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The first Danny Phantom Made-for-TV Movie. When Vlad Masters/Vlad Plasmius, Danny's Arch-Enemy, attempts to steal the Crown of Fire and Ring of Rage of the ghost king, Pariah Dark, he accidentally wakes him up in the process. The king's arrival sends all the Ghost Zone's residents fleeing to Earth, and Vlad's theft of the Ring of Rage sends Pariah Dark's armies to fetch it. In the middle of all this, Danny has to deal with his new friendship with rival ghost hunter Valarie Grey and Vlad hiding out at his parents' house. It falls on Danny to defeat the ghost king, keep his town safe, and stay one step ahead of Vlad's manipulations.


This movie has examples of:

  • Big Bad: Pariah Dark.
  • Big Damn Movie
  • The Cameo: Many ghosts, including minor ones, can be seen escaping from the Ghost Zone near the beginning of the episode.
    • Though Spectra, Desiree, and Shadow don't appear with the other main ghosts later on, we can see them attacking Danny here.
    • The Ectopusses.
    • The Vultures who work for Vlad.
    • The Behemoth guarding the Skeleton Key.
    • The Ghost Dog.
    • The Ghost Eel from "Fright Night".
    • The Ghost Squid and many of the other ghosts who can be seen escaping at the beginning of "13".
  • Cast from Hit Points: How the mech suit works. It has some great power to it but saps the user's life force. Danny has to resort to using it in order to beat and seal Pariah back into his coffin.
  • Dating Catwoman: Hinted at towards Danny and Valarie, though it isn't really explored until a later episode.
  • Dramatic Unmask: Played for Laughs, as Danny does this to Valarie in front of her dad to distract her while he takes the exo suit. Although it gets more dramatic when her dad bans her from ghost fighting.
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  • Generic Doomsday Villain: Pariah Dark.
  • Gondor Calls for Aid: The other ghosts, who initially laugh off Danny's attempt to get his help, end up showing up to distract Pariah Dark's ghost army while Danny deals with Pariah himself.
    • Ironically, it's Sam and Tucker who wind up bringing them to him when he initially refused their help.
  • Pyrrhic Victory: Danny considers his win against Pariah to be this. While his ghostly persona has a better public image, the Fenton Ecto-Skeleton disappeared and Vlad managed to make himself look good while also making some sort of deal with the Fright Knight he wasn't privy to. Sam and Tucker adamantly respond that a win is still a win, and he should just relax.
  • Ship Tease: Sam is clearly jealous of Valarie, while Valarie shows interest towards Danny at the end.
  • We Win... Because You Didn't: Invoked by Danny during his fight with Pariah:
    Danny: I don't have to win. (Blasts the wall revealing the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep) I just have to make sure that you lose!
  • Wham Episode: Danny starts a friendship with Valarie that's clearly headed in a romantic direction, Vlad reveals himself to Valarie as her benefactor and starts using her as a pawn, Maddie forgives Vlad (for the moment), Vlad steals the Crown of Fire and the exo suit, Valarie's dad learns her secret identity, and Danny's Hero with Bad Publicity status (as well as his humiliating nickname Inviso-Bill) is lifted, for the most part.
  • When Dimensions Collide: Pariah pulls Amity Park into the Ghost Zone after Danny pulls out the Fright Knight's sword.

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