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Western Animation / Ivick Von Salza: The Little Lumberjack

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Ivick Von Salza: The Little Lumberjack is an animated series by Leo Trinidad.

Ivick is a young boy who lives with his father, Vigoras, and his pet pig, Malta, in a town up in the frozen north. The show follows Ivick's adventures as well as those of his family and what they get up to.

Ivick Von Salza The Little Lumberjack contains examples of:

  • Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti: A yeti lives in the town.
  • Childish Tooth Gap: Ivick has one.
  • Christmas Episode: In this episode, the whole town gets together to watch the public lighting of the tree. When they see Santa, Malta accidentally knocks into and light a box of fireworks, which shoots Santa's sleigh down. In the end, Malta has to fill in for Santa's reindeer so that he can complete his Christmas run.
  • Circus Episode: Ivick and Vigoras visit one in one episode.
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  • Fashion Designer: Malta is revealed to be one in one episode. Of course, Ivick and Vigoras laugh at her upon finding out. She gets back at them by making them wear very gaudy clothes in public.
  • Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal: Much of the non-human cast aren't fully dressed.
  • Messy Pig: In one episode, Malta takes a bath in a mud puddle and becomes messy. Ivick and Vigoras spend most of the episode trying to get her clean, only to fail, much to Malta's amusement. In the end, Malta slips into a puddle, and all the mud comes off.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Whenever the yeti gets mad, his eyes turn red.
  • Sick Episode: In one episode, Ivick gets sick, so Vigoras sends for a doctor. The ribbiting crocodile, seeing this happening and deciding he'd like the money, jumps the doctor on his way there and steals his clothes. After curing Ivick, Vigoras pays him, only for him to get sick too. He's then visited by the doctor, and has to pay him the dollor that he recieved from Vigoras.
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  • Time-Travel Episode: In one episode, Ivick, Malta, and Vigoras make a time machine from a cuckoo clock and go to various time periods. At the end, some of the people they encountered while on their travels have come with them.


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