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The Deerskins (French Les Deerskin) is a Canadian Aboriginal-oriented cartoon show produced by JerryCo Communications. It has aired on APTN since 2013, presently on 10:00pm Thursday nights in 2017.

Created and produced by Jerry Thevenet, the founder of JerryCo, The Deerskins relates the story of the title aboriginal family who have been forced to leave their reserve and now live in the town of Cheddarville, where the majority of the white people who live there have strange beliefs regarding Native peoples. They try to fit into this strange world, though they know it is a tough way of life. The show is produced in three languages: French, English, and Mohawk.


Tropes used in The Deerskins:

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Dawna Deerskin in "Creme Brulee" after chasing out Thunder and ripping the mirror off the wall to throw at him, she says to herself while looking down "I do not have more wrinkles than him" She then shifts her gaze toward viewer. "And these aren't liver spots they're beauty marks." She then adopts a questioning gaze as if responding to a remark or skeptical expression, And rushes toward the camera. "They are too!"

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