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Wham Episode in The Venture Bros..

  • The show ended its first season on a traditional episode. But, it turns out this [adult swim] show doesn't make use of Snap Back, and in the first episode of season two, we find out that the titular brothers are still dead and that the Monarch's still in jail.
  • Then there's Brock suddenly up and quitting as he couldn't take the weirdness anymore at the end of Season 3. That episode also included the death of 24 and the obliteration of all of Hank and Dean's spare clones.
    • The season four premiere makes it even Whammier—Sgt. Hatred is the new Venture bodyguard, HELPeR is now THE WALKING EYE!, Hunter was The Mole in the Blackhearts organization and brings Brock into SPHINX, which is now operating on the side of good, and the Brothers' looks have changed for the first time ever—Hank grows his hair out and starts donning Brock's old jacket, while Dean now has a wispy little mustache.
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  • The season 04 finale "Operation P.R.O.M": General Treister retires and leaves Colonel Gathers in charge of OSI. Molotov Cocktease was the rookie SPHINX agent seen in the background of previous episodes. She steals Monstroso back from them, claiming that he is her lover. When Brock corners her in a stolen limo on the edge of a cliff, he threatens to let Monstroso fall to his death. Molotov knocks Brock off of the hood of the limo willingly and the car falls and explodes with them both inside.
  • Where to begin with "All This and Gargantua-2"? Most of the Council of 13 is killed off, the Sovereign is killed after it's revealed he was "a nobody that was way over his head", the Investors are killed by Henry Killinger, who himself is an Investor, the Venture Compound is destroyed by the Monarch's attempt at making a Flaming Emblem going awry, Gargantua-2 is destroyed, JJ sacrifices himself to save everyone, Treister returns and has turned into a Hulk, Killinger creates a new Council of 13 with the surviving villains (except the Monarch), and in the online epilogue, JJ leaves Rusty with his multi-billion dollar empire with a new Venture Compound in New York City.
  • The entirety of the Morphic Trilogy that opens up season 7 is just one WHAM after another for 3 episodes in a row.
    • "The Venture Bros. & The Curse of the Haunted Problem" reveals that the "Problem Light" from season 1's "Careers In Science" has been containing Jonas Sr.'s disembodied head alive since the "Movie Night Massacre" of the 1980s, and its blinking was to signify that he had regained consciousness and is now trying to control VenTech Tower. And when Hank as "Enrico Matassa" is hired by Wide Wale to kill Blue Morpho, who has been unmasked as the Monarch.
    • "The Rorqual Affair" reveals that Wide Wale has for a while known that the Monarch was moonlighting as the Blue Morpho, and that he still has it out for him because his real name is Chester Ong, and the Monarch was responsible for the death of his brother Douglas Ong, a.k.a. Dr. Dugong, from season 3's "Tears of a Sea Cow". With Red Death's help, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and 21 infiltrate an OSI Dummy Corp. building to find information revealing that Dr. Dugong is still alive to bring him to Wide Wale, saving the Monarch's life. In the aftermath, they discover VenTech Tower starting to move, followed by the Morphomobile landing right in front of the door.
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    • "Arrears in Science" is just a Chekhov's Armory of Info Dumps that it's almost too difficult to digest:
      • Vendata survived Brock's attack in season 5's "Bot Seeks Bot" after which he began to recover more of his memories as the original Blue Morpho, and begins to recover more of them when he gets to VenTech Tower and interfaces with the Problem Light, which is actually the "PRO.B.L.E.M.", or "PROgressive Biological Life Extension Module", which would have only started blinking if it meant Jonas Sr. had regained consciousness, which indeed happened in "Careers In Science", although Rusty stops Dean from revealing this to the others.
      • The "great man" Kano killed and took a vow of silence for was indeed Blue Morpho, after his programming as Venturion led to him nearly killing Rusty in a glitch that led to him remembering his son Malcom (the Monarch) crying due to Rusty's playing with another toy. Dr. Z then recovered Venturion from the Venture Compound's dumpster and reprogrammed him into Vendata. We also learn that Blue Morpho was being blackmailed by Jonas Sr. into doing his dirty work, using the tape he recorded of the two of them having affairs with Jill St. John and Stella Stevens. It's also heavily hinted that Blue Morpho was infertile, and Jonas Sr. had an affair with his wife, resulting in the conception of Malcom (the Monarch), and making Rusty and the Monarch half-brothers.
      • Red Death was on Gargantua-1 during the Movie Night Massacre, which was another callback to "Careers in Science", which was a plan formulated by Vendata to arch Jonas. Vendata attempted to confront Jonas with the same blackmail tape that had been used on him years earlier. Jonas taunted him over its contents, and left the airlock control room, with Vendata questioning what to do, but the recovered memory ends before anyone knows who actually opened the airlock, killing nearly all those onboard Gargantua-1, with the only survivors apparently being Red Death, Vendata, and the future Colonel Bud Manstrong. The aftermath of the unapproved arching led the Sovereign to disguise himself as SPHINX Commander and taunt the OSI that they were responsible, kicking off the Pyramid Wars between the OSI and SPHINX, for which Brock was drafted into OSI in the first place, making his whole life a lie.
      • The Action Man finally has the stroke that Dr. Orpheus predicted would result in his death in season 1's "Past Tense", which means it has been two years and 17 days since Mike Sorayama's funeral in season 1 in universe. Mind you, that episode was first broadcast in 2004 and this one was broadcast in 2018.
      • Brock, acting on behalf of OSI, makes a deal with the present members of the Guild's Council to jointly arrest Vendata/Blue Morpho for the death of Dr. Jonas Venture, Sr., and the deaths of the various Guild members the Monarch and 21 were indirectly responsible for killing in season 6.
      • Before Rusty and Billy can agree to Jonas Sr.'s plan to put his head on Venturion/Vendata/Blue Morpho's robot body and prepare the cloning technology to restore his body, the Monarch interrupts things and gets Blue Morpho's attention, who recognizes the Monarch as his son just before Jonas uses the PRO.B.L.E.M. to attack him, bringing both of them, as well as the Monarch and Rusty out of the building, only to crash on the steps of the nearby American Museum of Natural History, resulting in the final deaths of Jonas Venture and the Blue Morpho/Venturion/Vendata. Rusty and the Monarch only manage to survive due to the Rusty Venture cartoon Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon cushioning their fall. In Blue Morpho's final moments, the Monarch realizes the man was his father. And later, OSI wants Jonas's head for research purposes.
  • While "The Inamorata Consequence" is a much calmer episode than the trio of whams above, it still has two particular standout moments. After Dean leaves HELPeR Model 2, the latter calls him Rusty, strongly implying that Dr. Venture himself died and was cloned by Jonas Sr., to add a layer to their Cloning Blues, and in The Stinger, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch realizes that S-464 is a mole for the Peril Partnership, setting up their influence over the second half of the season.
  • In "The Forecast Manufacturer" later in season 7, Hank is going crazy over the fact that Sirena hasn't been responding to his messages while the city is in the midst of a blizzard. After Hank leaves the tower to go find Sirena, he knocks himself out, only to be found by Scare Bear, who then takes him to the Stuyvesant University dormitories and to Dean's room in particular, where Hank finds Dean and Sirena in bed together. However, Hank is still too disoriented from his concussion to realize the gravity of the situation, but is at least grateful that both Dean and Sirena can see Scare Bear behind him.
  • In "The Saphrax Protocol", the Monarch and 21 are put through an ordeal as a stage play of themselves in the positions of Saphrax, the first supervillain, and Altheaeus, the first henchman, as part of the Monarch's "Tenning", having finally become worthy of being a Level 10 Arch-Nemesis. During the "play", 21 is given a Level 4 Supervillain status and the Monarch is given Dr. Venture to kill to complete his Level 10 initiation. The Monarch grows tired of the Guild's chicanery and threatens to quit entirely, as does 21 who does not want to be a solo supervillain. However, this is all a test as in the original story within the Guild's mythology Altheaeus swore a blood allegiance to Saphrax, and Saphrax refused to kill his arch-nemesis Emperor Flavius to continue his arching. Thus, both the Monarch and 21 are given Level 10 status as a duo. Oh, and Watch and Ward discover and blab that Dr. Venture and the Monarch are blood-related, confirming fan theories that Jonas Venture slept with the Blue Morpho's wife.
    • Meanwhile, Hank has a shared comatose experience with Action Man based on a mix between Barbarella and The Empire Strikes Back. Action Man tells Hank his mother was an actress named Bobbi Saint Simone who completely changed her name to avoid Dr. Venture's obsessive stalking, much like Hank drove Sirena away. After Dr. Phage arrives, having also become comatose after his accident involving Dr. Venture's teleporter, and saves them, he takes them to a place from Barbarella that Action Man insists may help them. Hank jumps in, feeling this will be his way to grow up. In the real world, Dean has been staying at Hank's bedside to apologize to him for all the slights he made towards him, including having slept with Sirena, revealing that he found out that Dermott is also their brother, and laments that they had grown so apart and he had become jealous of Hank's free-spirited nature. The next morning, the night nurse wakes Dean up to tell him Hank has gone. Literally. Hank woke up from his coma and has disappeared from the hospital. Dean runs out to try to find him, but Hank is lost in the crowd. Except he's wearing his Batman mask and is calling himself The Bat, again.