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Western Animation / Sherazade The Untold Stories

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Just when you thought the Arabian Nights couldn't get any more weird yet charming.

Sherazade: The Untold Stories is a 3D CGI-animated series developed by the German studio Hahn Film AG. It tells the story of Sherazade, the best friend of Karim, the current Sultan after his father shortly passes away. All quickly leads to chaos, however, when Karim's brother and his partner, specializing in the dark arts, successfully turn the Sultan-to-be into a beast. Both Karim and Sherazade are forced to flee the palace to avoid capture, and are tasked to find a way to return Karim back to his human form in order to take back the throne and return peace to the kingdom.

This series is currently in production, with 7 out of 26 planned episodes already released for viewing.


Tropes in this series include:

  • Action Girl: Scherazade, without a doubt. She's not afraid to fight back or outsmart enemies whenever necessary, which happens more often than not in each episode.
  • "Arabian Nights" Days: This show takes direct inspiration from the original stories of the Arabian Nights collection, from its setting in a desert city with a sultan to going as far as including characters such as Aladdin, Alibaba and Sinbad.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: Halil, the Genie in the lamp that Scherazade 'inherits' from her father. He tries to avoid conflict whenever possible and would much rather sit back and eat sweets and compose romantic songs to a fellow Genie in a bottle than directly help Sherazade with her mission.
  • Posthumous Character: The mysterious Arun Khalid, otherwise known as Sherazade's dead father. It's said that he was a very wise consultant for Karim's father during his reign as Sultan and was very gifted in magical spells. His legend has been carried over to neighboring kingdoms and towns, where many still praise him for his benevolent nature and his protecting many lives with the help of magic.

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