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This is the Wham Episode page for the Live-Action Adaptation of The Walking Dead. You may be looking for the page for the Comic series. Unmarked spoilers below!

Season 1:

  • "Vatos": After an entire episode of generally filler content (that also comes off as darkly humorous), the camp is attacked by a large horde of walkers, resulting in many casualties. Although Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and T-Dog make it back in time to take out the rest of the horde, the abusive Ed and Andrea's sister Amy both die in the attack, while Jim is bit in the process.

Season 2:

  • "Pretty Much Dead Already": The walkers in Hershel's barn are discovered by the group, and Shane rebels against Hershel's rules and Rick's leadership by opening the barn and forcing the group to massacre the walkers inside. Soon after, it's revealed that Sophia was locked in the barn when turned into a walker after going missing. Rick is the one to put her down.
  • "Judge, Jury, and Executioner": After Dale breaks down due to the group becoming uncivilized enough to torture and consider executing Randall, he proceeds to get attacked by a walker. Even more surprising due to the fact it's the same walker Carl tried to shoot in the swamp, but ended up freeing it instead.
  • "Better Angels": Shane completely loses it, kills Randall, and tries to kill Rick, who kills him in self-defense. Then he comes back as a walker and Carl has to shoot him. The noise of the gunshot attracts a horde of walkers, which approaches the farm. It's also revealed that a person doesn't have to be bit or scratched to turn into a walker.
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  • "Beside The Dying Fire": The farm gets attacked by a horde, and all hell breaks loose. Jimmy dies saving Rick and Carl, Patricia dies while trying to run and everyone is forced to flee in separate directions, while leaving Andrea (who was presumed dead) behind. Andrea kills a ton of walkers before being saved at the last second by a mysterious hooded stranger (fan-favorite Michonne from the comic series), Glenn finally admits he loves Maggie, Rick reveals to the group the truth about Jenner's whisper - that everyone is a carrier of the zombie virus and will reanimate after dying - and that he killed Shane, then assuming sole leadership of it. The episode finally ends with a reveal of the prison.

Season 3:

  • "Killer Within": Andrew (the convict Rick left locked outside as a horde closed in on him) activates the prison's generator/alarm system, drawing in walkers from all around the area. The group is separated. Oscar shoots Andrew to save Rick. T-Dog gets bit by a walker, then goes out in a Heroic Sacrifice to give Carol a chance to escape. Lori requires an emergency c-section (from Maggie), and dies as a result of the procedure. Carl then shoots his mother to prevent her from coming back as a walker.
  • "This Sorrowful Life": Glenn ends up asking Hershel for his daughter's hand in marriage, Merle takes the fight to the Governor and his men after bailing on the plan to turn Michonne over to the latter, and Daryl discovers that his brother was executed and has turned, leading to him having to put Merle down for good.
  • "Welcome To The Tombs": Milton is gutshot by the Governor and left to bleed out and reanimate in the room where Andrea is tied to a chair. The Governor and his ragtag army stage an assault on the prison, only to fall into a trap by Rick's group that sets a horde of walkers on the soldiers. The fleeing Woodbury army is massacred by a furious Governor, and he leaves with Martinez and Shumpert. Milton turns and bites Andrea just as she frees herself and shoots him. Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Tyreese discover the wounded Andrea, who shoots herself so she won't turn. The surviving Woodbury residents are loaded in a bus and join the prison group.

Season 4:

  • "Too Far Gone": The Governor, with his new army (and a tank!), takes Michonne and Hershel hostage in order to force the prison inhabitants to leave. Rick refuses, prompting The Governor to behead Hershel with Michonne's katana, which results in a full-scale battle between the two groups. The prison falls, various lives are lost, The Governor is finally killed (at Lilly's hands), Judith vanishes and is presumed dead, and the group is forced to scatter and separate. The last shot is the devastated and broken Rick and Carl walking away from the burning, walker-overrun prison to an uncertain future.
  • "The Grove": After displaying worrying behavior and signs of mental instability all season, Lizzie snaps completely and murders her sister to prove that walkers are no different than people, holding Carol and Tyreese and gunpoint so they won't prevent her from turning. Even more horrifyingly, she says that she was planning to do the same to Judith before the adults arrived. After talking Lizzie into putting down her weapon, Carol and Tyreese discuss her behavior and it's revealed that she was responsible for feeding rats to the walkers in the first half of the season, thus causing the mass gathering of walkers that nearly infested the prison, and a heartbroken Carol ultimately executes Lizzie after they decide that she is too dangerous to be around people. The episode ends with Carol confessing to the murder of Karen and telling Tyreese to do whatever he feels he has to; he forgives her, but says that he won't forget, and the two continue to head to Terminus with Judith in tow after burying the girls in the eponymous grove.
  • "A": The Claimers finally catch up to Rick's group and among other things, attempt to rape Carl, causing Rick to go into full-on Papa Wolf mode and reach new levels of brutality, ripping a man's throat out with his teeth and viciously gutting Carl's would-be rapist. In the aftermath of the battle, Daryl is reunited with Rick, Carl, and Michonne for the first time since the midseason finale, and the four head for Terminus. On their arrival, things quickly become insane when Rick sees several Terminus residents with personal items belonging to the prison group, and the heroes are corralled by sniper fire through an increasingly creepy maze of warehouses and alleyways until they are eventually surrounded and forced to surrender their weapons. From there, they are herded into a train car where they discover Glenn and Maggie's group already being held captive, and a newly-confident Rick embraces his brutality by issuing a call to arms in the form of a truly Badass Boast as the final words of the episode. The season ends on a genuine cliffhanger for the first time in the series' run, with most of the main cast held prisoner in a seemingly hopeless situation - what's more, it's also heavily implied that the residents of Terminus are a variation on the Hunters, a group of cannibals from the comic continuity.

Season 5:

  • "Self-Help": Eugene is not really a scientist and does not know how to stop the outbreak, but still believes Washington is the best place to be. Abraham punches and severely injures Eugene after the latter boasts that he is still smarter than the rest of the group. It is then revealed that following the death of his wife and children, Abraham was seconds away from killing himself... before Eugene showed up with a "special mission." As Eugene's survival was the only thing keeping Abraham going, he relapses into severe Heroic BSoD.
  • "Coda": Rick successfully trades two of Dawn's officers for Beth and Carol, but just as they turn to leave, Dawn asks for Noah back, since her replacement ward, Beth, is leaving. As Beth says farewell to Noah, Dawn smugly tells Noah, "I knew you would be back," which sets Beth off and causes her to stab Dawn with a pair of hidden scissors; in response, Dawn shoots Beth in the head. Whether it was an accident or not, a heartbroken Daryl executes Dawn in the same manner. The hospital residents do nothing to mourn Dawn; Rick even offers them a chance to join their group, with the only taker being Noah. Maggie, having been told Beth was alive (after previously assuming she died at the prison), breaks down when Daryl emerges from the hospital carrying her sister's lifeless body.
  • "What's Happened And What's Going On" - Tyreese is bitten by a walker and dies of his wounds by the end of the episode, plunging the group into their Darkest Hour as they mourn both Beth and Tyreese.
  • "Spend": Both Noah and Aiden are Devoured by the Horde, and it seems likely things will go downhill fast for Rick's group in Alexandria once Monroe finds her son is dead and Rick decides to do something drastic about Jessie's husband's domestic abuse.
  • "Conquer": Deanna arranges a meeting to discuss the incident with Rick. Daryl and Aaron go searching for supplies, falling into one of the Wolves' traps. Just as they prepare to fight off the horde, Morgan shows up and rescues them. Nicholas attempts to murder Glenn, whilst Gabriel leaves the gate open, allowing walkers to stumble into Alexandria. Rick fights them off, dumping one of the corpses in the middle of Deanna's meeting. He lectures the group on how they need to change in order to survive, just as an irate and possibly drunk Pete stumbles in with Michonne's katana. Reg tries to prevent a fight from breaking out, but Pete shoves him away, accidentally slitting his throat. Abraham detains Pete, whilst Deanna weeps over her husband's body, finally giving in and ordering Rick to shoot him. Just as he delivers the killing blow, Morgan shows up, staring in shock as he witnesses Rick murder a man in cold blood.

Season 6:

  • "Thank You": After being surrounded by walkers, Glenn and Nicholas climb on top of a dumpster with no escape from the horde. Realizing the inevitability of death, Nicholas pulls out his gun, thanks Glenn for giving him a second chance, and shoots himself in the head. The force from Nicholas' fall brings Glenn down with him, and Glenn seemingly gets torn apart by the horde.
  • "Heads Up": Turns out Glenn escaped the horde by climbing out from under Nicholas and shimmying underneath the dumpster. Also, due to the church tower collapsing, Alexandria's walls are now breached.
  • "No Way Out": Sam and Jessie are both devoured by walkers after Rick, Michonne, and Carl try to traverse through the herd in Alexandria. Ron, devastated, attempts to shoot and kill Rick, but is killed by Michonne before he succeeds. As he dies, his gun fires, hitting Carl in his eye and nearly killing him. After rescuing Carl and putting him in the infirmary, Rick runs back outside and starts killing several walkers. The surviving members of Alexandria see Rick making a stand and join him, and they all work as one and successfully eradicate a large portion of the herd.
  • "Twice As Far": Dwight finally makes a return, albeit now on the side of The Saviours, and ends up killing Denise with an arrow through the eye (though he claims to have been aiming for Daryl). By the end of the episode Alexandria has lost its only medic, and Carol has skipped town with nothing but a mournful note telling the others not to come looking for her.
  • "Last Day on Earth": After spending the episode trying to get Maggie to the Hilltop to see a doctor, but being cut off by the Saviours at every turn, Rick's group are finally corralled into a trap. Negan finally makes his debut and, much like in the comic, establishes himself by bashing one of the character's heads in with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. In the comics, Glenn was the one who ended up being Negan's victim, but here, we don't see who it was. This means that until season seven reveals who it was, it could be any of the following: Rick, Carl, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Sasha, Abraham, Eugene, Rosita or Aaron.

Season 7:

  • "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be": We find out who Negan killed — Abraham. And, due to Daryl trying to attack Negan as retaliation, Glenn is also killed. Negan then finishes breaking Rick by making him cut off Carl's arm (though it turns out to be a test), and makes it clear he'll be coming for Alexandria's supplies soon. The group is changed forever with the loss of several of their main leaders, as Abraham and Glenn are dead, Maggie and Sasha go to Hilltop indefinitely, and Daryl is taken prisoner by the Saviors.
  • "Hearts Still Beating": Jesus helps Daryl escape from the Sanctuary. Spencer tries to convince Negan to kill Rick, so that Spencer can take over Alexandria; Negan plays along for a while, but reveals that Spencer's cowardly offer actually disgusts him, so he guts him. Rosita then tries to shoot Negan with Eugene's homemade bullet, but misses. Negan then has Olivia killed as punishment, and takes Eugene prisoner so that he can make more bullets for the Saviors. All this snaps Rick out of his broken state, and he leads the group to reunite with Maggie and the others at Hilltop, to plan to fight back. A Mysterious Watcher discovers Alexandria.

Season 8:

  • "How It's Gotta Be": The Saviors seize control of the Kingdom, capturing Ezekiel after he buys time for the others to escape. They also attack Alexandria, burning it down as the residents flee; during the fighting, Dwight is exposed as The Mole for Rick's group and forced to fully defect. Eugene helps Gabriel and Dr. Carson escape the Sanctuary. Maggie declares that Hilltop will be the alliance's Last Stand, and executes a Savior prisoner to send a message. In Alexandria, the remaining survivors hide in the sewers, and find that Carl has been bitten.
  • "Honor": Carl kills himself after as he agonizes due to the walker bite, leaving his parents devastated. Alexandria, now accompanied by Dwight and Siddiq (who's revealed to be a doctor), is migrating to Hilltop in the wake of the town's bombing. Additionally, Gavin and his forces are wiped out by Henry, Morgan, and Carol, and Ezekiel has been rescued.
  • "Still Gotta Mean Something": Negan has returned to the Saviors, and the remaining satellite outpost Saviors have been wiped out. Jadis is also revealed to be trying to contact the mysterious helicopter. And finally, Negan has picked up someone on his way back to the Sanctuary, and it's strongly implied to be Laura, who has news of Dwight's defection.

Season 9:

  • "What Comes After": After struggling to keep ahead of a herd, a heavily wounded Rick manages to cross the bridge linking the communities. To avoid the herd reaching them, he blows the bridge up, sacrificing himself and wiping out the undead behind him. He is later found on a riverbank by Anne and taken by helicopter to an unknown location.
  • "Evolution": It is here that we get the first glimpse of the Whisperers. During their entire search for Eugene, the party of Daryl, Jesus and Aaron are constantly trailed by a massive herd, with alarms and firecrackers doing nothing to divert them. After finding Eugene and reaching a graveyard, the group is surrounded by the herd, with faint human voices being heard. Thanks to Michonne and Magna's arrival, everyone is able to get out safely, except for Jesus who is parried and stabbed by a random walker, who whispers that he is 'where he does not belong'. As it is quickly made clear, this 'walker' is a human who is wearing the skin of the undead. To make it worse, the group is now trapped in the graveyard while more whispers are heard stating that they need to 'flank him' and 'keep them trapped'. On top of all of this, Negan discovers the gate to his cell unlocked and escapes.
  • "The Calm Before": Alpha deals a horrific blow to the newly reunited communities, massacring ten people, including Enid, Tara, and Henry. We also learn that Alpha has a massive horde even bigger than the quarry herd from Season 6 at her disposal.

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