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Western Animation / Ferret and Parrot

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A cartoon short created by Scott Morse for Cartoon Network's The Big Pick, a series which let fans pick the next new Cartoon Network original.

In his words: Ferret and Parrot revolves around two small, caged animals and their inability to decipher reality from conspiracy theory. Ferret is convinced that the newspaper that lines the bottom of his cage is the morning paper that he gets everyday, but in actuality, it's usually an old tabloid or maybe even a bunch of old bills. Ferret sees these ‘headlines’...maybe about Bigfoot, maybe about UFO sightings, whatever, and jumps to conclusions. He usually involves his good pal Parrot, who lives in the cage above him, and hijinks ensue. The trick is, Parrot only repeats things he's heard, and sometimes just bits of things, making for a true Abbott and Costello sort of experience.


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