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Pianissimo is a 1963 animated short film (six minutes) directed by Carmen D'Avino.

It has no story, but is instead a plotless study in color and motion. Various objects appear, including a cabinet, a Venus de Milo statue, and, most importantly, a piano. Everything is white, even the piano which has all-white keys. The piano starts playing and the rest of the film is nothing more than color appearing everywhere as every object in the room gets painted in stop motion.



  • The End: The cartoon ends with the record on the record player shattering and revealing "END" on the turntable beneath.
  • No Plot? No Problem!: No story, just a few minutes of an automatic piano playing a jaunty tune as vibrant colors spill all over the room.
  • Record Needle Scratch: The film opens with a record player (the only thing in the room that isn't white at the beginning) playing a record. The record needle scratch as the armature of the record player moves off the record is the kickoff to the cartoon.
  • Stop Motion: The whole film is in stop motion, as paint in a kaleidoscope of colors appears on the objects in the room, while the piano keys move up and down, the cabinet opens and closes, all in stop motion.
  • Visual Pun: The piano is a player piano, which at one point ejects a piano roll in a manner similiar to vomiting; the joke is underlined with a "bleah!" vomiting noise on the soundtrack.

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