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Western Animation / Pip Ahoy!

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Come join the party down in Salty Cove, it's so much fun it's like a treasure trove... note 

Pip Ahoy! Is an animated series from the legendary British animation company Cosgrove Hall (now CHF Entertainment), the first new production from the company since it's disbanding in 2009 (and subsequent reform in 2011). The show is a Slice of Life Edutainment Show series for preschoolers set in the town of Salty Cove, centered around the life of Pip the dog, and his friends Alba the cat, Alan the Penguin, Pasty the crab and Hopper the one-legged seagull. Aiding the kids are Pip's uncle Skipper, Alba's aunt Mrs. Twitcher, train conductor Mr. Morris, and a host of many other colorful characters.

The show airs on Channel 5 during the Milkshake! slot, and on Cartoonito, in the UK. In the United States, all three seasons of the program are currently available for streaming on the Roku Channel.

Tropes Ahoy!:

  • Acrophobic Bird: Hopper really doesn't like flying very high, but is sometimes willing to face his fear to help out Pip.
  • Aerith and Bob: Morris is a pretty common name. Twitcher, on the other hand...
  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: The Squiblets. Also, pink octopuses. However, that's about as far as it gets, it's averted in most parts.
  • Art Evolution: Behind the scenes. As mentioned in What Could Have Been below, Skipper was supposed to be a grey dog with a black patch over one eye, but was redesigned for the show. Likewise, the early Pip and Alba designs differed radically from the final design, and the early artwork was much more whimsical and had a watercolor painting feel compared to the final product (while the background in the final product does still look like watercolor paintings, the characters doesn't).
  • Barefoot Cartoon Animal: Pip and Skipper.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: It seems that Skipper is pretty fond of doing this, often addressing the viewers directly.
  • Call a Smeerp a "Rabbit": A mild case. What constitutes as puffins in that universe look like they're half-puffin-half-toucan hybrids, being puffins but with a beak of a toucan (specifically, the beak of cereal mascot Toucan Sam) instead.
  • Cute Kitten: Alba.
  • Edutainment Game: One for Android devices, via Google Play Store and Amazon AppStore, and for iOS. The iOS version was released a fortnight after the Android version. The Android version is coded in Adobe Flash, which most likely explains the delay of the iOS version (it needed porting to Objective-C).
  • Edutainment Show: For toddlers and preschoolers.
  • Free-Range Children: Pip and Alba apparently has free rein to go around town without parental supervision.
  • Feather Fingers: Mr. Morris, being an oversized parrot.
  • Fully-Dressed Cartoon Animal: Alba the kitten.
  • Inspirationally Disabled: Hopper, a seagull with only one leg, is of Type A.
  • Inexplicably Tailless: The main characters don't have tails.
  • Invisible Parents: Pasty and Hopper's parents are never mentioned in the show.
  • No Antagonist: Being a Slice of Life-focused show for Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers.
  • The Kiddie Ride: The Bucket, Uncle Skipper's boat, is being produced as one since early 2015.
  • Kids Prefer Boxes: It seems that Pasty has an affinity for cardboard boxes.
  • Parental Substitute: Skipper and Mrs. Twitcher are both adult guides for Pip and Alba respectively.
  • Precious Puppies: Pip.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: Pip and Alba. Heck, most of the characters are ridiculously cute in design.
  • Slice of Life: It's one of those shows, in the footsteps of Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service.
  • Sugar Bowl: Salty Cove appears to be one.