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"I started looking back at the characters that I created for commercials. It was a big mash-up of 2D, stylized 3D, realistic 3D and even stop motion. I lined them up and the result looked varied and unusual. I really liked the idea of a show without graphic unity. All these characters had been rejected; they served no purpose. I found that quite endearing. I integrated them in the photo of a schoolyard and was quite excited with the outcome."
— Creator Ben Bocquelet

Created by Ben Bocquelet, the series is the first commission from Turner Broadcasting's Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe. Combining a mixture of several animation techniques with live-action backgrounds, the series follows the misadventures of a hapless twelve year old cat named Gumball, who lives in the quaint little town of Elmore - where nearly everything has the power to come to life! Joining him is his best friend Darwin, the one-time pet fish who grew legs and joined the family. The two of them go to Elmore Junior High where all sorts of strange characters roam the halls.

The series received a twenty-episode second season before the eighteen-episode first season even premiered, another twenty-episode third season shortly after the second season premiere, and two more twenty-episode seasons right before the third season premiere, and the sixth season was extended by two episodes, bringing its total to 50 hours (a little over two days) worth of episodes. It got a "sneak peek" (i.e., the first of two episodes) in the UK on May 2nd, 2011, and in the US on May 3. On June 22nd, 2016, it was announced that the show was renewed for a sixth season. In September 2016, series creator Ben Bocquelet confirmed that the sixth season will be his last season, but that this is not necessarily the end of the show (which led to rumors that Gumball would have a seventh season, but Ben Bocquelet would not be involved with it. The rumors were finally put to rest when it was revealed that, yes, season six would be the final season, and, no, there wouldn't be any new episodes after that).


In March 2018, Ben Bocquelet asked users in his Twitter if they would like a movie based on the show. Due to mostly positive responses for The Movie, he later announced he would try to make it happen. In response to the Series Finale leaving the show hanging, Ben Bocquelet stated on June 2019 that The Movie, were it to be made, would serve as the actual Grand Finale. As of now, a script is currently being written, but nothing is for certain.

The series finale, "The Inquisition", aired on June 24, 2019. On November 4, 2019, a spinoff mini-series called Darwin's Yearbook (a collection of remixed clips with a narrative frame centered on Darwin trying to preserve the memories of the students and staff at Elmore Junior High) was announced and set to premiere on December 2. It consisted of six episodes. As of 2020, no new episodes have aired and the Gumball finale movie is still stuck in Development Hell.


The series' launch trailer can be seen here. You can check out the show's Recap page here and the character page here. It also has a page for trivia and Shout Outs. There's also a best episode crowner. Please list examples relating to specific episodes and characters on the corresponding page.

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While the entirety of the Amazing World of Gumball is rendered in a 3/4 angle anyway, in true Gumball fashion, this trope ends up lampshaded when Darwin points out that Gumball always holds his head at a 3/4 angle.

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