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What An Idiot / Boruto

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Like its predecessor, so many things happen-for better or worse in any form-thanks to a slew of stupid decisions made by the ninjas in this series. Unsurprisingly, consequences eventually chew them up, hard.

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  • Naruto comes to the school and meets Iruka- the school's principal-about the upcoming field trip for the academy. Meanwhile, Boruto is making his new prank onto even the principle, right at his daddy Hokage's presence.
    You'd Expect: Boruto to apologize to both Iruka and Naruto. Or just not go through with the prank after realizing his dad's there.
    Instead: Not only does he refuse to apologize to both the headmaster and his father, he argues with Naruto as well!
    Even Worse: Boruto even dares to ask Naruto about his business in his own school. Well, Naruto just dropping by and play Go with his longtime teacher, drinking tea while talking about the reminiscence about Konoha.WHAT DO YOU THINK?!
    Result: Boruto is punished for it where he is put upside down inside a futon, in his class. Making things even more embarrassing is that he winds up as a leader (reluctantly) for his class's first field trip.
  • In the past, little girl Buntan is watching a full moon via a bucket of water. Her mother is sitting away from her.
    You'd Expect: For the mother to try at least talk to Buntan like a parent should.
    Instead: She approaches Buntan and kicks the bucket of water for absolutely no reason while shunning her simply because she looked like a father she scorned so much.
    Result: That gave a negative impact to Buntan who now viewed the world as an ugly place. She later joins Shimazu's "revolution" to start a war against Konoha and goes on a "mission" to revive the Blood Mist Village. Nice parenting here, mom!
  • During the chaos, Chojuro is separated from Boruto and Sarada and he has to fight against Hassaku, Hebiichigo and Kyohō. During the duel, the Mizukage is immobilized by Hebiichigo's silk strings, leaving him at a "mercy" to the three wannabe Swordsmen.
    You'd Expect: These three Swordsmen to finish off the current Mizukage immediately.
    Instead: They take their sweet time torturing the Mizukage while he is in a vulnerable state, then trash talk Chojuro and force him to remember the Blood Mist. Ichirota lampshades their weakness but he is not helping to fix the situation by letting them "lash out their frustrations" on Chojuro.
    Even Worse: Hassaku is provoked into trying to kill Chojuro with a giant weapon he has no experience using.
    Result: Chojuro is able to use the clumsy attack to break free of the strings and retrieve his katana.
    ** Even after Chojuro manages to break free, he is still at a disadvantage because of his broken katana. He still manages to take them all on with ease.
    You'd Then Expect: Hebiichigo and Hassaku to give up and stop the fight already.
    Instead: Every single one of them are too stubborn to give up, even though they're all clearly outmatched and shivering with fear about the resolutions to die as swordsmen.
    As A Result: Both Hebiichigo and Hassaku are KO'd non fatally by Chojuro.
  • Ichirota is next. After witnessing Chojuro turning the tables and beating Hassaku, Hebiichigo and Kyoh&#333, the third one finally surrenders. The Mizukage's performance impresses Ichirota.
    You'd Expect: Being the most perspective of the seven wannabe New Swordsmen, he would kill the Mizukage right now, especially with the foggy setting.
    Instead: He starts rambling about the Mizukage's fall while taking his time to prepare the attack. By the time he is about to make his kill however, Ichirota is interrupted by an incoming Iwabee.
    Even Worse: Ichirota proceeds to mock Iwabee as a small fry before he engages in a sword duel with one of the Konoha students.
    Result: Ichirota is cut by that said "small fry" when Iwabee defeats him decisively via Single-Stroke Battle with his hidden katana. Unwilling to accept defeat, he blows himself up with the sword and leaves Iwabee to Shizuma.
    Bonus Stupidity: Unfortunately for Ichirota, the only thing Shizuma ever cares about is to see Boruto's suffering by the hands of his "best friend" Kagura, and Iwabee is not even on his list. Technically, Ichirota's suicide is all for nothing and the wannabes screw up their own goals.



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