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It's safe to say that Attack on Titan loves this trope, since there are so many of them. All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Chapter 9 (Episode 8): Back in Chapter 4 (Episode 5), Eren got swallowed by a Titan (with all the gore and limb loss that comes with it) in a failed attack attempt and while trying to save Armin, making it seem like he just got hit hard with a case of Decoy Protagonist. Come this chapter, Eren emerges from the rogue Titan that unexpectedly started attacking its fellow Titans following Eren's supposed death, alive with all his limbs intact. This sequence of events is the first major twist to the Titan invasion and starts the story's exploration into the mystery surrounding these creatures.
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  • Chapter 31 (Episode 23): After getting cornered by Eren, Armin and Mikasa, Annie Leonhart outs herself as the Female Titan, the first Titan Shifter aside from Eren to show extreme cunning and who has been causing a lot of damage to the Survey Corps' expedition outside of Wall Rose in the previous chapters. This also hints at the presence of an enemy faction sending out soldiers capable of transforming into intelligent Titans to wage war against humanity.
  • Chapter 33 (Episode 25): Annie is defeated and captured, but during her attempt to escape by climbing Wall Sina, she inadvertently tears off chunks of it, revealing a Titan's face. This subsequently reveals that the Walls which protected humanity from the Titans, are actually made up of dormant Titans, adding more questions to the Titans' origins.
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  • Chapter 42 (Episode 31): Reiner and Bertolt are revealed to be the Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan, respectively. And they're in league with fellow Titan Shifter Annie. Subsequent chapters unravel their motivations and guilt, showing that deep down, they're Child Soldiers that have come to regret their actions, but will still try to fulfill their objective at any cost by capturing Eren and bringing him back to their homeland.
  • Chapter 50 (Episode 37): Eren inadvertently activates the Coordinate, granting him the power to control Titans. Reiner and Bertolt, who initially wanted to capture him because he's a fellow Titan Shifter, are shocked to discover that Eren now possesses the power that they've been searching for this entire time.
  • Chapter 51 (also Episode 37): In the aftermath of recovering Eren from the Titan Shifters, Hange discloses the earlier incident in Connie's village, and how the number of Titans found matches the number of villagers that have disappeared, including Connie's mother. From these disturbing conjectures, it is theorized that the mindless Titans were once human, with no way to come back to their human form once transformed; this also means that humanity has been doing nothing but slaughtering each other.
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  • Chapter 53 (episode 38): Pastor Nick is found murdered, and the Survey Corp's investigation of this reveals that there's a Government Conspiracy responsible for both the Wall Titans and the murders of Krista's family.
  • Chapter 57 (episode 39): Eren's recounting of his earlier conversation with Reiner, Bertolt and Ymir, reveals that Titans may be able to consume other Titans and obtain their abilities (including Titan-shifting). This leads to Hange speculating that the Government Conspiracy is plotting to have Eren eaten by one of the Millitary Police's Titan Shifters/captive Titans to inherit his ability to control Titans.
  • Chapter 62 (episode 43): Rod Reiss and Krista give Eren back his missing memories, revealing that Eren ate his father shortly after being given the Titan injection. This also glimpses at how Grisha got his hands on the Coordinate ability from the Reiss family, then passing it on to Eren.
  • Chapter 66 (episodes 44 and 45): It turns out that the royal bloodline doesn't WANT to save humanity and reclaim the world, because the Coordinate contains the will of the First King, who wanted to rule over humanity in the walled kingdom. Historia defies her father's wishes to become the next vessel for the First King's will and destroys the syringe. Rod Reiss ends up drinking it out of desperation, becoming a humongous Titan dwarfing even Bertolt's Colossal Titan and blindly heading out for Wall Sina.
  • Chapter 70 (episode 47): Bertolt and Reiner have returned to Shiganshina District to recapture Eren and rescue Annie along with their superior, Zeke, who turns out to be the Beast Titan and a fellow Titan Shifter.
  • Chapter 77: The events that led to Marco's death are at long last revealed; During the battle of Trost, Marco accidentally overhears Bertolt and Reiner talking about their mission and their true identities as Titan Shifters. Both Bertolt and Reiner nervously write it off as a joke but Marco puts the pieces together and figures out that they were, in fact, NOT joking. Before Marco can react, Reiner tackles and pins him on the roof of a building out of sight from the rest of the soldiers. Annie ends up coming into the scene, and Reiner ends up forcing her to remove Marco's gear to prove she hasn't been compromised and is still loyal to their cause. They then leave Marco to be eaten by an nearby Titan, and all three of them end up emotionally traumatized by the whole ordeal.
  • Chapter 83: Zeke is defeated and is forced to retreat alongside Reiner, but he imparts knowledge to Eren about how both of them are victims of Grisha, along with Zeke's face sharing a striking resemblance with Grisha's.
  • Chapter 84: Erwin succumbs to his injuries after refusing the Titan serum. Armin receives the serum instead and has his life saved by transforming into a Titan, after which he proceeds to eat the incapacitated Bertolt, killing the latter and making the former the new wielder of the Colossal Titan power.
  • Chapter 85: At long last, Eren finally reaches the basement his father Grisha gave up his very life for with the fleeting hope that his son would one day do so and learn the truth about the world. While only a small piece of information was revealed so far, a photograph of Grisha and his first family, it was more than enough to completely shatter everything the humans living within the Walls have been led to believe; Beyond the Walls, Humanity is not extinct in the slightest and is in fact thriving with technological advances such as cameras, hence the photograph, and certainly numerous others.
  • Chapter 86: We learn about the world outside the Walls. We learn of the oppressive government who blamed Grisha's ethnic group for the sins of their ancestors, and that he wanted to overthrow them with the power of the First Titan hidden within the Three Walls. We learn that that government also wanted the First Titan's power for their own reasons, but neither side could openly invade the walls without setting loose the countless Colossal Titans hidden within them. We learn that Grisha has a son with Dina Fritz, who was of the same royal bloodline as Historia, and that he sent his son to infiltrate his enemy's ranks as The Mole for his resistance group, only to be betrayed by him. Said son's name is Zeke, who currently is the Beast Titan. Add to that the obvious Nazi overtones, and the series just became more complex. Oh, and we also learn that Dina Fritz was the Smiling Titan - the same titan that ate Eren's mother and Hannes, implying either a very bad cosmic joke or that it happened by way of some residual memory inspiring a desire for revenge on Grisha for remarrying. Last but not least, we learn that Titan Shifters are doomed to only live another 13 years after getting their powers, which means that Armin and Eren are both living on borrowed time; something Mikasa takes about as well as you'd expect.
  • Chapter 92: Even after taking the enemy base and winning the war, the Marleyans along with the Eldians fighting for them are starting to realize that the era of the Titans is coming to an end.
  • Chapter 97: Eren has been hiding in Marley disguised as a wounded soldier. In addition, it's revealed that Marley is secretly being controlled by the Eldian Tybur family. However, due to the Tybur family's past mistakes, Marley is set on an inevitable course of self-destruction through uncontrolled military expansion, which is why their only option is to declare war on Paradis Island.
  • Chapter 99/100: The Tyburs reveal to the world the truth about King Fritz and how he plotted with the Tyburs to destroy his own kingdom and seclude himself and the remaining Eldians on Paradis Island. The Tyburs also claim that Eren overthrew King Fritz and is planning on reestablishing the Eldian Empire. Meanwhile, a covert force is quietly eliminating Marley's Shifters. In the following chapter, Eren responds to the declaration of war by obliging to Willy's hidden wishes and crashing the meeting in Titan form, effectively turning the world against Paradis Island and commencing the second great Titan war.
  • Chapter 105: The Paradis team have managed to capture Zeke, albeit with everyone having lost trust in Eren for what he did just to kill Willy while pissing off the world in the process, only for Gabi and Falco to manage to sneak into the blimp they're escaping on and the former to kill Sasha while their guard was down. The two are now captured by what remains of the Survey Team. And if that wasn't enough, Zeke reveals himself to be working with Eren, and it seems he's not particularly happy about Gabi's surprise attack as he calls the pair "miscalculations" in the plan to their faces.
  • Chapter 111: It's revealed that Zeke has been secretly dosing the Paradis Island Eldians with his spinal fluid via Marleyan food imports. This means he has the potential to instantly turn a large segment of the population, including Falco and the highest ranks of the military, into Titans. Sure enough, at the end of the next chapter, when Levi has him surrounded with a squad ready to ambush him, he does just that as one scream from him turns all of them into Titans.
  • Chapter 112: Eren captures the remaining loyalist Survey Corps and delivers a blistering "The Reason You Suck" Speech to both Mikasa and Armin, claiming they're both slaves. Mikasa is a slave to her own Ackerman genes, as the Ackermans were an offshoot Eldian clan created solely to be bodyguards for the Founding Titans, and her affection for Eren was simply her following her genetic instinct to protect him. Armin is possibly being influenced by Bertholt's memories and personality, picking up a growing interest in Annie as well as becoming increasingly non-confrontational. Eren also claims that he's also hated both Mikasa and Armin ever since childhood. Armin fires back that Eren is very likely being manipulated into being Zeke's slave, despite Eren claiming he did it of his own free will. There's also the subtle implication that Eren is being manipulated, not by Zeke, but by his own Titan.
  • Chapter 114: We finally discover Zeke's true plan and allegiance. Rather than working to restore Eldia or assist Marley's machinations, Zeke instead intends to use the Founding Titan to forcibly sterilize all Eldians, thus ensuring the entire race dies out, both sparing future Eldians from suffering and erasing the threat of the Titans forever.
  • Chapter 119: Several characters meet their definite or almost-certain demise when Zeke finally screams, with Pixis, Nile Dok, and Falco all transforming into Titans as a result while the latter burns his brother Colt alive during the transformation process. Then Porco inadvertently learns about how Marcel got Reiner to take his place on Paradis, inspiring Porco to sacrifice himself for Reiner when a Titanized Falco is about to eat him. The biggest shock of the chapter by far, however, is its ending, which sees Eren having his head blown off by Gabi right before he could activate the rumbling with Zeke, leaving his fate uncertain.

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