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Please don't hide spoilers in this page. Wham Line is a spoileriffic trope by nature, so it's pointless to spoiler tag every example.

Works with their own pages:

  • A Crown of Stars: In chapter 74:
    TJ: <<"Private Rokubungi, front and center!">>
  • Advice and Trust:
    • In chapter 6, Shinji and Asuka ask who the Fourth Child is:
      Hikari: It's me.
    • At the very end of that chapter:
      Gendo [to Shinji and Asuka]: As of this moment, you are no longer Evangelion Pilots. Leave.
      • After closing the chapter the author asked:
        I promised you a Wham Line, kids. How's that one?
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    • Rei's discussion with Kaworu after Asuka's birthday party has a rare case where Arc Words are used in this manner.
      You are just like me.
    • In chapter 9, there's a pretty big reveal about Kaworu:
      Kaworu: [to Rei] I have met Shinji Ikari before. Loved him. I think. I have seen myself die a hundred times, usually by his hand. I think.
    • Chapter 10:
      Gendo: Then you will do as you are ordered. Or I will separate you and the Second Child permanently.
  • All Guardsmen Party: At the end of Tyranid Delivery Experts when meeting the Ordo Xenos:
    'But the charge at the top of the list will almost certainly be aiding and abetting the Rogue Inquisitor colloquially known as "Oak".'
  • Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron
    • The last line of Rai's Escape:
      Lelouch: Plot a course for Earth.
  • Higher Learning:
    • In chapter 34:
      Kaoru: Tell me… how's your hand doing?
    • During the final arc:
      Kaji: You love your parents that much, do you?
      Kaoru: Actually, they're my grandparents.
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  • The One I Love Is:
    Misato: I don't want to die... because... because... I'm... I'm pregnant...
  • In The Writing on the Wall, the titular writing is assumed to be your garden-variety tomb curse on the ancient structure that Daring Do is investigating. Then it's actually translated. The Ending Changes Everything, indeed...
    This is not a place of honor. No great deed is commemorated here. Nothing of value is here.
  • Bad Horse's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfic Trust is about the importance of trust, and how Trixie, by gaining unearned trust, might trap herself in an impossible situation where other ponies are counting on her supposed prowess, only for her to come up short. The story ends with Princess Celestia discussing the upcoming changeling attack on Canterlot with Shining Armor, encouraging him to prepare and train another soldier to hold up the shield should he prove unable to do so. He's been busy though, and besides, Celestia is there to protect them all, right? The story ends with Celestia going outside, in front of a large crowd as she always does...
    She left the captain and hurried to the second-floor sitting room at the front of the palace. The sky was turning red as the sun sank toward the horizon. Celestia stepped out onto the balcony overlooking the courtyard. She smiled at the crowd of ponies, and a cheer went up. Many of them had travelled days just so they could say that one day they had watched the Princess raise and lower the sun. The pages standing at the corners of the balcony raised their trumpets and sounded them, and she aimed her horn toward the sun. It began to glow gold with magical energy, turning white as it grew more brilliant. She took a deep breath, screwed up her face in a look of intense concentration, and once again pretended to lower the sun.
  • In The Dark Lords Ascendant, a third story in a trilogy of Ranma ½ and Sailor Moon fics known as the Dark Lord saga, Ranma arrives to Juuban to dissuade the Sailor Senshi from thinking that he and the Wrecking Crew are trans-dimensional conquerors (long story, read the first fic to understand where this is going). Of course, this is Ranma we're talking about and the universe seems to hate him for no damn reason, so it goes as well as you think. By this we mean explosions, misunderstandings, and chaos galore. And after the dust settles, Sailor Moon utters these words which shoots down everything Ranma tried to prevent. She's not listing to another word from him, and another fight with the Senshi was now inevitable:
    "Are you still going to try and tell us that you aren't mind-controlling these girls into your being your servants, Ranma?"
    • And another Wham Line, this time spoken by Ranma after discovering what the Outside-Context Villains of the story are really after.
      "A guy like you? He wouldn't just want a way to stop Sailor Moon from using her power. He'd want a way to steal it."
    • And there is a big one in the dialog of the first climax chapter, where we learn what Unit Zero, the thing that has been stealing Sailor Moon's power through out the story, really is.
      With a loud clank, the capsule doors locked into position, now fully open. Then, out from the shadows of its interior, Unit Zero stepped into view. Her face was cast into harsh highlight by the orange glow from all the tanks lining the walls, but her features were nonetheless unmistakable. Because they matched Sailor Moon's exactly.
    • And the final one happens during the final battle, as Ranma realizes that the Big Bad is destined to become the Death Phantom:
      "I don't need to figure out how to kill you. I already know. I figured it out three years ago. You showed me a whole lot of magical junk you'd collected when you were trying to convince me to join you... but there was one you didn't show me, wasn't there? The first one you ever found. The one that let you live this long, accomplish this much. I'm thinking... a crystal ball about... this big. Right?"
  • In the Supergirl story Hellsister Trilogy: "We have evidence that Darkseid has the son Mordru fathered with Satan Girl."
  • DOOM: Repercussions of Evil: "No, John. You are the demons."
  • RE-TAKE: "You are an Angel."
  • Nobody Dies: "More than there were before."note 
  • The Second Try:
    • It pulls a nasty twist at the end of Chapter 5:
      Shinji: We had a child.
    • Another smaller one occurs in the middle of chapter 3, marking the first divergence unplanned by Shinji and Asuka, when Hikari, out of concern for Toji, asks him about his absence at lunch, leading him to tell her about him being chosen as Fourth Children.
      Toji: I... I... I managed to get a better medical treatment for my sister.
      Hikari: But- That's great! What did you do for that?
      Toji: Nothing much. Just sold my soul...
    • Kaworu's last line to Asuka, implying that he was responsible for the entire Peggy Sue Plot.
      Kaworu: As you wish... Mrs Ikari.
    • After Third Impact is avoided, we get a rather heartwarming one when Asuka walks into Rei's apartment.
      Asuka: What is it you wanted me to see?
      Aki: Mama?
  • The First Saniwa: Why is Aoandon present in the Minamoto estate?
    "The Minamoto estate had become the base of operation of the [Historical Revisionists] and their followers."
  • Forward: "Inducer One-One-Nine. (...) Kathryn Wade. Katie."
  • Mass Vexations: "You don't fucking understand! I knew she was going to fucking die since I fucking arrived on the fucking Citadel!"
  • LXG Tempest Rewrite: Listen to them … children of the night … what music they make!
  • Tiberium Wars: "You can call me LEGION."
  • Tales of the Undiscovered Swords: Entry #4, being the darkest and angstiest entry of the series to date, still has the decency to dish out this line in Kiriha's final kiwame letter after already heaping piles of abuse and misery on the poor boy.
  • Fuck The Jesus Beam: " Are you kidding me, girl? I've been in stasis for over a HUNDRED MILLION YEARS. If anyone threatens my domain, they -will- die. But first, I shall reclaim it."
  • Relationships Series: "I need to break up with Wendi and Nove, now."
  • Renegade: "You can't kill the Messiah."
  • My Immortal: "Very well [...] Butt we cannot do this. We can’t close the school. There is only one person who is capable of killing Voldemort and she is in the school. And her name is…………………………………………………………………..Enony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way."
  • Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon has several of these:
    • This line in Episode 83:
      Usagi: "I think it's unnatural and wrong!"
      Prince Dimande /heh heh heh. "So do I…"
      Usagi /is forced to realize that she is helpless and alone with a psychopath, and starts to cry. "No… please, no…"
    • The recap for episodes 117-123:
      Mistress 9: "And then there was NINE."
  • The Fragility of Time has one in Chapter 34, where Rubeus finally crosses the Moral Event Horizon by murdering Mimete for inadvertently destroying the daimon machine.
    "What you mean, failure? I know it wasn't a complete success, but I…" Mimete began in her defense. However, she did not get a chance to finish. Instead, her eyes went wide as black spheres of deadly energy shot through her stomach.
    • Before that we get the introduction of Sailor Galaxia to the story proper and her Establishing Character Moment:
      Laughing, Galaxia regarded her opponent. "Oh, I am sure you don't want to join me. Rarely does your kind want to, but they have no choice. You see before this day is over you will be executing the rest the council here and then I think I'll have you kill your own child. After all, I am sure that he is still alive here somewhere and who better to be able to find him than his own mother." Galaxia replied with a wicked smile.
    • And then the Star Seed is taken by someone else...
  • In Derelict, Lieutenant Mackie figures out what the SD Nyarlathotep is trying to accomplish after forty-five missions of complete mystery.
    Mackie: Oh my God! I know where she's going! Home! The Nyarlathotep is going home!
  • Kyon: Big Damn Hero: "Not half as monstrous as that thing you're trying to kiss."
  • Last Child of Krypton: In episode 2:
    Kaji: Neat trick with the plane. We need to talk. Now stay calm. I'll keep them distracted.
  • Unnatural Selection: "Net soufflant le feu lézard... ''fire puffing lizard''
  • Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami: Chapter 6:
    • Chapter 14, after Dark finds some familiar age/sex/location information on a Talk to Dead Dudes Note.
      Dark: r u l lol?
      L: yep
  • MGLN Crisis Chapter 25:
    Fate: "I'm sorry, I can't. Mother, did you know you had a split personality disorder?"
  • Half-Life: Full Life Consequences
    • Half Life Hero Beggining initially appears to not be part of the Full Life Consequences series, since it stars Henry Freeman, rather than John Freeman, the previous protagonist. Then this line, directed at Henry Freeman, establishes this fic as a Stealth Sequel to the first two fics.
    "Combines leave my son alone" John Freeman said.
    Gordon Freeman: John Freeman you let next boss step on me and made me headcrab zombie. Combines came and put science in me and made me live and strong and big now. I make you and Henry Freeman headcrab zombies. Prepair to die.
  • The Coraline fanfic Right Beside You has two WHAM lines:
    • Chapter 9: "Yes Coraline, I am the boy's father."
    • Chapter 12: "… No, Richard. I'm not satisfied… at all."
  • TDWT Reducks Redux: "It is within my power to remove you from the position of host."
  • From the Homestuck/Problem Sleuth crossover The Sapphire of Alternia:
    • Chapter 15: But the realization you’re actually having is that this case is just like all your other cases: a quarrel between a married couple.
    • Chapter 24: The Sapphire of Alternia is the White King’s Scepter.
  • A crossover story between Code Geass and Mobile Suit Gundam 00 on the Anime Addventure features this Geass command by Rai on Setsuna for an experiment: "Setsuna F. Seiei, I command you to believe in God!"
  • In Passing the Storm, Mikoto Uchiha takes advantage of a young Naruto when the two of them are alone at his house, and just when she thinks she'll get away with it...
    • Later, we find out there's more to Kushina's anger towards Mikoto that meets the eye.
      Kushina: What does m-my Naruto-kun see in you, that I don't have?
  • Dragon Age: The Crown of Thorns:
    Raonar: Ladies and gentlemen… I have just made the Archdemon smarter, and if it was not self-aware before, it definitely is now.
  • Avatars II: When Qwaritch Takes Revenge In the third installment, when Quaritch hears about the Navi harem. ("His(sic) room on your left is the Navi harem.")
  • Thanks Kyubey: "...Good. It looks like our experiment was a success."
  • Hunting the Unicorn, chapter eleven:
    Blaine: ...I'm not a virgin.
    • And in the twentieth chapter:
      Greg: Having a rough patch, Tom?
  • Soul Chess: "Aizen! Kill yourself!"
  • When There Was A Tomorrow: We're given the line "For now simply know that your prior feelings when we first met were understandable and I do not think poorly of you for them." Now, what makes this apparent Character Development laden line so surprising? Legion is the one saying it! What makes it even Whammier is that when Tali points out this change in behavior Legion insists it's not calling itself "I" and seems genuinely unaware that it's doing so. The exact significance of this line has yet to be seen, however.
  • With Strings Attached has two:
    • “The biggest thing is that there really isn't a curse on Ketafa.”
    • “It's all been a real game, hasn't it.”
  • Similarly, The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World has this killer at the end of the book:
    • “Although there are several persons responsible for various facets of the game, the one who conceived of the game, who built it, and, especially, who chose to insert you into it, is the one known to you as the squeaky-voiced Fan, the one responsible for much of your magic and for sending you on the Vasyn quest, the one who fled after you subverted Jim Hunter: the alien Jeft Indle.”
  • Death Note fanfic Xanatos starts off with L reconsidering his method of catching Kira, and so striking a deal with Rem. We're made to believe that she went along with his plan after L fakes his own death, but then chapter nine gave us this:
    Still, maybe she [Rem] was wrong about L...maybe she shouldn't have killed him...
  • Harry Potter fanfic Pretending to Live has the main Original Character drop this one on a sixteen year old Tom Riddle:
    I can help you...with your Horcruxes.
  • Two in rapid succession at the end of Stars Above Chapter 4:
    "We're the only ones left."
    "Neither of us killed it... you did."
  • The Pony POV Series:
    • From "Turn The Other Flank", when we first meet Loneliness. It's even more shocking because it's completely unexpected and comes out of nowhere for both Twilight and the audience.
      Loneliness: GET OUT!!!
    • "Playtime":
      Applejack: AH AIN'T SAY YA LYIN'! YA ARE A LIE!
    • Generation Transitions Part 3: After seeing the end G3. We suddenly cut to Twilight Sparkle reading the Apocalyptic Log written by Razzaroo.
      Twilight Sparkle: H-how ... How did you get this book-?! Who are you anyway?! Who are you really-?! Hey! You can't just walk away! Answer me! Stop!
    • Dark World 21, "The Real Hoof Blues Part 1", when Twilight reveals she's not quite herself:
      Twilight: You said the Elements of Chaos have made us unkillable! But I'd like to see if that's true!
    • From "Broken Pearl Necklace", revealing that Fluttercruel was basically born Discorded, something not even Discord seemed to have realized.
      Fluttercruel: Huh? Why...why did my colors get brighter?
    • Also from "Broken Pearl Necklace" this warning Fluttershy gives to the Draconequi as she takes Fluttercruel with her to be redeemed.
      Fluttershy: She'll come back to you when she's ready. You're all going to have to simply wait. If any of you besides Discord come before then, you'll face the Tarot of the Queen of Cups.
    • From "My Little Alicorn" when a Sea Pony reveals Discord may not be the one the heroes should be worried about.
      Aquamarine: Lord Discord says an Alicorn Witch will destroy this world soon, him, and everypony else.
    • From "Beating Up Discord" Dark World!Discord implying there's far more to what's going on than the heroes believed.
      Discord: This isn't your Hell, Twilight Sparkle. It's mine, it always been mine... she's made all of you exist only so...
    • "All Things in Twilight" has two relating to the Nameless Passenger's identity.
      • First, when Twilight deduces it:
        "There's only one pony with so much brains and still be so arrogant and narrow minded! Twilight Sparkle!"
      • Then, when she reveals herself to the group:
        Apple Pie: Half-Light, who…who is she?
        Twilight: ...She's... me… my… Nightmare.
    • From "Give A Reason", Nightmare Paradox revealing just how long the "Groundhog Day" Loop has been happening.
      Nightmare Paradox: It's genuinely hard to say now. I suppose if you were to lay the iterations end-to-end... it'd total a few hundred million years.
      • Another one comes a little earlier revealing, Paradox is truly Twilight's potential future self. Interesting in that its both a Call-Back to Discorded Ponies and one line split between two characters to show how they're the same person.
        Nightmare Paradox: I remember wondering if these were the lessons Celestia had intended for us to learn-
        Twilight: -and wondered why our coat was turning gray.
    • From "A Fading Future" (not the Recursive Fanfiction though it's basically the same thing) when the "Groundhog Day" Loop began.
      Nightmare Purgatory: The sick buck's finally getting what he deserves! Hahaha!...But...maybe he hasn't...hehe...haha...hahaha!
    • "All My Friends Are Here": when Nightmare Paradox reveals one of her trump cards:
      Nightmare Paradox: You think... I am... ''Alone''?
    • From "Bright Eyes part 6": "I am the first born son of Fear and Nothingness." The eldest son of the draconequi, the concept of total freedom through imagination apart from reality, long ago reduced to just a Shadow, makes himself known.
    • "Shining Armor 13": Cadence proving the Wolf isn't just in Shining Armor's head, and it's still after him.
      Cadence: Hey Shining... was there a dog behind you? I could've sworn I saw one when I was coming back down...
    • From Part 1 of Clover's Gaiden story, we have the meta origin of Pinkie Pie.
      Clover/Minty: I…I… don't understand how can this be? ... You were my imaginary friend.
    • From Shining Armor 19 Part 2: The reason Shining Armor is Immune to Fate and why The Wolf is after him:
      Celestia: Shining Armor Sparkle, you were never meant to exist.
    • Wedding Episode Six: The reveal that Queen Chrysalis knows more than she should.
      Queen Chrysalis/Fake Cadence: Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake! Clap your hooves and do a little shake!
    • From a later chapter in the Wedding Arc:
      Twilight: [about the Changelings] YOU'RE NOT ANOTHER SPECIES! YOU'RE ANOTHER TRIBE!
  • Don't Name It: You once again try to be the Jade Blood. And fail spectacularly.
  • Cupcakes: "Now, you take a nap."note 
  • Anthropology: "All we knew for sure is... you weren’t born here in Equestria, Lyra."
  • Bitterness: "Now this is over, find someone else to be the Wielder of Magic. Because, I now wish to relinquish my position of the Elements of so-called Harmony."
  • Turnabout Storm:
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Case 5: Turnabout Substitution:
    Rhea Wits: Do you know why I always put strawberry and lemon chewing gum in the same box?
This sounds just like some random banter, but Apollo had found some chewed-up pieces of strawberry and lemon gum at the scene of the crime, meaning that unless some very unlikely coincidence happened, Rhea was there when the murder happened.
  • A Complete Turnabout:
    Ema Skye: Scientifically speaking, she is right.
    • Before that when Phoenix and Maya discuss a Steel Samurai movie and Maya says how Trucy was perfect for the role, Phoenix asked why didn't they use Pearls.
      Maya: Nick... excuse me but... Who's Pearls?
  • In the Ace Attorney fan game, Phoenix Drive, this pops up during the second trial sequence.
    Phoenix: I’m Criminal!! Criminal is Phoenix Wrighhhhhh—-t!!!
  • Futari Wa Pretty Cure Blue Moon: "If you won't take my word as Nakata Ami, homeroom teacher of the Lily Class, then take it as Cure Dusk, alright?"
  • Ace Combat: The Equestrian War:
    • Chapter 7, when Firefly tells her friends why she hates the griffins and why she's upset upon seeing Black Star:
      Firefly: Because... he... he...! He killed my parents!
    • Chapter 16, when Black Star tells Edge to deliver a message for Firefly:
      Black Star: (to Edge) I feel regret for killing her parents. Let her know that.
    • Chapter 19:
      Gilda: So, have you found your reason to fight yet? Dash...
  • RWBY: Reckoning
  • The RWBY fic Seven for a Secret ends on a nice one:
    Yang: Hello, Tai.
  • In the popular and acclaimed Avatar: The Last Airbender series Alone: From chapter eleven - "Wait. The Leader can bend two elements?" and "I believe you will have been here four years in two weeks?" The second being a sudden revelation of a Time Skip, akin to a certain scene from The Order of the Stick.
  • From the Katawa Shoujo fic, From Shizune's perspective
    Shizune: I hit 'Send' as I turned the handle and walked in on Shiinanote  and Hisao fucking on my bed.
  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality:
    • The end of Chapter 78:
      Auror Komodo: Hermione Granger, you're under arrest for the attempted murder of Draco Malfoy.
    • The end of Chapter 104:
      Harry: Hello, Lord Voldemort.
      Quirrel: Hello, Tom Riddle.
  • Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin:
    • From the first (1780) Trelawney Prophecy, revealed at the very end of Year One: "And you shall know by these portents that the Time of the Dark God approaches and the Destruction of our World is close at hand: When the Two who should be as One are set against each other in reckless hate, and the Last Potter rises as the Prince of Slytherin."
    • The last line of chapter 78. "Please, Harry, we're all friends here. Call me Regulus." This line not only reveals the true identity of the fake Gilderoy Lockhart but also that his strange actions over the past year have really been laying the groundwork for freeing Sirius Black from Azkaban.
    • The last line of chapter 105. After a close encounter with a Dementor, Jim Potter (the WBWL) hears what his mother Lily screamed the night Voldemort attacked their home: "No! Take me! Not Harry! NOT HARRY!"
  • How I Became Yours
    Mai: You see all those years ago, when I got to your letter, something had to be done. You where not sick... like I wanted everyone to believe... I had made something just for you to eat so that little problem would go away... and yes, I took pleaser in doing it...
  • Reconciliation:
    • Chapter 3. Hanako gets a phone call from her former friend Lilly for the first time in years following the bad ending of Hanako's route, and finds that Lilly is distraught. After a little while, Hanako finds out why.
      Lilly: "I-I’m sorry, but Hisao... p-passed away ye-yesterday"
    • Chapter 8. Hanako learns something surprising about her publicist, Sho.
  • Hakumei: (extra jarring considering he's essentially leveling a blood feud against his own clan)
    Masaru, a.k.a. Arashi no Sasuke/Sasuke Uchiha: Uchiha Yumi...I swear by this blood that I will have my revenge for [Sakura]. Every drop of blood that your spilled will be repaid ten times over. I denounce you, Uchiha Yumi, you and your entire family as hypocrites and murderers. From this day forth, I and my children will never eat with you and yours. I arm myself against you
  • The Shadow State:
    Gregory: Here's the really unpleasant part Warwick. How many families do you know with that old photo on the mantle and the child who they don't talk about anymore?
  • Clear Skies 3
    Sol: (jokingly) Maybe they're Jovian!
  • The Doctor Who fanfiction Of More Value Than Many Sparrows, in which the Doctor takes a depressed Rose to visit New York.
    "She looked up and stared, her mouth hanging open, at buildings that should't be there."
  • Poké Wars has quite a few of these:
    • From The Coalescence:
      "This explosion would be seen from several cities away, and it was something that they would never forget. It would also commemorate something else. That day was the day that the 23-year-old gym leader known as Sabrina died.
    • From The Incipience:
      • Chapter 7:
        Regigigas: "Ho-oh, it's not a matter of wanting to give you the orb, not that I would give it to you…if I had it."
      • Chapter 9:
        "'Hmm…how unusual. How did this get here? Interesting. Wonder if this machine is capable of creating this. Will have to see. Interesting prospect, may open new doors. Will have to keep this secret. Ho-oh's shortsighted hatred may make him blind to the possibilities this subject can create,' Uxie said to himself, looking at the single strand of black hair."
      • Epilogue:
        Darkrai: "What if we were to remove the dampeners of the humans?"
    • From The Exigence:
      • Chapter 4:
        "Butterfree's Protect held for exactly five seconds."
    • Chapter 7:
      Houndoom: "We mean you no harm."
    • From The Defervesence:
      Uxie: "Muk thrive in areas of waste. Unwanted by humans in cities and unwanted by Pokémon in wild. Coexistence with others in wild difficult due to neighboring Pokémon exhibiting heightened senses of smell. Not uncommon for Muk to be forced into city by aggressive Pokémon in wild. Muk typically forced to live in sewers beneath city to avoid human aggression. Limited light. Limited mobility. Dampener removal and message from you initiated desire to take and expand territory. Despite our eminence, chances of reasoning with them to stop are…low. Will have to eliminate entire species."
    • And later:
      Uxie: "I do not understand your logic, thought processes, or how you have come to this conclusion. High probability of dissension among remaining lab members upon learning of attempts at cloning them. But would first require their awareness of this particular experiment. Awareness which requires you to leave this facility to inform them. Would require you to leave this facility... alive."
  • Clash of the Elements: Multiple:
    • From Part 2:
      • Chapter 24:
        Alpha: "I guess before the Heartless invaded, this castle used to exist in a world known only as Radiant Garden."
        Fawful: "So, I guess now would be a good time for me to drop the act, huh Commander?"
  • The Life of the Legendaries: "Welcome to Team Galactic, Zero"
  • The Vampire Diaries story Return To Mystic Falls drop this bombshell in chapter 15:
    Isobel: You need to be more careful, Elena.
    Elena: You know that we're alone. We don't have to keep the ruse up.
    Isobel: You're right. I'm sorry, Katherine.
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series: The end of Part 5 of "Thunderstorm", a Wham Episode in itself, contains this from the narrator:
    Calvin's eyes burst open in terror.
    Dr. Thunderstorm had just destroyed the MTM.
    • Another one from "Lightning Man", revealing something about the titular villain:
      Sheila: Know him?! Ha! He's our uncle!
    • And the Series Finale has a whole load of them (sorted by the parts they appeared in):
      • In Part 1:
        "Who are you…?" Rueben whispered in fear.
        "I am Shadow," the robot replied, "and I am your future."
      • and:
        Socrates stared at it, feeling dread building up in his gut. He paused it quickly.
        It was a very tall man in a nice suit. What put Socrates at unease was the fact that the man's arms and legs seemed much longer than the average adult man's arms probably should've been. Plus, there was the fact that in the place where his face should've been, there was a blank white space.
      • In Part 2:
        Socrates: (on the phone) There is a man standing at the back of my hallway, wearing a hoody and what appears to be a gas mask.
        Calvin: I see.
        Socrates: (on the phone) He's not really doing anything. He's just kinda staring at me. Wait, never mind. Now he's sprinting at me. Sprinting at me very fast... OH MY GOD! NO DON'T DO IT! AAAAAAUGH!
      • In Part 3:
        Socrates: I… I had some psycho with a knife in my house. The guy who tried to kidnap me had a knife.
      • and:
        MTM: Sorry. I mean it. I'm sorry. I genuinely didn't detect him. I swear.
      • and:
        Sighing with relief, Jack got back up again and looked around.
        What he saw next almost made him shut down.
        It was Dr. Thunderstorm.
      • In Part 4:
        Socrates: This is blasphemy! There's a VHS in here!
      • In Part 5:
        Dr. Thunderstorm: Are they indeed? Well! How fortuitous! We shall have to prepare for them! Not to worry, Frank. I shall succeed where you have failed. I shall destroy Calvin and Hobbes, and I shall use the red-tailed tiger's chip to take over the world!
      • And Part 7 takes it Up to Eleven:
        They both rolled over the floor for a few moments before they both slammed into the opposite wall, and Shadow managed to smash open Jack's chest plating and get into his circuitry, yanking out a handful of wires, causing a shower of sparks to shoot out of the Jack's chest. The snarky robot's eyes drooped shut, and he shut down.
      • and:
        Shadow walked up to the door and cautiously opened the door. He was prepared for anything. It was what he was designed for.
        The problem was he couldn't actually detect whatever he was facing.
        And right now, he was facing a man in a hoody who was holding a knife that suddenly came down on his metal head, right between his eyes.
      • and:
        Dr. Thunderstorm: No… It can't be… Not again… Not after all this time!
        Calvin: Wait, do you know who that is?
        Dr. Thunderstorm: I remember him… He came when… when I was a child…
        Dr. Brainstorm: Who the heck is he, though? What's his business? What's he…?
        Dr. Thunderstorm: It's started… He's here somewhere. But I remember. He took another last time. I'll make sure he takes another this time, too!
      • followed by this:
        The lights flickered once more before they finally went out completely.
        Everyone in the group suddenly hugged each other, deathly afraid of losing anyone.
        And a moment later, they heard Thunderstorm's screams. He screamed and screamed as loud as he could, sounding as though his terror quadrupled as he continued to scream. The scream turned into a screech, and the screech turned into a shriek, and then the shriek continued for a solid three seconds.
        And then it stopped.
        It happened so suddenly, they were almost deafened by the silence.
        Five seconds later, the lights came back on, and when it did, the door was open, allowing the sunlight and cold air of the mountain to flow through the room.
        Everyone remained frozen on the spot for at least another minute, each of them too horrified by what had transpired to budge from their spot.
        Dr Thunderstorm was gone.
    • If you think that's a Wham Line, consider this one from the post-finale special, "The Collective":
      Head Klein: How old are you, Calvin?
      Calvin: Six, why?
      Head Klein: What year is it now?
      Calvin: 2014.
      Head Klein: And what year were you born?
      Calvin: I was born in 1979...I'm six years old, and I was born nearly 35 years ago... [beat] What have they done?
  • In the second-to-last chapter of Mortality, Professor Moriarty is engaged in a conversation. In the last line of the chapter, we learn with whom:
    "And how is your younger brother, Mr. Holmes?"
  • The Homestuck fanfic Cultstuck:
    • At the end of chapter 14, revealing why Karkat's mutant blood is indeed, higher than the highest and lower than the lowest.
      You don't pay them much attention; most of what little you can gather is wholly transfixed by the round, crystalline pool inlaid in the floor, and by Karkat's unconscious shape floating in it — hair swaying, eyelids translucent, the wide-slit gills lining his ribs gently pulsing in the current.
    • In the last chapter, there's this exchange between the leader of the eponymous cult and a space alien:
      Alien: Horuss, my old friend! It's been a while!
      Grand Elder: Jake.
  • The Doctor's Doctor: "According to all records, you disappear without a trace on the night of October 12, 2011 - there is no confirmation of you ever showing back up in your proper time period. [...] I. Cannot. Change. That."
  • The The Avengers fanfic, Brother Avengers: "Actually... you don't know me at all." Spoken by Captain America as he reveals himself to be Loki in disguise.
  • Alex.
    • From chapter 4:
      "When I become the new Vampire Queen, I'm gonna make you wish you never hurt my precious only ever ever again."
    • From chapter 10:
      "The term is 'falling out', but I know how to make that simple for you two."
  • Camp Nightmare:
  • The Ballad Of Stoot And Argyle:
    Cartman: Well, you are a fag. Like me.
  • Marie D. Suesse and the Mystery New Pirate Age!
    • From Chapter 6, Mar learns a surprising bit of information about the setting.
      Hana: Don't you know that Monkey D. Luffy was caught by the marines and executed in Loguetown like, years ago?
    • From Chapter 21, the Disinfector reveals his identity- Trafalgar Law.
      The Disinfector: Like I said, that woman was never, ever the captain of the real Heart Pirates... ...I was.
    • From Chapter 22. After Luffy's execution, which results in a few other Straw Hats being killed in the rescue attempt, Law reveals the culprit responsible for the tragedy.
      Trafalgar Law: (in a flashback) It's Madelyn. She's not what she appears to be. And I suspect she's the one who manipulated the events that led up Straw-Hat Luffy's death.
    • From Chapter 30. Mar brings her mother back to Law, only for him to reveal that Mar's mother is none other than Monkey D. Madelyn.
      Trafalgar Law: I wouldn't waste my time explaining to her what I'm capable of, Mar. She knows very well. Don't you, Madelyn?
    • From Chapter 32, after the Reset Button has been pushed, which we were told would result in Madelyn never getting her powers, going to the real world, meeting her husband or having Mar. Then we hear this...
      "Nice to meet you, Garreth. I'm Madelyn."
  • From The Vampire Diaries story "The High Road" after Klaus says he'll give Jill the cure to a werewolf bite in exchange for her hand.
    Jill: Why do you want to cut my hand off?
    Katherine: He means your hand in marriage
  • From the For Better or for Worse fanfic The New Retcons
    • Elizabeth's May 2009 letter: "Said "friend" was a forty year old (she'd just turned the big four-oh April the first) woman named Claire Thompson; when Anthony said she could be my sister, Frank said that was for a good reason: she was!!"
    • Mike's August 2009 letter: "On the way back, our house sitter called with the news that the Patels filed kidnapping charges on my mother."
    • Dee's February 2010 letter: "Mike and I have tried to fight this out, cry it out, pray it out. Saturday, he moved out."
    • When it transitions into Who Silenced Elly Patterson: Valley Voice Exclusive: Elly Patterson Found Dead
    • Later: "Seal it up. [The Caine house] is now a full on crime scene.
  • From Keena & the Defendants of Constan Magic Academy chapter 7, Eiko just lost another battle with Keena and friends. Her solution?
    Eiko: "Why stop attempting to conquer this world…when I could go to another dimension to finish what I started?"
    • Again on chapter 10, during the Loups=Garous crossover arc:
      "Yuko Yabe was never dead… because you're looking now at her."
    • Chapter 12 has three; first one is Played for Laughs.
      Hazuki: Well, save the great sex after this is done with.
      Lily: Actually, we already did.
      Michie: Yeah, we're no longer virgins.
    • The second:
      Eiko: I decided that maybe this planet isn't worth it anymore, so I'm just gonna go atomic on this bitch.
    • The third:
      Hazuki: I never thought I'd see you again…Ayumi Kono.
    • The above line is now subverted due to Yumi using mind powers to believe Hazuki that Ayumi was there.
    • Chapter 22, where the Law of Identity really does show off how otherwordly her abilities can be while talking to Keena in a dream:
      Law Of Identity: You sure are finding the flaws rather conspicuously, aren’t you? I think you deserve one more test after what happened today.
      Keena: Oh yeah, what's that?
      Alternate Dimension Keena: That would be me.
    • Chapter 24. It looks like Keena and gang has Fujiko sorrounded...but she reveals one more trump card that sends this series into another crossover event:
      Mystletainn: The name's Mystletainn. And frankly, you are all ripe for the killing...heh heh heh...
  • The Very Secret Diary: "You have mentioned this You-Know-Who several times, Virginia. But I do not know who. Won't you tell me?"
  • From the Katawa Shoujo fic Pictures of Lilly:
    This is a picture of the late Dr. Hisao Nakai.
  • In Perfection is Overrated
    • Chapter 7, after the Himes sent back into the three time portals prevent Toki from changing history..
      Yukino: There's a fourth time portal!
    • Chapter 18, when Mai decides to ask Meiko some questions about Bachiko, doubting that she has known Bachiko for as long as she thinks she has.
      Meiko's expression suddenly darkened, as a feeling of dread overwhelmed her.
      They had been found out.
    • Chapter 18, again when Mai comes face to face with the girl who has been attacking her all this time
      Mai: I should have known it was you... Shiho-chan.
    • Chapter 22: During a confrontation between Mashiro and the Obsidian Lord.
      The Obsidian Lord: That is incorrect; you are speaking to the Usurper..
    • Chapter 24: The Advisor admits to creating the SUEs.
      The Advisor: You have not only triumphed over the rules of the Hime Carnival itself, slain its mastermind and managed to do so with most of you still alive... but you have also defeated several of my most powerful creations.
  • Magnetism has a flashback to Fluttershy talking to her mom, after school, and at the end the following lines appear:
    My mum smiled to this and watched me go without saying a word. It would have been a little scary if she had.
    After all, photos don’t talk back.
  • NES Godzilla Creepypasta:
    Red: I'll tell you a secret... I KILLED MELISSA.
  • Mass Effect's Weightless:
    Chapter 9: "Kai. Kai Leng. But you can call me Ghost."
    Chapter 31: "Garrus…did you ever know someone named Nihlus?"
  • Lyrical Nanoha fanfic Game Theory, during the Epilogue:
    Nanoha: When were you going to tell us that we weren't going to Alhazred?
  • Fallout: Equestria, Pinkie Pie in a two hundred year old memory orb:
    "Burning hoof means LittlePip is watching me."
  • Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons:
    The raider army was Stable 99.
  • The Stars Will Aid Their Escape has this moment when Nyarlathotep is alone with the Princesses, who are stopping him from going after the Element Bearers.
    Nyarlathotep: Why did you assume I was after them?
  • Apprentice chapter 11:
    Sasuke: Naugus, I want you to resurrect the original Dr. Robotnik.
  • XCOM: Second Contact chapter 11:
    “Shepard-Commander, we seek to parley.”
  • The Metal Gear Solid fanfiction Through a Glass Darkly:
    "I had hoped that with medication this would have been taken care of," said Slatt, opening his folder to make another note. Snake fought not to startle at the sudden flash of colour in his slowly blurring vision.
    "The hell game are you playing?"
    The doctor closed his file. "There is no Hal Emmerich. There never has been."
  • The climax of the Harry Potter and Power Rangers Mystic Force fic ''Harry Potter and the Mystic Force:
    Cedric Diggory: You can call me... Ivan Ooze.
  • RAVEN?
    Trixie: Star? Not...short for Starfire, by any chance?
  • In The Greatest Gift Of The Heart, Hisao, after Hanako's bad ending, gets to see what things would have been like if he had never come to Yamaku, and finds out that all his friends are miserable. The worst news of all, however, comes when he gets to check in on Hanako's status.
  • Speaking of "It's a Wonderful Plot", a similar wham line appears in the Ouran High School Host Club fanfic It's a Wonderfully Splendid Magnificent Life, where Kotoko Fujioka shows Tamaki what things would be like if he never started the Host Club. When he gets to the twins, well...
    This new location was absolutely desolate…there were no people around at all.
    Tamaki looked around and saw neither of the twins. Just rows and rows of... graves.
  • Justice League of Equestria: When the first Big Bad of Mare of Steel shows up, he doesn't name himself in his first scene, but gives away his identity with one single word.
  • The Total Drama story, Legacy has back-to-back wham lines which reveal the story's true nature:
    Heather: How long has it been? Ten years?
    Duncan: Ten years ago today, may she rest in peace.
    Heather: That wasn't really what I meant, but... [b]ut, yeah. Poor Gwen.
  • The Nuptialverse:
    • Families: When Olive Branch brings his list of grievances to the Princesses:
      Princess Luna: And what matter would thou wish be focused on first?
      Olive Branch: The list isn't anything I care about. You may do what you wish.
      Princess Luna: ...What?
      Olive Branch: I really don't care how you run Equestria. It doesn't matter to me in the end.
    • Near the end of Families, after Olive Branch and his followers have been dealt with, the story cuts to Garble and his gang, who disappeared from the story after Twilight maimed him, returning to the dragon lands. When they get there, they're greeted by a guard:
      Guard: Prince Garble?
  • The Pirates! In An Adventure With The Illuminati
    • Chapter 7: "I've been here before."
    • Chapter 9: "You should know better than to speak such student."
    • Chapter 10: "What happened to me?"
  • Faith and Doubt: You may call me... Doubt
  • Queen of All Oni: When Jade thanks her new Dragon for lifting the curse Ikazuki put on her:
    "Thank you, General Viper."
  • Winter's Child
    • Chapter 2: Twilight Sparkle tells Shining Armor she's pregnant and is keeping the foal.
      "I'm keeping our daughter."
    • Chapter 6: Twilight tells Spike who the baby's father is.
      "It’s Shining Armor, right?" the dragon guessed. "He’s the only pony I know you’ve been having sex with."
  • Manly Magi Kamina Magica!:
    Anti-Spiral: It's time you granted OUR wish.
  • Hivefled:
    "Perhaps we'll get him a moirail, so he can carry it on properly." (More of one for Gamzee than the audience.)
    • Later on, we get this from Eridan, when accused of being incapable of understanding why someone wouldn't want sex:
      "Don't be fuckin' stupid, a' course I didn't want to!":
  • The Calvin, Hobbes, and Paine Show has one in its Show Within ASHOW AND ONE OUT OF IT:
    • In the show, after Calvin and Paine are taken home by a friend of theirs:
      Mom: Rosalyn? Are you there? Calvin and Paige never made it home.
    • After the show, Calvin heads home and plans to sleep. Then he hears this on his answering machine:
      "Hi, Calvin. This is Bill Watterson-"
  • Pokémon False Red: "This is not a game."
  • Maylu's Revenge part 2 chapter 15 has two of them.
    Maylu: Why would Roll do such a thing?
    Mr. Wily: Don't you get it? She was trying to protect you because during that match in the N1 Grand Prix, she was never brainwashed to begin with.
    • Later on...
      Mr. Wily: The city leaders learned about how a NetNavi rebelled on a NetOp so they took advantage of this issue along with Roll's feelings and gave her a mission. That mission... was her betrayal over you by that rare twisted chip.
  • Dirty Sympathy, when Phoenix is trying to make a joke to Apollo to lighten the mood:
    Phoenix: Just how long have you been madly in love with Prosecutor Gavin?
  • After Armageddon is a Pokémon fanfic set in a post-apocalyptic world. No one remembers why there was an apocalypse (with the exception of the Elite Four), until we find out at the end of chapter 48:
    Blue: You know why those scientists wanted to create a powerful pokemon? To fight Pokemon! To fight and kill all of the real Pokemon! You know why the water's polluted. They poisoned it to kill water Pokemon! You want to know who was fighting who, Saylee? Humans were fighting against Pokemon! The enemy was ''us''!
  • From Flames and Twilight:
    Zecora: You have threatened my friends and borne witness to this form. Now you face Equestria's other Pokemon: for I am the embodiment of lightning. I am Zebstrika!
  • Sonic X: Dark Chaos
    • Episode 65
      Jesus Christ: Brothers and sisters, commence Operation Armageddon. Let the galaxy burn.
    • Episode 75
      Sonic: How would you know who my father is?!
      Maledict: Because I am your father.
    • Episode 78
      M.A.R.Y.: They are coming.
  • In Frozen Hearts, while Hans and his brother Heins are captured by pirates, they recognize their captain.
    Heins: Hans… this is Heinrik… our brother!"
    • In Chapter 11, Kristoff gets an unexpected visitor; the dialogue and description of the visitor cue the viewer in to her identity.
      Anna: Kristoff! Kristoff! Guess what? I have to tell you the big news!
    • In Chapter 20.
      Heinrik: It's… it's mother. I took your advice and went home after dropping you off in Havetby. I found out she's very ill. In fact… she may be dying. We've got to get back quickly, or you may not see her again.
  • In the Girls und Panzer fanfic, Girls (?) & Panzer, one comes up in the thoughts of Haruka, the main protagonist, who is a new student at Oarai Girls' Academy.
    "Yet although my bonds with these girls in Sensha-Do will grow stronger."
    "I can never tell them…"
    "That I'm a boy…"
  • In Boys und Sensha-do!
    • Chapter 6: As Anzio's Semovente fires, the narration describes what the "simunition" rounds do before describing what was hit.
      "In this case, it struck an eighty kilo girl straight in the chest."
    • Chapter 7: Shiho delivers a surprising announcement.
      Shiho: Miho Nishizumi, you are no daughter of mine.
  • For the big Reveal in Tossing Stones.
    Bella: Her name is Mary Alice Brendan.
  • In Armored Gensokyo, A massive fight between Beowulf and Yuugi Hoshiguma has recently ended, and several of the witnesses (and Beowulf himself) are unable to figure out what he is after finally getting him to become sane. And then Reimu has her say in the matter when she hears that Beowulf once died, only to have his body reconstruct itself.
    “But not your mind.” [Reimu] said flatly. “You are an Einst, after all.”
  • In Time Braid, Sakura has found a way for her and Hinata to fuse their time loops with with Naruto's, only for this to happen.
    Hinata: "I'm sorry Sakura. I wish you'd found me first.''
  • Downton Abbey And Zombies. Almost every chapter.
    • 3: (Matthew) had been out... for an entire year.
    • 28: ...the Walker's sharp, rotted teeth sank into the flesh around (William's) ankle.
    • 30: "I think (Lady Cora) was bitten."
    • 34: "Matthew".
  • Lovehammer: The Scattering Of Serenity chapter 3:
    She had forgiven him even as she faded away in his arms.
  • Bring Back Some Brown coats to Shake Us Up A Bit
  • Naruto: the Secret Songs of the Ninja, the last line of chapter 6, as Team 7 are returning home to Konoha from their adventure in the Country of Earth, just a day or two late to catch the end of the Chuunin Exams:
    Keiji: Konoha's been destroyed.
  • Losing You
    • "And besides," Maudeline note  added, tone cold and final, "you're too late. Our daughter is already married."
  • Five Score, Divided by Four: Dave wakes up and comes to a startling conclusion that he shares with Evan.
    I wipe the tears away from my eyes with my fetlocks “I figured it out Evan.”
    Evan leans closer “What did you figure out? Do you know where Fiona is? How to change back? What happened with—”
    I cut him off, “Us. I figured us out. Why this all happened.”
    Evan grins, not exactly the expression I was expecting. He sits back and speaks up “Hey that’s great, so how do we change back? How do we go back to our original bodies?”
    I bite my tongue “We just did.”
  • System Restore'
    • During the second trial, the murderer's confession, when it's determined that it's possible for the murderer to have reached the crime scene, but her clothes would have gotten wet.
      Sonia: Monobear’s lack of cooperation won’t be a problem, Togami-san. My day clothes are wet, at least from the knees down. This ties me directly to the crime, and I don’t mean to make a scene about it like Hanamura-san. So I confess. I killed Pekoyama-san. My methods were exactly as you said.
    • For Togami, Nanami informing him in Chapter 3, Part 2 that she knows the real Togami.
      Nanami: But you were compromised from the moment you set foot on this island. Myself and the other person…we’re somewhat acquainted. I knew in an instant…
    • Togami gives some bad news to Hinata in Part 5 of Chapter 3.
      Togami: Tsumiki’s dead, and Souda’s gone.
  • Scotchtavia
    Vinyl Scratch: About as mature as a prepubescent colt.
    Octavia: I used to *hic* be one, you know.
    Vinyl: Be a what?
    Octavia: A colt.
  • Necessary To Win
    • In Chapter 20, while the troops are trying to cross a river.
      Hisa: "This is Octopus Team! We're experiencing engine failure!"
    • Soon afterward, while Miho goes to help Octopus Team.
      Momo: "Don't even THINK about surrendering or abandoning the flag tank this time, Nishizumi! If you do... our school will be shut down!"
    • In Chapter 23, Teru finally reveals the root cause of her animosity toward Saki.
      Teru: "Mizuho is DEAD, Saki! Dead because of YOU!"
    • In Chapter 28, while Saki and Teru are discussing their family, the narration reveals that something changed between their parents.
      Less than a week before Teru's graduation, her and Saki's parents officially divorced.
  • New Tamaran:
    • Chapter 23: "Crown Princess of Tamaran … meet ... The Clown Prince of Crime!"
    • Chapter 24: “I won’t forget this … SISTER DEAR!!!”
    • Chapter 32: "See the baby I'm carrying? Not mine!"
    • Chapter 45: “Beneath his mask, Slade smiled for the first time in ages.”
  • In the Teen Titans fanfiction The Poison of the Raven, chapter 12: "The poor girl is HIV-positive."
  • Mirror's Image: "The Great and Powerful Changeling shall lead you to the hive."
  • Somber Ties: Chapter one: “Actually they were the same. I’m Sombra’s nephew. My mother, Sable Crux, was his sister.”
    • Chapter 11: “I greet you, Jet Crucius, son of Sable Crucius, Keeper of Keys and Cradle’s Voice, blood of my blood. I am Cruciger Crucius, Guardian of the Gates and Cradle’s Sword, son of Sombra Crucius.”
  • CoH (Book One) : Of Magic and Masquerades: Chapter 3: Twilight, to the pony who willingly helped her get the Chrystal Heart: Thank you, King Sombra.
  • The Twilight Child: After several chapters of hinting, a reason for the main character's sour and withdrawn behaviour is given, in a conversation with Princess Luna.
    Twilight Twinkle: Behold, Nightmare Eclipse.
    • The sequel / spin-off has a wham word. Wisp, a Changeling, has just had their actual form revealed, but the narration uses Gender-Neutral Writing, until..
      Narration: She blinked.
  • The Ninth Sekirei Pillar: After Miya flies into such a rage at the sight of Ayesha that her Killing Intent made the others pass out, we have this line from Naruto and Hanabi's point of view.
    Naruto: "Miya may have kept her Killing Intent contained, but Ayesha had not."
  • In Prison Island Break, Shadow The Hedgehog reads some documents about who his son is, and breaks down into hysterics. At first it doesn't sound like you're going get a name, just his screaming, but the Wham Line is delivered precisely at the end of the chapter, doubling both as the name, and informing readers that though Shadow is violent, he would never hurt his own son...
    Shadow: (sobbing hysterically) BUT DON'T MAKE IT BE SILVER! I'VE HURT HIM!
  • In a whammy story of the Facing the Future Series, we have this line regarding Danielle:
    Danny: So what do you say, Tuck? Got any connections at the Mayor's Office that might be able to fast-track a set of adoption papers?
  • Master of the Unown gives this line after Taylor wishes her mom was still alive.
    [A-N-N-E-T-T-E R-O-S-E H-E-B-E-R-T]
    [C-O-L-L-E-G-E P-R-O-F-E-S-S-O-R]
    [W-I-F-E O-F D-A-N-I-E-L J-A-M-E-S H-E-B-E-R-T|M-O-T-H-E-R O-F M-A-S-T-E-R]
    [D-I-E-D I-N C-A-R C-R-A-S-H]
    [M-A-S-T-E-R W-A-N-T-S H-E-R M-O-M|A-N-N-E-T-T-E R-O-S-E H-E-B-E-R-T|C-O-L-L-E-G-E P-R-O-F-E-S-S-O-R|!]
    [M-O-R-E U-N-O-W-N!]
    [R-E-V-E-R-S-E| B-R-I-N-G B-A-C-K]
  • Dog and Pony Show: Aftermath Chapter five: “You are no trinket, Luna. You are my sister and once, long ago, a bitch’snote  only child.”
  • In The Fairly OddParents fanfic A Tale Of Two Trixies, Timmy accidentally wishes for Trixie to have never been popular. He wakes up in a world where Trixie is his tomboyish best friend, but then she notices his seeming confusion with everything around him. It leads her to ask a bombshell of a question in Chapter 2:
    Trixie: Fine. If I can't get any answers from you…can I at least talk to Cosmo and Wanda?note .
  • Extended Stay has two of these. The first one comes in Chapter 10 when Ultraprison is about to leave but is suddenly delayed.
    Mistress: I-I'm pregnant...
  • Catch A Brief Reflection has Bardot saying this to Barney:
    • "You're a physical manifestation of the black chalk..."
  • From Young Justice: Darkness Falls
    • From Wading: Inside this you'll find all the plans The Light has. note ).
    • From Past and Future Revelations: LIAR! The League's all dead. The last one died a year ago.
    • From Ghosts: Jason?
    • From Regroup: Why didn't you tell me you could find wally??!!??
    • From Retaliation: At the last second, Volcanna leaped in front of Barda, taking the blow.
  • The Matrix fanfic Butterfly has this line from Sorcha after she is asked what ship she applied to:
    Sorcha: The Osiris.
  • Death Note Equestria: Chapter 26: Applejack: “Dash, that ain’t us.”
    • Chapter 33: Twilight Sparkle, who takes the role of Light in this fanfic: “Colgate... I think you’ll be a fantastic L.”
  • The Next Frontier: The line that provides The Reveal of what exactly the story is a crossover with, which is such a massive spoiler that it will not even be reproduced here.
  • Movie Night At Freddy's: Mike utters this line when he realizes that Freddy Fazbear is no longer on the show stage:
    Mike: No! No. No! Fuck no! Fuck everything! Where’d he go? Where the fuck did Fazbear go?
  • Tangled Adventures in Arendelle: When Grandpappie examines Rapunzel, he says that she has "it" inside her. And with the next line, Rapunzel's power origin is about to be expanded upon.
    Grandpappie: You have the power of Sunna Leiron.
  • In the Peggy Sue Code Geass story Once More with Feeling, things go mostly the same as before until the battle of Narita.
    Jeremiah's Sutherland then exploded, the cockpit still in it's torso.
  • In the Food Wars! fanfic Nouvelle Soma remains completely subdued after trying Erina's dishes, which completely baffles her due to how out of character it was for him. Then at the end of chapter 5, we get this:
    Soma: How can Nakiri cook just like mom?
  • In the Fairly Oddparents fanfiction, Never Had A Friend Like Me, there are a few, especially near the end of the story where the action picks up.
    • When Timmy makes a wish that Elmer's boil was gone:
      Wands were raised and there was a distinct poof. And Timmy had just a moment to feel proud of his actions.
      Then everything went wrong.
    • In Chapter 31, when Cosmo asks where Norm is:
      Her voice a wavering croak, Amanda said, "Gone. He's gone."
    • In the final chapter, where Norm is looking at Amanda sleeping:
      He reached out and stroked her hair, the long brown strands having long since faded into white.
  • Surprisingly, the rather comedic Reactsverse fics contain various examples of these:
  • All That Shimmers: "You're not possessed by a demon. You are a demon."
  • We get this, mixed with a major Oh, Crap! moment in the first chapter of the Inside Out fanfic Intercom. Anger causes an accident that severely damages Headquarters, but the Emotions don't realize how big the problem is until they see how freaked out Riley is.
    Disgust: I wonder what's got her spooked...
    Riley: Who said that?
    • From You Mean I Look Like Broccoli?
      Joy: Hopes and dreams! That’s it! Sadness, you’re a genius!
    • From Riley: Recognized, regarding Riley touching the console.
      Riley: Um, guys? What does white mean?
    • From Technicalities
      Ann: Who's Disgust?
    • From Access Denied
      "The console wasn't turning a bright, comforting yellow as normal. In fact, it wasn't doing a thing. That is, until it turned white."
  • In the third installment of the Elemental Chess Trilogy, Edward Elric sends a desperate telegram to his friends at the Briggs fortress to let them know the outcome of Roy Mustang's murder trial. It contains just one word: Checkmate.
  • ultamite nineball's fic Soulless Shell; "then he shot a beam from his paw which the rat teleported away from"...
  • Recoil has two (so far):
    Part 2.1: Oh shit. My mom's in a lesbian relationship with my room-mate. What the fuck do I do now?
    Part 3.1: “The name's Tom,” he greeted me. “Tom Calvert.” Thomas Calvert, aka Coil, was her boss before he betrayed her and she killed him.
  • In The Hart, Harry Potter has recently learned he's one of the Senior Partners of Wolfram & Hart and spends a good deal of time talking to his mother's ghost about what he did to stop Voldemort and prevent a new dark lord. For the most part it reads as an Anti-Hero being convinced he did what he had to, right up until the final sentence of the scene.
    With that goodbye the First disappeared from view, still smiling at it's loyal and most valued acolyte
  • What's Your Story, Morning Glory?
    Goldie: Oh, I need you to autograph something, mommy! I made a new friend today, and she said this is her favorite book, so I told her I'd get you to autograph it.
    Galaxy: Well, if it's for a friend of yours, not to mention a fan, I can hardly say no. What's her name?
    Goldie: Morning Glory.
    Galaxy: [Suddenly goes very still.]
  • Rebuilt: "Until next time, Harry."
  • From the Naruto fanfic Desperation Attracts Vultures after Mei saves Naruto from an enemy attack.
    Frozen in ice in a silent scream with her hand desperately reaching outward was Ino.
  • Sunsplit
    Sunset Shimmer: Did I know (Sunburst)? Twilight Sparkle, I used to be him.
  • In Worm fanfic Quicken, when Emma asks “What date is it?” she learns that she’s not spent several hours buried alive. She’s spent nine months.
    I had been gone for over nine months.
  • Zero no Tsukaima: Saito the Onmyoji drops this bombshell while Saito is trying to figure out what's wrong with Louise's magic:
    Saito: "Those chains represent a seal of some kind. Someone has deliberately sealed your magic."
  • Blood Man Luffy is a story where Luffy ate a different Devil Fruit than canon, specifically the Chi Chi no Mi, making him a Blood Man. Things get interesting when Bell-Mère learns of it.
    Bell-Mère: "You have Gold Roger's devil fruit?"
  • Sonata's Crazy and Wacky Adventure in Skyrim, chapter 16:
    "For saving Tolfdir and the other professors, and not to mention the College, you have my thanks... Siren Queen."
  • In the second-to-last chapter of The Very Secret Diary:
    Tom: Who else am I?
    Ginny: I do not know who else.
    Tom: Ah, but you do. You do know who, Virginia. You know who.
    Ginny: No, I do not.
    Tom: Yes, you do. You know who. You know who... You-Know-Who.
  • The Inside Out/Big Hero 6/Home crossover Empathy has had a couple of these so far:
    • From Chapter 9:
      Fear: I think Riley can hear us.
    • From Chapter 13, more for the implication that the speaker is a Boov, than what they're saying:
      Unknown: You are faking the deads, aren't you? You cannot be deads if someone knows you're alive.
  • The Steven Universe human Alternate Universe fanfic Eyes On Me has this conversation between Sapphire and her mom in Chapter 8, which itself is a turning point due to its tone:
    Sapphire: I know you're trying to help, Mom, but I'm not in the mood for a motivational speech right now. Why don't you just go home?
    Yoko: I can't. Well, we can't. Your father kicked us out.
    Sapphire: Wait, you mean we're homeless?!
  • In The (Edit) War for Ash’s Freedom to not be Betrayed, Arceus drops this bombshell on Darkern Edgier, which also comes as a surprise to the reader:
    Arceus: Remember what you said, about this not being canon? Well, without realizing it you were more on the nose than you might have realized.
  • The Oversaturated World:
    "Well, in so many words, we, uh, we found evidence of human magic."
    • This one, too:
      Sunset awoke to the sound of her journal buzzing. She flipped it open. The message she found was scrawled across the whole page. Get to the portal. NOW.
  • Code Geass: Colorless Memories has a fair few examples.
    • The first in Chapter 9 when Rai joins the Black Knights with C.C.
      C.C : After all that was the deal we made... E.E.
    • Next one in Backstage 4 when Kaguya runs into an OSI agent near her Family's Temple.
      Harald Thompson Now do you Kaguya Sumeragi know anything called the Sumeragi Legacy.
    • Chapter seventeen when Rai is reunited with E.E.
      Rai I..I remember now.. it's all coming back to me.. E.E.
  • Robb Returns has Chapter 23. The Others come. The Stark calls for aid. You are needed. They also act as this In-Universe.
    • Chapter 45. "My champion," Arryn said with a savage smile. "The sea."
  • This Bites!:
    • This line at the end of Chapter 22:
      Vivi: Because the World Government has unjustly and erroneously accused me of treason.
    • And this line in Chapter 23. Like daughter, like father:
      Cobra: Today, I declare Alabasta's formal secession from the ranks of the nations of the World Government!
    • This line in Chapter 31:
      Cross: Soundbite… YOU CAN—! *lowers his voice* You can hear the Voice of All motherfucking Things?!
    • The voice in Chapter 39 that encourages Robin to live:
      Saul: The sea's a vast place. So I guarantee... someday you'll find friends who won't ever leave you. No matter who you are, ain't nobody born into this world to be alone! Your friends are right there waiting for you, Robin. All you gotta do is get back to them! Share your life with them... and never let them go!
    • A mysterious voice encourages Luffy in Chapter 42:
      A D-shaped smile flashed through Luffy's head.
      Roger: You wear my old hat damn well.
  • In the 23rd chapter of The Ultimate Evil, when Shendu threatens Valerie Payne with what he might do if she's not faithful to him, she surprises him by asking if he did so with Lo Mei centuries ago. At this point, Valerie has last mentioned Lo Mei while interacting with the Living Statue of Mei's father Lo Pei in the 6th chapter, so the reader might be forgiven for assuming that she has forgotten her.
    • In the beginning of the sequel The Stronger Evil, the first line Drago gives Valerie is a major spoiler regarding the story.
      Drago: Hey… Mom.
    • The 15th chapter of the sequel provides another one when Valerie asks from Shendu why would he want to locate the awakening goddess Tiamat.
      Shendu: She's my mother.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines have a variety of these both for a single sidestory narrative, or the universe as a whole.
    • After John Archer's Gardevoir asks what happened to her trainer, Dexter chimes in with information about him, ending with his status:
      Dexter: John was found several months ago: dead…
    • Chapter 23 has a pretty big bombshell after Aurora prevents Belladonna from attacking a captive Ash:
      Belladonna: Thank you My Dear….you stopped me from making a horrible mistake. You stopped me, from killing the Brother I never knew I had.
    • In the Georgia Gaiden, Dr. Brennan, having just run a DNA test on the Serial Killer known as "The Reaper", gives this bit of bad news:
      Dr. Brennan: The DNA matches the Striaton Gym Leader, Eric Knudsen. Ghost-type specialist.
    • In the Big P Pokémon Race Interlude, there's this conversation at the end:
      Hex: Urgh, when I get ta him, I swear I'm gonna Shadow Claw his face out!
      Lara: Hex, we ain't supposed ta say that here!
      Hex: Aw, come on, ya don't want ta roast his sorry ass fer everything he did ta us?
    • Chapter 29 ends with the following line by Sabrina:
      Sabrina: Do move the Primeape, would you? I have a plan.
    • The biggest one so far, in Chapter 34:
      Narration: She had achieved a secondary objective, having Ash know that his father was the worst man on the planet, even if she had not directly noted him as his title of the Bloodline King.
  • In Per-Verse, Xander is drinking coffee with Mayor Wilkins some time after his life becomes a videogame when Wilkins drops one hell of a bombshell on him.
    Wilkins: So tell me, how long did you last after you blew me up?
  • Mass Foundations
    • In A New Day, partway into the seventh chapter titled Boston, there was this line as Eric was doing his homework:
      It would have been nothing out of the ordinary for him, if not for a trial of smoke rising southwest of here.
      A couple paragraphs later: A faint boom and another trial of smoke rose near the same spot. There was never a fire going on over there.
  • The Elements of Friendship Book II: Chaoskampf: Twilight at the end of Chapter 8, after exploring the last of the Cult of Pi's books:
    "It’s… too insane. It’s too crazy. I don’t want to believe it. I don’t want to believe that Discord is the father of Queens Celestia and Selena!"
  • In Xendra after the Scoobies have dealt with Dracula, Xander unthinkingly drives to his parents' house and heads up to his old room.
    Buffy: What are you doing in here?
    Joyce: Buffy? If you’re going to the mall, maybe you could take your brother while he's still your sister and make sure he gets some new bras that fit properly instead of what he was wearing the other day?
    Xander and Buffy: MOM!
  • In the Asylum universe we have:
    • Spoken by Rarity as Twilight sees her attending to either a catatonic earth pony or a hornless unicorn filly:
      “Would you like that, Sweetie?"
    • Later, after Twilight meets a powerful young pegasus doctor:
      "Please, just call me Scootaloo."
  • In A Man of Iron
    • In Book 1, Chapter 21, we have Syrio namedropping his master/teacher to Arya after implying he would be interested in her: Magneto.
    • When Ned Stark bluntly asks his cousin Tony if he's the Iron Man:
      Tony: Of course not! That is almost as insane as you lying about being Jon's father!
    • The final line of Book 1:
      Sansa: And I... shall be the Night's Queen.
    • Chapter 7 of Book 2:
      Thor: I believe Melisandre... is an Asgardian. And if that is true you all may be in grave danger.
    • Chapter 8 of Book 2 has Daenerys' new ally introduce himself.
      Viktor: In Westeros, I was known as Viktor Vondam. But in Qarth... I am Doom.
    • Chapter 12 of Book 2 has Jaime return to the Lannister camp, claiming to have escaped the North, and his behavior convinces Tywin that he's not an impostor, and he introduces the two squires, a Baratheon bastard and a Northern girl, that helped him escape. Then they tell Tywin what their names are...
      The Boy: Petyr. (Gendry's cover name)
      The Girl: And Kat. (Arya's cover name)
    • In Chapter 22 of Book 2, Mystique reveals that her mother died birthing her after a fire that destroyed her whole family. When Arya asks where this was, she replies "Summerhall". This means that her mother Jenny was Jenny of Oldstones, and that Mystique is therefore a granddaughter of Aegon V.
  • The Omniverse Event has several.
  • In Different Consequences, Xander asks Angel to save Faith after she attacks him, causing the Scoobies to keep the Watcher's Council from abducting her.
    Faith: So where is X-Man? I'm kinda curious as to why he wants me saved, myself.
    Buffy: If we decide to hold a séance, we’ll ask him.
  • In the epilogue of Aftermath of the Games, Principal Cinch walks into her home, still reeling from being forced out of Crystal Prep, only to see someone in her study drinking her wine.
    Stranger: Cinch, I really don’t think we should be talking about magic in public.
    Cinch: Wh- look, who are you? What’s your name?
    Stranger: Call me Miss Chrysalis.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell:
    • Chapter 31 has this little gem...
      Page Turner: "My pony name is Page Turner. But I was born Lamella Armor the Tenth,” ... “And I am the heir to the throne of the Badlands Changeling Hive as of fifteen years ago, its Queen and sole remaining Pillar of my hive."
    • Gentle Step, upon seeing their enemy’s aura in chapter 44:
      "It’s not demonic," she said in a hushed, awed tone. “It’s divine."
  • Escape From the Moon:
    The percentage of memory used went from fourteen to fifteen with the new short journal entry and Doa knew it was fourteen when she had started making her journals when she woke up from that painful nightmare of burning alive.
    • The reason this is a Wham Line: Chapter Five has her finally gain access to the other account on the computer. It turns out it has been storing all her previous journal entries in the restricted account, with the entire screen filled with overlapping file folders.
  • Used liberally in the Undertale Fan Fic Visiontale, but in particular, at the end of Chapter 29, almost immediately after Pauline, Sans, Papyrus, Will, Dewey, and Alphys revive Gaster
    • (to Pauline) In a firm voice, Gaster says confidently, “I am glad I chose you.”
  • Undertale the Musical has a clever one during the midist of the "Hopes and Dreams" segment. It at first seems like just another Villain Song... Until someone else joins in.
  • Son of the Western Sea, Chapter 4
    They had compared him to Heracles. They’d been wrong.
    Percy wasn’t the next Heracles.
    He was the next Dionysus.
  • Lords Among The Ashes has several from both sides of the quest:
  • In All This Sh*t is Twice as Weird, Cassandra Pentaghast delivers one to the Lord Inquisitor, who has accompanied her on one quest while his Distaff Counterpart undertook another. They have just received a message urging them to return to Skyhold without delay. "There was an accident at the Cradle of Sulevin... Victoria's been badly injured, and she's asking for you." Varric, who is the editor of the story, even invokes the trope by name in the following chapter.
  • Ichigo's Secret Trainer.
    Halibel: Ichigo, I'm pregnant.
  • In Ghost in the Machine, a NieR: Automata and Undertale crossover, we are given this gem in Chapter 7:
  • The last paragraph of the Team Fortress 2 one-shot Gone But Not Forgotten:
    Still, all is not lost. Your unborn son is the only thing you have of his that's left. In fact, you've already decided to name him after his father and make sure he never suffers the same fate that he did.
  • Boys Do Tankary
    • Vincent is contacted by Nyra, who's claiming to be his older sister, but he initially dismisses those claims, since he'd been forced to kill the girl he saw as his Cool Big Sis after taking her prisoner a a Child Soldier (a story he didn't tell to anyone besides Saori and the Captain). However, after he mentions that a nice girl visited him while he was in an orphanage, Nyra mentions the following, proving that she's his sister.
      Nyra: That nice girl was me. I was also the one you captured.
    • In Chapter 14, the Captain comes to Vincent, in tears, with some very bad news.
      Iris: The Ooarai high school ship has been attacked. We are now at war. Everyone here has been enlisted.
  • In Girls und Panzer- International War Games, several chapters after Kenji kicks Edo off the hohei-do team for poor performance and getting into a fight with Suzuki, Edo shows up as the team celebrates their match, and reveals a dark secret from Kenji's past.
    Edo: This man... killed his sister.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, one word is all it takes to reveal Firestorm's secret identity as he visits home with katsudon in hand.
    Izuku: Dad!
  • To Belong:
    • Episode 6 has this line which reveals that Pocahontas knows Charming, quite personally:
      Charming: "Pleased to see you too, dear sister".
    • Until the end of the fifth episode, Pocahontas had seemed villainous for wanting Charming dead. Charming's next line completely changes everything:
      Charming: "I, Lord Charming Greenwood, have returned to my home so that I... so that I can atone for my crimes: the murder of my brother and my fiance."
  • In In the Kingdom's Service, Vanguard's Heroic Sacrifice also reveals his identity.
    Vanguard: Designation 1409. Codename: Vanguard. Initiate Winchester Protocol. Time: Three seconds.
    Rat: C-cardin?
    Vanguard: Good luck, Jaune. For the Kingdom of Vale.
  • In In Strange Waters, Yukari and Lucius discuss one of Lucius' old schoolmates, who was a highly respected and influential figure in Vimy Ridge's team. When Yukari says that the man in question would have been welcomed to Black Forest or the Nishizumi house, Lucius does not take it well.
    Lucius: "What. Did. You. Just. Say?"
  • Through Her Eyes: This line of dialogue reveals the extent of both how much Ozpin's inner circle actually know about Ruby's "Semblance", and how much they're keeping secret from her:
    Ironwood: I have no doubt that Ruby Rose has the potential to be a great huntress, but she is so much more than a huntress, so much more than a human, so much more than Ruby Rose. We have to stop talking about her in this manner and address her for what she truly is: what do we do with the Niggurath while she is still in a controllable state?
  • In Never Been Bothered, the protagonist finds a revealing photo of his neighbors as kids. It reveals that Anna and Elsa are not only married, but they are also sisters:
    Beneath the dress, wrapped safely into the cloak, is a photo. A family photo. And the two girls, the two sisters sitting proudly in front of crowned father and mother are, despite being no more than six years old at most, clearly identifiable as Elsa and Anna.
  • In Nobody's Heroes, when word gets out that the rogue Avengers are in Wakanda after the videos of the Starks' murder and Tony's fight with Steve and Bucky in Siberia have been leaked online, Wakandan citizens march on the palace chanting. Scott, who's turned himself in and is waiting to hear back from the UN asks Ilya, a lawyer he's befriended, what the chant is.
    Scott: What? What are they saying?
    Ilya: They... They are calling for the Black Panther. Their protector. Their leader. Their queen.
  • In Identities, Morwen/Rana has been raised to believe that Sauron is her father. Then this exchange happens:
    Haldir: I knew your parents.
    Rana: How did you know them?
    Haldir: They both grew up in Lothlorien.
  • Always Advancing: Yukari learns what the nail that created the alternate timeline was:
    Arisa: Pravda got knocked out in the semi-finals last year.
  • The Steven Universe fan song "Hello Starlight" features a small but impactful line implying White Diamond knew way more about Pink Diamond's double life as Rose Quartz than the audience thought.
    White Diamond: No more Rose Quartz, Pink, just you...
  • Loved and Lost, an extended retelling of "A Canterlot Wedding", provides several examples.
    • When Princess Cadance is injured, Twilight Sparkle mistakenly believes her friends, brother and Celestia (who've all lost their prestige) caused it by bringing her back to Canterlot before King Jewelius could reinstate her. Angry, hurt and (as it later turns out) manipulated to lose trust in her friends, brother and mentor, she lashes out and renounces them, going so far as to throw in their faces the words they used while turning their backs on her at the wedding rehearsal.
      Applejack: Twilight, please don't do this!
      Fluttershy: We're your friends!
      Twilight: No you're not! You only hangout with me because my connections could help you. You never cared about me or anypony else! I can't believe I fell for it for so long.
      Shining Armor: Twily-
      Twilight: And you can forget about me calling you my BBBFF anymore! In fact, I don't even have a brother. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go check on the princess.
      Celestia: Twilight, I-
      Twilight: You have a lot to think about.
    • Immediately in the following chapter, Queen Chrysalis drops a bombshell to the also imprisoned heroes by revealing that Jewelius and she worked together to invade Canterlot before he double-crossed her.
      Chrysalis: [to Jewelius] I… I thought we were in this together! Why did you betray me?!
      Pinkie Pie: What?! [the others have a Jaw Drop]
      Jewelius: Oh Chrysalis. Did you really think I'd let a despicable animal like you by my side?
      • Jewelius shocks the heroes further by answering his own questions about how Chrysalis knew about the wedding and the caverns beneath the castle.
        Jewelius: I told her about them!
    • The 12th chapter gives us an in-universe example. When Celestia, sentenced to be hanged, is allowed to make a final statement, she breaks her silence by saying "I'm sorry." Everypony present — the other heroes, the glum Twilight, the angry crowd, and even the smug Jewelius — is surprised to hear this, as well as the touching apology speech that Celestia gives afterwards.
  • Prehistoric Park: Returned from Extinction:
    • From Chapter 144:
      The new arrival was a peculiar creature - it had a clearly theropod in origin body, with sharp claws and teeth, yet it had the long neck, and horns on its head.
      Strangest of all, however, was the fact that it had red colored wings.....
    • Chapter 177 has this bit of description regarding an injured Allosaurus Tristan encounters:
    • In Chapter 180, there's a big curveball regarding dinosaur behavior:
      There, at the source of the sound, was a group of Ornitholestes...carrying spears and whips?!?!
    • Also in Chapter 180, something very unexpected comes out of the time portal:
      There, standing in front of him, was a Dilophosaurus.
      One with a slowly extending neck frill made of skin
  • Where Talent Goes To Die
    • Midway through the second class trial, the students discuss the motive- information Monokuma gave to other students regarding their classmates' dark secrets or tips on how to more easily murder said classmates. Mitamura then gets out the information the victim got.
      Anzu Sugiura isn't just the Ultimate Waitress... she's also the Ultimate Poisoner! But she's not too proud of that, though. Bring that up and she might just kill you... or maybe herself!
    • Later in the second trial, Miura and Edogawa are able to help poke holes in Mitamura's claim that Sugiura is the killer, and the only question remaining is whether Sugiura knew that Mizuhara was allergic to peanuts. At that point, Sugiura produces her notepad, revealing that she has Iwasawa's weakness instead, and Monokuma then lets slip that Mitamura was the one who got Mizuhara's weakness. With this piece of information, Miura is able to formally accuse Mitamura of the murder.
    • Midway through Chapter IV, Miura is about to complete Final Dead Room: VR Edition, when she hears the following.
      Katsura: I see. Please accept my congratulations... and forgive me for what I'm about to do.
      Edogawa: RUN, KAORI!
      Miura: (narrating) I quickly ripped off the headset, just in time to see Katsura-san standing in front of me, holding a steak knife.
    • In Chapter V, Monokuma threatens to execute a random student's family if no one is murdered in the next 72 hours. The morning after the motive is announced, Sugiura, realizing that no one has taken Monokuma up on his offer, offers a suggestion on how to solve their problem.
      Sugiura: The solution should be obvious. Kill me- right here, right now- and Monokuma will have no reason to harm our loved ones.
    • During the fifth class trial, while most of the class is certain that Sugiura is the culprit, Kagami mentions that she couldn't have restrained her victim, Iwasawa, alone, and suspects she has an accomplice, threatening to get the group off track if they can't find out how it happened.
      Miura: Now that I think about it, Kagami-kun, you're right. Sugiura-san did have an accomplice, someone whose cooperation she needed to carry out her murder plan. The only person who fits the bill... is Iwasawa-san herself.
  • The sequel, Where Talent Goes on Vacation, has a few.
    • There'sone in the prologue. Asakura, the last of the students to be introduced, is offended by Nagato claiming to be the Ultimate Tech Support, and when introducing himself, reveals why- he's also the Ultimate Tech Support, a rare case of two students with the same talent.
    • Just before the second execution, this exchange reveals that the Tachibana sisters swapped places.
      "Tatsuki": Take care of yourself, sisnote , and never forget- I'll always love you.
      Monokuma: Let's give it everything we've got! IT'S PUNISHMENT TIME!
      "Taiga": TAIGA, NO!
    • In Chapter III, Part 1, Azuki comforts Nagato after she clashes with Asakura, only for her to claim that he's not wrong about the reason she got into the school.
      Azuki: So in other words, your dad helped you get in. But he's...
      Nagato: Dead? Yes, he is. His name is Shou Mitamura. In addition to being a teacher at Talent High School he was also the youngest son of the chairman of the board.
    • Azuki comes to a terrible epiphany about the culprit of the third trial after hearing some information from Nagato.
      Azuki: You said (the pressure plate trap in the room downstairs) fired twice? And a minute after you tested it?
      Nagato: Yes, that's what I said. Is something wrong with that?
      Azuki: There might be. Just after the investigation period ended, I saw the trap that killed Mihama go off, then tested the pressure plate near it twice. If what you're saying is true, then the pressure plate downstairs controls the trap in the office, and vice versa. If that's true, then... then... oh fuck.
      Nagato: Akira-san?
      Azuki: Now that we know where the trigger to the office trap is, there's only one person who could have set off the trap that killed Mihama. Namely me.
    • Near the end of Chapter V, Nagato, who's come to terms with Azuki's death, isn't expecting to hear this as she wakes up on the final day of the killing game.
      Azuki: Morning, Chiyuri.
  • The first line to forever cement the status of Citadel of the Heart as a Massively Multiplayer Crossover Series Fic is without question a certain line Hilbert has to say in Chapter 40 of Truth and Ideals, a fanfic which up until now was nothing more than a basic Pokémon fic.
    Hilbert: The grand finale! Let's kill this guy's Pokémon while we're at it! Finish him off, WarGreymon!
  • New Hope University: Major In Murder
    • The last scene of the first half of the Prologue ends with Dr. Alameda's assistant mockingly telling him that his project will continue before leaving Dr. Alameda's office. While it's initially presented as a one-sided conversation, this line causes the scene to take on a new meaning.
      Dr. Alameda did not react. This was not surprising. He had been dead for nearly five years.
    • At the end of the first trial, Saya gets a piece of paper, revealing that one of the students, apart from the mastermind, has participated before.
      Participant DR-0013333 once again refused to graduate and will therefore be re-enrolled into the Killing Game this term. Subsequently, only fourteen new recruits are required, and the attached list is therefore complete
    • Shortly after the third trial, and not long an awkward moment in which Saya rejects a kiss from her apparent Love Interest Lucina, Saya heads over to Lucina's room, but Lucina isn't the one who answers the door, indicating that perhaps Saya has competition for Lucina.
      The person standing in Lucina's doorway, staring back at me in shock, was not Lucina. This person's normally neat clothes were stretched-out and rumpled. Her hair, which was normally done up in elaborate tails, draped down over her back like blue-silver water.
      This time, finally, the message got through. Katy can surprise you.
    • Near the start of the fifth trial, after the class enters the virtual reality simulation, someone says, "Shut the fuck up" to the simulated version of Juliet. What is said is less important than who's saying it- Lucina, who had previously been established as being unable to speak.
    • In the final class trial, Saya, having learned that that the previous mastermind, Ashley, was killed, realizes the identity of the new mastermind.
      "...Friend Saya?" Rodrigo's voice was anxious, but he was standing firm. "Does... does this mean you know who the new Mastermind is?"
      "Yeah." I felt hollow but somehow also strong. "Yeah, I know."
      Again, everyone kind of freaked out. But I was confident. In chess, if you lose your queen, you can't ever get her back. Unless... one of your pawns makes it all the way to the other side.
      I just looked up at the ceiling, trying to find a camera or something. I couldn't find any, so I just directed my plea to the air, hoping it'd be heard.
      "Bepi?"note  I murmured. "It's over. Please come out."
  • Frank's Night Out
    • Page 9:
    Frank: My PENIS was GONE.
    • Page 16 has two:
    Frank: Linda is DEAD.
    • Page 19:
    Frank: S-Susan?!
  • At the end of chapter 29 of Challenger, Ardos of Team Cipher hands out new pokemon to each of the Rocket executives with two being rare but otherwise normal pokemon.
    Ardos: And to the proper leader of Team Rocket, Cipher gifts you a Latios.
  • The ending to this short film adaptation of Harry Potter's "The Tale of the Three Brothers" has two:
    • The story is given the Framing Device of a grandfather telling his grandson the story while his wife repeatedly knocks at the door to get them to come down for some reason. At the end, the knocking gets more and more insistent and violent while the grandfather becomes overcome with emotion. As he finally stands up to answer the door, his grandson puts two and two together and comes to a horrifying realization:
    Grandson: That's not grandma, is it?
    • The second is the grandfather's last words, revealing the identity of the boy in question.
    Grandfather: Goodbye, James.
  • From the Neptunia piece Greenlit Trouble:
    Sync: After all, this is your story... sis.
  • In the humanized My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfic Guppy Love, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash confront Applejack over her puppy love crush on the mermaid Rarity and desire for her to stay after her injured tail has healed, delivering a brutal one:
    Fluttershy: Applejack...
    Rainbow Dash: Rarity can't replace your parents.
  • In Legend Of The Monkey God, after Bulma makes a wish on the Dragonballs to keep Pilaf from getting it, she passes out in pain and is brought to a cell to await her execution, when Shu notices something.
    "Was that always there?" He asked as he pointed at the new appendage colored the same as Bulma's hair hanging limply between her legs.
  • Distortions (Symphogear):
    • Chapter 12: Tsubasa is in a base of the Horsemen and finds a laboratory with a very familiar individual in it:
      Tsubasa: Kanade?!
    • Chapter 16: After Hibiki and Miku have have a conversation with Yumi about what has been going on recently with the Horsemen and Yumi leaves Miku asks Hibiki a question that was bothering her during the conversation:
      Miku: Hibiki, has the information we’ve learned about the Horsemen’s organizational structure been made public?
      Hibiki: I don’t think so. I recall Director Ogawa saying that it’s kept classified right now. Something about not wanting the Horsemen to know what we know about them, I think.
      Miku: Then how did Yumi know that the Horsemen’s combat arm is named the White Unit?
    • Chapter 18: Bundle the Bonds: Chris talks with Professor Makoto about staying grounded in spite of all of the big changes in her life. She’s careful not to mention what the Horsemen think is happening to her. After Chris leaves, we get this line from the Professor showing that he knows more about what's going on then it appears:
      Professor Makoto: Thank you. Whether sapien or sumphonia, I’m sure you’ll remain human to the end.
  • Hachiman's reaction to copying the U.S.J. Nomu's Quirks in My Hero School Adventure Is All Wrong As Expected entirely negates any sense of victory the students previously had.
    Hachiman: ...Zaimokuza?Explanation 
  • Danganronpa: Last Hurrah
    • At the end of the second trial, the killer offers one last bit of information to the survivors before being executed.
      "Other than Samurunote , someone in our group has killed plenty of times already. If you want to know their identity, check out the last book I ever read from the library."
    • In Part 2 of "Killing Two Birds With One Sword," Monokuma brings out a cabinet with personal keepsakes from home, causing the students to fear that Monokuma did something to their families. When it's Reyes' turn, there's something surprising.
      Inside of her compartment was a locket and an infamous mask of Sparkling Justice.
    • During the fourth culprit's Motive Rant, Umeko mentions having won photos that show Reyes killing a man and Mako feeding a woman's decapitated head to sharks, while Samuru carries the woman's body. The culprit then accuses Samuru, Mako and Reyes of killing her parents.
      "I get that you are an executioner and that you kill people, bad people. I get that Reyes kills people in the name of justice. What I don't understand is why Mako did this? And... Why did you and Mako do this to my mother?"
  • Fate/VRAINS -- Laplace: During the middle of a tag duel of Hakuno and Playmaker versus Alkaid and a Knight of Hanoi member, Alkaid summons someone Hakuno knows very well:
    Alkaid: One of the many rogues of the lawless forest. Reveal yourself and shoot down the wicked! Xyz Summon! Rank 8! Servant Archer – Robin Hood!
    Robin Hood: Yo. Been a while, brownie.
    Hakuno: R-Robin Hood…? N-no way… You're-!
    Alkaid: Dan Blackmore. Master of the Archer-class Servant, Robin Hood. Former participant of the Moon Cell Holy Grail War. It's a pleasure to see you again, my old adversary.
  • It's a Slaughterful Life A Ralph Breaks the Internet fanfic: Vanellope tells Shanks that she reconsiders being a part of Slaughter Race and wants to go back home. Shanks does not take it well.
    Vanellope: Um... Okay then, so... I guess I'll just be, ah... going, then? Is, uh... is that what's happening?
    Shanks: No. I don't think that's what's happening, honey.
  • During the wedding in Beyond Heroes: Of Sunshine and Red Lyrium, Varric is bewildered to hear a voice from the next room.
    "...and we are not happy that we weren't invited!"
  • Mail Delivery has one at the very end of the story. Streetwise is helping Red Alert with the mail reception, and they discover that one of the packages is a bomb in disguise. Red Alert remarks that maybe Prowl will take the mail security more seriously from now on, and Streetwise protests that the bomb was nowhere near powerful enough to harm the Autobots.
    "Wordlessly, Red Alert held up the little bit of brown paper he'd removed."
    "The first line of the address read "Spike Witwicky, c/o The Autobots"."
  • In the Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony one-shot stained glass variation of the truth which takes place after the end of the game, Shuichi and Kaede spend the day together when suddenly Kaede gets angry at Shuichi for using her as support after everything they went through in the Killing Game without even asking for her permission. "Kaede" then asks him the following question, revealing that Shuichi has been pretending that Maki was Kaede in an effort to cope with his trauma after what he went through in the events of ''V3'', including Kaede's death.
    "Kaede": [to Shuichi] How could you feel if I started calling you Momota?
  • In Wilhuff Tarkin, Hero of the Rebellion, Barriss Offee explains to Ezra that the Clone Wars are called that because both sides used clones, the Separatists using theirs to replace Republic personnel, right before they find the Seventh Sister, that looks identical to Barriss:
    "Ezra": Wait... The Seventh Sister is your clone!
    "Barriss": No, I am hers.
  • Girls und Panzer: Hope Dies:
    • Chapter 11 has Yukari insist that Erika is not Miho's killer, before saying "It was me!"
    • Chapter 12 has a similar exchange when it's revealed that Miho had a secret relationship.
      Hana: One moment! Who is it that Miho loved in secret?
      Erika: Me!
  • In Sillyhat Productions' "Epitaph", Lambdadelta wrenches the series away from being a lighthearted parody when she informs Battler of something:
    Lambdadelta: I'll tell you a little secret. This game board you exist on right now... It's just a cheap replica of the original. Know what that means? 'Course you don't. Here's a hint. I can erase it.
  • Ruby Stars: Clancy states that Sadie having Kay's gem is very bad, and not because the government wants it or because it's giving her powers she doesn't know how to control. It's because of "the network", the systematic mind control used by White Diamond to keep the Gems in her court under her power at all times.
    "The psychic control network," replied Barb, "That kept the Gems that belonged to White Diamond in line."


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