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Western Animation / My Scene Jammin In Jamaica

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My Scene: Jammin' in Jamaca is the first animated production based on the My Scene toyline.

Madison is the manager to a band, Urban Desire, which is made up of River, Hudson, Ellis and Sutton. After the band wins the semifinals in the Beat to Beat contest, they book a trip to Jamaica for the finals, but Barbie, Nolee, and Chelsea are left behind, and raise money for the trip to support the others. Once the whole gang gets together in Jamaica for an awesome vacation, Barbie is upset when River, the band's leader who happens to be her boyfriend, starts spending all his time with Madison. This causes a rift between the two girls which is eventually resolved.



  • Book Ends: The special starts and ends with an Urban Desire performance.
  • Feud Episode: Between Barbie and Madison for the second half of the special due to River spending more time with Madison.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Barbie gets jealous of River spending more time with Madison on the vacation and later accuses Madison of "stealing" River from her.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: River spending almost half the day to find the upset Barbie causes Urban Desire to miss their slot in Beat to Beat, resulting in the band disqualified.
  • Not What It Looks Like: Barbie catches Madison and River hugging, making it look like she stole River away.
  • Sad-Times Montage: Barbie and Madison missing and feeling bad for what they did to each other along with River being upset, set to the song "Radiowave".
  • Vacation Episode: Urban Desire hosts a free trip to Jamaica for the finals.