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Hmm, they almost look like toys...

Lunar Jim is an Animated Show aimed at young children, about the adventures of a spaceman named Jim. Produced in Canada, it is animated using Stop Motion animation. It can be seen on PBS channels.

The series takes place in the future, on an alien moon, where Jim and his friends explore the strange environment. Despite its trappings, Lunar Jim isn't true Science Fiction, as the show mixes both practical facts (such as everyone except the robots requiring spacesuits to breathe outside their base) with fanciful ideas like shooting stars being living star-shaped creatures ala Super Mario Bros.'s Starmen rather than meteors.

The main characters are: Jim, an explorer; Rover, his robot dog; Ripple, a dark-skinned female engineer; TED, a "Technical Equipment Device"- an humanoid robot, possibly inspired by C3PO; and Eco, a farmer. Later on, Skye, a young female cadet, and Yik Yak, a turtlelike alien, join the cast. Most of these are FlatCharacters without much to distinguish them; they're all nice, competent and have no flaws. The only exceptions are Ted, who is boastful and cowardly, and Yik Yak, who is childlike. Pixel, a computer, may or may not count as a character, as she only gives orders and information.


Despite being an Edutainment Show, Lunar Jim focuses more on entertainment that on teaching lessons, although it encourages problem-solving. Every episode features two stories, each dealing with a problem that is invariably resolved thanks to something introduced earlier in that story. There is no violence or villains.

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