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Wham Episode / Riley Rewind

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Time to rewind time and blow your mind.

Act 1

  • Seeing Riley open the janitor's closet in time to see a bomb go off and consume the entire school. This was in the first 30 seconds, no less.
  • Learning about Riley's power for the first time.
  • Oh, and remember that Angela girl you saw getting bullied? She hangs herself at the end of the act.

Act 3

  • Riley spends all of Act 2 befriending Angela to prevent her from her death, and then goes to her house to end up seeing her hanging corpse. Ouch.
    • And then she tries to rewind multiple times only to walk in on Angela hanging multiple times.

Act 4

  • Riley coming across the bomb on prom night. Just the sheer panic in her voice as she calls 911 just seals it.
    • At the end, Riley and Jay hide just in time to see the bomb getting planted—by none other than Edward, the disabled kid.

Act 5

  • This act is just a great big Tear Jerker. Edward planted the bomb because he wanted to get revenge on those who bullied Angela to her suicide. Angela was completely innocent, and Edward was actually going to ask her to prom.
    • Riley rewinding back to Act 1 and receiving mortal injury to save Angela.
    • Riley being apprehended by the "time cops" at the end.

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