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Western Animation / Super Sunday

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Let's only hope they made Terrific Tuesday...

Airing in the 1980s, Super Sunday (aka Super Saturday) was an half-hour block of cartoon shorts (akin to a Wheel Program) produced by Sunbow Entertainment and Marvel Productions. It aired in syndication on assorted television stations from October 1985 to October of 1986.

Shorts featured in this block:

  • Jem: The adventures of Jerrica Benton, a case worker at a group home for troubled teens, who adopts her alter ego ("Jem") with the help of a special holographic computer bequeathed to her by her late father. The initial series – which aired as part of Super Sunday – centered on Jerrica learning about her alter ego, forming a band called the Holograms, and her first encounter with the rival band, The Misfits, and their corrupt manager, Eric Raymond, who want to put the Holograms out of business.
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  • Robotix: A Transformers clone where two factions – the peaceful Protectons and warmongering Terrakors – battle on the alien world of Skalorr. Additional drama develops as a group of humans get caught in the battle. Based on the Milton Bradley/Hasbro line of Erector/K'nex motorized robot toys.
  • Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines: A young woman acquires a map leading to the Fountain of Youth, which a ruthless elderly billionaire is also trying to find. Yank Justice and his friends, who run a traveling monster truck show, get involved. Based on real monster trucks and a line of motorized equivalent toys from Hasbro (albeit from their Playskool subsidiary, oddly enough).
  • Inhumanoids: Named for the villains, the Inhumanoids are a group of mutated, subterranean beings who attempt to take over Earth and enslave the human population. The scientist-hero group, Earth Corps, is entrusted to stop the Inhumanoids and call upon a group of beings, the Mutores, to aid them.

Super Sunday is noted as being the starting point of Jem, which was only one of two shorts to be made into a full-fledged TV series. The other short to receive a full cartoon series was Inhumanoids, but it only lasted for 13 episodes.