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Western Animation / Holiday Land

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"Should old acquaintance be forgot..."

Holiday Land is a 1934 animated short film (8 minutes) by Charles Mintz. It was produced by Screen Gems under their "Color Rhapsody" label.

Scrappy is a mischievous little boy who likes sleeping late in the mornings. When his alarm clock rings in the morning he smashes it with a mallet. His mother, frustrated at Scrappy's inability to make it downstairs for breakfast, yells from offstage that he's a "sleepyhead!" This causes a frustrated Scrappy to wish that every day was a holiday so that everyone could sleep late and no one would call him a sleepyhead.

His wish comes true. The wall calendar explodes and falls to the floor. A tiny version of Father Time jumps out of the calendar page for Jan. 1, New Year's Day. Santa jumps out of the calendar page for Dec. 25, Christmas. A witch on a broomstick and three pumpkins jump out of the page for Oct. 31, Halloween. Tiny Father Time climbs up to Scrappy's bed, wakes him up, and takes him to Holiday Land, a magical place where there are holidays everywhere, and you can go to whichever you want.

Shot in two-strip Technicolor.


  • All Just a Dream: Unsurprisingly, Scrappy's trip through Holiday Land is a dream that he had after going back to bed.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Father Time shows up as the mascot of New Year's Day. In New Year's Land, populated by lots of dancing little Father Times, one is shown on an assembly line making baby New Years, stamping 1935, 1936, 1937 and so forth on their diapers as the babies roll past.
  • Easter Bunny: Hops out of the calendar page for April 7. In Easter Land, an Easter bunny is shown in charge of three chickens who continually pop out eggs.
  • Exploding Calendar: A twist on the usual trope, as the calendar explodes not to show the passage of time, but to show the calendar itself coming to life.
  • Flying Broomstick: A witch on a broomstick flies out of the calendar to symbolize Halloween.
  • Here We Go Again!: After finally getting up, Scrappy hurriedly gets dressed, eats breakfast, brushes his teeth, and runs out the door to go to school—then does a U-turn back into the house and jumps back into bed.
  • Lilliputians: The tiny little holiday creatures, who don't come up to Scrappy's knee.
  • Santa: He's a jolly old elf, who joins all the other holiday mascots.
  • Shown Their Work: The Thanksgiving turkey bursts out of the calendar page for Nov. 29, which was the correct date for 1934 when the cartoon was released. (Averted with the Easter Bunny who burst out on April 7; at no time between 1912 and 1985 was Easter Sunday on that day.)
  • The Voice: Scrappy's mother is yelling at him to get out of bed but she is never seen.