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Western Animation / Mickey and the Seal

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Mickey and the Seal is a 1948 animated short film (6 1/2 minutes) from Disney, directed by Charles Nichols.

Mickey Mouse is visiting the zoo. He stops at the seal exhibit and chucks some fish at the seals. One seal, a particularly cute little one (named in outside materials as "Salty") decides he wants more fish so he hops into Mickey's picnic basket and gets a ride home. Pluto the Pup sees the seal in the picnic basket and tries to warn Mickey, but to no avail. Salty then causes havoc.



  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Salty looks straight at the camera at the end.
  • By the Lights of Their Eyes: The white ovals of Salty's eyes as he peeks out of the picnic basket at Pluto.
  • Cardboard Prison: Salty escapes his cage by simply lifting a bar out of its hole in the ground. He later shows his fellow seals this method to get them to Mickey's.
  • Cassandra Truth: Pluto tries to warn Mickey of the presence of the seal, but Mickey doesn't believe it at first.
  • Death Glare: Pluto gives a well-placed one to Mickey when the latter suggests keeping Salty, and again at the end when they come home to find seals have taken over the bathroom.
  • Escaped Animal Rampage: A comic one, as a cute escaped seal makes havoc at Mickey's house.
  • Get Out!: When Mickey sees the mess Pluto had made in chasing the seal, he points his dog out of the house as punishment with this command.
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  • Impairment Shot: Pluto is seeing double after crashing into the empty bathtub.
  • Oh, Crap!: Mickey after he sees the scrub brush floating around by itself and realizes he is not alone in the tub.
  • Sweet Seal: Just the cutest seal you'll ever see, even if he does cause problems for Mickey and Pluto.
  • Took a Shortcut: Somehow the seals from the zoo are able to beat Mickey and Pluto home after they return Salty to his enclosure.
  • White Gloves: Mickey keeps his white gloves on while bathing.