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The Blinkins were a short-lived line of toys by LJN Toys focusing on a group of adorable fireflies, the Blinkins, who helped attend to nature and solved problems that occurred in the forest. They were aided by the wise Benjamin the Owl, but had to beware of Grog the frog, who wanted to catch the Blinkins and eat them.

In conjunction with the toys, books and three half-hour animated specials were made, with the second and third specials telling half of a continuous story. The first special, The Magic Flower, has the Blinkins appointed to help the Magic Flower of Spring end that year's winter—but the evil crocodile Mr. Slime, with help from Grog the frog, has other ideas in mind.

The second special, The Blinkins and the Bear, had a girl named Molly lose her favorite doll in the woods. The Blinkins attempted to return the doll, but Flashy was captured, and Grog convinces Mr. Sneed, a bear, to ransom Flashy in exchange for food for the coming winter. The third and final special, The Blinkins: The Blizzard, dealt with winter arriving while the Blinkins tried to save Molly, Flashy, and Blinkin Wood from a blizzard.


These specials contain examples of:

  • Animesque: Like many 80's cartoons, the animation was done by a Japanese company, though it was produced in America.
  • Bears Are Bad News: Mr. Sneed is the main antagonist of the second and third specials, as he ransoms food from the Blinkins and chases them.
  • Compilation Re-release: The home video release combined the second and third specials to make The Blinkins: The Bear and the Blizzard.
  • Harmless Villain: Grog sets many traps to catch the Blinkins, with no luck, and he's easily bullied by Mr. Slime and Mr. Sneed.
  • The One Guy: All five main Blinkins are female, and the toyline had only one male Blinkin, Baby Twinkle.
  • The Owl-Knowing One: Benjamin the Owl is the wisest creature in the forest and often helps the Blinkins if they need it.
  • Reptiles Are Abhorrent: Mr. Slime is a sneaky crocodile who hates the Blinkins, and acts as the main antagonist of the first special.
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  • Scenery Porn: The scenery and animation in general is a highlight, whether it's spring, fall, or winter.

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