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Stripy is an Italian cartoon created by Bruno Bozzetto brought to Europe in the 90's. It quickly gained a large audience due to a catchy laughter and constant fooling around. It was made for a Swiss TV station, from were it was largely distributed to many European TV stations. Single episode takes only 4-8 minutes, but it gives viewers so much, that we keep wanting more. The cartoon is made from 2 characters one a funny nose shaped cat-like animal, with a funny laughter and a man, who becomes the target of all jokes. In the new millennium it is harder to see it, but some TV stations still broadcast it. It is a cartoon made for young and old, with it's fan base quickly growing.



  • Character Title: Stripy refers to the a funny nose shaped cat-like animal.
  • Animate Inanimate Object: Stripy is a cartoon character created by Italian animator Named Bruno Bozzetto.
  • The Hyena: Main protagonists of this cartoon are Stripy and man from Circus. Stripy is creature with a funny laughter who likes to laugh and constantly fooling around and man becomes the target of Stripy's jokes!

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