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Western Animation / Seal Team (2021)

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Seal Team is a 2021 CGI animated film from South Africa, directed Greig Cameron and Kane Croudace and produced by Triggerfish Animation Studios. In spite of it, several promenient celebrity voices are present, including J. K. Simmons, Jessie T. Usher, Matthew Rhys, Patrick Warburton, Kristen Schaal, Sharlto Copley, John Kani, Dolph Lundgren as Dolph and Seal as Seal Seal. It was distributed by Netflix on most territories in 2022.

Cape fur seal Quinn loses his best friend, Benji, to a great white shark attack. He meets up with Claggart, and together they assemble a team to keep the ruthless sharks from Seal Island.

Seal Team contains examples of:

  • Artistic License Biology: Given the sheer amount of research put into aquatic life this seems to be intentional artistic license:
    • Drowning doesn't seem to be a concern to any of the seals present, which talk at length underwater without surfacing for hours at a time.
    • Cape gannets here are portrayed with thinner, more seagull-like feet than they actually have.
    • All the Great white sharks in the movie have quite overweight bodies and flat snouts.
  • Shout-Out: Dave says he only eats plankton. And one time, a little wooden boy by mistake.
  • Super-Persistent Predator: Instead of going after an easier meal, the sharks become determined to prove something to the seals by taking them down.
  • Threatening Shark: Great white sharks are the film's main antagonists, playing Carnivores Are Mean to the maximum specially with Grimes. Curiously, the movie plays with it by also introducing Dave the basking shark, which true to life is harmless but very much despised by everyone, and the credits semi-address the problems of shark depictions in media before devolving into a joke about Dave eating car tires.
  • Sweet Seal: The main cast are mostly seals and they're 80's Action Heroes.
  • Stop Motion: Though the film is animated by CGI, the visual style was heavily influenced by stop-motion films, including a low frame rate.