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Western Animation / Gino il pollo

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Dextop: He's lost in the web! He wants to save the world, but he's just a poor chicken.
Gino: Poor, but at least good looking!

Gino il pollo ("Gino the Chicken") is... um... where to begin with this one?

Here we go... it's an Italian series, and it's pretty much as weird as it can get. Don't believe me? Keep reading.

Our story begins where a villain (sort of) named Chief Colby (leader of Chicken Investigation Agency), aided by his assistant Ray Mundo, kidnaps a chicken, and after virtualising it traps the poor animal in the interwebz, in order to cook it.


You're following me so far? Good.

Gino is aided by his fiancée Gina and other guys who, alongside a kid capable of self-virtualising, form a resistance of sorts.

Please note, however, that the article is about a dumbed-down version of a previously existing web series of the same name which contained much smart satire in it. Anyway...

This Italian animated Widget Series provides examples of:

  • Action Girl: Dolly, a kung-fu master version of the famous cloned sheep. Also the karateka cow Lucy Kiai and Gina.
  • Brick Joke: The vampire episode features a very big one. The episode opens with a disclaimer:
    Gino: This episode will contain extremely graphic violence and other scary stuff. Please stop watching this!
Then the episode continues normally, until, towards the end, Gino gets a chainsaw to fight the vampires, but first he pauses for a bit...
Gino: ...are you still watching this? Are you crazy? The violent part is starting by now! Cover your eyes and ears, change channel, please don't look at this!
...and then most of the battle is censored with censor bars and the Cheercritters covering the screen screaming "TOO SCARY! DON'T WATCH!"


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