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     Aladdin the Series 
  • Genie often falls under this trope.
    • "I Never Mechanism I Didn't Like". Genie miniaturizes himself so he can get inside a robot to disable it. The villain of the episode responds by sending a miniature robot after Genie.
      You'd Expect: Genie would poof himself back to his normal size and skoosh the robot.
      Instead: He stays small and lets it chase him around.
    • In the same episode, Genie discovers he can reverse the villain's mind control. After freeing Aladdin, they set off to kick the villain's butt and save Agrabah.
      You'd Expect: Genie would use what he discovered to release everyone else.
      Instead: He leaves everyone else under the villain's mind control, forcing Aladdin to fight them off. And you thought Aladdin was lazy.
    • In "When Chaos Comes Calling" Agrabah is targeted by a godlike entity who's apparently the Anthropomorphic Personification of Chaos and frenemy with Fate. While Chaos pranks the palace, Genie does little more than shiver in fear. When Jasmine wants to step in, Genie warns her that Chaos has "more power in his whisker than a palace full of Genies"
      You'd Expect: Jasmine to be very apprehensive and not do anything to provoke Chaos' wrath until if/when she has some sort of leverage over the God of chaos and enemy of order.
      Instead: She foolishly orders Chaos to stop, he doesn't take it well to put it mildly.
    • Surprisingly, such leverage is later delivered on a silver plate. After Chaos had bragged about how his godlike powers have saved the citizens of Agrabah from boredom, Iago promptly yells that with all the things happening all the time boredom is the least of their problems. Aladdin immediately sees how to take advantage of the situation and asks Genie to show Chaos they're not boring.
      You'd Expect: That Genie will keep advertising Agrabah as a City of Adventure for as long as it takes to send the message that they don't need his services.
      Instead: Midways through the advertisement, Genie lets it slip that Aladdin never loses.
      The Result: Unimpressed, Chaos chews out at Aladdin and accuses him of being blessed by fate (read: a Mary Sue). He then forces Aladdin to a Mirror Match.
  • "Some Enchanted Genie": After Abis Mal steals his lamp, mistakenly believing he could control the Genie, Genie is searching for it since he takes it personally that Abis Mal took his personal property. While looking, he sees a young girl awaken the Genie of the Bottle, named Eden. Genie falls in love immediately as Eden makes Dhandi wish to never go hungry again, since Dhandi only wants to wish for a sandwich.
    You'd Expect: Genie would wait for Eden to finish her impromptu Masterchef presentation and introduce himself after Dhandi gets a decent meal.
    Instead: He gets the idea that interrupting her presentation with his cooking would impress Eden. Hilarity Ensues.
    The Result: Eden knocks him away several times, thinking he's a rival genie trying to steal her new master. They end up creating a giant tower of pizza which falls over and inadvertently leads Abis Mal to a vulnerable Dhandi and to steal Eden's bottle. Dhandi has to spell out to Eden that Genie likes her after the fuss and once Genie explains he's free and helps Aladdin as a friend.
     Wander Over Yonder 
  • "The Fremergency Fronfract": Hater is at the dentist getting a chipped tooth treated, and Hater through a mouthful of dental rubberbands shouts that Wander is to blame. After they sedate him with electric shocks, the dental assistant asks Hater who his emergency contact is.
    You'd Expect: Peepers to be the emergency contact on the paperwork, and to have been waiting already to pick his boss up. Dental treatment in the galaxy isn't that much different from real-life, in that the sedation makes the patient loopy.
    Instead: For some reason Peepers isn't there. Hater misses the question completely and shouts "Wander" repeatedly, which leads the dentist to assume that Wander is Hater's emergency contact.
    The Result: Wander and Sylvia pick up a loopy Hater, who proceeds to wander off under the mistaken impression that they are best friends and not enemies. Wander gives into temptation and tries to make Hater a better person, while Sylvia takes one embarrassing video after another of Hater. Peepers and the Skullship catch up to Hater much later, and he ends up opening fire on his own men when they try to conquer the planet where he spent the whole day, because he threatened a little girl they met called Olive. Oh, and when Hater sees one of the videos that Sylvia took, he cracks all his teeth in anger, which means he’ll have to go back to the dentist.
  • “The Waste of Time”: Wander while filling up on Orrble juice accidentally grabs the time traveling version. This means that he and Sylvia start traveling to the future and to past memories. Sylvia starts worrying about the time paradox and stepping on a butterfly to change their future.
    You’d Expect: Wander would listen and carefully navigate with Sylvia to return to the station.
    Instead: He gets so excited that he starts running to and from various places. They end up at the station but at fifty years too early.
    The Result: Wander and Sylvia spend fifty years at the gas station and prevent their past selves from getting the time orrble juice. This leads to them ceasing to exist as they hug each other and say that time spent together is never wasted. It also means that they forget a future event where Hater is in danger.
     Tangled The Series 
  • Now that she has been restored to her proper place, Rapunzel is living with her real parents in Corona. Her father, King Frederic, is worried sick of losing her again and has forbidden her from leaving the kingdom to explore beyond its walls. While he has a point that she's vulnerable as a public figure and the heir to their throne, she has a point that she's spent her whole life locked up and wants more freedom.
    You'd Expect: That the two would compromise. Rapunzel can prove she's earned the right to travel beyond the Corona walls. and Frederic can insist that she have a bodyguard or a retinue without overwhelming her.
    Instead: Rapunzel and her lady-in-waiting/bodyguard Cass sneak out the night before her coronation to see where the Sundrop flower grew. This leads to Frederic finding out, because Rapunzel's golden hair grows back and can't be cut, and she uses it to save his life when thieves crash the coronation.
    The Result: He's disappointed and fearful that the thing that made Gothel steal her away has returned, and orders that Rapunzel can only explore things inside the kingdom, rather than go outside of it. Rapunzel refuses to confide in him about her daily adventures, which leads to him sending spies on her, and so on and so forth. Much later on, when he and the Captain of the Guards find out what Cass did, defying their orders, Cass is sent to a convent.
  • Meanwhile, Cass reveals that she inherited disdain for Eugene from her father. She initially believes that he is a Gold Digger looking to profit from dating the Lost Princess. Eugene, Rapunzel and the audience know this isn't true, since they spent an entire movie saving each other. There is also the fact Eugene turned himself in after the events of the movie, when he could have let Rapunzel go to the palace alone while resuming his thieving ways.
    You'd Expect: Cass to not antagonize Rapunzel's almost-fiancee. As a lady-in-waiting, her only job is to keep Rapunzel company and protect her from perceived threats. Besides which, Eugene died so that Rapunzel would have her freedom. While he makes mistakes during the series, he keeps prioritizing Rapunzel's happiness over his.
    Instead: Cass spends the pilot and second episode forcing Rapunzel to keep the fact that Cass sneaked her out as a secret, which drives a wedge between Eugene and Rapunzel temporarily until Rapunzel tells him and Eugene promises to keep his mouth shut for Rapunzel's sake. It also leads to Eugene understandably not trusting Cass and getting into fights with her. While Cass motivates Eugene to better himself and prove he is worthy of Rapunzel's love, she also is quite a Hypocrite with how she broke the rules to make Rapunzel happy and has endangered her on several occasions. Rapunzel attempts to make them bond by invoking Fire-Forged Friends and locking them in a dungeon, but they revert back to bickering soon enough. While eventually they grow to respect each other, it takes a dire crisis for them to make the first steps of progress. Irony and Laser-Guided Karma eventually kick in when the Captain and the King bust Cass for sneaking Rapunzel out in the first place, while Eugene who has done no such thing is allowed to stay at the palace.
  • Also eighteen years ago, Frederic wanted to save his pregnant wife. To do so, he consulted Quirin, a village leader, who warned him that uprooting the Sundrop flower to save Arianna would lead to devastating consequences.Frederic uproots the flower anyway, which leads to Gothel stealing his baby daughter and black spikes growing where the flower was. The spikes stop plant life from growing and cannot be cut by any sword or knife.
    You'd Expect: Frederic afterward would keep an eye on the black spikes, and warn Rapunzel as well as the royal family about them. It's his responsibility as the king to make sure his subjects are safe, and Rapunzel should be aware of the roots of her magic. Besides which, the flower was the whole reason she was stolen away, so she has a right to know.
    Instead: Frederic puts his head in the sand and does nothing apart from erecting a small plaque honoring the Sundrop and following up with Quirin on occasion. The end result is that Rapunzel touches the spikes not knowing what they are when Cass sneaks her out to see them, causing them to grow and cause an infestation in the kingdom. Then when Rapunzel finds an important MacGuffin and decides to deliver it to Varian on receiving a prophetic dream, Frederic rather than talking to her sends elite mercenaries to steal the MacGuffin and use it for unknown purposes.
    The Result: Due to this gross miscommunication, the mercenaries, including Cass's father, nearly kill Rapunzel and her friends and destroy her childhood home. Rapunzel is heartbroken on furious when she learns that her father ordered such a thing and decides to work with Varian to save the kingdom rather than trust Frederic. This leads to more devastating consequences, including Varian's betrayal and the spikes devastating the kingdom.
  • Then we have Varian. A Teen Genius inventor and Quirin's son, who tries to get rid of the spikes to both make his father proud and deal with it before the villagers lose their land. He fails, and Quirin gets trapped in the spikes protecting his son. Varian goes to Rapunzel for help, only to find her swamped in the middle of a crisis. The guards have to send him away.
    You'd Expect: Once the Corona disaster is averted that Rapunzel seek out Varian and find out what the situation is. He's her friend, and her subject; plus as the villager's son he is second in command after his father is incapacitated. The villagers need to know who is leading and who will protect them.
    You'd Also Expect: Varian to realize that Rapunzel as a royal couldn't drop everything to help him, and it wasn't her intention to break a promise to rescue Quirin. Also that he needs her because, from their very first meeting, he knows that her hair has unknown magical properties.
    Instead: Weeks pass before Varian contacts Rapunzel and she finds out what happened. In the meantime, Varian decides to go Never My Fault and perform a Face–Heel Turn, to trick Rapunzel into delivering the remains of the Sundrop flower to him.
    The Result: Varian commits treason and tries to kidnap and murder the entire royal family when he realizes that the Sundrop flower is useless and all it's magic is locked inside Rapunzel's hair. He fails to activate the magic, and is tossed into the royal dungeons without even saving his father. Rapunzel manages to save most of the kingdom and her family, but she also fails to rescue Old Corona.
  • Cassandra for much of the series has buried resentment that as an adopted orphan and the Captain's Daughter that she has to work for respect and praise, while Rapunzel receives both naturally. They do talk it out that if Cass tells Rapunzel to step aside, then Rapunzel will. In the second season, Cass's resentments return in full force when Rapunzel accidentally injures her. Cass admits she's not ready to forgive her princess yet but understands Rapunzel is really sorry.
    You'd Expect: Cass to be extremely open about her negative emotions and talk it out.
    Instead: She buries most of her resentment as the injury to her hand grows worse.
    The Result: Cassandra gives into temptation in the second season finale and steals the Moonstone and its power from Rapunzel, becoming its vessel. Which means she has committed treason and hurt her best friend.
  • "Best Fronds": Anne and Sprig sneak out of his grandfather's house to swim in the nearby lake, since Anne has been feeling homesick. Sprig notices a sign up saying "Don't Swim" that he observes was written in a hurry. He warns Anne that the sign must be up there for a reason.
    You'd Expect: Anne would take a moment to think about this. She barely survived several days alone in the Amphibia wilderness, with its giant creatures. If she still wants to swim, they could compromise: just wade by the shore and run at the first sign of trouble.
    Instead: She guilts Sprig into jumping in with her by saying that best friends do whatever their friends want them to, projecting how her friends Sasha and Marcie pressured her into stealing the music box from the thrift store that transported her to Amphibia.
    Predictably: The reason for the sign becomes clear. Anne sees a giant sea serpent trying to eat Sprig and they can't outswim it because her human limbs aren't built for water agility. Sprig nearly dies by diving into its mouth and feeding it Hop Pop's death peppers, which buy enough time for them to hightail it back to the house. Afterward, Anne apologizes to Sprig for nearly getting him killed.
  • "Hop Luck": The Plantar Family every year loses the mandatory pot luck because Hop Pop's family recipes are terrible. Anne insists they make pizza instead, with four ingredients: dough, cheese, basil and tomatoes. Most of this is relatively easy to acquire, but the tomatoes in this world eat you.
    You'd Expect: Hop Pop would explain the last part to Anne. They can still make a delicious pizza with cheese and basil.
    You'd Also Expect: They would leave the ingredients at home.
    Instead: The family just says vegetables are dangerous. Anne laughs and carries the precious ingredients in a satchel when getting the tomatoes.
    The Result: The tomato plant eats them and digests the ingredients, and the family has to eat their way out. All they have to show for their effort is raw tomato.
  • Following this, Anne is lamenting that they only have tomatoes. But they have Hop Pop's book.
    You'd Expect: They would make a tomato sauce with bugs to dip in, and make the tomatoes the primary focus. Or make tomato soup. You can't mess up tomato soup as long as you add enough spices!
    Instead: The Plantars choose to fall on Hop Pop's recipes to enter the competition. The main difference is they add some tomato.
    Predictably: They still come in last. Anne at least chooses to go into the cage so that her favorite frog family isn't hanging out there alone.
  • "The Domino Effect": Anne misses her cat, Domino, and coincidentally runs into a caterpillar that looks eerily similar to him. She's worried that Hop Pop will object to her having a pet after she tries to broach the subject and he says "no".
    You'd Expect: Anne would remember that Amphibia is a Death World where even the tomato plants will eat you if given the chance. She may as well come clean to Hop Pop to make sure that she isn't getting attached to yet another animal that would eat her when it's bigger.
    Instead: Anne and Sprig smuggle Domino II into the house and hide him from Hop Pop.
    The Result: By the worst luck, Domino II turns out to be a butterfly that feasts on frogs. As Anne realizes, Hop Pop could have told her because she endangered all of them. A heartbroken Anne has to let Domino II go back to the wild, though she is touched when Sprig makes a figurine of him that she can snuggle.
  • "Taking Charge": Anne shares her favorite TV show with the Plantars. Overnight, however, someone watches the show and kills her phone battery. The Plantars all suspect each other; it's eventually revealed that Hop Pop was the one who watched it because he didn't know that phones die if overused.
    You'd Expect: He would have admitted it when Sprig and Polly accuse each other and him respectively. Anne isn't mad when she finds out.
    Instead: He joins in on pointing fingers as they make a dangerous trek to get electricity.
    The Result: All the kids come to blows, which nearly gets everyone killed. Hop Pop finally comes clean and redeems himself by diving into Zappapedes with the phone to recharge it.
  • During this, Hop Pop warns everyone when crossing a rope bridge. He says it may not carry their combined weight and not to make sudden movements.
    You'd Expect: Everyone would go one at a time and wait for the person in front to reach the other side.. That way the bridge will most definitely not snap, and there won't be a chance to plot with Anne against whoever watched the show.
    Instead: Hop Pop has them all travel at the same time, and everyone falls to bickering again.
    The Result: The rope snaps, and they fall to a ledge below.
  • Since the events of "Prison Break," Sasha has started working for Commander Grime. She finds out from Bog about a small uprising in Wartwood, and presumably about the guard he nearly recruited, which was Anne.
    You'd Expect: Sasha would go immediately to Wartwood, to find Anne and "rescue her" while making an example of the Mayor for stealing taxes. Then she can do her campaign for Grime. Anne would be more likely to come at this point and wouldn't protest the mayor getting executed. At least, she wouldn't protest as much as Sasha trying to execute Hop Pop.
    Instead: She waits a whole other month before reuniting with Anne and bringing Grime's army with her. Her reason is planning to have "A little fun" with her new job.
    The Result: During this time, Hop Pop ran for mayor against Mayor Toadstool. Despite losing, he inspired frogs in other villages to rebel. Commander Grime and Sasha want to make an example of Hop Pop by killing him in public. Obviously, Anne and Sprig protest and lead a rebellion against Sasha; Anne would have given in if not for Sasha trying to kill Sprig is well. The end result is that Toad Tower is destroyed, and Commander Grime carries away an unconscious Sasha, to Anne's consternation.
  • "Grubhog Day": Someone needs to watch the Grubhog until the ceremony when the previous watcher catches the plague. Hop Pop mentions a Plantar asked to watch over the Grubhog ate it, and so the family name has been disgraced. The best way to redeem their reputation is to watch over the Grubhog until the ceremony.
    You'd Expect: He would volunteer to watch the Grubhog since he knows how unfocused Sprig can be. Plus he's old, and just needs to watch the acid-spitting bug for a few hours.
    Alternatively: He'd volunteer Polly, who in the pilot was described as having "more responsibility in her little flipper" than Sprig does in his entire body.
    Instead: He volunteers Sprig, who is Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! and was looking forward to going on the Grubhog Day rides. Sprig doesn't have the heart to tell his grandfather "no".
    The Result: Seeing how miserable Sprig is, Anne says they can go on the rides with the Grubhog since the rules only say he has to watch the little guy. They end up losing him on the rollercoaster to a raptor, and Sprig has to come clean when Anne's attempt to mimic the Grubhog via sock puppet nearly leads to her hand getting chopped off.
    Kim Possible 
  • While Kim is under the effects of a chemical that makes her slowly disappear every time she gets embarrassed, she willingly decides to go on a date with someone.
    You'd Expect: Kim to decline the date offer, knowing it's too risky.
    Instead: She accepts, leaving the safe haven of her home, encountering embarrassment galore and nearly getting herself killed in the process. BRILLIANT IDEA, KIM.
  • Shego has recently fallen into a shallow trap with crocodiles, and says she can't hurt any of the crocodiles.
    You'd Expect: Shego, with her abilities to shoot plasma beams just by pointing her fingers or jumping straight several meters up the air, would either shoot the crocodiles with her plasma beams or just jump out of that shallow hole.
    Instead: She starts wrestling with one crocodile's jaw while whining about needing help...
  • At the end of The Movie, Drakken has succeeded with all his plans. He is not only mere hours away from unleashing the evil machines that he will use to take over the world, he has also captured and tied up his arch enemy Kim Possible and her sidekick though a cunning plan of his.
    You'd Expect: Drakken would a) learn by his mistakes and actually capture Rufus so that the pet does not free Kim and Ron again, and b) not take the backpack, containing a laser beam and the necessary disruptor to the transmitter to the evil machines, to the exact same room that Team Possible were tied up in.
    Instead: Drakken overlooks Rufus, again, and puts the backpack, with all the mission crucial toys, in the same room as Team Possible, so naturally Team Possible escapes and not long after destroys Drakken's plans.
  • In the episode "Ron Millionaire," because Ron is such a loyal customer for Bueno Nacho, he wins $99 million.
    You'd Expect: For Ron to immediately open up a bank account and store the money there. You would also expect for him to use some of the money to spend on a financial adviser so he could keep the money and use it for mostly things he needs.
    Instead: He foolishly keeps $99 million in CASH in his pockets all times. Heck, even Kim mentions how foolish it was for Ron to carry such a large amount of money with him at all times. He also spends the money on unnecessary things, and even acquires fake friends.
    As A Result: This gets him captured by Drakken. Ron also loses all of his money at the end of the episode due to his poor spending habits.
  • In the episode "Stop Team Go", one of the titular team's Rogues Gallery Electronique has assembled all of Team Go (Shego included) to a warehouse where she will zap them with the Attitudinator which will cause them to turn from good to bad. However, she isn't aware of the fact that Shego already made a Face–Heel Turn without the device, so when she attempts to explain it to her...
    You'd Expect: For Electronique to hear her out. Once she has heard her story, she would either let her go back to Dr. Drakken or convince her to team up with her for her scheme of robbing all of Go City with her converted brothers.
    Instead: She zapped all of Team Go with Shego included. While her brothers turned evil, she turned good. Electronique found out the hard way that Team Go is crippled without Shego around. Also, it allowed Kim and Ron to clue in on the situation to foil her plan.
     Lilo And Stitch The Series 
  • In the episode "Wishy Washy", Gantu captures an experiment who grants wishes and Lilo and Stitch have come to stop him. Gantu has captured this experiment by saying "I wish that the experiment was in my grasp".
    You'd expect: Gantu would say something like "I wish no one could stop my plans" or "I wish Lilo and Stitch would be teleported into space".
    Instead: Gantu wishes that his blaster was 100X more powerful and larger. This means that not only is his blaster harder to aim, it also does more accidental damage to his ship.
    • In the episode "Checkers", Lilo gets an experiment that causes anyone who were it as a crown to be viewed as a king. Lilo naturally enjoys having authority, but the Alpha Bitch and her Girl Posse become her guards, and arrests anyone who so much as crosses her the wrong way.
      You'd Expect: For Lilo to stop their arrests. She Is the King, and she knows these so called crimes are harmless.
      Instead: Lilo reluctantly goes "I guess if they say he's a troublemaker...", let's them arrest the whole town. Everything eventually goes back to normal, and Lilo learns An Aesop about accepting the authority of adults. If she's that inept as a king, she needs that lesson.
     The Lion Guard 
  • In the "Rise of Scar" episode of The Lion Guard, Kion's friends have managed to rescue Kiara from Janja's clan after she was captured as part of a scheme to make Kion use the Roar of the Elders bring back Scar. However, Janja tells Kion that next time, he might actually kill Kiara, or Bunga, or his parents.
    You'd Expect: Kion to just ignore Janja and return to the Pride Lands with his rescued sister.
    Or: At the very least, say something along the lines of "We'll be ready for you, Janja!" and just leave it at that.
    Instead: He uses the Roar of the Elders in anger, thus putting the Hyenas' plan of bringing back Scar into action.
     Phineas and Ferb 
  • Candace's main obsession in the series is to bust her brothers for their escapades. It's not exactly clear why: it could be that some of the inventions and adventures are dangerous, that she wouldn't be allowed to get away with the same if she tried to do the same, or that her brothers inadvertently make her a Butt-Monkey despite the fact that both care about her a lot and will do what they can to make her happy. It's also shown that Candace would be happier if she just joined in on her brothers rather than try to kill their fun.
    You'd Expect: Candace would eventually get this message. It's not like the boys are intentionally causing trouble or trying to make her into a Butt-Monkey, and they will make her happy. Even her subconscious in "Wizard of Odd" told her off for focusing more on the rule-breaking than on the fact that the boys are having fun and bringing joy to their city.
    Instead: Aesop Amnesia is always in full force, up until the series finale. Candace does what she can to reveal to her mother that her brothers are engaged in rather illicit activities that, in the timelines where her mother does find out, put the boys on lockdown and cause a Bad Future.
    The Result: Candace's attempts to be a fun-killer end up hurting her more often than the boys.
  • A good example of this is in the episode "Phineas and Ferb-Busters!". In that one, Candace forms a team with Stacy and Jenny known as the Phineas and Ferb-busters, which includes communication headsets so they can signal each other. Around the same time, Phineas and Ferb build a set of giant tops for them, Isabella, and Baljeet to ride in, inspired by a board game they were playing with them and Buford. These tops are powered by a power source that radiates energy across the yard. As Candace, Stacy, and Jenny spy on Phineas and Ferb, Buford turns up the power source, causing the tops to spin out of control, and also overloading and destroying Stacy and Jenny's headsets, so they're unable to signal Candace. When Linda arrives home, she hears noise in the backyard and decides to go there to see if Phineas and Ferb are up to something wild and dangerous, like Candace said they would be.
    You'd Expect: Candace to let Linda investigate, so that she can see Phineas and Ferb riding the tops and punish them for it, thus finally letting Candace accomplish her goal of busting Phineas and Ferb.
    Instead: Candace, obsessed with having her new team's work go according to plan, refuses to let Linda in the backyard until she gets the signal from Stacy and Jenny. Because the headsets are destroyed, they can't signal her. When Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, and Baljeet stop riding their tops, the tops fly away. Around the same time, Perry shuts off the power source. Thus, when Linda finally does get to the backyard, she finds Phineas and Ferb playing the top-themed board game with Isabella, Baljeet, and Buford. When Stacy and Jenny tell her what really happened, she doesn't believe them, as per the norm with Candace.
  • In "Hip-Hip Parade", Candace is asked to go a day without trying to bust her brothers. This proves difficult when the two are throwing a parade, and it just so happens to be next to the restaurant she and Linda are having lunch, with Linda seated facing away from it. Thus, her mission is to get Linda to notice the parade without her usual cries of "Mom, Mom, Phineas and Ferb are doing this!"
    You'd Expect: Candace could innocently shout, "Look, a parade" without speaking of Phineas and Ferb's involvement in it.
    Instead: She vaguely tries to get Linda to turn her head around. Linda doesn't understand why, nor does she notice the parade. By the time she turns her head around in the credits, the parade has passed.
  • In "The Secret of Success", Candace attends a seminar with Stacy to discover the secret to busting her brothers. It is announced that the final step to success will be revealed after the break. During the break, Phineas and Ferb drive by in their all-terrain vehicle they built.
    You'd Expect: Candace would ignore Phineas and Ferb and wait until after the seminar is over before she busts them. Her previous attempts to bust her brothers have always failed, so there's no reason to assume this time should be any different.
    Instead: Candace decides to go ahead and bust her brothers by driving their vehicle so she can show Linda, and she tells Stacy to take notes for her. When Linda finds out that Candace has been driving without adult supervision, she grounds her. Later, when Candace asks Stacy what the final step was, the only answer she gets is "F.R.E.E.P.O." But Candace cannot figure out what it stands for. Naturally, her attempts to bust her brothers continue to fail throughout the rest of the series.
  • "Tip of the Day": Dr. Doofenshmirtz attaches a universal delete button to a mind reading helmet, which when he presses the button, would cause everyone to forget about whatever he's thinking. He intends to make everyone forget about that embarrassing viral video of himself.
    You'd expect Doofenshmirtz to immediately press the button the minute he puts on the helmet, while he's still thinking about the embarrassing video, then his plan would succeed.
    Instead: He wastes his time explaining his whole plan to Perry while he's wearing the helmet, then ends up getting distracted when he trips, setting his mind to something else and causing everyone to forget about the aglet instead.
  • Well, alright, but there's still Isabella's crush on Phineas, and how obvious she makes it.
    You'd Expect: Phineas to realize her love for him.
    Or: Isabella would straight-up say "I love you, Phineas" or something similar.
    Instead: He's just completely oblivious to it, which sadly continues throughout the series.
     Milo Murphys Law 
  • The Time Travel Bureau works to correct various temporal anomalies. They send their most inept agents, Dakota and Cavendish, to protect pistachios from going extinct.
    You'd Expect: The Bureau would focus on just the plants and seeds.
    Instead: Dakota and Cavendish's missions half-focus on commercially processed pistachios. Ones that cannot reproduce.
  • The agents notice that their missions fail every time Milo Murphy shows up and asks for pistachios. This happens because Milo is cursed with terrible bad luck. Cavendish becomes convinced that Murphy is a rival agent sent to thwart them.
    You'd Expect: The Bureau would realize what Dakota and Cavendish realize, that the pistachio mission fails whenever Milo Murphy is around. And that he's a descendant of the original Murphy.
    Instead: Their boss tells the duo to focus on their mission and that Murphy is an ordinary teenage kid. While Milo is a Nice Guy, he is far from ordinary.
    The Result: Cavendish goes off on his own to find evidence that Murphy is an enemy, and fails because he and Dakota are mistaken for vampire hunters by Murphy's friends. He only finds out that Murphy has terrible bad luck because Dakota thinks to ask the kid about it rather than attack him.
     The Proud Family 
  • In the episode "Hip-Hop Helicopter," Penny gets peer-pressured into wearing her LPDZ outfit that her parents forbid her to wear to Bethany's (Dijonay's Cousin) party. To avoid getting caught wearing the outfit by her parents, Penny wears normal clothes over her LPDZ outfit. At the party, Penny and her friends eventually get bored and turned off by the older guys' behavior towards her and wants to leave.
    You'd Expect: While Penny was already angry at and confronting Bethany, Penny should have at least calmed down and politely asked Bethany to give her (and her friends) regular clothes back for her to change into, so she could avoid getting caught by her parents.
    Instead: Penny forgets to do so. She and her friend even lampshade this when Penny's already at her house and her family, along with Lacienega's family, pull up in their vehicles.
    As a result: Predictably, Penny and her friends get grounded at the end of the episode.
  • A Running Gag throughout the show is that Oscar's Proud Snax are so terrible that anyone who eats them becomes violently ill. (Peabo is the only character who likes them, but one customer isn't going to make him much money)
    You'd Expect: Oscar to either make better snacks or try a different career.
    Instead: He does neither.
    As a result: Proud Snax don't sell very well and he makes very little money, making veterinarian Trudy the breadwinner of the Proud household.
  • Penny tries to convince her dad that she's old enough to go on a date. He refuses, because he thinks she's too young and gives Insane Troll Logic responses like "not until you're married" or "when you're thirty-nine".
    You'd Expect: Oscar and Trudy would give Penny The Talk; they're worried about her choosing a guy for superficial reasons or about a guy wanting to get inside her pants.
    Instead: Oscar keeps being an Overprotective Dad while he and Trudy prepare for a double-date with her parents.
    The Result: Penny has to lie that she ran into a guy at the park, when she actually did a group date with her friends. Marcus was the only one willing to stay with her, and saved her siblings when the twins sneak on a rollercoaster. Also, he wins her a toy. Oscar still gives Marcus the cold shoulder when Marcus asks Penny out on a formal date. Penny blows up at her dad, with Trudy bluntly telling Oscar that Penny is growing up and she needs The Talk. Eventually, the two compromise; Penny can date boys when she's sixteen, but for now she and Marcus can only do homework together.
  • "Doug Gets His Wish": Ms. Kristal is revealed to be a Cool Teacher but also intense. She gives a lot of homework and has high expectations for her English literature students. At one point Willie, who walked in late and doesn't know what the story is, has to tell his father that Ms. Kristal wants to meet for a parent-teacher conference. Willie claims that she hasn't taught him anything. Ms. Kristal also admits that she didn't vote for his father, who is the school principal and was formerly a mayor.
    You'd Expect: Principal White would talk to Ms. Kristal to learn about the curriculum during the conference. They could then try to figure out how to help Willie with the material.
    Instead: In a blatant abuse of power, he fires her on the grounds that Willie claims he's never learned anything in her class and for not voting for him, and then puts Willie in charge of English literature. Skeeter sees the danger, but Willlie suspends him for pointing out that Doug has the right to talk with Ms. Kristal at the grocery store.
    The Result: When Willie gets Drunk with Power, the students bound together against him and petition the school board to have Ms. Krystal reinstated. Tippi Dink, the head of the board, points out that you can't fire a teacher because she didn't support your election, and Doug quickly proves that Willie learned a lot from Ms. Kristal. Tippi reinstates her and puts Principal White in the class to learn.
  • "Doug Gets Booked": Ms. Kristal assigns a rules-free book report assignment to the whole class. They feel pressured that Bee Bee is having a documentary run on her, and thus their reports will be on television.
    You'd Expect: Most of the class to remember to read the book, and minimize their stunts. They know Ms. Kristal has high expectations.
    Instead: The class goes nuts trying to prepare for television presentations. Roger and Bee Bee use their wealth to create elaborate special effects, while Doug goes on spending and anxiety sprees trying to figure out what book is exciting enough and what effects he can afford. Bee Bee pays for a large reenactment of Treasure Island. In Roger's case, he hires a ghostwriter to write a book about his family and then actors to do a movie on it.
    The Result: On due date, most of the class suffers a number of technical difficulties with their effects, even those like Skeeter and Patty who put in the work. As Bee Bee finds out, her Treasure Island' performance sinks the day reports are due. The actors go on strike right when Roger presents them. Both admit they didn't read the book, to Ms. Kristal's obvious befuddlement, and Skunky embarrasses Roger further by showing up with a Boring, but Practical book report on Biography of Klautz that earns him an A. Doug presents with his simple handwritten report on Edgar Allan Poe, and his oratory skills steal the show from Bee Bee. The lesson? Actually do your homework.
  • "Doug and the Bluffington Five": When the school decides to implement uniforms and don't even read a students petition, Sally decides to lead a protest. Patti is admiring and wanting to follow Sally, and most of the students follow their lead, including Roger and Bee Bee. Doug and Skeeter decide to film the protest for social studies.
    You'd Expect: That Students Protest the Uniform Decision, or S.P.U.D., would have solid leadership and a reasonable committee. The odds are stacked against them as it is.
    Instead: When Sally loses her voice from shouting so much, she makes Patti go up on stage and speak for her during the students' lunch.
    The Result: Patti becomes the S.P.U.D. leader, also is Drunk with Power and gets "carried away," as she admits. She drives away Roger, Bee Bee and Sally with her egotistical schemes from making them march in the corridor to going on a hunger strike. The hunger strike backfires because it's just for lunch so the teachers don't care. When S.P.U.D. actually gets a chance to debate, they lose because Principal White chooses Skeeter to speak pro uniforms, and Patti has to apologize to the students for her egotism so that Skeeter can speak. The teahcers get locked in debate on how the clothes should look, making the protest moot anyway.
  • In the City of Stone Arc, the flashback when Macbeth was king and Demona was his Dragon. After the defeat of the hunter army Macbeth held a secret meeting with his son Lulach and his father-in-law to decide what to do next. The father-in-law suggest to let the gargoyles be killed in order to appease the English army. Lulach doesn't agree, but Macbeth inform Lulach that a king had to look all options. All this time Demona was listening in.
    You'd Expect: That Demona would stay there and listen to find out what Macbeth's final choice is. If he says yes, burst in there, kill everyone or quietly leave to let Macbeth fend for himself. If he says no, she can still give Macbeth a What the Hell, Hero? speech for even thinking of dumping your clan to the enemy
    Instead: She leaves without knowing the final choice and just assumes the worst
    Additionally: She betrays Macbeth to the England invaders and the hunter because they sure are a bunch of trust-worthy people with no Fantastic Racism against gargoyles.
    The Result: Demona is alone again and this time has an immortal Rival that wants her dead even if it costs him his life.
    • In the second episode of the third season, when everybody suddenly hates the Gargoyles, Lexington is captured, crucified (!) and put on public display, apparently to be lynched.
      You'd Expect: Him to cry out that he's innocent or try to reason with the crowd or say anything.
      If Nothing Else: It would have at least proven that he's in fact sentient.
      Instead: He says nothing and just snarls at the people like the beast they believe he is.
    • In "My Brother's Keeper", Elisa got a recording from Fox about what Xanatos is planning for her younger brother, Derek. She shows it to him.
      You'd Expect: Him to listen the tape to learn that Xanatos is up to no good and quits working for him.
      Instead: He didn't listen to the tape at all, and assumes the worse.
      Worse Still: Word of God say he did in fact listen to the tape, but decided he was smart enough to handle Xanatos and didn't want to admit his sister was right.
    • Speaking of this one, there's also the season 2 episode, "The Cage", when Xanatos shows Derek (now Talon) a video recording of Goliath kidnapping Sevarius. He made him think they're still working together, and Owen ended up revealing their location. Cue Talon running off.
      You'd Expect: Xanatos should stop him immediately and tell him that he's been using him all this time, saving Goliath's life.
      Instead: Oh boy:
    Xanatos: Oh hello, Goliath, didn't even notice you there.
    Goliath: Did you have to save my life after Talon nearly killed me?!
    Nina Needs To Go! 
  • Every episode starts with either of Nina's parents or her older brother, Frank, asking Nina if she needs to use the restroom, or if she used it before they left the house.
    You'd Expect: Nina to tell either of her parents or Frank that she needs to go to the bathroom, in case she can't hold it in the entire time the rest of the family is involved in whatever the episode's activity is.
    Instead: She tells them that she's fine, and about 10 seconds later, she tells them she needs to go immediately. Unfortunately for her, there's no nearby restroom.
  • The Beach episode has one of its own. Nina's Mom is trying to get Nina to the beach's bathroom, and on their way, they come to a volleyball field.
    You'd Expect: Nina's Mom to continue to try to take Nina to the bathroom, not even letting the volleyball game distract her.
    Instead: Nina's Mom says she loves volleyball, and joins the other players in the volleyball game, forgetting about taking Nina to the bathroom. Fortunately, Nana takes over for her.
     American Dragon Jake Long 
  • "The Love Cruise": After Huntsgirl pulls a Heel–Face Turn and becomes The Mole for Jake and his dragon team, Lao Shi is concerned that her relationship with Jake is affecting his dragon duties. Never mind that Jake is living a double life and dating Rose is one of the few outlets he has to deal with the daily stresses of protecting the entire magical world.
    You'd Expect: He would talk it out with Jake about not engaging in Love Makes You Dumb. Rose is a powerful ally, but also still in danger because the Huntsclan has been suspecting her of turning traitor. They could easily use her as leverage to get the three Skulls.
    Instead: He asks Rose to break up with Jake.
    You'd Then Expect: Rose would realize how ridiculous it is that Lao Shi is expecting Jake to put his desire for a normal life on hold.
    Instead: She goes along with it.
    The Result: A heartbroken Jake acquires a love potion to make Rose fall in love with him again, but it backfires and makes her hate him, and she nearly turns in the entire dragon team to the Huntsclan. They determine that Rose and Jake can only be together once the time to use the Skulls has passed, and when Rose gets the opportunity to leave the Huntsclan for good. This backfires when the Huntsman discovers her treachery, Rose has to wipe out the Huntsclan to save Jake and the others. Jake's wish to save her in turn wipes Rose's memory of their relationship and leads to her moving away to Hong Kong. Haley calls out Lao Shi for this in "Being Human" when she gets a taste of what Jake's daily routine as the American Dragon is like.
    Fortunately: In the Series Finale, Jake gets an Earn Your Happy Ending when Rose regains her memories, helps defeat the Dark Dragon, and gives him The Big Damn Kiss.
     Sabrina the Animated series 
  • The Spellmans have their books and potions, but their go-to is Spooky in the Spooky Jar. Spooky is a Jackass Genie who will do complicated spells for them but often add in clauses because It Amused Me. Like the time he trapped Sabrina and Harvey in a spy movie because Harvey wanted a video to come out early. At best, he'll make up a mocking poem for Sabrina about how she laughs like a hyena.
    You'd Expect: At some point Hilda and Zelda would put the Spooky Jar out of reach of Sabrina or anyone that may eye it. It's too much temptation and the headaches aren't worth it.
    Instead: It's always reachable, even during the times when Hilda and Zelda say that Sabrina needs to ask permission before asking Spooky for a spell.
    The Result: Spooky causes a lot of chaos while Bothering by the Book. When Sabrina asks for a weight-loss spell, he gives her a scale that shrinks her and Chloe. The time that Gem put a book in what she thought was a cookie jar? Spooky transported Gem and Sabrina back in time, nearly outing the entire family's magic to Gem. One time even a stray dog managed to gain sapience and nearly conquer humanity due to nosing at the Spooky Jar for food.
  • In one episode, Sabrina gets upset when Harvey seems to love the style of clothes that Gem is sporting. She and Chloe go shopping for the same outfits but realize the shirts and pants are too small. When Sabrina suggests they do rapid weight loss and exercise, Chloe mentions they could just use magic to git into the clothes.
    You'd Expect: They would ask Zelda and Hilda to make the clothes bigger, or find a spell for perfect tailoring. Even in real life, most celebrities tailor their outfits to look fabulous.
    Instead: They sneak to the Spooky Jar and get a weight loss scale.
    Predictably: The spell goes wrong, shrinking Sabrina and Chloe to doll size when they are at school. Hilarity Ensues as they have to navigate their way back to Sabrina's house and get back to normal.

Modern Disney Shorts

  • In "Feed the Birds," Mickey is trying to get bread crumbs to a sweet little bird named Tuppence. Every time Tuppence tries to eat, nearby pigeons bully him away from his breakfast. When Mickey tries to bring Tuppence to the safety of his home, the pigeons fly into the chimney and kick them out. Mickey gets angry and quickly advertises a pigeon paradise on TV that has all the food, movies, and amenities they could ever want.
    You'd Expect: The pigeons would realize that Mickey would have no reason to want to help them after they kicked him out of his own house and burned down the custom feeder he made for Tuppence.
    Instead: They fall for the Schmuck Bait and go to the paradise.
    Predictably: It's revealed to be a trap; Mickey reveals the barn is a rocket, and allows Tuppence to push the launch button. Tuppence goes Beware the Nice Ones and does so with a Grin of Audacity.
  • In the Mickey Mouse Halloween special, "The Scariest Story Ever", Mickey, Donald, and Goofy and are hosting Huey, Dewey, Louie, Morty, and Ferdie on Halloween who want scary stories. These kids are also jaded.
    You'd Expect: The trio would have prepared their tales ahead of time.
    Instead: They improvise their stories, with cliched twists and turns.
    Predictably: The kids aren't amused.

Vintage Disney Shorts

  • Even the classic Disney shorts have What an Idiot! moments, as seen in "Donald's Happy Birthday". Needing money to buy some cigars as a birthday gift for Donald, his nephews go on a chore binge, with Donald being clueless about the kids' sudden desire to do chores in order to get a certain amount of money.
    You'd Expect: Donald would ask his nephews the reason for this sudden need of money (or at least realize that today is his birthday and deduce that they must be getting money for a present).
    Instead: Donald forces his nephews to put the money they earned into a mechanical toy bank, with most of the short then consisting of the nephews trying to get it back in order to buy Donald's present.
    It Gets Worse: Once the nephews finally get back their allowance and use it to buy the cigars as a birthday gift, Donald assumes that the boys were buying them for themselves. Without giving them a chance to explain it, he forces them to smoke the cigars, not realizing that the cigars were meant for him until, after exhausting all of the cigars, he discovers the birthday card from his nephews.
  • "Donald's Snow Fight"
    • It's a snow day, and Donald hopes to go sledding. He finds that his nephews are building a snowman on the hill that he wants to ride. It's one of the rare times when they aren't being complete brats to him, as was common in the Disney shorts.
      You'd Expect: Donald would leave them alone and go down another hill. He knows that his nephews can be little monsters when instigated. You shouldn't spoil someone else's fun.
      Instead: He deliberately crashes into their snowman, which they had just finished. Then he laughs in front of them. The triplets retaliate by building a snowman around a rock and goading him to crash into it. This leads to their titular snowfight, where after Donald launches a good offense the triplets use mousetraps, coal, and fire against him and freeze him in a lake.
    • During the fight, Donald and the triplets have their respective forts. The triplets have solid reinforcements such as mattresses and wood.
      You'd Expect: Donald to have built his fort similarly, and on the solid bank.
      Instead: It's in the middle of the lake, a purely ice boat that can't even move or provide adequate cover. As a result, the triplets easily melt it and beat him.
  • "Once Upon a Wintertime"
    • As part of a date, a nameless youth takes his beau out on the ice. It's clear that she's only started to learn how to skate. During the date, he accidentally gets a lot of ice on her while skating fast and braking. Then she slips on the frozen lake, which reveals all of her petticoats. She starts to get huffy.
      You'd Expect: He would apologize to her, or do it as best as he can within the constraints of the cartoon leaving them and the accompanying bunnies mute. Helping her up and dusting her off may be a good way to save the date.
      Instead: He stifles a giggle and doesn't help her up. She notices, angrily kicks off her skates and walks away, much to his dismay. Fortunately, his attempt to save her when the ice they're on breaks mends their relationship, at least so he can escort her home on the sleigh ride.
  • "The Autograph Hound”
    • Donald is touring Hollywood. He's seeking autographs. As Shirley Temple reveals later, Donald is fairly famous due to being a Toon. He gets on a guard's bad side for appearing to be the titular autograph hound, that is someone bothering the talent.
      You'd Expect: Donald would explain he's a celebrity but is trying to be an undercover fan. As its shown later, he gets mobbed when everyone in the studio lot recognize him. it also turns out the guard is a fan of Donald Duck cartoons.
      Instead: Donald does his typical Donald hijinks to sneak into the studio and get as many autographs as possible. Hilarity Ensues, even when Shirley Temple clarifies who Donald is.
  • "Chef Donald"
    • The short begins with Donald gluing recipes in his scrapbook with a bottle of rubber cement, when he hears a recipe for Mother Mallard's golden brown waffles on his radio. This puts him in the mood to cook and eat some, so he puts away his scrapbook and puts baking supplies on the table.
      You'd Expect: Donald to also put away the bottle of rubber cement.
      Instead: Donald leaves it on the table with the baking supplies.
      As a result: When Donald follows the recipe, he accidentally pours in rubber cement instead of baking powder, and ends up making a sticky mess that sticks to the bowl and spoon, causing him grief throughout the rest of the short.
  • "Lonesome Ghosts"
    • Near the end of the short, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy get covered in molasses and flour, giving them the appearance of ghosts themselves and are spotted by the titular Lonesome Ghosts.
      You'd Expect: The ghosts to start laughing at our heroes now that they look like ghosts themselves thanks to all the pranks they've pulled on them.
      Instead: They have a Freak Out! and run out of the house to get away from the "ghosts," forgetting that they're ghosts themselves!


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