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Jimmy the C is an animated short film (3 1/2 minutes) from 1977, directed by Jimmy Picker.

This very silly short film features U.S. President Jimmy Carter, sitting in the Oval Office. President Carter, evidently lonely for home, starts singing "Georgia on My Mind"—specifically, the iconic Ray Charles version. As Planters-style Mr. Peanuts form a chorus, the homesick president serenades the moon and a walking cutout of the state of Georgia.

An early "claymation" short, as the medium was starting to catch on in the 1970s.



  • Animated Music Video: "Georgia on My Mind" in a goofy claymation cartoon featuring Jimmy Carter.
  • The Man in the Moon: The woman in the moon, as Carter sings to a full moon with a woman's long eyelashes and lipsticked lips.
  • No Plot? No Problem!: No story, just three minutes of Jimmy Carter singing Ray Charles.
  • Stop Motion: Claymation started to get popular in the 1970s (see the works of claymation pioneer Will Vinton).
  • Take That!: There was a perception back in the day that Jimmy Carter was unusually emotional and empathetic for a president, and this film is a satirical take on that.
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: The Man in the Moon is a woman with long eyelashes and full lips with lipstick. The walking cutout of the state of Georgia also has the long eyelashes.

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