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Western Animation / Pip Ahoy!

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Come join the party down in Salty Cove, it's so much fun it's like a treasure trove... note 

Pip Ahoy! Is an animated series from the legendary British animation company Cosgrove Hall (now CHF Entertainment), the first new production from the company since it's disbanding in 2009 (and subsequent reform in 2011). The show is a Slice of Life Edutainment Show series for preschoolers set in the town of Salty Cove, centered around the life of Pip the dog, and his friends Alba the cat, Alan the Penguin, Pasty the crab and Hopper the one-legged seagull. Aiding the kids are Pip's uncle Skipper, Alba's aunt Twitcher, train conductor Mr. Morris, and a host of many other colorful characters.

The show airs on Channel Five during the Milkshake! slot, and on Cartoonito, in the UK.


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