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Wham Episodes of podcasts.

  • The Adventure Zone: Amnesty has episode 28, in which:
    • Minerva, previously thought dead, physically comes to Earth via a portal.
    • Duck defeats the arc's main villain.
    • Dozens of citizens of Kepler congregate around the gate to Sylvain in order to storm it.
    • Ned is killed (after being shot accidentally by one of his friends, no less).
    • Janelle destroys Mount Kepler after being tricked into doing so by the shapeshifter.
  • Interstitial Actual Play:
    • Episode 7 has Roxanne finally summoning her own keyblade, Purple Reign. It also has the party see an Organization replica that none of the players or characters recognize.
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    • Episode 10: DiZ shoots Roxanne with his cannon. She dies.
    • Episode 12: Roxanne was a Nobody, and her Somebody Ennora is alive again.
  • The Magnus Archives:
    • MAG 80 has two huge twists that alter the course of the entire series. The first is a Cosmic Horror Reveal: according to Jurgen Leitner, all of the cases the archival staff have dealt with thus far have been the work of eldritch beings modeled after humanity's primal fears... and the Magnus Institute is essentially a cult created to serve one of these eldritch beings. The second is Elias being revealed as Gertrude Robinson's killer, then proceeding to murder Jurgen Leitner and framing Jon for it, forcing Jon to go into hiding.
    • MAG 119 and 120. The world almost ends, Tim sacrifices himself to stop the Unknowing, Daisy kills Hope and then gets trapped in the Coffin by Breekon (she's presumably dead), Jon ends up in a coma (and is definitively no longer human), Elias goes to prison, and Peter Lukas becomes the new Head of the Institute.
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    • MAG 142 reveals that Jon's been an Unreliable Narrator: he's stated on tape that he's only been using his powers for the greater good (i.e. on villains and people with information so crucial that the benefits of learning it outweigh the costs of hurting the person), but in reality he's been going out between episodes and feeding on innocents.
    • MAG 160 is probably the biggest Wham Episode yet: a ritual finally works. Jonah Magnus's plan for immortality succeeds when Jon, who has been marked by every Entity, reads an incantation hidden in a statement that completes a ritual to summon every Entity, causing the apocalypse.
  • The Penumbra Podcast:
    • "Juno Steel and the Promised Land (Part 3)". The Free Dome is revealed to not exist. Ramses is revealed to be the cause of Juno's malfunctioning eye, the person who hired Piranha and the Proctor, and the perpetrator of the real estate scam, Maia King's attempted assassination, and the sabotage of Polaris Park. Pilot Pereyra and Piranha are shot and killed, and Juno walks off into the Martian desert to die.
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    • "Juno Steel and the Soul of the People (Part 2)". Rita and Juno successfully destroy the THEIA Soul. Ramses is posthumously recognized as a galactic hero, never facing justice for his crimes. Juno decides he can't stay in Hyperion City and, along with Rita, takes Jet up on his offer to join the Aurinko Crime Family. They close up the detective agency and leave for the Cerberus Province... and as they get on the spaceship to their new life, they're welcomed aboard by Peter Nureyev.
    • "Juno Steel and the Mega-Ultrabots of Cyberjustice", despite also being a Breather Episode. Dark Matters is confirmed to be the main villain of the season and the creator of the shapeshifter that attacked the Carte Blanche. Buddy and Vespa are retiring, and also finally getting married. Rita knows Peter's real name, and has for a long time. Peter's planning to betray the Aurinkos in order to pay off his debts. And whoever Peter's working for also knows his real name.
  • The Season 6 finale of Red Panda Adventures, There Will Be Rain Tonight. Most of the Red Panda's agents are missing behind Nazi lines, most of the Home Team is killed, and the Red Panda and Doc Rocket's plane explodes in flight.
  • Sequinox has "Inferno Pt. 1", which ends with Vivaldi being shot through the chest with a laser, fall out of his empowered form, and is revealed to be Caiden.
  • Welcome to Night Vale:
  • The season one finale of TANIS, "The Map" becomes this as soon as Nic and his companions reach the forest and the dialogue is an almost word-for-word match for the first Apocalyptic Log entry in episode 5. Even if that detail is missed at the time, a segment with Alex Reagan soon after reveals that Nic has been missing and the Apocalyptic Log she's been narrating from is Nic's journal found during an initial search.
    • In Episode 19, we finally get to see Desert Bluffs... in all its horrifying, viscera-covered glory.
    • Episode 25, a year after the first, details the invasion by the ancient civilisation below the bowling alley, Carlos' near death at their hands, and Carlos and Cecil finally getting together.
    • And then in Episode 32, Old Woman Josie's angel friends disappear, the Man in the Tan Jacket is given several possible names... and StrexCorp moves into Night Vale, buying the radio station.
    • In Episode 33, Cecil discovers a set of cassette tapes he made from when he was fifteen and shares them with the audience. Teenager!Cecil rambles about his family, the state of the town and his internship at Night Vale Community Radio. Except Adult!Cecil doesn't remember making the tapes. Nor does he remember anything about interning at NVCR, whatever it was that was following him at the time, or even having a brother. This episode also includes the first reference to Cecil's last name, something the fandom had previously assumed he shared with his voice actor.
    • Episode 36, Missing, revolves around Tamika Flynn's sudden disappearance and StrexCorp's attempt to hunt her down and capture her. Cecil may or may not have severed all ties with Strex after they threatened to shut down his show and is hiding on the roof of the Night Vale Community Radio Station, urging his listeners to revolt. Since this is likely the lead in to the live episode airing sometime in December, this is sort of a given.

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