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The SCP Foundation has several of these. Often an entry will lead the reader in a certain direction by deliberately not revealing all of the object's qualities; the Wham Line will then drastically change the tone of the piece:

General examples
  • Classified object classes. Sometimes, an SCP would explicitly state its object class as being one class, but then you open a collapsible and see its true object class and description. The classified object class is usually Keter or Thaumiel.
  • During earlier times, any use of Object Class: Thaumiel, regardless of obscured or unobscured, is very much a wham line, since it indicates that the SCP is beneficial to the Foundation's goals instead of being the usually expected "dangerous anomaly".
  • Object Class: Apollyon is an even rarer example and has even more impact. As of yet, it has only been used three times, generally to indicate a Despair Event Horizon on the part of the Foundation, or a world-ending object for which any sort of containment procedure is rendered irrelevant or impossible. Only one (or two) of them has been averted.

Page-specific examples
  • SCP-2000, being a bit of a Wham SCP, has several, but three in particular stand out:
    "Object Class: Thaumiel" (see above)
    "Previous attempts to ameliorate violent and sociopathic tendencies in humanity as a whole have already been implemented and deemed successful."
    "Valid Foundation security credentials for Dr. Alto Clef were discovered nearby, although a genetic match could not be established"
  • SCP-2317 has two on its final iteration:
    • Object Class: Keter (stricken out) Apollyon
    • Special Containment Procedures: Irrelevant.
  • SCP-2740: Currently, it is believed that Olivia Lee does not exist, nor has ever existed.
  • SCP-3812 has three. First, from the memo left by Dr. Yamamara, "I usually donít like to lead into these things with hyperbole, so youíll have to take me at my word when I say that I believe SCP-3812 is the most dangerous anomaly on Earth, and potentially in the universe.". The second was from Addendum 3812.4, where it is casually stated that SCP-3812's lashing out at a redacted SCP (that was producing a field similar to a Reality Anchor's) caused the destruction of a nearby hospital and the "remnants of SCP-███" to be reclassified as SCP-239. The Witch Child, who could manipulate DR. CLEF. The third was also from the Addendum and stated that one of SCP-3812's attacks caused an enormous explosion, resulting in a crater 850 metres wide, and the highly abstract database-bending SCP-2719 to be created and later found inside.