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My mom fought Toffee?

Marco Diaz: So are we still fighting or...?
Star Butterfly: Read the room, Marco.
— "Monster Bash"

Star vs. the Forces of Evil


Being a Magical Princess means your life is going to be full of surprises. WARNING!! Unmarked Spoilers below.

Season 1

  • "Mewnipendence Day": Diving into the history of Star's people, we have the first rumblings of Star's own growing doubts in her way of life, seeing for the first time that the Mewmans were more conquerors than pilgrims as she had originally believed. Meanwhile, Ludo's loyal Dragon Buff Frog gets fired because he was beginning to suspect Toffee of ill intent.
  • "Marco Grows a Beard": When a beard growing spell goes a little wild, Star stops Ludo and the others again, but this time, Toffee uses his charm and logic to take control, kicking Ludo out of his own castle.
  • "Storm the Castle": Marco is kidnapped by Toffee, and Star is unable to rescue him with brute force. Thus, Star is forced to hand over the wand... only to be told to destroy it instead, with Toffee seemingly destroyed in the blast caused by the wand's destruction. Wand does manage to reconstitute itself afterwards, but is "cleaved", with half of the star piece now missing.

Season 2

  • "My New Wand": features Star accidentally locking Marco in her closet with the wand on the wrong side of the door. More to the point, the wand is acting up with a tainted Unicorn now powering it, and it causing flashes of dark magic that would plague Star the rest of the season. However, it's in this time we also learn that Star can "dip down" and use magic without the wand. Further, when Marco finds Star's Journal, there are some subtle hints that Star might be developing feelings for Marco.
  • "Ludo in the Wild": Ludo somehow finds his way back to the wilderness, learning to survive on his own, and gaining 2 new minons. However, then lured by a vision of Star, he finds the missing half of Star's Wand. Now embedded in a piece of stone, held by a very familiar looking hand. And then it's revealed that he's in Mewni.
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  • "On the Job": Following Buff Frog's POV, he goes on a corn hunting mission that goes wrong, but manages to save his friends after they accidentally get King River down on them. More importantly though, we see that a pack of rats is stealing corn for their master underground: Ludo.
  • "By the Book": Not only do we find out Ludo's wand can communicate with him but he and Star fight for the first time this season, both finding out they're both alive and both have the other half of the wand. More importantly, Ludo gains a new purpose: get the Book of Spells Star has.
  • "Sleepover": During a game of "Truth or Punishment" they defeat the cube for being inflexible to their feelings, but big relational changes happen: Marco confesses his crush to Jackie, who may actually be open to reciprocating. And we pretty much receive confirmation that Star now has a crush on Marco.
  • "Into the Wand": A VERY heavy lore episode. We learn more about how Star's wand functions, see a few of her ancestor queens, but more importantly, we find out how Queen Moon once fought Toffee, and blew off his finger, which was in the wand messing up its spells. Star enters her wand with Glossaryck's help, and removes the finger, temporarily fixing it.
  • "Page Turner": Glossaryck and the audience find out how something's screwing with magic across the universe. Something Moon and the "Magic High Commission" are quite invested in, while Glossaryck gets to defend his teaching methods to Moon. Star also gets to read the famed dark magic chapter of Queen Eclipsa from Into the Wand, but it ends up not affecting her despite it heavily affecting Marco.
  • "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown": Ludo now has the spell book and Glossaryck, Marco and Jackie go out and share a First Kiss, and Star's relationship with Marco and Jackie may be secretly tainted by her jealousy.
  • "The Hard Way": Glossaryck teaches Ludo the levitation spell, but his haste and paranoia prompts him to open Eclipsa's chapter as well. As a result, the surge of dark magic awakens that which was inside his Wand: TOFFEE.
  • "Face the Music": Queen Moon finds Ludo and finds out he has the other half of the wand. We also learn more of Ludo's backstory, on how he was the runt of a big family, and locked his family out of his home when he felt neglected too much. More importantly, Song Day for Star leads to secrets being revealed about her losing the book to Ludo, and Ruberiot the musician also figures out that Star is in love with Marco, revealing it to him.
  • "Starcrushed": Holy. Fuck. Star has to go back to Mewni to fight the resurrected Toffee, who not only possessed Ludo, but grew his hand around the wand, and defeated all the magic high commission by himself. Realizing she might never come back, Star finally confesses her love to Marco right before saying she might never see him again. The Ship Tease of the season finally reached its climax.

Season 3

  • Moon the Undaunted: Gee, how should we put this? We find out that Moon became queen early, as her mother was killed in battle with Toffee. Now in fearful desperation to save her kingdom and avenge her mother, she made a deal with Eclipsa for a secret spell to destroy him in exchange for Eclipsa's release upon his death. She ends up using the spell to sever his finger, thus cementing her in the kingdom as Moon the Undaunted.
  • Toffee: Good lord. The culmination of the seven-part season premiere has Star finally arrive back in her kingdom to take it back from Ludo. In trying to remove Toffee from Ludo's piece of the wand, she ends up trapping herself within it, where she discovers Toffee has been corrupting all the good magic in the universe. Tricking Moon, Toffee regenerates himself while leaving Star behind, after which he breaks the wand. Star, now in limbo with Glossaryck, manages to "dive deep" into the magic and purify ALL of it, escaping the magical void and gaining a Golden Super Mode that she uses to blast Toffee into goo. Ludo finishes the job, then asks to be sent away to think about his life. But with Toffee's death, Eclipsa is slowly being released from her prison.
  • Rest in Pudding: Glossaryck is brought back to life at the end of the episode, but he's not himself.
  • Stranger Danger: Eclipsa returns to the castle. Seeming harmless enough in personality, Star decides to stand up against her mom and the commission, getting Eclipsa placed in house arrest before she can go on trial.
  • Sophmore Slump: Mama mia. Marco Can't Stay Normal after his adventures in Mewni, alienating him from his friends and family. He goes out on a date with Jackie in order to regain some normalcy, but he's still too attached to Mewni. The episode ends with Jackie breaking up with him, telling him that his heart truly belonged on another world with another girl, and Marco leaving to live in Mewni for a year.
  • Lava Lake Beach: Marco finally comprehends his feelings for Star, but can't act on them because she had recently gotten back together with her ex-boyfriend Tom.
  • Deep Dive: Here we go. Thanks to the events of a previous episode, Star formulates a plan with Marco and Janna to figure out where she's trying to go to in her sleep. The answer? The Realm of Magic, the source of all magic, where she slowly loses memories of her life as she gives into the nature of the dimension. To get her back, Marco decides to use the Seeing-Eye Spell, successfully using the wand, which not only changes form but temporarily gives him magic cheek marks. As a result of his efforts, Star comes back to her senses and is now able to control her Super Mode.
  • Monster Bash: While Star and Marco are fighting Mina Loveberry and Miss Heinous in the basement of an abandoned castle, the group discover a hidden room that reveals Miss Heinous to actually be Meteora Butterfly: the half-Mewman/half-monster daughter of Queen Eclipsa and Star's great-grandmother.
  • Total Eclipsa of the Moon: Queen Moon discovers that Eclipsa's successor, Queen Festivia, was not her biological daughter and that Eclispa had never even heard of said person. Meanwhile, Eclipsa's actual daughter, Meteora, has had her existence covered up by a mysterious person or group of people.
  • Butterfly Trap: The biggest bombshell dropped in the series at this point. Turns out the High Magic Comission took Meteora away under orders from King Shastacan and replaced her with a peasant who would later become Festivia. Not only that, but Mewni has been ruled by illegitimate heirs since then, meaning Star is not a real princess and Eclipsa is not her great-grandma. She does not takes this revelation well.
  • Marco Jr.: Marco discovers that his mom became pregnant while he was away on Mewni.
  • Skooled!: Meteora invades St. Olga's, discovers that she should've been the queen of Mewni, breaks off Pony Head's horn, kills her minion Gemini and sets off to seize her birthright by force.
  • Booth Buddies: Marco is forced to reveal to Star that he loves her, it's implied that she still has feelings for him, and they have their First Kiss...except that Star is still dating Tom, who's unaware of everything that just happened.
  • Tough Love: Holy. Shit. Eclipsa and Moon go off to confront Meteora together, who's grown into a more feminine version of her monster dad. While Eclipsa seems close to talking her down, complicated feelings between the 3 end in Eclipsa trying to stop moon from killing her daughter...leading to Meteora taking half of Moon’s soul. Acting on magical instinct, Moon retreats, and Meteora approaches Mewni again, Eclipsa helplessly guilt ridden in getting a friend hurt by her daughter's hand.
  • Divide: Where to start? After learning everything that happened in the previous episode, Star goes after her mother in the Realm of Magic while Marco assembles a team to stop Meteora from reaching Mewni. Star manages to find Moon, but thanks to the side effect of the Realm of Magic, she lost all of her memories. Not only that, but Star is also losing her own memories. Meanwhile, Marco's team struggles to stop Meteora as she absorbs the souls of Pony Head, Nachos and Jorby. And how does the episode end? With Star losing all of her memories in the Realm of Magic while the portal to Mewni closes.
  • Conquer: Hoo boy. Star and Moon are banished from the Realm of Magic by the Firstborn, but not before discovering several waterfalls that teleports them both to other worlds. Before facing Meteora on their own, Marco tells Tom about his kiss with Star in "Booth Buddies", causing him to leave and forcing Marco to face Meteora alone... only for him to save Marco from being turned into a soulless balloon by Meteora, thanks to thousands of his souls inside his body. Unfortunately this increases Meteora's strength even more. Star returns to Mewni, but Moon is nowhere to be seen. Not only that, but Tom returns to Star with Marco's lifeless, floating body. Star faces Meteora on her own, but she's unable to defeat her, even in her Mewberty form. Before Star can do anything else, Eclipsa shows up and takes the wand, defeating Meteora with her dark spells and bringing everyone back to life, including Marco. Star gives the wand to Eclipsa, who's in shock after seemingly destroying her own daughter, only to reveal that Meteora reverted back into a baby. Happy to see her daughter alive, Eclipsa leaves the castle with the wand. BUT IT'S NOT OVER! Glossaryck, who's apparently recovered from his dog-like condition with a new voice, reveals to Star and Marco that he was trying to tell everyone about Globgor and Eclipsa's desire to reunite with him right before leaving the castle. Who's Globgor? Eclipsa's monster lover. The episode ends with Eclipsa and Meteora returning to the monster temple where Globgor, who's been crystalized by Rhombulus, has been hidden for 300+ years.

Season 4

  • Escape from the Pie Folk: Star and co. finally find Moon, but she isn't quite ready to leave Pie Island yet. She's lost most of her memory after spending so long in the Realm of Magic. But why does she feel more at home on Pie Island than on Mewni? Remember Festivia the Fun, the peasant girl that King Shastacan had Meteora swapped out with? Turns out she was born a Pie Folk, left behind by accident, taken in by the Magical High Commission, and raised to succeed Eclipsa in Meteora's place. This means that (If the Pie King is to be believed) every Butterfly monarch following Eclipsa's original reign is not only not of royal blood, but possibly isn't even Mewman, and this includes Star herself. The "possibly" part comes from the fact that Pie Folk look no different from Mewmans.
  • Surviving the Spiderbites: Months before the episode premiered, Festivia hinted at the "Magic Book of Spells" that King Shastacan was eaten by a monster. It turns out that Globgor ate Shastacan, and Eclipsa knew about this. Not only that, but Eclipsa's been searching for any surviving remains of the burnt Magic Book of Spells so that Glossaryck can restore it. Cue the episode ending with Star revealing to the audience that she kept a piece of the book she had in "Rest in Pudding" hidden inside her closet this whole time.
  • Curse of the Blood Moon: Remember the Blood Moon Ball? Its true name is the "Blood Moon Curse", which causes the bonded souls chosen by the Blood Moon to grow feelings towards each other. In order to break the curse, Star and Marco must wait for the next Blood Moon Ball, which happens in the next 665 years. Tom's great-grandfather Relicor reveals that there's another way to break the curse: the Severing Stone. However, there's a catch: the Severing Stone can break the curse, but it can also erase the memory of the moment Star and Marco's souls were bounded by the curse: the Blood Moon Ball. The curse is succesfully broken, but not before Star asking Marco if their feelings towards each other weren't caused by the Blood Moon.
  • Ghost of Butterfly Castle: Remember the episode "Yada Yada Berries" where an unknown assailant tried to turn Eclipsa to stone by tricking her into eating the titular berries? Despite Star and Marco's best efforts, the culprit's identity remained unknown... Until now where it's revealed that Mina Loveberry IS the culprit! Not surprisingly, her motive for doing so is her disapproval of Eclipsa's sympathy towards monsters as she continues to follow the anti-monster beliefs instilled into her as a Solarian Super Warrior... and she's still seeking to overthrow the Queen of Darkness even if Moon herself won't do it. Even though Mina is now a potential threat, Moon, having had enough of being responsible for everyone's wellbeing, decides not to do anything about it and let Eclipsa deal with it herself.
  • Meteora's Lesson: Glossaryck takes Meteora back in time to teach her how to "dip down". They go too far back however and wind up going to the night where the first settlers arrived on Mewni, and Glossaryck forms the original wand using Meteora's rattle and a baby unicorn that he creates himself, then he gives it to the girl who would become the first queen. Then they go to Glossaryck's intended time period and encounter a teenage Toffee leading a training session for Septarians to join his army, and Glossaryck succeeds in getting Meteora to use magic without the wand while still a baby, showing how powerful she is.
  • Junkin' Janna: What is initially purported to be an episode centering around Janna ends with two revelations. First, Mina Loveberry is assembling a giant suit of armor for her uprising against Eclipsa with the help of her now super-powered crow Sebastian. Second, the High Magic Commission warns Star and Eclipsa that someone on Mewni is using ancient and powerful magic that has never been used by the previous queens or Glossaryck. And it's apparently coming from the monster temple.
  • The Monster and the Queen: The episode starts with Star finding out that the surviving piece of the book was stolen by Eclipsa. The episode then cuts to Eclipsa, who's having a date with Globgor. While the episode assumes that either Eclipsa has released Globgor from his crystalized prison or that it's a flashback, it's eventually revealed that Eclipsa entered his mind. While Eclipsa has prepared a spell for breaking the crystal thanks to the Book of Spells, Globgor decides to stay imprisoned since he's not ready to face Mewni for his past actions. Star confronts Eclipsa for being selfish and impulsive and decides to organize a coronation so that Eclipsa can lead Mewni properly.
  • Cornonation: Globgor gets Rhombulus, of all people, because he wanted to use Globgor's potential rampage as an excuse to re-crystallize Eclipsa. However, all he does is improve the reputation of Eclipsa and her family among Mewmans when they realize how devoted Globgor is to his family. Rhombulus is then arrested after putting many lives at risk. The episode ends on a mostly positive note...except for a shot of Sebastian, to remind us that Mina is still out there, planning to get rid of Eclipsa.
  • Jannanigans: Building off the events of the previous episode, it's revealed how Janna got to Mewni without the help of dimensional scissors: a hidden well under Britta's Tacos that leads to the Realm of Magic, with this being the exact same blocked-off well visited by Star and Moon during the events of "Conquer".
  • Mama Star: Before going into the Realm of Magic, the Firstborn forbids Star from entering the well since she caused a lot of problems last time she went there. And there's a good reason for that: remember when Moon washed away all the dark magic from her body in "Divide"? Turns out that dark magic is tainting the Realm of Magic and turning the unicorns into vicious creatures. In order to save Star, Marco and Janna from a corrupted unicorn, the Firstborn warps all of them away, with Tom being left behind. And way before that, if the stone carving with Glossaryck is of any indication, it's implied that the first mewmans were humans.
  • Ready, Aim, Fire: Lord, help us. Star, Marco and Janna are separated after the events from the last episode. Marco wakes up in the abandoned Butterfly Castle and finds out that the Magic High Comission is working with Mina Loveberry to get rid of Eclipsa and Glogbor, including Rhombulus himself, implying that his arrest in "Cornonation" was nothing but an act. Meanwhile, Star finds out that Mewni is in lockdown after an attack at the monster temple, with Moon and the rest of the Mewman settlers building a wall to protect themselves. Meanwhile, Janna wakes up at the monster temple, witnessing what appears to be Mina, now wearing the armor she was seen assembling back in "Junkin' Janna", destroying the village until Eclipsa and Globgor arrive to protect their citizens. Unfortunately, Globgor is quickly taken out of the fight when the giant knight strikes him with a Solarian Blade, inflicting a wound that renders Globgor unable to change his size. Eclipsa ends up fighting the knight by herself, but she ends up being overpowered by the soldier. The episode ends with Eclipsa forming a barrier to protect herself from the Solarian Knight, with the barrier slowly being shattered by the knight's attacks.
  • The Right Way: OH. MY. GOD. Star arrives at the right moment to save Eclipsa from the Solarian Knight's attack with the help of her friends. Eclipsa goes back to the temple and discovers that Globgor's condition has gotten worse. Turns out the wound caused by the Solarian Blade is so dangerous that it can kill anyone who's been marked by it, including monsters. Meanwhile, Star's friends, as well as some villagers, are attacked by the knight and marked by the blade. Star fends off the knight with the help of Janna and Eclipsa, but is overpowered and almost marked with the blade. Eclipsa then uses the Spell With No Name to save Star, which finally defeats the Solarian Knight. Right before the episode ends, Marco reunites with Star and warns her that Mina is coming. The Solarian Knight that Eclipsa defeated was NOT Mina as previously assumed. Cue the real Mina Loveberry and her army of Solarian Super Warriors approaching.
  • Here to Help: Star, Marco, Eclipsa and Janna goes back to the monster temple to protect themselves from Mina. Moon and River arrive at the monster temple as well to help everyone. The good news is that the Magic Sanctuary can heal those who were marked by the Solarian Blade. Oh, and after four years since the first episode aired, Starco is finally made canon. The bad news? Moon is the one responsible for Mina's attack.
  • Pizza Party: Where do we even begin? The episode starts with a flashback showing what Mina Loveberry was like before she became a Solarian Super Warrior: she was a poor rag peddler until she met Solaria after she saved a village from a monster attack. After seeing Mina moved by her words, Solaria offers Mina a chance to become Mewni's greatest warrior. The episode then cuts back to the present, where Moon offers a deal to Eclipsa: if she gives the title of queen back to Moon, she'll give the order for Mina and the Solarian warriors, who are revealed to be the yurt people, to stop attacking while she helps Eclipsa heal Globgor. But in return, Eclipsa, Meteora and Globgor will be permanently exiled from Mewni. Having no other choice, Eclipsa accepts the deal. Meanwhile, while the Magic High Comission celebrates Eclipsa's banishment, Hekapoo goes away using a portal and leaves a clone behind while no one notices. Moon talks with Mina about Eclipsa, but she's not going to let Eclipsa get away. Moon tries to revert the Solarian warriors back to normal, but it doesn't work due to their loyalty to Solaria. Mina tries to attack Star, Marco, Eclipsa, Meteora and Moon, but they're quickly saved by Hekapoo at the last minute.
  • The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse: OH GOD. Eclipsa quickly deduces that Moon was the one who ordered Rhombulus to free Globgor from his prison. Meanwhile, Mina gathers all the monsters from Mewni to be pushed off a cliff, but can't do anything without Globgor. Quirky Guy dies after the Solarian mark causes him to explode. River rushes to the Magic Sanctuary with Globgor, who's getting worse by the minute. With all of this happening, Star becomes fed up with magic. After meeting Glossaryck at the tavern, she enters inside his eyeball to talk with him. After entering Glossaryck's dimension, she decides to destroy magic for good, believing that it's the only way to stop Mina. Glossaryck then takes Star back to the tapestry room, where all the past queens of Mewni (except for Moon and Eclipsa) come out of their tapestries as spirits who all look at Star with concern and disgust. There's a reason for that: Star's tapestry is complete, showing Star succeeding in her mission, with her family at her side and the monsters rejoicing alongside Globgor and Eclipsa. However, Marco is nowhere to be seen. Star could potentially destroy magic, but Marco will most likely return to Earth and Glossaryck will die. Star tries to change this outcome, but there is seemingly nothing she can do. Feeling that she has no other choice and realizing that Toffee was probably right this whole time, Star goes on with it and decides to destroy magic for good. Cue the Grand Finale...

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