserve Ki, he would simply use Instant Transmission and teleport straight into Frost and Roshi to stop the former from torturing the old man. Given that Brianne isn't shown to be particularly fast, it his highly unlikely she would be quick enough to stop Goku from teleporting away.
    Instead: He decides to fight her in his base form and ignores the old man who is obviously in trouble without considering other options to escape from combat. Roshi is lucky that Vegeta is there to back him up, otherwise things would have been really bad for the old man. note 
  • Through some clever tactics and his telekinesis, Frost has managed to turn Roshi's Evil Containment Wave against Vegeta and seal him away in a bottle.
    You'd Expect: Frost to immediately throw the goddamn bottle out of the arena so he could have his revenge and ring out one of Universe 7's strongest warriors.
    Instead: In an uncharacteristic moment of Bond Villain Stupidity, he proceeds to torture Roshi with Death Beams first.
    Result: Right as Frost finally is about to throw it, Roshi uses the last of his energy to fire a controlled ki blast and free a very pissed off Vegeta, who proceeds to go Super Saiyan Blue and quickly rings out Magetta, forcing Frost to retreat.
  • Frieza's brutal beatdown onto Jimizu has everyone spooked, including the Gods of Destruction (Heles, Beerus and even Champa). When Frost appears, however, Frieza "betrays" U7 and allies himself with Frost because of their hatred against the Saiyans, starting with beating Gohan. This instantly garners Champa's attention.
    You'd Expect: Champa to find Frieza suspicious and dispatches any available fighters (such as Hit and even U6 Saiyans?) to keep an eye on him while covering Frost just in case if things go south.
    Instead: He's outright cheering for Frieza for beating Gohan as if he is U6's chance to win!!
    Result: Champa learns Frieza's agenda all too late when the latter eliminates Frost out from the ring! Turns out that Frieza's "betrayal" to U7 was actually an act just to fool Frost, with Gohan playing along by pretending to be injured by Frieza.
  • Frost got knocked out of the ring due to Frieza betraying him and he's at the bench with Champa, Vados, and the other knocked out fighters. Frieza taunts him and says that he'd never work with an amateur.
    You'd Expect: In a tournament governed by gods, for Frost to just plan his revenge against Frieza for the betrayal another time.
    Instead: Frost decides to fire a Death Beam to Frieza right there from the bench after getting eliminated.
    Result: Zen'o IMMEDIATELY erases Frost with no hesitation and warns Champa that the next violation would result in the erasure of Universe 6.
  • Goku is charging up a Spirit Bomb to try and defeat Jiren.
    You'd Expect: Vegeta to donate some of his energy. After all, Jiren is extremely powerful, and could end up eliminating him and other members of Team Universe 7 if not defeated.
    Instead: Vegeta refuses to donate any energy (even Frieza of all people donates energy). It's not known if his addition would have been enough to make a difference anyway, but still.
  • Goku achieves his "Ultra Instinct" form and manages to briefly go even against Jiren. Toppo and Dyspo try to attack Goku, but Goku is way too powerful for them and easily throws both of them aside with ease.
    You'd Expect: Toppo and Dyspo to realize that this Goku is like none other, and to let Jiren handle things.
    Instead: Toppo decides to fire a barrage of Justice Flash blasts at Goku.
    Result: Goku effortlessly blocks the barrage and slowly goes towards Jiren. Thankfully Jiren signaled to Toppo to leave things to him, so Toppo's efforts simply amount to nothing as opposed to getting him dropped.
  • Goku's "Ultra Instinct" form wears off right as he's about to deal a finishing blow to Jiren, to where Jiren shows he didn't even power up. Jiren proceeds to take Goku out with the same exact attack he used to take Kale out. Fortunately, Hit managed to save Goku in time to prevent him from dealing the finishing blow and eliminate Goku.
    You'd Expect: Knowing that he could be a big threat to their universe, Toppo and Dyspo would search for Goku and finish him off to prevent him from accessing the transformation again. Given that Goku is weakened and in Base form, it is very unlikely that Goku would be able to fight back should the two should they find the Saiyan again.
    Instead: They seemed to have just forgotten about Goku or doesn't care about him anymore as they just chose to watch his fight with Hit from a distance.
    Result: Goku has some of his energy back thanks to Frieza.
  • Using Hit's last resort Time Cage move, he manages to immobilize Jiren, whom should be noted is standing at the edge of the arena and seemed to be struggling to break free of his imprisonment. And Cabba, Kale, and Caulifla are watching the tournament right now.
    You'd Expect: Hit would order the three Saiyans currently standing there to either blast Jiren himself or if they can't hurt him, destroy the arena around him and let Jiren fall of the arena. Flying is prohibited in the tournament and Jiren likely wouldn't be able to break free in time to leap away from the crumbling ring. If Toppo and Dyspo decide to interfere, have Kale and Caulifla fend them off while Cabba focuses on destroying the arena.
    Instead: Hit just told the three Saiyans to go forth and fight hard while he stood there and somehow hoped he could paralyze Jiren for 24 minutes, nevermind the fact that Toppo or Dyspo could easily break his concentration or Jiren could just break free from his prison.
    Result: Jiren eventually broke free from the Cage and blasted Hit away from the arena, costing Universe 6 their strongest member and dooming them to an eventual fate of erasure.
  • Chapter 35 of the manga's version of Hit battling Jiren. Hit manages to use a Time Lag on Jiren that slows Jiren's movements down, and Hit takes the opportunity to force Jiren off the edge.
    You'd Expect: Hit would play safe and use his ranged techniques like he did in the anime to try and force Jiren, who would be too slow to counter Hit's techniques, off the edge.
    Instead: Hit decides to engage Jiren at close range and try and knock him off the old-fashioned way.
    Result: Jiren reveals that he held back in order to lure Hit closer to the edge with him. He then breaks free from Hit's Time Lag and knocks him off the edge of the ring with an uppercut. This costs Universe 6 its strongest fighter far earlier than in the anime, immediately after Universe 9 was erased.
  • Having just exhausted Goku and eliminated Universe 6's strongest warrior Hit, it seems that there is nobody in the arena who's able to challenge Jiren anymore. Many of the other fighters are already demoralized and frightened of Jiren's powers, as it's clear that he could very likely have win the tournament all by himself. Note that Universe 11 are currently only having three members left in the tournament, the lowest out of any universes still in play.
    You'd Expect: Now that it's confirmed Jiren has no threat on the battlefield, either Jiren himself or Belmod and Toppo would order him to continue with the momentum and knock away every other fighter off the arena, scoring a big turnaround and securing Universe 11 a total victory as the one who would survive the tournament.
    Instead: Apparently forgetting that this is a tournament of survival and they only have three members remaining, Jiren decides to meditate because there are no more powerful opponents left for him to be of further use and is somehow confident that Toppo and Dyspo could win the tournament for them.
    You'd Then Expect: That at the very least they should take out Goku first, who is literally standing right there and observing them, given that there is a very high risk that Goku could unlock the Ultra Instinct again and possibly master it and overwhelm Jiren, which would likely spell erasure for them since Toppo and Dyspo, like everyone else, are far, far weaker than Jiren himself.
    Instead: Jiren considers Goku at this state an unworthy opponent and completely ignores him. And Toppo and Dyspo don't even bother with Goku, nevermind that he could transform and eliminate them out of the arena.
  • Monna from Universe 4 has Super Saiyan Cabba overpowered and nearly rings him out as well (Vegeta saves him). After the second round, Monna proceeds to finish off Cabba...
    You'd Expect: Monna just to crush him and roll him out just like she did the first time.
    Instead: Monna proceeds to TRASH TALK Cabba while attacking him... and the Saiyan race in general. She calls Vegeta a "cheap shot weakling" (he swatted her aside after he saved him) and says that she'll crush Caulifla and Kale as well, not even considering how powerful all of them are (oh, and never mind the fact she outright witnessed every other Saiyan on the battlefield proving that they are leaps and bounds stronger than what she's getting from Cabba).
    Result: Her trash talking angers Cabba enough for him to unlock Super Saiyan 2, which allows him to easily overpower her in this state and manages to easily take her out. Way to turn the tables on yourself, Monna.
  • Caulifla and Kale have fused with the Potara earrings to create Kefla, leading to Zen'o and the Grand Priest to declare that Potara is perfectly legal in the tournament. Heles and Pell decide to let their warriors fuse, and choose Zarbuto and Rabanra to do so.
    You'd Expect: Considering that the Potara are earrings, for Zarbuto to take off his helmet and put the earring on.
    Instead: Zarbuto ACTUALLY TRIES TO PUT HIS EARRING ON HIS HELMET, which works to no avail at all. Also it leaves themselves open to a bunch of strong threats as well...
    Result: At the same exact time, Kefla crashes towards them and destroys the Potara earrings. Poor Pell is devastated... it was an effort that was done for nothing.
  • With the fusion's enormous power boost along with her new body (which is completely fresh as she was just born), Kefla easily becomes one of the strongest fighters in the tournament and is more than capable of knocking off a good deal of the remaining fighters left. Hell, she even managed to knock Goku (a tired one but still) right out of Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken and temporarily unconscious and could have eliminated him right there and then.
    You'd Expect: Kefla to immediately finish Goku off and then go around knocking off the warriors from the Universes with the highest remaining combatants. With Goku eliminated and Jiren still meditating, it would be almost impossible for any of the remaining fighters to eliminate her and she could pick off the weaker members of Universe 7, such as Android 18 and Piccolo. Even if she still can't beat Jiren, as long as her Universe has the most fighters left when the time runs out, they'll win by default.
    Instead: She continues to fight against Goku and after seemingly defeating him, she decides to allow Goku the time to stand once again due to her saiyan blood that aches for a thrilling battle.
    Result: This leads to Goku reawakening Ultra Instinct and proceeding to beat the ever living tar out of Kefla who is completely outmatched against him and not even five minutes after fusing, she's eliminated from the tournament thanks to a point blank Kamehameha from Goku, leaving Universe 6 with only the two Namekians to carry the hope of their Universe. Way to go Kefla.
  • A minor one, but for Krillin. Ribrianne has achieved her One-Winged Angel form and is ready to decimate Android 18 and take her out. Krillin tries to show his love for 18 by yelling...
    You'd Expect: Krillin to yell and support her from the bench. The other Universe 2 warriors did it to power Ribrianne up. Krillin should too.
    Instead: Just like the incident with Master Roshi, Krillin tries to jump down from the bench again. Oh, and unlike last time, we already know what happens when a fighter who is taken out tries to interfere into the arena. Just ask Frost. Oh wait.
    Result: Thankfully Tien and Shin hold him back, but this could've meant an early erasure in the form of Krillin (or even Android 18 as well), or if Zen'o really felt like it, the entire Universe 7.
  • Quitela has two hidden fighters in the form of Damon and Gamisalas. Damon is a Pint-Sized Powerhouse insect who is so small he can lurk around the arena without anybody noticing, while Gamisalas is a chameleon-like fighter who uses his invisibility to stay hidden until the late part of the tournament
    You'd Expect: With this knowledge, Quitella orders them to sneak attack opponents in the arena when they're busy focusing on other instances, in particular, when Kale was going in her berserk mode. Maybe they can catch opponents off guard and cause them to trip (similarly to how Gamisalas knocked Catopesra out). Damon could even toy with bigger and stronger fighters like Toppo and Magetta and even trick them into attacking each other, like jumping from one fighter to another. They could even attack Goku while he's charging the Spirit Bomb. It's even implied that Damon and probably Gamisalas attempted to ambush Jiren after he seemingly took Goku out, although it wouldn't have done them any good.
    Or Better Yet: With 19 fighters and 4 Universes remaining, 13 minutes left, and neither Damon and Gamisalas having not been revealed to the other Universes' fighters, Universe 4 best course of action would have been to attempt a Victory by Endurance, as it's the universe with the most fighters remaining at the end of the time limit will win the Tournament of Power. Undoubtedly, Universe 3 and Universe 11 will attempt to attack Universe 7 since they have the most fighters at this point. Chances are Universe 7, 3, and 11 will have loss more fighters in their battles and a possible a Universe or 2 being erased. All the remaining Universe 4 fighters would have to do is stay hidden. Damon, Gamisalas, and Shantza's tricks only work if their opponents don't have an understanding of their gimmicks. The best time for the Universe 4 fighters to make their move is near the very end of the time limit and only if another team looks like they are going to have more than 3 fighters left.
    Instead: Quitella waits until they're his only members left (alongside Shantza, the last visible member) to actually send them out against Universe 7. Even though the two are Combat Pragmatist fighters, the fact that a lot of points of distractions aren't present anymore gives Goku and co. time to actually focus on the sudden turn. Still, Gamisalas takes out Catopesra and almost takes out Vegeta, Gohan, and Android 18. Everyone, including the Pride Troopers and Zen'o, are wondering why everything is taking such a strange turn in the Tournament of Power. Nobody suspects anything.
    You'd Then Expect: Gamisalas to keep on attacking without any suspicion, and with only a few universes remaining, the heroes think it's either accidental slip-ups, a stealth attack from Universe 3, or something unrelated to Universe 4.
    Instead: Quitela does his "KEKEKE" laugh (which makes Beerus immediately suspect it's Universe 4) and OUTRIGHT hints that Gamisalas is invisible.
    Result: Piccolo manages to knock out Gamisalas with ease after finding out his gimmick, and although Damon fools Piccolo at first, Goku and Android 17 manage to cripple Damon and cost Universe 4 the tournament.
  • Speaking of Damon, he and Universe 10's Obuni are the last men standing for their universes at two separate points in the tournament, meaning their elimination means the destruction of their entire universe. Their opponents include such monstrous badasses as Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Jiren, Toppo, and Ribrianne.
    You'd Expect: For them to RUN. Keep their heads down, only fight to defend themselves or pick off a weakened or unprepared opponent, and try to play for a Victory by Endurance or at worst a tie.
    Instead: They challenge the other fighters, get themselves eliminated, and get their universes destroyed.
  • When Paparoni assembles the fusion robot of the three robot fighters, Paparoni is literally just standing on a high cliff unprotected while Gohan is fighting against the robots himself.
    You'd Expect: Goku, Vegeta, or even Android 17 (who is also the same person who tried to cancel Ribrianne's transformation before getting called out about it) to attack Paparoni from above, figuring that he was the one controlling the artificial fighters.
    Instead: They do absolutely nothing to Paparoni, and when Goku and Vegeta actually intervene, they just attack the robot fusion instead.
    Result: Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta fight a rather difficult battle, and when Gohan seemingly knocks out all four of them... it leads to the event below this one.
  • Paparoni's robot fusion has been defeated and the former barely clung to the ring with Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan now standing right in front of him preparing to throw him out of the ring. However, Paparoni declares enough is enough and decides to pull a Last Stand by merging with the robot and eliminate Universe 7 even if it cost him his life.
    You'd Expect: That any of the three would just blast him out ring to stop this and afterwards, finish off the robot fusion and caused Universe 3's erasure with 6 rosters intact.
    Instead: They just stood there and watched as Paparoni was about to fuse into their greatest warrior, forming Anilaza in the process.
  • Speaking of "standing there", the remaining three Pride Troopers have just been standing there since Kefla's battle (Toppo's last opponent was Vegeta). None of them have done anything in the process since then, and although Toppo and Dyspo are powerful enough to take on most of the fighters, a fighter like Frieza could take on Dyspo and maybe even Toppo.
    You'd Expect: Someone to take care of at least Toppo and Dyspo and outlast Jiren to commit Victory by Endurance. Frieza seemingly gave Dyspo some trouble earlier in the Tournament of Power, and the tyrant is on par with Goku in terms of strength, so he could even try to take Toppo on as well.
    Instead: Nobody has touched any of the Pride Troopers or have even actively challenged them since Vegeta's fight with Toppo.
  • Universe 3's Anilaza is recklessly taking on Universe 7, and even fires a handful of blasts towards Universe 11. Dyspo considers this as Anilaza challenging them as well as the Universe 7 warriors.
    You'd Expect: At least Dyspo and Toppo to form a temporary alliance with Universe 7 to quickly take on Anilaza and then start the final showdown between the remaining Pride Troopers and the Universe 7 warriors. Or if they proved to be dirty fighters, they could attack either of them when they are engaging in a Beam-O-War with one another, with Toppo and Dyspo cheapshotting the Universe 7 fighters in the back when they're firing while Jiren destroys Anilaza's power source and ring him out, securing an easy victory for Universe 11.
    Instead: Universe 11 just stand there from a distance as the battle continues. They also happen to have the fewest number of members on their team, meaning if the battle lasted a lot longer than it did, Universe 11 would've lost. Anilaza even threatens to destroy the arena, thus taking out Universe 7 and 11. And Jiren looked like he wasn't ready to intervene either. It is only through Android 17's intervention that they managed to remain in the ring, but had 18 sacrifice herself to save 17, then well...let's just say that the ring will get turned to void dustnote .
  • To break Dyspo's "ultimate technique", Gohan has Frieza trap him inside of a beam cage that is seemingly draining his stamina.
    You'd Expect: Gohan not to hesitate in beating up Dyspo up, considering that he has the edge in a fight that completely destroys Dyspo's speed. For example, as soon as Dyspo gets shocked by the Death Beam, Gohan would immediately fire a Kamehameha to wound him even further, enough that by the time Frieza ran out of stamina, Dyspo will be wounded enough that Gohan could easily throw him out of the ring.
    Instead: Gohan takes his time in fighting Dyspo, and by the time he tries to deal the finishing blow, Frieza's beam cage wears out.
    Result: Dyspo uses this opportunity to deal a finishing blow to Gohan, but due to this, Gohan chooses to hold Dyspo and attempt a Taking You with Me attack on Dyspo, allowing Frieza blast the two out of the ring.
  • Android 17 wins against a Beam-O-War struggle against Toppo thanks to Frieza (who is taunting Toppo while he's at it), and it leads to Toppo getting nearly destroyed and knocked out of the ring. Toppo's lying unconscious as well.
    You'd Expect: One of them, particularly Frieza, to GRAB TOPPO AND KNOCK HIM OUT OF THE DAMN RING. He's weakened, and he made a mistake like that with Napapa early on (although Napapa was leagues weaker than a good portion of the fighters). He could blast him as well... in a way that he did with Cabba and Jimizu.
    Instead: Frieza continues to taunt Toppo, toying with him and planning to "gently" finish him off. Then... Toppo stands up, with barely any strength left...
    You'd then expect: Frieza to blast him at that point to prevent him from achieving some form of transformation or powerup. Kinda like when Goku became a Super Saiyan and completely wrecked him all the way back in the Namek Saga ya know?
    Instead: Frieza. Continues. To. Taunt. Toppo.
    Result: Toppo then reveals that he possesses God of Destruction strength, unleashes his final trump card, and proceeds to throw a Destruction Sphere at Frieza. Being overconfident due to easily handling Sidra's sphere back before the Tournament of Power happened, he assumes that this sphere will be easy to handle, but he gets critically damaged by it. Then he proceeds to tear open a new one for Frieza and 17...
  • Jiren's blast ends up knocking Android 17 and Frieza out temporarily, but they're still in the fight. There's about 4 minutes left in the match after Toppo's defeat, and Vegeta, 17, and Goku are fighting against Jiren. Frieza himself is alright too.
    You'd Expect: Frieza to stay hidden or out of focus while Goku, Vegeta, and 17 fight against Jiren. Jiren's attention is too focused on those three that he wouldn't even notice Frieza.
    Instead: Frieza, in a fit of anger, ATTEMPTS TO MURDER Jiren, keep in mind, if this was successful, that would outright disqualify Frieza, grant him an early erasure like his Universe 6 counterpart, and maybe erase Universe 7 if the Zen'os were in the mood. (Not that Frieza would care about the latter.)
    Result: Jiren completely negates Frieza's attack and pretty much brutalizes the guy. You have to give Frieza some credit though, his initial assault (not even golden) did knock Jiren back a bit.
    You'd then expect: Jiren to finish Frieza off and send him flying so there's only 3 fighters left. You know, considering he's the only obstacle for Universe 7 to face, and there isn't much time until the Tournament of Power ends.
    Instead: Jiren gets distracted by an idle blast from Android 17, and Jiren focuses on the Android instead of taking out Frieza. This is strange considering that when Hit took on Jiren earlier, Jiren didn't lose his focus when attempting to take Goku out.
    Result: Frieza, although facing another humiliation from Universe 11, isn't defeated, meaning that Universe 7 still has a number advantage over Universe 11 by three members. This could bite Jiren hard if Frieza ends up being the last one standing or if Jiren and Goku seemingly get a "tie" and it ends up being broken by the very member he forgot to take out.
  • After Android 17 seemingly sacrifices himself to protect Goku and Vegeta, the two are very exhausted. Vegeta can't even go Super Saiyan anymore while Goku himself can't even stand up until Vegeta sacrifices his energy to Goku. Even Frieza is knocked out cold as well. Universe 7 is inches away from getting erased, while Jiren is still up and going.
    You'd Expect: Jiren would just repeat the attack he previously did to take both fighters out without 17 to protect them this time, and possibly Frieza as well. If he really wants to break them, he could just fire an electrified Power Impact like he previously did against Vegeta to give them as much pain as possible before enveloping them in a huge explosion that sends them out of the arena in a near-death state. Rinse and repeat three times against the Universe 7 warriors and he will get the wish he desires from the Super Dragon Balls.
    Instead: Jiren decides to waste time by beating up Vegeta and later, Goku, trying to emotionally break them in a Hopeless Boss Fight.
    Result: This drains time for Jiren, who's currently at a number disadvantage, and although he successfully takes Vegeta out, right when he's about to finish Goku and seal Universe 7's fate, Goku activates his Ultra Instinct form, teleports behind him, and gut punches him, causing him significant pain.
  • Jiren realizes that Goku's powered up through companionship, an obvious contrast to how Jiren was brought up.
    You'd Expect: Jiren, who is still slightly stronger, fight with Goku evenly and even try to destroy part of the ring where he's at.
    Instead: Jiren proceeds to aim a Power Impact at the bleachers just to show Goku how helpless his friends are. If the attack hits, this could potentially murder not only Universe 7, but also his own teammates and other gods (not that he really cares about the other Pride Troopers anyways), which would've all but disqualified him from the tournament anyway. Thankfully Goku blocks the attack just in time…but this attack in the first place only enrages Goku to the point of giving Jiren a brutal and relentless beatdown in response to him attempting to murder his friends.
    You'd Then Expect: If Jiren really goes as low as to harm Goku's friends out of sheer spite, then he might as well take advantage of this by constantly firing stray beams towards the stands that would distract Goku that he is forced to protect them from Jiren's attacks which lets him down to the point that he could easily gain the upper hand to the point that he could even be eliminated from the arena. Better yet, why not just punch him to the stands while he is doing this given the fact that Goku isn't really that far from the spectator bench. It might be a really cowardly and dirty tactic coming from him but if succeeds in doing so, he could then proceed to search for Frieza and eliminate him from the arena, winning the tournament for Universe 11 and allow him to get the wish he so desires.
    Instead: It doesn't occur to him to do this and he just continues fighting him head to head. Goku eventually gains the upper hand and if it were not for him running out of the form at the most unfortunate moment, Jiren would have ended up being eliminated from the arena and erased.
  • Goku achieves his Mastered Ultra Instinct form and although struggles tremendously at first, Goku ends up gaining the upper hand and severely wounds Jiren and decides to fire a Kamehameha to finish him off.
    You'd Expect: Goku would guide the Kamehameha so that it blasts him away from the arena. Afterwards, he can then give his speech to Jiren while the latter is in the stands before his eventual erasure.
    Instead: Goku drags the Kamehameha to the ground to tell him why exactly he lost.
    Result: As Goku prepares a finishing attack (Or healing?) after his speech, the Ultra Instinct form starts to take a toll on Goku's body, crippling him tremendously. It's just a good thing Frieza and Android 17 were still in the arena to save him.

  • Frieza and Android 17 manage to fight through a weakened Jiren and actually manage to deal great damage to him. At this point, Jiren is still emotionally broken from the fight against Goku. Android 17 already dealt some damage to Jiren as well.
    You'd Expect: Frieza (or even 17) to stop screwing around and take Jiren out.
    Instead: Similar with Toppo, neither of them attack Jiren immediately, figuring Jiren would be finished already. Frieza keeps taunting Jiren as well.
    Result: Frieza takes his time with taking out Jiren, but as this is happening, Toppo gives Jiren a pep talk. This motivates Jiren to give one more final bout. Goku manages to save the group and also sets place for the final battle. Although this may have been a good thing, as if Frieza was the one who dealt the finishing blow to Jiren at that very moment, he would've had access to the Super Dragon Balls and wished for being more powerful than the gods, which would've been considered a selfish wish and would've erased the entire multiverse.

  • In the manga, Android 18 fights the Maiden Squadron and manages to get free of one of their attacks due to Ribrianne getting distracted by Krillin's "attractiveness" (don't ask). Ribrianne then loses the will to fight and idly stands at the edge, wanting to commit a self-knockout.
    You'd Expect: 18 just to blast Ribrianne, Rozie, and Kakunsa out without any hesitation. They're already weakened and broken.
    Instead: 18 gives Ribrianne and her group a count to 5 so she can take the entire group out herself
    Result: This gives Gamisalas from Universe 4 a chance to strike her and knock her out relatively early in the tournament. Talk about getting easily wasted by a hidden fighter who almost took her out in the anime too. It's just a good thing that Gamisalas also took out the Maiden Squadron as well.

  • Berserker Kale just took out a ton of fighters, and takes Ganos and Shantza out with ease. Then she proceeds to easily take out Anilaza without any sweat.
    You'd Expect: The remaining Universe 2 Fighters and Obni to freaking hide. Obni himself endured Kale's initial assault, and could stay out of focus for a while.
    Instead: They all stand their in the battlefield as Kale takes out universe after universe.
    Result: Kale destroys four universes one after another.

  • In the manga, Kale (in her Berserk form) completely decimates four universes in a row then continues her rampage by throwing Magetta out of the ring.
    You'd Expect: Knowing that Berserk Kale is not only a threat to the rest of the fighters, but also a threat to their own team as well, Saonel and Pirina from Universe 6 to stay out of the monster's way so she could continue her rampage to other Universe 7 fighters or the Pride Troopers.
    Instead: The two Namekians LITERALLY stand in front of her and try to intervene...
    Result: Kale proceeds to reduce Universe 6's numbers even lower... and Cabba even makes a similar mistake as well, but luckily Vegeta was there to save him.

    Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga 
  • In chapter 45, realizing he can't win in his fight with Vegeta, Moro begins to gather all the life energy of New Namek into an energy ball.
    You'd Expect: Goku and Vegeta to attack Moro while he's powering up, something Goku even hangs a lampshade on in a moment of self-awareness.
    Instead: As usual, Goku and Vegeta do nothing but watch as Moro powers up.
    Result: Moro consumes the energy ball and gains a tremendous boost in power.
    Even Worse: Moro reveals that he's been passively absorbing Goku and Vegeta's energy throughout the fight. By the time they realize this, they've lost so much energy that they can't even go Super Saiyan, leaving our heroes at Moro's mercy.
  • In chapter 46, Moro has defeated Goku and Vegeta and has drained so much of their energy that they're on the brink of death.
    You'd Expect: Moro to finish the both of them off now so no one can interfere with his plan to obtain the Dragon Balls. Even if they're at death's door, it's best not to take chances.
    Instead: Confident they will die soon, Moro simply leaves them be.
    Result: The Saiyans are rescued in the nick of time by Esca and the Namekian elder, who waste no time nursing the two back to health.
  • In Chapter 49, The Grand Supreme Kai faces off against a fully restored Moro in outer space above New Namek. At one point in the fight, the Grand Supreme Kai chases Moro through an asteroid field while pelting him with ki blasts.
    You'd Expect: The Grand Supreme Kai to realize this isn't working and changes tactics immediately, especially considering Moro can literally eat ki.
    Instead: He keeps up this strategy even though it's clearly not working and even attempts to fire a large ki blast at Moro.
    Result: Moro absorbs the Grand Supreme Kai's attack, gaining another boost in power.
  • Chapter 52 gives one to Piccolo of all people. When the Marcelli gang arrive on Earth in search of Blue Aurum, they are confronted by Piccolo, who defeats them all with relative ease. But Pasta tells Piccolo that they are just tourists.
    You'd Expect: Piccolo would be more than a little suspicious of this claim, especially given that the first thing the gang did was open fire on him.
    Instead: Deeming them to be no threat, Piccolo lets them go and tells them to sod off.
    Result: The moment he does, the gang immediately flies off and attempts to contact Moro. By the time Piccolo realizes his mistake and shoots down their ship, it's too late. They've already contacted Moro, who decides to send a stronger search party to see if the planet is worth consuming. In other words, Piccolo essentially sped up Moro's timetable.
  • Chapter 54 has one in Moro again. Moro's forces have turned the tide against Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo. The latter then brings up about Goku and Vegeta training to defeat them.
    You'd Expect: Moro to simply just destroy the Earth as is - besides, our heroes haven't returned yet and nobody there at the moment is powerful enough to fight Moro or his men at the moment. His men could also easily kill Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin on the spot as well (to attempt to psychologically break Goku and Vegeta). Also, Beerus seems to refuse to do anything about it as well, and Whis is forced to stay neutral in regards to the conflict.
    Instead: Moro feels like Goku and Vegeta will mean more fuel for him, so he just decides to retreat for the time being. He orders his men to leave and even spares the Z-Fighters at that moment.
    Result: That ends up buying a lot of time for Earth and gives the heroes more time to fight Moro again.

    Breather Arcs 
  • Everyone sans Goku has just found out that Monaka is actually an amateur and Beerus insists that Goku must not know the truth of this at all costs. However, Goku wants to spar with Monaka as he wants to know how strong he really is. To keep the illusion going, Beerus would disguise as Monaka and fight him.
    You'd Expect: That while Goku and Beerus are fighting, they would sneak the real Monaka away so that Goku would not put the two and two together and realize that the "Monaka" that he is fighting is't really him.
    Instead: They just leave Monaka there to faint as he watches.
    You'd Then Expect: That they would not blurt out the fact that the real Monaka is watching to Goku and hope that Goku would not make the connection.
    Instead: Yamcha blurts out about the real Monaka right in front of Goku which led to the others to be angry at him, especially Beerus. They are very fortunate enough that Goku stupidly assumes that Monaka used a cloning technique, otherwise Yamcha would probably suffer the same fate as the corrupt Kai in-training later on.
  • Goku gathered the Dragon Balls in order to wish King Kai back to life. Unfortunately, it seemed that the others also want their own wishes granted but fortunately, Bulma managed to solve their problems and gave them what they wanted without wishing anything. By that time however, Shenron starts to fade away with Beerus's presence being the only reason he managed to remain stable. Now should be the chance for the wish.
    You'd Expect: That Bulma lets Goku grant the wish first since she currently doesn't have a way of wishing someone back to life. She can then have Goku search the material required to complete the time machine with less risk of Beerus finding out.
    Instead: She wastes Shenron's time by having Goku search for the stone before granting the wish which backfires because Beerus sensing Shenron makes him suspect that Bulma is building something under his nose.
    Result: Beerus destroys both the stone and the time machine, along with the blueprints to build it, and Shenron ran out of time and fading away, resulting in King Kai not getting revived. Oh well, better luck next time.
  • Barry Kahn, the star of the then-upcoming Great Saiyaman movie, had bullied his co-star Cocoa into getting into a scandal with Gohan, who has recently upstaged him despite being a mere stuntman and is the husband of Videl, who denied an autograph from him. He does this by hiding out while Cocoa recites her lines with Gohan, waiting for an ideal moment. However, thanks to some choice words from Gohan, Cocoa has a change of heart and leads Gohan to the roof where no one can see them so he can simply fly away instead, and gives him a thank-you kiss; unprecedented to Cocoa, Barry not only still gets the scandal he wanted, but now also knows (and has photographic evidence) that Gohan is the real Great Saiyaman.
    You'd Expect: Barry would take his photographic evidence straight to the press so they could release it, or better yet have the press follow him so Gohan would be further put on the spot.
    Instead: Letting his pride get the better of him, Barry goes straight to Gohan and Videl's house by himself to try and not only blackmail Gohan, but also humiliate him in front of Videl so he could win her over.
    Result: Videl sees through Barry's bullshit and tears up the photos, and they both force him to leave them alone.

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