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Porky's Poultry Plant is 1936 Looney Tunes cartoon starring in Porky Pig. It is the directorial debut of Frank Tashlin and the first cartoon scored by Carl Stalling. Originally in black and white, it was redone in color in 1967.

Life on Porky's farm is peaceful, as birds of many species live in harmony and Porky treats them all with kindness and respect. However, it has one problem: a flock of vicious chicken hawks have been stealing some of Porky's beloved chickens. When a chicken hawk attack results in a baby chick being abducted, Porky must take to the air to save the little chicken and rid his farm of the predators once and force.



  • Alliterative Title: "Porky's Poultry Plant"
  • Black Comedy: When Porky wipes out the chicken hawk squadron with his plane's exhaust, his chickens dig a big hole for the hawks to fall into before covering it like a grave, followed by the rooster placing a flower over the mound to the tune of the funeral march.
  • Keep Away: The hawks toss the chick back and forth over Porky's head, which is staged like an American football game (complete with play-by-play commentary by the rooster).
  • Red Alert: When a hawk attacks, Porky sounds a siren for the birds to take cover.
  • Scary Shadow Fakeout: At the end, the chickens are scared by a shadow that appears to be another hawk, but it turns out to be from the weathervane on top of the barn.
  • Signature Style: As Tashlin's first cartoon as director, it already bears his directorial trademarks, namely the use of dramatic camera angles and rapid-fire montages.
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  • Snake Charmer: To get worms out of the ground for a trio of chicks, Porky lured them out playing an Arabic tune.

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