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Western Animation / The Adventures Of Donkey Ollie

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The Adventures of Donkey Ollie is an American animated show released in 2010.

The show follows the adventures of Ollie, a donkey who lives in the time of the Bible.

Tropes in this series include:

  • All of the Other Reindeer: Ollie is the runt of the litter and is considered to be less smart, sizable, and fast by Farmer John and his siblings compared to his brothers, not to mention strange-looking for his pale coat.
  • Anachronism Stew:
    • In the first episode, Ollie asks God to forgive his brothers for bullying him, quoting "Father, forgive them, for they not know what they do.", which was what Jesus said when he got crucified, which hasn't happened yet.
  • Been There, Shaped History: Aunt Amaya was the donkey that Joseph and Mary used to carry them to Bethlehem (stated to be Egypt within the show for some reason).
  • Big Brother Bully: Ollie's brothers bully him for being the runt and throw him down a well when Jesus's Apostles come looking for a donkey to use.
  • The Chosen One: A donkey of pure heart is selected by the Lord to help him spread the Word of the Lord, like Aunt Amaya. Jesus tells his Apostles to look for a donkey with a pale coat and bring it to him, and this donkey happens to be Ollie.
  • Easily Forgiven: The Pharaoh, even though he enslaved the main characters.
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  • Killed Offscreen: Jesus's crucification happens between Episode 1 and 2.
  • Purity Personified: Jesus identifies Ollie as this. As it so happens, Ollie is probably one of the most kindhearted and merciful characters in the cast besides the Lord himself.
  • Reality Ensues: Ollie tries to defend the kids from a pack of vicious jackals, but is quickly overwhelmed and is badly injured. Even weeks later, he still hasn't made much progress in physically recovering and the experience has also left him mentally traumatized.
  • Time Skip: The show takes place over several years, marked by the kids getting older.
  • Turn the Other Cheek: Ollie to several of the bad guys, including his brothers.

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